Naruto Fan Fiction ❯ Training for the Job ❯ Volume 3 Chapter 46 (LEMON) ( Chapter 56 )

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Volume 3 Notes: This is the lemon chapter. FFnet readers, if you want to see the naughtiest bits, head over to mediaminer. I tried to include a little R-rated teaser where it was appropriate even for the FFNet version, but all of the 'action' has been removed. The adult version at mediaminer does include an extraneous bit or two, as well, just to make it more enticing to those who've been on pins and needles over the approaching lemon, in addition to what was supposed to be the 'story-relevant' sexual encounter (more on that later). You have been warned. The picture posted on my user page of Sakura is supposed to represent her at the bridge at the end of the last chapter and in this opening scene. However, as I wrote this I decided her wardrobe needed to be altered a bit from what is shown. She is wearing sandals, not boots as it is shown in the picture, for example. I had the picture done a couple months, and twenty or thirty chapters, ago, and while I may have planned a lot ahead of times, accounting for her wardrobe in one particular scene so many chapters in advance is a bit much for me I fear.
Chapter 46
Sakura's bashful smile was the very first thing Naruto laid eyes on as he reached the rendezvous point they had agreed to that morning. He had been something of a connoisseur of Sakura's expressions, but this one he had only seen once before. That one time was a 'happy' memory -- a very happy memory, indeed. It was the expression he saw on her face when she had finished giving him one of her fabulous massages... and then took it well beyond a massage.
She had called it a 'happy ending,' and Naruto could definitely understand why. It definitely was a happy way to end a massage. She had asked him to stand up and turn around, and he couldn't refuse her even if he wanted to... so he did -- rather self-consciously, since the towel wasn't covering him up any more. He thought he had felt more skin then before when she gave this massage, and now he saw why -- there she was, clad in a frilly pair of satin panties and nothing else... wearing that same bashful smile on her face. The kyuubi in him let him know that he could easily rip those flimsy garments off of her if he wanted to, but he stayed himself for the moment. This was her show, after all, and he would let her do what she wanted.
"I may not be ready for everything, just yet," Sakura had said. "But I just might be ready for this. It'll get a bit messy, but we're both going to need to clean up anyway, so...."
The evidence of just how aroused the massage had made him showed clearly, but he almost exploded on the spot when she started rubbing the orange flavored oil right on it with just two fingers. Those fingers were soon joined by her lips, then her tongue, and finally her whole mouth. He had known exactly what was happening to him -- one didn't spend years wandering around the world with Jiraiya as a teacher without learning a few things, after all, even if he'd never seen it happen before in real life, much less experienced it -- but it took him a while to realize it was real, and not some product of his fevered imagination. By then, Sakura's head was bobbing over him. She gagged once or twice when she bobbed just a touch too deep -- which he didn't like, as he hated it when Sakura did something to hurt herself, especially when it was for him, but couldn't do anything about -- but she didn't stop. Instead, she had picked up the oil again and started rubbing it into her own breasts, kneeding them gently as she did, and then continued to oil herself down, using almost a third of the remaining oil in the bottle to do so. Soon, the orange flavored lubricant was covering her from her knees to her neck, and then she had stopped.
Her lips had left him before he was done, forcing an involuntary protest from his mouth. She had just smiled and leaned forward to kiss him on the belly button. Naruto still thought it was a rather strange place to recieve a kiss, but an odd purr would come into his insides when he thought of it, reminding him that the kyuubi was sealed up inside that particular point on his body. Finally, she pushed him back down onto the bed.
