Naruto Fan Fiction ❯ Lone Wolves and Lapdogs. ❯ Lone Wolves and Lapdogs. ( Chapter 1 )

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He was sitting a few feet away from a cliff's ledge, enjoying the sunset when he glanced down to the long sleeves of the cloak he now wore.

Reminding him why he was there in the first place, he needed some time to think. Just a week ago he had been free to do what he wanted, taking on jobs and traveling. Just him, no taking orders from anyone or having to be in one place where others practically hated him. He had enough of that back in Iwa.

Having been something of a lone wolf, now reduced to that of a lapdog.

Recently he was indicted into 'Akatsuki', the only difference was he still had his art and had to travel for missions. The other members were either indifferent to him or didn't care. Though Kisame and Tobi were nice. Then there was his partner, Sasori.

Sasori was a great artist, despite his view on it. He had a chance to see a few puppets Sasori made and he'd been impressed by the detail on them.

His thoughts were interrupted after hearing someone walk up.

Sasori sat on the ground near Deidara. "We have a mission tomorrow morning." Being the boys first and prove if Leader had made a wise decision in dragging the brat into the organization.

"What's it about, un?" He asked still enjoying the sunset. Knowing that Sasori was to.

"Scroll retrieval. Security is supposed to be tight."

"Is everyone here like that all the time, un?" It probably seemed out of the blue, but he was curious.

"No, they don't see the point in acting differently since they expect you to die on the mission." That's how it was, whether he wanted it or not. This would prove if he could match their level.

"Guess they'll be disappointed, un."

"Kakuzu might get angry since he's taking bets." The puppet master said smirking.
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One week later.

For once he was actually glad to see the hideout. He was a little tired but the mission had gone well, receiving only a couple of scratches.

Sasori had the scroll with him inside Hiruko. "Not bad for you're first mission brat." He said while Deidara made the signs to open the hidden door.

"Thanks Sasori Danna, un." He had gave him the nickname after seeing how strong Sasori was.

"Congratu-fcking-lations Blondie!" Hidan stated being the first to greet them.

"I take it everything went alright?" Pein asked walking over.

"I have it." Sasori said still inside Hiruko. Pein nodded and they left

A few minutes later.

'I almost forgot, un.' Kakuzu, un."

The older nin looked at him. "What?"

"I heard that there was a bet going on before we left and...." He was cut off by Kakuzu. "That didn't get anywhere. No one was thinking you'd die." He turned to walk off muttering about failed money making attempts.

The blond couldn't help but smile. Maybe it was better to be someones lapdog than to be alone.
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This fic is words, not including the document date and the A/N. It looks different since I had to take out around 104 or so words.

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