Naruto Fan Fiction ❯ Diary of Blair ❯ this death? ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Name: Blair Rosette Bloodgood Gender: Female Age: 16 DOB: 10/31 Horoscope: Scorpio
Blood Type: N/A Race: Human [for now] Occupation: Witch/ Student/ Mysterious Honor Student
Relationship Status: Single Orientation:Bi

Height: 5'3"Weight: 98.7 LB Hair: Long, night black with red streaks everywhere. Very messy. Shaggy/choppy fringe over her eyes for bangs. Soft. Often smells of strawberries. Eyes: Blood red, naturally, and very animalistic, mostly like a fox. Been told they look like a cat's eyes. Always assumed to be contacts.

Body: Tall, lithe, athletic, maturely developed insofar, sun-kissed skin, long claw-like nails in seamless black most of the time, sometimes eyeliner and mascara, long lashes, slender and thin, but toned arms, long runner legs, a tiny waist, healthy but slender figure, fang-like canines, pearly white teeth, ears pierced about six times, a tongue piercing, a belly button piercing [Ruby studs and rings are favorites], perfect eyebrows, rosy lips, and slender shoulders.

Likes: Starbucks coffee, energy drinks, chocolate, sweets, observing people and noting their behavior, reading, drawing sketches of people, wearing rainbows sometimes to show her pride in being bi, fruits, strawberries, bishounen, cute things, animals, her familiars, using her powers, and vampires.

Dislikes:The color pink, conformists, the government being stupid, people who put the rainbow out of order, animal abusers, assholes, arrogant people, annoying people, vegetables except carrots, overachievers, posers, wannabes, idiots who are stupid in a bad way, strict people, and anti-gay/les/bi people.