Then, the purpose of Sakura oiling herself up was revealed. Using so much of the oil proved to be very effective -- it had gone beyond what could easily be absorbed, to where it produced a fine sheen of her skin... and allowed her to transfer that oil to another person's body merely by rubbing her own against it. Which she proceeded to do, sliding her entire upper torso up Naruto's legs, pausing to kiss and lick him in certain intimate areas all along the way, and not stopping until her mouth reached one of his nipples. She had kissed him there, too, which felt very wierd, and slid on back down, spreading her thighs apart so that she was straddling him the whole way. The satiny silk of her panties had been the only barrier between them, and even it had felt as slippery as the oil on Naruto's skin. Her movement was just like the usual massage -- slow, sensual rubbing in long strokes. Her hands even came up and, as if this were still 'just' a massage, ran themselves down his forearms slickening them, too. It had slowly dawned on Naruto that this might still actually be considered part of the normal techniques of this type of massage, and so it, too, probably came from Sakura's lessons in massage from Hana. Regardless of where Sakura had learned it, however, he was so incredibly overwhelmed by it that he couldn't believe it was happening.
Had kyuubi been in charge of Naruto's body, Sakura's (technical) virginity would likely have ended that night. The sensations were so great that the demon had been going crazy, trapped and unable to respond to such... delicious stimuli. Fortunately for the couple's relationship, the human was able to remain in charge despite the power struggle, preventing the kyuubi from forcing itself on thier favorite girl... and so he did absolutely nothing as Sakura used her entire body to massage him to and -- eventually -- over the breaking point.
When Naruto's own, personal lubricant was finally released between them, Sakura grinned, smiled at him, and slid up so that she could kiss him. It was the kiss that finally prompted him into action, as well. He remembered another of Jiraiya's more perverted lessons, crudely dubbed the 'Blowjob Principle.' Jiraiya was trying to extort more money from Naruto, in order to get him to pay for something -- it had been a long time, and Naruto couldn't remember what it was, exactly, save that it was expensive and perverted. Some sort of 'fertility statue' or something like that. Jiraiya tried to convince him that he owed Jiraiya the money to pursue even his more lascivious hobbies. "If a girl gives you a blowjob, you'd better get down between her legs and thank her for it -- and I don't mean by just saying 'thank you,' either. Otherwise, you might not get another one." This had been far more than, as Jiraiya had put it, a 'blow job,' and so Naruto knew what he had to do... although his reciprication seemed largely inadequate for such a wonderful gift. Sliding one of his hands under the waistband of her panties, he proceeded to 'thank her' as Jiraiya had described. He did his best, and Sakura didn't appear disappointed at all, but he felt his technique needed... improving. And so, he had studied... in case they had another massage that went 'all the way.'
Considering that their massage had gone 'all the way,' so to speak, the last time Sakura wore that same bashful smile, Naruto suspected that Sakura had much more planned for that night then just dinner, and swallowed -- hopefully, he would be up for the task. He certainly didn't want to disappoint her -- they were both still virgins, and he had been told repeatedly by Jiraiya that virgins were often disappointed with their first times -- men lacked the stamina to last very long, and women needed experience to 'adjust,' whatever that meant. Assuming, of course, that his pink-haired medical ninja of a girlfriend intended to 'cure' the both of them of their virginal status -- they had done quite a bit without 'technically' going over that line, so far, and perhaps that was all she intended to do. That smile on her face made him rather excited, however... but also very, very nervous.
There was a lot more to take in of her then just the smile -- it took a few moments, but he finally noticed the blaringly obvious difference in her appearance.
"Sakura-chan!" he called, attracting her attention to him. "You... where did you get that tattoo?"
Sakura blushed, then turned her leg to show off the new adornment. "Do you like it?" The gentle movement of her knee proved to be all that was required to lead Naruto's eyes with her body -- something Sakura was quite pleased with. After letting him see the tattoo for a few moment, she prodded coyly, "Well?"
Naruto shook his head, slightly dazed. "It looks good on you, but... is it legal?"
"Legal?" Sakura laughed. "Of course it's legal! Why wouldn't it be?"
"Well... isn't that design of tattoo restricted to ANBU in Konoha?" Naruto asked. "Or are you an ANBU and just haven't told me?"
Sakura blinked, her eyes widening momentarily. "Um... oops. I didn't even think about that... but I don't think it's quite the same. The ANBU tattoo is much smaller and much less stylized... and there isn't an ANBU around who would have their identifying tattoos on their thighs. It's not exactly practical for them... but I think it's a good spot for it. What do you think?"
