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Chapter 11
Naruto had gone about his morning training session (three hours of practice with his various techniques -- not really enough to improve, but enough to maintain his current level at least) in a bit of a daze. Who knew Sakura could play the prankster as well as him? Even kyuubi was impressed with her deviousness, which said a lot considering the monster kitsune's reputation as the worlds most powerful trickster. And her suggestions... well, they were things he might have thought about doing, true, but he'd never have let Sakura know he was planning them. He'd be too afraid of her just wrath in response.
Kakashi had even noticed that something wierd was going on with him during the several hour period they were performing their 'regular' duties. Upon being questioned, Naruto explained in a rather watered-down way just what Sakura had asked of him. Kakashi hadn't reacted in front of him, but Naruto could have sworn he heard laughter coming from behind the closed doorway leading to the Jounin-Oyabun's office. In a way, the fact his former sensei and current village leader wasn't trying to disuade him helped Naruto feel a little less uncertain about the plan. By the time he ready to teach his class, he'd made a number of slight alterations which would make things work just that much better. After all, when it came to pranks, he was a bit of a genius. Besides, the way he'd changed it, the prank would fit in his lesson plans better.
He watched the students arrive, trying to determine who was who from the descriptions Sakura had given him. Hiniku Butakatsu was easily spotted for his piggish looks, as were Ran Umiko (the pony-tailed girl), Seiteki Pansuke (the girl trying for early entry into the courtesan program), and Hiyowai Shiro (who looked way too pale to be considered healthy). Inari he knew already, and he had to check his eyes when he saw how rather busty Munamoto Sousou looked at her age, but he couldn't tell any of the others apart. The remaining students Sakura said to be especially watchful for -- Chikan, Adaha, and Akane -- were indistinguishible from the others with Sakura's basic descriptions. He'd tried especially hard to remember those people's names thanks to Sakura -- if there was one thing he would never be good at, it was remembering people's names -- but it looked like it wouldn't matter after all. He sighed -- it looked like he would have to take roll.
"Alright, people, listen up," Naruto said, almost shouting as he loudly began his class. He immediately performed a kage bushin, transforming into sixteen ninja. There were some awed expressions and some expectant ones as he demonstrated this rather ordinary (for him) skill, but he didn't have time to amuse the crowd like he would have liked to. Any other day, and he would have loved to flaunt his skills -- one thing his growing maturity hadn't cured him of was his love of showing off -- but if he really wanted to get this prank done right, he would have to get to work. "I'm going to call your names. When you hear your name called, raise your hand. One of my shadow clones will come over to you."
In point of fact, it was a shadow clone who was speaking. As the clone read the roll, the real Naruto stood ready. Upon hearing Chikan's name, he watched intently for the raised hand and made his way over to it as fast as he could. This, after all, was an important part of the trick.
"All right," the clone leading the class said. "Now, at this point, I'm going to be giving you all a bit of an evaluation exercise. Each shadow clone will spar with you -- your goal is to do everything in your power to hit my clone. If you manage to get a good hit in, my clone will disappear. Don't worry if you don't, though -- this is just to see where you are all at."
That was what Sakura coached him into saying, anyway. In truth, he wasn't expecting anyone to beat him legitimately -- even if he was going to restrict what each of his clones could do to basic taijutsu, he should be light-years ahead of them all. Inari might have a chance -- as far as Naruto knew, he was the only one who'd even seen a ninja in action, much less had any sort of training. Adaha too, he supposed, since Sakura was under the impression that the boy might come from the family of a former ninja, but he wasn't so sure that the skills of a parent one had never met would really help a ninja be a good ninja... which was a large part of the reason he'd never spent the time to look for anyone from his clan. Not having been raised by the Uzumaki clan, he had a hard time feeling connected to it... if it even existed. He'd certainly never met another Uzumaki before.
Chikan looked mildly nervous standing before him, but otherwise seemed fairly confident. Naruto grinned. This was going to be fun.
"Okay, everyone... begin!"
None of them were as unskilled as Naruto had suspected -- they might not have been as good as he was in taijutsu when he was entered into the Academy at eight years old (three to five years younger then any of these cadets), but they were all determined. It made it much easier for him to give them victories. Inari was the first one to score a successful strike -- surprisingly without much being held back from Naruto's clone. Okanemoto Akane was second, and Butakatsu was third. Sakura's favorite pupil, Adaha, was having more difficulty then most in his fight, but Naruto could tell there was some power in his punches which might allow him to be trained up into a decent ninja... with a lot of work.