All this information was scrawled in neat hand writing on the first page of her diary/notebook. The field in bold, neon green gel pen while the replies in neat pencil in case she added, erased, or changed over the course of time.
Each page had a front with a large, empty box for sketching with a few lines underneath, a line for the date and title, while the back of the pages would be just all lines without the square. Nothing was written on the back for now. It was lunch time and Blair was sketching herself in the square, sitting on a the edge of the roof like she was doing right now.
Blair finished a rough, but talented sketch of her as she was now, writing in a diary/notebook and sitting on the edge of the roof, right in the corner. She penciled in the details, showing the texture of her long black hair, shading it in darkly with the pencil while shading lighter on her eyes and the red streaks.
Her long legs, covered by baggy black cargos, edged in red with chains, zippers, small harmless hooks, and several pockets along with safety pins and patches, were spread out, her rear end off the side of the building while she kept hold with her legs. Even if she did fall, Blair wasn't afraid. Not because she was suicidal, though she was curious about death.
Because she knew she would live. Blair always lived through situations that should have killed her and plus, she had familiars to protect her and air magic to use.
Around her neck was a night black choker, which she penciled in with care around her slender neck on the page, illustrating the scorch marks from melding a pentacle into the circle of a Celtic cross. In the picture, her naturally rosy lips where slightly parted to see the fangs underneath.
Her long nails were colored in black, shaded dark while her sun-kissed skin was also shaded in but only lightly to show shadowing and her tan.
With her cargoes, she wore a tight, form fitting tank and her back pack, set down next to her legs with her things inside like books, witch guides, her Book Of Shadows, two notebooks, pencils, pencil sharpeners, iPods, and two sets of head phones in the front pocket.
Her art supplies were in a black box with a handle on the side, the box set inside the bigger pocket along with a small book for only sketching, nail polish in a bag with mascara, eyeshadow, and eyeliner, a black laptop, and a bigger set of headphones from SkullCandy.
A charger for each ipod, her cell, and her laptop were in another bag inside the big pocket, the inside of that little bag had divided pockets for each charger. There were rolls of gauze in her bag, two in total. Her cell phone, a new Sidekick Slide, was in her left pocket while an eraser was in her right pocket. Several switchblades were hidden in the pockets of her cargoes.
Her bag wasn't heavy to her, but to others it was but sometimes Blair got tired of carrying it and set it down, sometimes causing people to think she had gotten tired or that it was heavy.
Carefully, Blair sketched in where her backpack was, doing the checkered pattern just right and detailing in the wrinkles of her bag, her pants, and the wrinkles in her tank which were like that because it was tight but not constricting.
She detailed the shining of her rings of her right hand, a ruby, an amethyst, a jade, and a deep sapphire one in that order, all with silver rings and genuine. Blair's armwarmers had chains as well and a patch on the right one along with a small pocket on the left one which held a small eraser.
Blair could hear the conversations of the teenagers below, even though she was high up, and heard complaints about tests. She always did well in every subject. By some kind of standards, Blair was a young prodigy.
For fun, Blair memorized medical procedures and had the medical genius of a top doctor. She knew pressure points, martial arts, and did sports all the time. The black boots she was wearing were scuffed a little from skating yesterday, so she had to detail in the scuff marks as well.
She lifted on leg up, sketched, then put it down and did the same with the other leg. People thought she would fall while others said, "No, that's Blair Bloodgood. She'll fall only if she wants to fall."
That was true though. Blair would fall is she felt the desire to do so. She was bored of life, not to the suicidal extent, just bored. Her mom is a drug addict who abuses her constantly,thus the gauze on her arms now which she was currently detailing, and yelled at her for being born.
Blair's father was killed by gangsters at a convenient store in front of her. In her rage, she attacked the gangsters and shot them but not fatally. This little event earned her gunshot and knife wounds at age 12. Her mother blamed Blair for her father's murder, yelling things like "WHY COULDN'T YOU DIE INSTEAD!"
Of course, Blair blamed herself but it never showed. Blair finished her sketch which was now a very beautiful drawing, her long lashes drawn out by how her glasses slid down the bridge of her nose in this picture and the angle of her head looking down.
With a sigh, she stretched her slender arms and put away the case for her glasses in her bag with her pencil and diary. Besides, her clairvoyance told her that someone was going to attempt to lock her on the roof.
In moments, she opened the door to find that she was right. The startled cowards seemed to utter a 'meep' noise, or something close to it, before looking up to see her startling blood red eyes, apathetic though she caught in their minds that they thought she looked angry and demonic.
To scare them, she smiled mysteriously, arm leaned onto the door frame, before brushing past them, walking down the stares silently, her chains making small clinking noises with each step and the sound of her boots echoed in the stair way. They stood, dumbstruck as stupid preps could be, before falling back in relief that I hadn't done anything to them.
There were rumors that Blair has killed someone off campus before. That it was a real gangster, hard and merciless to his core and bigger than her. Well, they were right. She killed him because he tried to hurt her and said inappropriate things. Blair won in court because it was self defense.
When Blair killed the man however, she didn't think anything of it. Just that it was easy. She was standing there, emotionless because no emotions came to her. It wasn't that Blair had gone numb in fear, she just didn't care.
People were boring. They annoyed her and bugged her in every way possible but sometimes there were very angelic people who caught her attention. People she wanted to sketch but these people were rare here. Or anywhere that she'd been except in Japan. Everywhere in Tokyo and Kyoto and Hokkaido, she had drawn so many people that she had come home to London with almost five notebooks filled with her drawings.
School was over and she walked into the parking lot where a tall man in a sleek black sports car, expensive and imported, with perfect shining wheels. The man driving wore black sun glasses, a baggy black t-shirt, and black skater jeans, torn at the knees, with classic black Converse.
Fingerless gloves, simply black, covered his arms from knuckles to elbows, clinging tightly to the muscles of his arms underneath. His hair was messy and dirty blond, his shining blue-violet eyes gleamed when he looked over his sunglasses at the girls who gushed over him.
He shrugged, sliding them back over his eyes after they squealed and his also sun-kissed skin was flawless and perfect with his muscled body. The man was technically a nineteen year old but he grinned with flawless pearly whites at Blair, "Hey."
"Haruka.", she greeted and slid into the passenger seat, taking off her back in the front before she put on her seatbelt. This man was her familiar, a fallen angel she named Haruka. Haruka had perfect, angelic looks and Blair often sketched him in group drawings with her other familiars, the vampire siblings, Shane, Blake, and Charlotte Sterling. All of them were beautiful familiars.
Blair sighed and looked out the window as he maneuvered through the parking lot. Haruka exited, oblivious to the glares that girls gave Blair. She had no friends at school whatsoever and was apparently 'unapproachable'
Some guys worked up the courage however, to ask her out. It amused her that such men would think that she would be at all interested. Blair's expectation in a guy...she never actually thought about it much since she had always been single in this town. Back home in Tokyo, though she hadn't been born there, she had a boyfriend but since she was leaving for London, they broke up reluctantly.
They chat often or talk on the phone, but its never the same. Blair and him were mutual friends and thats it. She sighed. In a way, she missed him, but then again, she just didn't care anymore. Soon, she realized that Haruka had pulled into the driveway of their three bedroom apartment and was holding the door for her.
"Blair?", he asked and I got up, holding my bag, then walked to the door. As soon as I unlocked it, none other than Shane Sterling, the vampire who looked about eighteen although he was much more older than that, glomped her.
With a smile never seen at school or anywhere else for that matter, she hugged him back, "Hey Shane.", Blair said, mere moments before Blake and Charlotte shot at her, saying how much they missed her.