Naruto swallowed. "Um... it's very, uh, uh..."
Suddenly, a pinch at Sakura's rear end caused her to spin around, anger in her eyes and a slap more powerful then a battering ram on the way. She was startled to see Naruto standing there, but couldn't stay her hand. Fortunately, it appeared as if she just devastated a clone, as said Naruto disappeared with a puff of smoke the moment her hand touched it. Then she was startled again as two familiar arms wrapped themselves around her from behind,
Sakura paused, blinking. "Um, I've never been outflanked into a hug, before, Naruto-kun. It's completely unnecessary coming from you, though... what's this all about?"
His hands were suddenly on her tattooed thigh, sliding up it and even tucking a few fingers underneath her tight shorts. "Hm... well, I had to make sure that this little mark you put on your leg didn't ruin that wonderful skin of yours. It seems fine to me, though... so I've got to say it's a great spot for a tattoo. I'm not sure I can see all the way to the top, though -- may I look?"
Sakura blushed slightly. "Naruto! We're in public!" She paused. "And we haven't had dinner, yet."
Naruto didn't let go, although his hand quit its movement up her shorts. "Hm. We haven't, have we? After dinner, then?"
His hand gave a very gentle squeeze, and it was then Sakura realized just how close the fingertips of his hands had come to a certain part of her body. She swallowed. "Yes. After dinner. Definitely."
Suddenly, the hands were gone and Naruto was once more a few steps away, looking like the innocent, stumbling, bumbling boy he usually acted like he was, although his eyes might have been twinkling a little brighter with humor then usual. "Okay, then. So, where's this dinner going to be, again?"
* * * * *
Dinner proved to be exceptionally embarrassing for Naruto, although he managed to get out of it without ruining Sakura's evening. It started off simply enough -- Sakura had started a game of footsie with him. This wasn't too surprising -- that had happened often enough when they were eating out together. Then, the moved things up a little notch, but slipping off her sandals. The feeling of bare feet sliding across his pants was a bit unusual, but Naruto couldn't say he didn't like it. One of said feet started travelling a little higher, sliding up the pants leg. Naruto had a hard time swallowing, and he stared across at Sakura wide-eyed. She returned his gaze with an almost evil grin, and let the foot get even higher up his thigh... before rubbing gently against his crotch.
Naruto was so startled at Sakura attempting such a thing in public he literally jumped, banging the table and nearly knocking it and all of their food over. He apologized profusely to the people who had turned to stare before sitting down again, casting a wary glance at the remarkably innocent-looking Sakura. He paused, trying to determine if that really was the girl he knew or if it was someone else transformed to look like her -- such a thing wasn't unheard of, after all, and Sakura was certainly behaving very... oddly. A warm buzz from the kyuubi, however, let him know that she was who she claimed to be, and so he sighed and relaxed back. Her foot once again started exploring his legs, and this time he was prepared for it. He considered attempting some sort of counter -- something like tickling the foot that was in his lap or something -- since this wasn't really fair on her part, but he found himself enjoying the attention too much. Instead, he made his biggest mistake of that evening -- he decided to reciprocate.
In and of itself, returning the 'favor' for Sakura wasn't a bad idea -- after all, it was just part of a game that had been played between men and women since the dawn of time. The problem was in the execution of the game. For one thing, he hadn't come into this restaurant prepared for the 'battle' that she had initiated, and so he had some difficulty with even the most basic of first steps. Part of the game, as any good player of footsie knew, was not to let the people around you know that you were playing it. The problem was, Naruto had chosen to wear boots, as this had started out as a mission on his part, and boots weren't the easiest of things to take off without it being too obvious. So he strained and he struggled, banging both of his knees on the hard surface of the tabletop several times, before he finally managed to get one off. At that point, he decided he'd gone far enough with the 'take off your shoes' part of the footsie battle, and began part two of this rather personal mission of his.
