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In every group of people, there's always a bond. In every friendship, there's always a story.
This story is about four friends who will face a life-long test of friendship in another unfamiliar place.
Who would've thought that a camping trip could change someone's life in an instant?
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Chapter 2:
Location Unknown…?
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“Psst, Miyuri, are you still awake?” KayC called out.
Divina flipped to her side so she was facing her friend. “Yeah I am.”
There were three bedrooms in the house and two beds a room so KayC and Divina shared one, Brenda and Norisa on the other, and her sister on the last one.
The two sat up, Divina stared at the window just across the room.
“Do you think I was hallucinating?”
“I don't think so. If you didn't notice, the reason we nearly got lost there was because me and Norisa ran inside.”
KayC confusedly stared at her friend.
Divina turned to her friend with and annoyed look.
She scoffed looking away, “I get startled too easy.” She intolerantly said waving her hand.
KayC nodded, “So what do you mean about it…?”
Divina stayed silent for a moment.
“The sky.” She said dully.
“What about it??” KayC asked impatiently.
“Thunder and lightning were the reason why we ran in panicking, meaning there was supposed to be a storm. But when we came out, the sky was clear, no clouds at all.” She looked at her friend. “Don't you think that was weird?”
“That's one that scares me...” KayC shuddered.
“I wonder what's with the weird weather...” Divina said.
She sighed. “Well at least I know I'm not the only one thinking that there was something wrong.”
She lay down and pulled the covers. “Night Sai…”
“Night, Miyu…” KayC replied and pulled the covers.
Divina woke up earlier than her usual. She looked up the clock, “6 AM. Joy.” She said without feeling.
She heard KayC move and yawned.
“Morning, Miyu.” She said drowsily.
“Morning Sai.” Divina drearily replied.
Just then they heard Norisa yelling from the other room.
“Hey, Miyu, what time is it already? Noriko's already up and yelling!” KayC said, laughing but still a little sleepy.
“6 in the morning.” Divina said uninterestedly.
She sighed, “I'm gonna take a shower.” She said sounding a little annoyed.
Divina stood up and rummaged through her things that were already stuffed in the drawers.
“Yeah, I'll go downstairs.”
Divina walked to the bathroom and KayC walked out the room.
The four decided to wear their `uniforms'.
Norisa wore the purple vest she had with a huge pink butterfly on the front. She wore a fuchsia pink blouse under it with matching pink skirt and purple leggings and boots.
Brenda's was a yellow Chinese top with a bordered yellow star imprinted on the left side. She wore pair of green pants to add a Chinese touch.
KayC wore a black shirt imprinted with a white angel wing under her orange sleeveless hoodie with the same symbol on the front pocket and she wore black capri pants.
Divina's was similar to KayC's, only the color was blue instead of orange, white instead of black and her symbol was a black bat wing and she wore white cargo pants.
Divina went down stairs to see that her friends were staring at each other in disbelief.
Right then she realized something was different among the three…
“Sai, since when did your hair turned blonde…?”
Her friend turned around to let her see her eyes had changed colors too.
“… and your eyes are blue too…”
“Truthfully, I have no idea…” KayC replied.
First was the weather, now this!
Brenda's raven hair now had a bluish tint; her eyes had turned into a light green color.
Norisa's turned even more brown and her eyes too.
Divina ran to the window and looked around if anything else was different.
There's nothing else wrong, the weather seems to be normal again but what happened to th-
“Divina, what happened to your hair?”Norisa asked breaking her train of thoughts.
“I know it's in a weird `do again, it's anim-“
“No, what Noriko means it's not red anymore.” KayC interrupted.
“What?” She looked back at the three, startled.
“They're right, normally, your hair looks red when it's hit by sunlight, but now it's just black…” Brenda explained.
“WHAT?!?!” Divina ran to the closest mirror in panic.
“No!! Not my beautiful red hair!!!” She cried. Even her hair lost it red shade, now it purely coal black.
“Don't be such an emo kid, Miyuri.” Brenda teased.
“Yeah, just get over it; you know it looks better when it's black.” Norisa stated.
“You have no idea what you're saying!!!” Divina said threateningly that it made Norisa and Brenda run behind KayC.
“Gaara's hair is red; Sasori's hair is red; NAGATO's hair is re-“
“I think they get what you mean, Miyu.” KayC said nervously. The two were practically shaking in fear.
After breakfast…
“Ne, Noriko-chan, what time is your sister coming back?” KayC said as she lazily on the couch.
