Naruto Fan Fiction ❯ Random Babble ❯ Soul Stealin, McNuggetin, Yaoi Babble ( Chapter 2 )

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Author's Note: The people demanded more. Thus they got more!
Itachi- Me!
Sasuke- Chloe!
Sakura- Christina!
Disclaimer- I do NOT own Naruto, if I did, It would be just plain smutt xD lol
Itachi- Sakura! Gimme your soul!!!
Sasuke- I don't have one do u want my foot?
Sakura-I want your foot
Itachi- What the hell am I suppose to do with a foot? O.o Souls people! I need souls!!!
Sasuke- how about soul food its soul?
Sakura-no its not big head!!
Itachi- ….. Is it made with people? If it's not I'm not takin it.
Sasuke- (says under his breath) well u ate my hot dog and that was made out of…. Never mind.
Sakura-maybe I ate it
Itachi- O_O Nooooooooooo!!!!!! You said only I could suck on your hot dog baby brother!! How could you betray me! dresses up in Shakespeare clothes and holds a dagger Give me liberty! Or give me death!
Sasuke- Nooooooooooooooo Juliet!!! wow I got caught up in the moment. Don't do it itachi!!
Sakura- Are we still talking about hot dogs are what!!
Itachi- NO! We need souls damnit! Not hot diggity snoopyty diggity dogs!!!
Sasuke- you can have my heart wait I don't have one u can have my ribs but my soul
food ribs yum. poor little piggy. Oink oink rest in peace.
Sakura- I love dogs bark bark!
Itachi- GAH!!!! What am I going to do with you people/ Man… fuck the damn souls now… I wanna.. DANCE!!! STRIPS BUTT NAKED Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom. I wanna go boom boom!
Sasuke- woo-hoo now I got soul! strips butt naked
Itachi- hisses like a snake We're now ssssssssssoouuulll brotherssssss!!!!
Sasuke- no I want to be a cat makes sound like a cat meow
Sakura- I like chayanne
Itachi- points at Sasuke You fuckin pussy!!! points at Sakura and snaps his fingers Girrrl, oh no you didn't!
Sasuke- oh that's messed up im going to cut your (beep) off you pervert cuts sakura beef stick off*
Sakura- aaah aaah my ding a ling; anyway sings nugget song im into nuggets ya'll im into nuggets ya'll.
Itachi- McNuggets, McNuggets, what! Ketchup and mayo, ketchup and mayo!
Sasuke- Mcnuggets are sooooooooo disguting Im into cheeseburgers with mayo and ketchup! Ketchup and mayo, ketchup and mayo!! Yum
Sakura- its too much steaminess in my head I can't even think. Bark bark u dumb bitches
Itachi- ARF!!!! ARF ARF ARF!!! >O coughs…… Anyways….. shouldn't we end this?
Sasuke- what the flick what is your problem why I are u making dog noises makes sex noises that's what im talking about get serious
Sakura- um what the…. I don't thinks so I like dog noises makes dog sex noises.
Itachi- o/////////o Damn… I wanna fuck now!! bends his ass over and opens buttcheeks Oh yes! Someone screw me!!!!!
Sasuke- *takes clothes off* lets go im hard enough let get crackin hahaha that's funny cause u have butt all out and all I see is your open butt.
Sakura- I think I'll pass runs away in terror!!
Itachi- ;~; goes into a corner Whose bitch do I gotta be to get fucked around here?
Sasuke- you can be my bitch bro! I screw you maybe later we can go to jerry springer and tell our problems to the number instigator in the world Jerry and maybe u can have a threesome!!! Woo hoo!!
Itachi- O.O That…. Sounds GENIUS!!!!!! LETS GO!!!! Seeya Sakura!!
Sasuke- woo-wee-woo-wee -woo this can be a whole new life for us!! Maybe I can be a porn star like I always wanted to be my name would be sukey sucky!! Lets go!!!
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