Naruto wasn't holding back with Chikan -- at least, not defensively. He wasn't trying to hurt the boy -- much -- but he wasn't letting him get a punch in, either. In fact, Naruto suspected he was about as good as Akane or Butakatsu showed themselves to be, but he didn't need to let anyone else know of his real evaluation of the students talent. However, he was so good at his sparring that Naruto started having second thoughts about this plan -- it wouldn't do to crush the spirit of one of the few halfway-decent fighters in the class. However, in the end, he resolved merely to make it up to the boy afterwards -- Sakura, after all, was the most important thing in all of this.
Outside of Chikan, the last person to beat their clone was Ran Umiko, who's obsession with horses didn't seem to make her as strong or as fast as one. Naruto had to help her out considerably just to allow her the win, actually stepping into the swing of her punch. That punch wouldn't have been enough to do any damage in a real fight, but Naruto had been watching for something which would allow him to clear that clone away. That just left Chikan as a fighter, and so Naruto started putting the boy through his paces. He could see the fear growing in the boy's eyes, as he started to believe that Naruto was really trying to kill him -- Sakura's threats were obviously still on his mind. Well, Naruto intended to use that.
The rest of the class, upon finishing with thier own clones, had gradually filled their ranks around the last battle still taking place. Naruto maneuvered his target so that Chikan's back was literally against a wall, then intentionally missed with a chakra-enhanced punch. While he didn't know the tricks that Tsunade and now Sakura did to increase their strength so tremendously, he could still pull off a significant enhancement which should impress the cadets. The fist through the concrete wall just an inch from Chikan's face certainly made an impression on him.
To the boy's credit, he didn't panic. He also didn't take advantage of the opening Naruto had purposely given him. With his fist stuck in the wall, Naruto could easily be hit by a counterattack of some sort, but none was coming. Instead, Chikan darted back, raising his guard against further attack. Naruto remained 'stuck' as long as he thought could be believable before finally pulling free and turning on him.
"Why aren't you even trying to fight me?" Naruto asked, growling. "You should have attacked me! I haven't even had to try to block a punch you've through -- do something!"
Chikan took a deep breath, throwing a wild punch. Naruto saw it coming from a mile away, and stepped into it intentionally.
Naruto was mildly surprised at the force of the blow, but he managed to act as if it didn't hurt (as planned). Instead, he forced himself to look down at the fist, still in contact with his stomache, and blinked. He was a ninja, after all, and therefore capable of acting surprised when he wanted to. "Um, was that a punch?"
"Er, yeah?" Chikan answered uncertainly.
"Then why am I still here?" Naruto asked. "Try hitting me again -- use all your strength, this time."
Chikan did as was told, yet the blond ninja managed to appear unfazed. The blow was strong, but not so strong that Naruto couldn't pretend it didn't hurt. "Er... well, that was a hit, too," the boy pointed out.
"Ah, I see," Naruto said, rubbing his nose and nodding as if he'd had a stunning revelation. "You just aren't strong enough to make me disappear. Ah, well -- I guess I'd better go, anyway."
With a puff of smoke, Naruto simultaneously kawarimi no jutsu'd and dispelled his last clone, so that it would appear as if he had always been the one teaching the class and the clone was the one who had been fighting Chikan. It wouldn't have fooled a skilled ninja, but none of these students met that qualification. In fact, only two or three of these students met the basic qualifications for joining the ninja academy in Konoha -- it appeared those standards were lowered for Blossom. At least, they were if the starting level of taijutsu these students displayed was any indication.
Still, this was just an evaluation day, so he shouldn't be too hard on them.
"Well, that was fun," He said, smiling out at everyone. "I'm going to have to figure out what I need to teach you all first, so class is dismissed. Komakai Chikan-san, I'll need to see you right away."
Everyone started filing out of the ring, many shooting sympathetic glances Chikan's way. Once the two of them were alone, Naruto approached the student.
"Yo," he said, smirking.
"Okay, which reason did you ask me to stay for?" Chikan sighed.
Naruto smiled. "Which one do you think?"
"Well, I'm apparently the weakest person here, so you might be kicking me out, already," Chikan noted.