Over the years, Naruto had grown a considerable amount. In fact, he had managed to top Sakura's hieght during the training mission with Jiraiya, and in the past year or so managed to grow a few more inches tall as well. However, while his hieght in general had grown, the length of his legs had proportionally remained the same... and so, Sakura's legs turned out to be much longer then his own. She could reach across the table with one, and play footsie in his lap. He... could barely get one foot to touch the top of her bent knee. So, he scooted down in his chair a bit -- pushing a rather sensitive part of his body against Sakura's foot a bit more pleasantly then he was expecting -- in an effort to reach her, but he still couldn't quite reach what he was aiming at. By this point, he was so busy concentrating on his task that he failed to notice the silent laughter Sakura was holding in, amused at his little struggle. He shifted some more, just managing to get one foot to brush the cuffs of her bicycle shorts when he realized he'd run out of chair to scoot forward on. A very deliberate movement of Sakura's toes caught him by surprise, as well, and he shifted slightly... and found himself with no chair underneath him. The resounding crash as he plummeted to the floor was quickly followed by the laughter of many of their fellow diners. Naruto glanced up, flushing, hoping he hadn't ruined this dinner for Sakura.
She appeared around the corner of the table, face flushed from laughter as she reached down to help him up. "Come on -- you seem to be more interested in me then the food, and I've gotten all I wanted out of this meal. I originally planned to make a night of this, and maybe go to a movie or something before we finally went back to our hotel room." The laughter in her face receded, to be replaced by a smoky grin. "Perhaps we should just skip the movie, though, huh?"
* * * * *
Naruto glanced around the hotel room Sakura had lead them to, getting increasingly nervous... and anxious. He had definite reason to suspect this particular night together would be... different. Just how different, however, he wasn't quite sure... but the single king-sized four-poster bed in the room made it all the more likely they wouldn't be sleeping in seperate beds that night. Not that they always slept in seperate beds, anyway, so perhaps that wasn't so big of a surprise. Still... he was a bundle of nerves. He didn't want to jump the gun or anything, but Sakura had been... rather frisky since he first saw her on the bridge, and he had a good idea she had more in mind then just sleep that night.
"Strip," Sakura commanded the moment the door closed behind them. Her voice was firm and demanding, and Naruto wasn't quite sure what to make of it.
"Huh?" Naruto replied, a little startled at the abruptness of the order. "But... um... what are we doing? Are, um, you giving me another massage?"
Sakura grinned slightly. "I bought a whole new selection of massage oils we can try some day, Naruto-kun. Tonight, however, I have something other than a massage in mind. Now, strip!"
Naruto hesitated only a fraction of a second longer before he began doing as she said. First, his jacket was tossed onto one of the two chairs the hotel had provided, and it was quickly followed by his shirt. His hands were trembling slightly, causing him to fumble the drawstring on his pants, but he eventually managed to get it untied and take it off... although it would have been easier if he'd remembered to remove his boots first. Once he kicked those off, he stood up and paused. Sakura raised an eyebrow.
"Um," Naruto began hesitantly, unsure of himself here. What was Sakura planning?
"I meant everything. Boxers too. Really, Naruto, you should know I mean that by now."
"Er... can I grab a towel?" Naruto asked. Yes, she'd seen him completely nude before -- several times, in fact. But he had always been wearing at least a towel until they were heavily involved, just about every other time, and he'd never pulled off his underwear with her looking right at... it, before.
Sakura's grin widened eerily. "No," she drawled.
"Drop them. Now!"
This time, Naruto hesitated a bit longer before acting, but he did act. Feeling very self-conscious, his boxers fell to join the rest of his clothing on the chair. Sakura looked at him and shook her head sadly.
"What?" Naruto chirped, trying to keep himself from hiding from her eyes.
"You look like you need some... ah, 'stiffening up,'" Sakura sighed. "Well, I'll take care of that."
"Eh?" Naruto cried, startled.