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Later that night

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After getting out of the shower, smelling of roses and strawberries, Blair walked downstairs for dinner which was Boston Market that Haruka had just come back from getting when Blair sat down, drying her damp hair with a towel and wearing her glasses. She didn't need them all the time but it was better for her eyes if she kept them on.
Blair couldn't see small things that are far away so her vision isn't off by much but she likes to wear her glasses, it makes her feel very studious.
In her blue plaid pajama bottoms and blue tank, she stared at the food as Haruka made the plates for everyone before the Sterling siblings would race down here and swoop down onto the food, Blake and Shane fighting over food while Charlotte would steal the food they wanted.
They came down and sure enough, the fighting and food stealing began. After dinner, Blair was brushing her hair when Haruka walked in, suddenly serious, "There was a disturbance at the school just now.", he said.
Blair nodded. She had felt it too and dressed in an outfit similar to what she had worn earlier except where things were red like stripes on her arm warmers and red edged pants, it was a neon green. Her bag was by her feet at the moment.
Blair murmured words in Latin under her breath, a circle appearing underneath her and her familiars, even though the others were in different rooms. Armor appeared on each one of them. A breast plate over chain mail appeared over her clothes along with metal frames on her lower arms that protected the bones of her arms and wrists with spikes on the knuckles.
The armored pad on her elbows, knees, and shoulders were spiked as well with as a mask over the lower half of her face, made of metal to protect her nose and jaw. It was shaped like the jaws of a tiger and opened like the mask on a female ninja she had seen when she played a game called Soul Caliber. It had been Taki.
Her clothes disappeared and was replaced by a black full length suit, boots appearing on her legs and four panels of metal were strapped to a black belt, separated by slits like a skirt. Chain mail was under the panels and the breast plate, basically a suit with short pants and a shirt to it made of the chain mail.
Blair inhaled, reality stretching around them, whatever they were seeing pulled back into a darkness until she exhaled and they were suddenly thrust in to a different scene. The rooftop of her high school.
The sky had been turned red and the moon was a light red. Everywhere, plants and grass were dead and black like the inky black the clouds in the sky had become.
"What happened?", Blake asked. Haruka filled them in and Charlotte was ready with her sword that broke into a metal whip, Shane with an Oto, Haruka with a sword as well, and Blake with his staff that had a scythe like blade on each end, controlled by chains inside the staff. Blair's scythe appeared as she stood on the corner where she had been sitting that day.
Just then, the monster appeared. It was huge and black, its form prickling and shifting, unable to keep perfect shape. That meant that it hadn't been in the Human World for very long. Its red eyes gazed onto the three.
In blind fury, the others rushed it but Blair screamed, "No!", as they were met with an electrifying shield of blue-green energy that pulsated with spirals all over the surface. Haruka was thrown over the edge but came back up behind his master, using his long black wings.
'Haruka, attack from the sky, Charlotte, left, Blake right. You two use a combination between your purifying powers to break the shield then begin to attack. Shane, go to the floor underneath and when I signal you, use your Oto to cut off his legs when Haruka cuts off his arms. Blake, render him immobile with your chains and Charlotte, blind him by cutting his eyes with your sword as a whip. I'll deliver the final blow when he's weak enough to send back to the Other World.'
They all did as planned. Shane flipped his Oto so that the hilt was facing sky wards then lifted the great Oto up and smashed the roof underneath him, falling to the floor underneath before making his way to be under the Oto, waiting for a signal. Charlotte and Blake aligned in a straight line on either side of the monster, bot chanting until their weapons glowed, then attacking the shield and shattering it.
It flickered a little, the monster's body seeming even more unclear than before. In the back, simply standing on the edge, her closed eyes giving her a serene expression with relaxed shoulders and the red moon shining on her face, was Blair, chanting in Latin and Old French.
She was protected by nothing except her armor since she had to concentrate on her power to transfer it into the blade of her scythe. The moon was on her right and the monster in front of her was being taken care of as planned until it happened.
It was all a blur as it snatched Haruka from the sky and threw his body at Blake, who's chain released. She had given Shane the signal and ended up missing, nearly hitting his sister because the monster had moved.
Everything happened at once and Blair opened her eyes, running her index and middle fingers across the blade of her scythe when she saw it push her off, choking her with its darkness. She slashed at it until it disappeared, sent back to the Other World, and found that she was falling.
Underneath her on the ground where she would soon hit was a pentacle and above her was a floating pentacle. Both were aligned with and she fell faster, everything stretching like it did when she had taken everyone here but different. It didn't suddenly snap into another scene, it just faded into darkness.
Her armor and scythe disappeared, leaving her in her normal clothes with her backpack, still unopened since earlier today, and she fell. Haruka and the others jumped over the edge in a desperate attempt at rescuing her.
Blair reached out, pulling them to her and for what seemed hours, they fell through a vast darkness, the school and everything disappearing until they were all suddenly torn away from each other and separated, all being pulled in different directions.
Today had not gone as Blair had planned. She did not choose to fall. Instead, Fate had screwed her over and pushed her over the edge, not caring whether she chose to fall or not. Now she was falling, probably going straight to Hell itself.
"Jigoku-e iku.", she said to herself before her eyes closed. Somehow, her glasses had remained unbroken and were now in the case inside her bag. She found herself numb before some sort of sleep on unconsciousness took her.
Blair could hear screams and noises but found that she could not open her eyes. She could still feel herself falling, though she was not scared. Life had gotten boring. If she died here, it would be a whole new experience. She was going to take whatever was given to her now.