"No-one is ever kicked out of the ninja academy," Naruto explained. "Once you're in, you stay in until you've graduated or died. Too many secrets."
Chikan's eyes widened. "So... if I showed no aptitude to be a ninja, then...."
A kunai appeared in Naruto's hand. "Then you die. One way or another." Putting the shuriken to the young cadet's neck, he said, "So, tell me, Chikan-san... what do you think of your performance today?"
"Um... am I going to die?"
"Maybe," Naruto answered.
Chikan closed his eyes. "Make it quick... please?"
Naruto looked the boy up and down, and sighed. Pulling the dagger back, he frowned at the boy. "Hmm... Sakura-chan thought you'd piss your pants on that one."
"Huh?" Chikan replied, opening his eyes in shock.
"Sorry about all that. You actually did better then most of the cadets we had, I was just tricking you into thinking you were the weakest... and, for the record, we don't kill you if you fail," Naruto explained. "If that were the case, I'd have been dead more than once. You are stuck in Blossom for the rest of your life, unless you pass -- something you're usually told when you've given your last chance to leave, by the first midterm -- but Konoha ninjas don't kill people for something like that." He shrugged. "I think the Mist do, though, so you're probably lucky we recruited you and not someone else."
"Uh, right," Chikan agreed. "Um..."
"Like I said, sorry about scaring you," Naruto continued. "But Sakura-chan was rather pissed off at you. You are the boy who got to see her naked, right?"
The strain in his voice made Chikan pause. If he lied, he was pretty sure he was dead... but he was pretty sure he was dead if he told the truth, too. Well, better an honest dead man then a dishonest one. "Er... yeah. It was an accident, though, honest!"
Naruto shrugged it off. "Of course it was. If I thought it was at all possible you intended to peek at Sakura-chan, then, well..." He shrugged. "I don't think we would be having this conversation, now, would we?"
"Uh, right."
"Anyway," Naruto continued. "Now that my duty as her boyfriend is over, and we've had our little revenge, I'd like to ask you something."
"What?" the boy asked, curious.
"Heh heh," Naruto chuckled mischievously, bending over to talk in his ear privately. "I was wondering... how well do you remember what she looks like naked?"
Chikan blinked. "Uh... I remember pretty darned well. It's the first time I've ever seen a girl naked!"
"I've never had a chance to see her naked, yet," Naruto sighed. "I'm not sure I ever will -- we're going to be getting into a major battle, soon, and I'm afraid I'll lose her whatever its outcome. I'd like to have the image of her -- of all of her -- before that happens. I don't think she'll show me, though... but you could."
"Er, how? I'm a terrible artist, and I didn't take a picture or anything, so--"
"No, I don't want you to draw her," Naruto explained. "I want you to become her."
"Let me show you a certain ninja technique," Naruto explained, his hands forming a certain very familiar pattern of seals. "Sexy no jutsu!"
As the naked (save for a few strategically placed clouds of smoke) girl appeared where his sensei had been standing, Chikan got a nose bleed and very nearly fainted. "W-who..."
"I'm Naruto," the transformed ninja explained. "This is a varient of the henge technique, which is the first ninjitsu I'll be teaching the class. Some actually classify it as a genjutsu, as well, but this particular varient couldn't be considered such." He transformed back to Naruto with a puff of smoke. "See, the henge doesn't quite transform everything. What makes you a human being remains with the henge... but the sexy no jutsu was a test for a kinjutsu I was developing. It actually transforms me into a girl, all the way down to my biology and everything. It isn't the only henge varient I know, however...."
"What else do you know?" Chikan asked, intrigued. Naruto had only moments ago been threatening to kill him, but now... was he going to teach him a new technique? And what did this have to do with his desire to see that Sakura girl naked, anyway?
"I know a 'combination transformation' technique," Naruto explained. "I perform the technique, and I supply the chakra, but you pull the image out of your head. So... are you willing to let me pull a combination transformation techique with you?"
Chikan smirked. "And what do I get out of this?"
"The right to keep breathing tomorrow," Naruto pointed out cheerfully. He wouldn't really kill the boy over something like this, but he wasn't above making a few 'friendly' empty threats in a situation like this one.
"Er... right. Well, I suppose I can do it for that," the boy agreed.
"Good," Naruto said, moving around the boy and placing a hand on the back of the boy's neck, making as much contact with skin as he felt comfortable with. "Now, picture her in your head... got the image?"