Sakura shook her head and grabbed him by the shoulder. "Okay, come on. Looks like I've got more work to do then I thought."
"Work?" Naruto repeated. He found himself truly unable to follow what was going on. He'd thought he knew what they were going to do when he entered that apartment, but now he wasn't so sure. He was naked... but Sakura wasn't, and didn't seem to be showing many signs of getting undressed either. He trusted Sakura implicitly, however, and loved her dearly, so he would go along with whatever she said. As long as he was certain this really was Sakura... and, well, there was no doubting that thanks to the kyuubi.
Sakura just shook her head, leading him into the bathroom. "Hands," she called.
"Huh?" Naruto replied, startled.
"Hands. I'm going to take a shower, and you're going to watch. But you aren't going to be allowed to touch anything, so I'm going to make sure your hands are tied down."
"A shower?" Naruto echoed, still quite purplexed. "Sakura-chan... I'll do whatever you ask of me, but... please, what's going on?"
Sakura hesitated, then shook her head. "Sit down," she said, gesturing to the toilet seat. Naruto did, folding his hands in his lap to at least regain some sense of dignity.
"For quite some time now," Sakura began. "I have been telling you, whenever we started getting a little... physical, together, that I 'wasn't ready yet.' I probably implied that the reason I wasn't ready was because, well, I didn't want to... to... to. The thing is, though, that I did want to, and have wanted to for a while now -- probably since your trip with the genin to give them the chuunin exam. Every time we started kissing, or I gave you one of those massages, or you returned the favor with one of your massages -- you know, the ones that always seem to concentrate on my, ahem, upper body -- every time we did anything along those lines, I've been feeling this sort of... 'wanting' for you. It's hard to explain, but probably you understand it just as much as I do, because I suspect the situation is much the same in reverse."
Naruto tried to parse all of that, and eventually decided that even if he couldn't quite follow everything she was saying he agreed with the gist of it. "Yeah, I think so."
"Well, I've been the one who has always had to break things off between us -- to be the restrained one," Sakura pointed out, arching her eyebrows sharply. "Which just doubles that feeling. But I've been getting myself ready -- I've been trying for months to use a certain medical technique I was once taught to induce a state in my body which... well, it takes care of the risk of pregnancy, and that kind of thing. The process has also added to my frustration, due to how it works -- the details of which I won't go into -- and so, I have been a very, very, very horny girl for quite some time."
"H-horny?" Naruto repeated, unable to believe that he heard her right. His eyes widened at the thought.
Sakura grinned, glad that she'd been able to elicit that particular reaction. "That's right. And so, in anticipation of completing this technique -- which has taken me two months longer then it should have, thanks to a number of interruptions, and therefore has driven up my... frustration... for much longer then I should have had to deal with it -- I started having a few long talks with Hana-chan and Kireme-san on just what sort of additional 'techniques' I could learn, inside and outside of the fine art of massage, to help me with this situation. Most of their suggestions were... interesting, and you've already experienced a few of them, but none of them quite relieved the 'pressure,' if you will. Just last week, however, my blood tests told me that my birth control technique had finally kicked in, and I was successful in completing it... and so I started planning this night with all that they've told me."
Naruto swallowed. "Oh."
"Any you know what my plan is?" Sakura asked rhetorically. "Well, I figure I've got a right to enjoy myself, since it is my birthday and all. I know that you've been frustrated, too, but my frustration has just been compounded -- repeatedly -- for the reasons I've just gone into... and so, I feel it's fair if, in the process of enjoying myself, I get to make you suffer just as I have."
Naruto blinked. "Suffer?"
"Oh, yes," Sakura purred. "You'll enjoy suffering this way -- at least, you'd better! -- but you're going to suffer as I do everything in my power to make you feel just as frustrated as I've been feeling these past few months. Which means you aren't allowed to do anything to 'relieve' yourself until I judge you're ready... and then we're both going to relieve ourselves with each other. But just to eliminate the temptation to cheat and so something you aren't allowed to do, I'm going to take one of Kireme-san's suggestions and tie you up a bit. Now, hands!"
