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Outcasts: My Crystal Angel
Chapter 7: Storm of the Mikaze
“Stupid girl, Hoshiro's dead already!!” Kumo yelled to Tsuki.
“Lies!! I saw Hoshi-nii-chan last night and he promised me he'll come back!!” Tsuki cried as she struggled to break free from Kumo's tight grip on her arm,
“How stupid can you get? Hoshiro is dead!! Stop dreaming!!” Kumo yelled at her.
“Nii-san, I don't think we'll find Sora this way, you know she doesn't care about Tsuki.” Rai said to his older brother.
“Then why won't we just get to the boss's good side.” Ame said as she stood on the branch above us.
“What do you guys want?” I said threateningly.
“I want to avenge my parents, that b*tch Sora can't get away with that.” Kumo said tightening his grip on Tsuki.
Tsuki winced in pain.
“But since you're here, we'll just show to the boss that we're even better than Sora-chan.” Ame said, laughing menacingly.
As for Rai, he just stood there, looking down to his feet.
“Lets' finish this!” Ame yelled as she charged up to me wielding her kunais on both hands.
I bet you're confused right now.
`What the hell's going on?' like that, right?
Who're Kumo, Rai and Ame, you ask?
Oh, they're just three more of the last remaining Mikazes.
Apparently, Sora has something against them.
Supposedly, Sora murdered their parents, but according to Tsuki, they were orders from above.
I don't know who to believe.
And Hoshiro, Tsuki's brother, according to the three, he died two weeks ago when they left their hideout in Kusa no Kuni.
But then who was the one Tsuki told me about that she saw last night?
Seriously, I'm confused myself.
Oh, and Tsuki's full name is Mikaze Tsukiko - missed the last syllable, but everyone probably calls her Tsuki.
And these three just popped out when I Tsuki and I we're about to leave!
These Kuroitsume guys are getting on my nerves.
Ame quickly charged at me with kunais on both hands, but thanks to my fast reflexes, I managed to evade them as she swung them across my neck and my stomach and jumped to the nearest tree.
It was a good thing I was more alert this time and I managed to see Kumo's attack from right above and swiftly leaped to avoid it.
I jumped from the tree further from Ame and as expected, their brother Rai was waiting in ambush from that spot behind the two of us.
“Hitomi-san! Behind you!!” Tsuki yelled.
You may be wondering, Tsuki's under a paralysis jutsu right now, no thanks to Kumo.
Although she can see us, she can't move.
I quickly formed hand seals for the ice barrier.
Tori*, Saru*, I*, Tatsu*! Hyouton no Jutsu!
It was a good thing I was fast enough to have formed that jutsu.
Rai was a fast one; just after forming that barrier, Rai appeared suddenly behind me.
I had to jump, I was about to use an aerial Hyouton attack, but Kumo was the one who loves being on high altitude - he was waiting for me to jump!
I managed to duck before he could've sliced my head off.
I landed on the ground on both feet and quickly did a roundhouse kick aimed at Rai who was charging up on me at an incredible lightning-fast speed.
It was a good thing he didn't have anything like the Sharingan or he could've countered that.
The hit sent him flying to a nearby tree, knocking him out cold.
One down.”
Just as I was about to mentally do my victory dance, I was bombarded by a rain of senbon needles from above me, courtesy of Ame.
Thinking fast I created another barrier and went around them,
Inu, Tori, Hitsuju, Tora, Tatsu. Hyouton no Jutsu!
The ice pillars distracted Ame and ceased her jutsu.
As before, Kumo attacked me from above.
Seriously, what's it with this guy and his `from-the-clouds' attack!?
Somehow, these guys really live up to their names.
I sidestepped to avoid him and when he landed on the ground, he immediately pulled out a kunai and went straight at me.
I pulled out a kunai as well to defend myself.
As soon as Ame found a stable spot, she began her `rain of senbons' again.
With one hand occupied, I won't be able to use any jutsu, I had to leap to a tree branch before I'd look like a porcupine.
Kumo followed as well, attacking head-on, but this time, he was about to use a Katon Jutsu!
Oh crap.
And if things weren't bad enough, Rai's gained consciousness!
He was on the other branch behind me, and was forming a Raiton Jutsu.
Just great.” I thought.
Ame appeared above us and prepared to bombard more senbon needles, what's worse; those needles were actually drenched in poison!
“Fuuton: Chiri Senpuu*!!”
Hearing Tsuki's voice, I jumped down from where I was only to realize, Tsuki had broken free from the jutsu.
Right above me where I stood, a massive whirl wind was there, throwing off the other three.
Not bad.” I thought.
“You okay, Tsuki?” I asked.
She nodded, “Genki yo.”
“You should pay attention to who you're fighting with!” Kumo yelled.
I quickly blocked his attack and right after that, Ame was rushing to my left with a kunai at hand.
It's surprising why these three don't use ninjutsu often.
I heard Tsuki scream from behind me.
There I saw her as she struggled to break free from Rai's grasp.
Now that I look it, Rai seems to be just around the same age as her.
That seems peculiar…
I managed to shove Kumo's kunai away from mine so I could go to Tsuki but just as I did that, Ame grabbed my hair.
Note to self: Shinobis really shouldn't have long hair.”
With no second thoughts, I shifted my blade to just near where she was holding my hair, just by the back of my neck and cut my own hair.
I don't know but Ame seemed shocked a little, and I took this chance to go after Tsuki.
Rai quickly pulled out his kunai jumped right in front of me.
But before his feet even touched the ground, I knocked him out of the way with my ice-formed hand.
This kid runs fast but his reflexes are way too slow.” I thought.
I teleported my way behind Ame and knocked her out as well.
Kumo was an even harder target; he was almost as fast as me.
He was good at evading physical attacks.
From the front, behind, side, underground and over head, nothing worked.
Our battle lasted hours, we we're almost to our limits, I told Tsuki to stay back and she had been there in her original spot since Ame and Rai got knocked out.
Correction - only Ame.
Because to my right, Rai was charging towards me with kusanagi - streamed with Raiton-nature chakra!
This kid loves to play possum.
As for Kumo, who knew he knows 2 elements: Katon and Doton. And he was about to use a Doton on me, right now.
Cornered on my spot, to run away wasn't an option.
As I prepare to use the last bits of my chakra to create an ice barrier, someone else appeared in front of me and created a wooden barrier.
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I - `Boar'
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Fuuton: Chiri Senpuu - `Wind Style/Element: Dust Whirlwind'
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