"Yeah," Chikan replied, a slight nose bleed developing on top of the recently-cleared up one from Naruto's sexy-no-jutsu. "I remember it quite clearly."
Unseen to Chikan, a slight grimace appeared on Naruto's face. Nevertheless, he made the appropriate seals. "Well... okay, then. Kontserun Henge no Bushin." With a puff, it appeared as if Naruto was touching the back of Sakura's neck... her clothed neck. Naruto stood back and frowned. "Hey, I thought I told you to picture her naked!" he started, then blinked. "Oh, wait... hmm. Something didn't work right, there."
Chikan looked down at himself. Yes, he had the same pair of... um, feminine globes he recalled having seen before... but a shirt -- his own ordinary shirt -- was covering them. "Weren't you able to change my clothes, too?" he asked.
"I think it's because I had to do it with just my chakra, since you aren't able to access yours yet," Naruto explained, studying the Sakura-shaped student for a moment. "I just wasn't able to push it out to your clothing is all. The transformation of your own body, however, worked fine." He grinned lecherously. "Which means everything else is okay, so... strip for me, will you? I only wanted you to do this so that I could see Sakura-chan naked, after all!"
Chikan looked about to protest, but decided to comply when he saw his teacher's finger start inching towards a shuriken pouch. "Er, right... um, can I go somewhere for privacy? I mean, I don't mind showing off this body -- it's not mine, after all, it's just like sharing a picture with another guy -- but, um, I don't want to change in public. That... feels wierd."
Naruto pointed to a screen -- one which Chikan hadn't seen before. "Go behind that. You can get dressed there, too, when you're done."
Chikan darted behind the shouji screen, tossing off his clothes as fast as he could to avoid thinking about it all. Just like he said, it was like sharing a picture of a naked girl with his school friends... so why did this make him so nervous?
"Are you done?" Naruto's impatient voice came from over the shouji.
Chikan checked himself. Yep, even naked, he looked exactly as he remembered the girl to look. "Uh, yeah, I'm ready."
"Well come on out, then!" Naruto huffed.
Still a little hesitent, but unsure why, Chikan left the privacy afforded to him to present the image of a naked Sakura to the blond teen's eyes. "Well?" he said, finally, deciding to move into a bit of a pose.
Naruto's eyes widened. He'd often pictured Sakura naked -- after all, what guy didn't picture the girl of his dreams in the nude from time to time? He'd had little reference to go on, however. Her clothes weren't exactly the most revealing, and he'd long believed she bound her breasts when in her usual combat uniform -- something he was increasingly suspicious of, as she seemed to have a larger bust on both of their dates (although he was half-convinced it was just his imagination running wild on him) -- so he'd never had a real good picture of what she looked like. He did know something of the female form in general, having had to research a couple dirty magazines to create the sexy no jutsu... not to mention what being the apprentice of 'Super-pervert' Jiraiya had shown him. These images, however, were always 'enhanced,' too adult or too crude to ever be his Sakura. This, however... this was definitely Sakura's body he was seeing, and it... it was even better then he pictured it. Now it was Naruto's turn to wipe the blood off his nose.
"Heh heh... uh, okay. Go change back into your regular clothes and I'll stop the transformation," Naruto finally said. "It's time you get on home, and I... uh, I need to take a cold shower, I think."
Chikan nodded, knowing exactly what Naruto meant. Darting behind the shouji, he found his clothes and tossed them back on as quickly as possible. Not only was he getting more embarrassed then he thought he would displaying someone else's naked body, he was also getting cold... and even the clothes didn't seem to help that much. Finally, he darted back to his professor, a reluctant grin on his face.
"Okay, sensei, I'm ready. Change me back."
With a mere wave, Naruto dispelled the henge. "There... now, go on home. I'll talk with you again, next class. Don't be late -- we'll be starting on the basics of henge techniques."
"Yes, sensei!" Chikan agreed. More than ever, he was impressed with what a ninja could do -- after all, Sakura's demonstration was dramatic, yes, but there wasn't really that much to it. But this... he'd not needed any blood, no papers, nothing -- it was just a few silly finger gestures and a couple words, and he was suddenly a girl. This could be quite interesting. He wondered when the new bathhouse being built would open....