Naruto still wasn't quite sure what was going on, but he finally had some idea. This was a game, he figured... a game which likely would have a very interesting reward.
Sakura took his hands and folded his arms in front of him so that they clasped at the elbows. Then, she started wrapping the two limbs in gauze. Naruto noticed this, and raised an eyebrow. "Sakura-chan... um, I can break this without even noticing."
"I'm not worried about that -- I'm just doing this to protect your arms," she said, finishing her work with a satisfied nod. Then, she produced a spool of the most heavy-duty wire cable permissible as ninja equipment -- rated as unbreakable by the manufacturers. Even she couldn't break it no matter how much she strained or how much of Tsunade's strength-enhancing techniques she used, and she was stronger then Naruto by far. "I don't want to cut you when I tie you up with this. I want you to be comfortable... just immobile." Naruto's eyes widened, but he allowed her to start tying his hands down with the cabling. Sakura was quite thorough, and spent nearly fifteen minutes making sure his hands were secure. When she was finally satisfied, she nodded to herself. "Comfy?" she asked ironically.
"Actually... yeah," Naruto said, surprised. "I didn't know you knew how to tie things up so well, Sakura-chan."
Sakura smirked. "Try learning surgury -- you'll quickly learn a few things about knots. Since you'll probably be tied up like that all night, I didn't want your arms to lose their circulation or anything."
"All night?"
She didn't answer, she just moved over to start the shower running. "While the water heats up, I guess it'll be time for the first part of my little show." She paused, glancing down at him and allowing her smile to soften. "While I might be a little forceful tonight, and while I might want you to 'suffer,' I also want you to know that I do love you, Naruto-kun. I wouldn't even think about doing any of this if I didn't."
Naruto nodded. "I love you, too, Sakura-chan. You can be as forceful as you want, and make me suffer as much as you like, and nothing will change about that."
Sakura looked momentarily nonplussed at how serious he was taking this. "I don't think you quite get what I mean by 'suffer,' Naruto-kun. Don't worry -- you will enjoy it. The 'suffering' is supposed to make it all the sweeter."
Naruto blinked, not getting it -- he had an idea of what she meant by 'suffer,' but somehow he wasn't so sure he'd enjoy it. "But--"
"Never mind, Naruto-kun. You'll get it as we go along," she finally sighed. "So, shall we begin?"
Naruto, once again recalling the things he learned on his travels with Jiraiya, braced himself for Sakura to pull out some sort of bullwhip or something to start in on him with. If Jiraiya was right, some girls 'got off' on tying their boyfriends up and using whips and chains and all sorts of other painful things on them, all the while believing that their boyfriends actually enjoyed it. He suspected most of them were like him, however -- they would accept whatever Sakura wanted to do, so long as she'd stay in his life. Preparing to endure the worst of the worst, he nodded. "Ready."
To his surprise, there were no whips or chains appearing as far as he could see. Instead... there was just plenty to see, as Sakura started unfastening her shirt slowly, teasingly, and very carefully -- she was making sure to tantalize him with flashes of skin without completely revealing anything. Then, finally, it was whipped off, revealing a rather lacy bra underneath. While Naruto had seen both that bra and what was under it many times before, he still found his eyes gravitating to that spot, ignoring the blouse Sakura was spinning on her finger... until it went flying off and smacked him on the face.
"Ack!" Sakura said suddenly, sounding surprised and moderately embarrassed as she pulled it off of his head. "Sorry, Naruto-kun. I've been practicing some of this after I worked out what I wanted to do, but I didn't exactly think to learn how to aim the clothes as I tossed them off."
