Naruto Fan Fiction ❯ Just The Wind ❯ Chapter 1

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

A/N: Naruto belongs to Kishimoto-sensei......WHY SENSEI, WHY? GIVE HIM TO ME! *clears throat*
MATA!!!: Hints of shounen-ai and some OCC-ness. Thanks to Kurai Kisu-chan for betaing!
"Nii-san are you leaving already?" Sasuke asked when he saw his brother heading towards the door.
"Hai." Itachi answered him stopping at a dresser.
"But I wanted to spar with you."
"Spar with that nine-tailed fox boy." Itachi told him flatly.
"Don't call him that!" Sasuke growled. "I...You..." He trailed off not able to find the right words. Itachi sighed and motioned for Sasuke to follow him into the kitchen. Once there Itachi made tea and Sasuke sat at the table silent.
"Now, what's so wrong with you sparing with that Uzumaki? Besides me telling you that he's a demon, and you shouldn't hang out with him. Which you haven't been doing lately, finally taking my word for it?" Itachi asked setting the tea in front of Sasuke and sitting down.
"No." Sasuke bit out, "I just...."
"You don't know how to act around him." Itachi filled in, "Sasuke I don't have time to deal with your boy troubles, I do have a mission you know."
"And I do get lonely you know."
"Hmpf." Was all he got in reply. "You know I'm not good with that affection crap."
"Hn. Because massacring your whole family for the sake of your little brothers life isn't showing any kind of affection at all." Sasuke said sarcastically and stalked out of the room.
"And just where are you going now?!" Itachi called after him.
"To see Iruka-sen-" Sasuke paused when his brother appeared before him,"sei." he finished.
"Have a good day, Sasuke." Itachi said and kissed him on the head. Sasuke smiled lightly up at him and told him the same. Then Itachi vanished just as suddenly as he appeared.
"Have a good mission Nii-san." Sasuke whispered, then walked out the door. He could have sworn he heard the words 'I will.' after he closed the door, but then again it maybe just the wind.
A/N: Yea I don't know how we got here. But I made this fic for a few reasons but mainly to sorta show why I think Itachi killed the clan. Yea so this was a kinda weird fic to write and I don't wanna do anymore like this.