Naruto was still in a daze ( long after Chikan had left) from what he had seen when a figure he quite definitely recognized emerged from the shadows -- or rather, from the shouji screen which then disolved into shadows. "I hope it was worth it, Naruto-kun," Sakura said dangerously, taking a few steps towards him.
He jumped. "S-sakura-chan! What are you doing here?"
"You know perfectly well why I'm here, Naruto-kun," Sakura said, stressing the 'kun' in a way that implied he was in definite danger. "I wanted to see how the prank turned out, after all. So of course... I saw everything. So tell me, Naruto-kun, was it worth it?"
Naruto thought long and hard about how to answer, but finally decided to nod slightly. "Yes, Sakura-chan. I... I enjoyed it very much," he answered hesitently, blushing.
Sakura grinned evilly. "Good. You might not ever get to see it again. Are you ready to see what I do to people who try to peep on me, naked, without my permission?"
He winced, but nodded. "I... yes, Sakura-chan."
Several seals started forming in her hand, the final one pushing outwards at Naruto. She winked at him. "Kai."
* * * * *
"Hey, Chikan," Hiniku Butakatsu greeted him. Akane, Shiro, and Pansuki were all gathered around, waiting for their erstwhile friend. "I thought that Naruto-sensei was going to kill you, after the way he fought you in class. I guess he likes to stick up for his girlfriend's honor, huh?"
"He has a funny sense of honor with that 'girlfriend' of his," Chikan snorted. "First, he tries to make me think that I'm going to be killed, because he needed to get 'revenge' for that Sakura chick, and then he has me sho-- uh oh."
He could feel the chakra dissolve around him. At some unseen signal, all of his clothes -- or the illusions he thought were his clothes -- faded away into nothingness. The three fellow students gawked at him, as he could sense the breeze that indicated he wasn't even allowed underwear by his prankster of a teacher.
"Hey, not bad, Chikan-san," Pansuki crowed, taking a gander at places he hadn't let any girl see of him, before. "Look me up in a few years, would you?"
That broke through the haze of the other two, sending them into huge fits of laughter. Burning with the strength of his blush, Chikan tried his best to cover himself up with his hands. Turning away, he darted as fast as he could in the direction of his home. It appeared he'd been mislead -- the 'revenge' Naruto had sought wasn't the fear of death he was giving him... but the 'eye for an eye' of being put on display, naked as the day he was born.
Perhaps, he thought, I shouldn't talk about Sakura-sensei ever again. At least not when either of them has a chance of hearing me.
* * * * *
Sakura breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank god. Yuugao-sensei didn't tell me how draining that would be to my chakra system."
"You did the technique?" Naruto asked, surprised. "I thought you were going to have her make the illusory clothes, and you would just dispel them."
"I asked her to," Sakura explained. "But she said she couldn't do it. At least she taught me the technique -- giving me lessons in genjutsu was the main reason she was picked for this mission, after all. So, do you want to give him back his real clothes... or should I?"
"Why don't you?" Naruto suggested. "It'll make the prank that much more complete."
"Good idea. Thanks, Naruto-kun," Sakura said, taking the bundle.
"By the way, Sakura-chan?" Naruto began.
"Yes, Naruto-kun?" she answered, a bit preoccupied trying to stuff the clothing into her pack.
"Erm... why?"
"Eh?" That got her attention.
"Why did you let me, uh, get that peek? I mean... we aren't... we haven't...."
Sakura shook her head. "I'm certainly not ready to show you my 'bits' on purpose, Naruto-kun. I may never be ready to. The thing is... I'm probably going to be living at your place often enough that one of us might accidentally catch the other... not fully dressed. Given this inevitability, and the fact that you didn't go back to your old, annoying, pestering, 'wild' ways during the initial bathroom incident, itself, I figured it would be okay to let you see what I looked like... provided that I wasn't the one who was actually showing you." She paused. "And it would have been damn near impossible to pull that prank off without letting you see it."
"Uh, right," Naruto agreed, although he could think of maybe a dozen ways to do it without seeing the illusory version of Sakura. He wasn't going to argue the point, that was for sure.
Sakura walked up to him, giving him a quick peck on the lips and a pat on the shoulder. With a wiggle in her step, she giggled, "Good night, Naruto-kun. I think I'd better stay at Ino's for the next few nights, no matter what. Be sure to take that cold shower, okay?"
Inside her head, Inner Sakura was grinning. I can be a right mean bitch sometimes, can't I?
* * * * *
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