Naruto Fan Fiction ❯ Random Babble ❯ Random Babble ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Author's Note: Heylo!!! This is something my friends and me wrote at the end of our freshman year in math. We were hype and had a sub. Lol and yes I'm a sophomore now. XD Enjoy! Oh and yes, we are all girls. Girls wrote this. XD
Disclaimer: No I do not own Naruto; if I did it would basically be a hentai smut. XD lmao

Naruto- Christina C.
Kakashi- Asia
Sakura- Breshay
Sasuke- Alex S.
Garaa- Me!

Kakashi- Hey people what's good? Guess who I'm crushin on….. nevermind. ^-^
Garaa- Nani? ._.?
Sasuke- Mmhmm I'm crushin on Sakura… sike-bitch!
Naruto- What did you say? You lost me.
Garaa- I have someone special too! Chocolate! <3
Sasuke- Muwahaha!!! Evil am I…. Did I say that out loud? seeps into darkness … I shall rule them with my sexy Asian hair!
Garaa- Sexy Asian hair? 6_6 I wish I had some…
Kakashi- You went from white to Asian? Woah man. I'm crushin on a guy, yeah that's right! I'm gay bitches!
Sasuke- Mmmmmm Kakashi I'm crushin on you too! I'll be your bitch!
Garaa- o.o;; takes pictures Can I watch?
Naruto- Um, people should feel violated. Eww!
Sasuke- Nah, it's ok. We can pop lock and drop it then be in the bed like OOOHHH…. Or >_>
Kakashi- Woah people I don't do pornos!!! But if the money's good … heh heh!!
Garaa- Temari does pornos! ^_^ She made me video tape it one time….. ;~; what's a rimjob?
Kakashi- Otay people its getting a little too serious. I'm suppose to be wise and what I said wasn't very wise. Porn is bad but stripping is good.
Sasuke- O_o Psh… IT'S ALL GOOD!
Garaa- Yay! strips and runs around naked
Kakashi- Sorry I cant streak, I know too many people.
Sasuke- rips off Kakashi's clothes WOOT!
Naruto- Oh gosh, ewww gross!
Kakashi- Ahhh!! I feel violated! runs away and cant be found
Sasuke- finds Kakashi using ninja powers Yay! Damn hoes… it's raining! Wooo I made it rain on you hoes!!!
Garaa- ._.? Can I… taste your rain?
Sasuke- FUCK NO! It's Kakashi's and Naruto's secret spring…. I'm not that much of a smut! XD
Naruto- When I use my powers you'll all be so just so damn sorry.. ha-oh hahahaha
Garaa- But I'm more emo than you… I should be getting more of the love TT-TT
Kakashi- Oh look at the time I think my mistress is calling its calling its time for me to go. And besides, it's getting chilly.
Garaa- Is that why you have a tent in your pants? And it's growing? Points
Sasuke- No, its trying to reach me =]
Kakashi- If you had forgotten I'm not wearing any damn pants.
Garaa- …… tilts head to the side and stares Is that a hot dog?
Kakashi- runs off to mistress
Kakashi opens the door to find his mistress dead and Sasuke on the bed in drag
Sasuke- Howolf hooo!
Kakashi- WTF!! Faints
Garaa- Appears from the sandy darkness Penis pump! dances in boxers
Sasuke- How the fuck did you get here!?
Kakashi- Too much drama! Cant take this! takes gun to head and pulls trigger
Garaa- O_O NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo …… takes breath OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kakashi- Wtf? There's no bullets! Damn!
Garaa- x.o;; Too… much… passes out
Sasuke- Oh Christ…. jacks off Oooohhh Kakashi!!!!
Haha hope you had enyoed me and my friends randomness xD R&R