“I don't know, she told me yesterday she'll be back before 10. I'm trying to contact her but my phone has no signal.”
Norisa said waving her phone.
“Even mine.” Brenda said.
KayC took out hers and checked it, “No way! Even mine has no signal!”
“That not the only problem.” Divina followed, annoyed, ”Even the internet signal's out!”
“There wasn't any when we got here.” Norisa said coldly.
“Baka. I managed to use the internet when we got here.” Divina answered back angrily.
“Who are you calling an idiot??” Norisa yelled.
“Guys, guys, quit fighting.” KayC said getting in between the two.
“Fine.” Divina said and shut off her laptop.
She stood up after she put it away.
“It's getting dull in here, I'll be outside.” She said as she put on her hoodie and walked out.
“H-hey wait up!” KayC said and she took her hoodie and followed Divina.
“You think we should follow?” Norisa asked.
“Probably, let's go.” Brenda said.
“Guys, what happened to the pavement?” KayC said.
“What do - oh…” Brenda said, surprised that the path downhill wasn't paved anymore.
“Was the storm yesterday that strong?” Norisa asked.
“If there WAS a storm, the dirt path is pretty dry…” Divina commented.
“You're right…” Brenda said thinking.
The four stood there, thinking what to do next.
“Let's go.” Divina said monotonously and began to walk.
“Divina, where are you going??” Norisa asked.
“Following where the road goes.” She said dryly.
Brenda sighed, “You won't find anything, there-“
“There's something wrong here, I just know it.” Divina quickly said.
“Wait up, Miyu!”
“We've been going around Divina, I wanna go back!” Norisa complained.
“Just keep whining all you want, you can go back too, I'm not planning to go home until I find out what's going on.”
“Wow, I've never seen you so serious, my dear apprentice.” Brenda said.
Divina turned to her companions with a serious but somehow concerned look.
“Sensei, what happened yesterday wasn't ordinary. I just want to find out what really did happen.”
“Well you are right.”
“Okay, okay, let's just get this over with!!” Norisa complained.
Divina glanced apathetically at Norisa before walking again.
After more than 4 hours of walking, Divina dropped to her knees.
Her friends ran to her seeing she was shaking.
“Miyu, are you okay…?” KayC asked worried of her friend.
Divina was silent.
“Miyuri..?”Brenda laid her hand on Divina's shoulder.
“This is hopeless!!! “ Divina blurted out.
“Oh, come on, it's not that bad.” KayC said comforting her friend.
“Yeah, we just need to get back home.” Brenda reassured.
“I told `ya we should've gone back.” Norisa said, crossing her arms.
“I don't want to go back yet…” Divina said as she stood up.
Norisa wasn't very surprised; she knew Divina never gives up.
Norisa was already about to give up. “Divina, it's an hour past lunch, don't you think we could go home now? We've been roaming for hours. We just go around and round and-“
“Shush!!” Divina said. “I can't think straight! “ Brenda said.
“So putting the pieces together… it's like we didn't come out of the same cave where we came in…?”
“Exactly!” Divina said.
“But the house was still there.” Brenda pointed out.
“That's our point!” KayC said, “The house was there but the surroundings were different!”
KayC was walking backwards facing Brenda that she didn't notice that Divina had stopped and ended up bumping into her.
“Sorry, Miyu. What's wrong?”
Divina didn't move or utter a single word. Her eyes were wide open.
“What's with you? You look like you've seen a ghost!” Norisa yelled.
“Miyuri?” Brenda called waving her hands in front to Divina.
Before they knew it, Divina raced, following the path.
“Miyu wait!” KayC yelled and followed her. The other two did as well.
This path - i-it's- no way - I'm dreaming - this is utter-“
She stooped and gasped, “No way..!
“Miyuri what's going - !“ Brenda stopped on her trail when she saw what stood on front of them.
The other two caught up.
“Whoa.” Norisa said in awe
“This is…” muttered KayC.
What stood in front of them was a huge green wooden gate, with the hiragana `an' painted on each door.
Divina stood there wide eyed, “Tell me I'm not dreaming…”
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The next chapter:
Divina has realized what happened.
She and KayC have an idea now where they had gotten themselves into.
Now that the four have found themselves in a new place, what will they do??
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First of all, I thank you for reading this and waiting for my updates.
On the next chapter, the real story begins!
I hope you enjoyed this chapter and the next ones to be published!
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