"Practicing?" Naruto exclaimed, suddenly jealous. "Who with? Have you been--"
Sakura laughed at the absurdity of the accusation -- although the question itself didn't exactly please her. Still, she didn't blame him -- even the most loving couples, when it came to ninja, would occasionally be forced to cheat on each other during the execution of their profession. That she was really too young still, and (as Naruto should well have known) as Blossom had taken no such missions since its inception (although Konoha had, according to certain intelligence reports -- a message which had arrived just three days earlier that Naruto had read indicated that one of her former teachers had gotten pregnant as a result of forgetting her birth control during one such mission, and Sakura was sure it was on his mind) should have told him right off that she hadn't done such a thing even as part of a mission, but he certainly could be forgiven for thinking it. "God, Naruto-kun, don't jump to conclusions. I've been using a mirror -- in fact, our mirror in our bathroom back home. I've been working on this birthday plan a bit with Kireme-san and Hana-chan, too, but I've never even been undressed around them, much less around another guy. Naruto-kun... I love you, and I would refuse any mission that would risk having me be unfaithful to you. You swore your loyalty to me many years ago, and have repeatedly kept that vow if what Kireme-san tells me is true, even if I didn't truly appreciate it until recently. Now, I swear the same to you -- I will be loyal to you until death." She pointed to the seal of the kyuubi that she constantly kept exposed on her abdomen. "No matter what."
"I... sorry, Sakura-chan," Naruto apologized, looking ashamed. "I didn't mean to say... that is, I didn't really think... it's just that after reading those intelligence reports and all, and knowing what's sometimes asked of you kunoichi, I--"
"I understand, Naruto-kun," Sakura replied, smiling gently. Then she once more went from smile to smirk. "So, let's continue, shall we?"
Her hips swayed a bit as she loosened her belt, pulling it out of her waistband with a snap. Naruto braced himself, expecting the worst once again, but to his surprise she merely dropped it on the ground at her feet... where her sandals were quickly kicked off to one side. She spun around, shaking her derriere in his face as she slid the mini-skirt she wore over her bicycle shorts down her legs. Her spin ended facing him, and she bent down to kiss his lips thoroughly. Naruto could feel the lace of her bra resting in the crooks of his tied-up arms, and somehow that bra stayed behind as she broke the kiss and stood back up.
Now completely topless, Sakura risked a glance down and smiled wider as she saw something stirring down below. Naruto flushed at the brazen examination, but was now comfortable enough to resist any attempts to hide himself. She rose an eyebrow provocatively at his courage, and nodded.
"You've never seen any further then this," Sakura pointed out. "Although your hand and your mouth may have felt it. Today, however, we go further then before in all other areas... and I want you to have a good look at this, so you know what you're going to be getting tonight. Okay?"
Naruto's eyes widened. "What--"
Before he could finish his question, Sakura released the button holding the tension on the elastic of her bicycle shorts. She pushed them down over her hips and let them drop the rest of the way. She was wearing nothing underneath, and Naruto saw a flash of light peach fuzz covering something he had never seen before outside of certain nudie magazines he once studied when learning the sexy no jutsu. The hair was just long enough that he could tell her natural hair color was, indeed, pink. After a momentary pause, where she seemed a little unsure of herself, Sakura went back into motion. She stepped out of one leg of the pants, spreading her legs a little as she cleared the cloth, before lifting the other leg high. It was a very athletic stretch, and one very few girls -- even kunoichi -- could manage, but somehow Sakura was able to raise the foot holding her bicycle shorts up above her head, dropping the unwanted garment behind her.
She stood there, one leg straight up in the air. "Like what you see, Naruto-kun?" she asked saucily. He nodded furiously, and she laughed. "Good. Now, you can sit there and see me as much as you want... but you aren't allowed to touch me or anything else just yet, Naruto-kun. That is what I mean by 'suffer.'"
Naruto's eyes widened as she stepped into the hotel's bathtub and started the water running. She stepped under the steady spray as she adjusted the flow into a shower, first letting it dampen her hair and skin before doing anything else. She bent over to pick up something, moving her body so that she could present the most provocative pose she could manage to his face, then stood up and turned to face him. Naruto couldn't make out what it was she was holding at first, as distracting as the rest of her was, but his attention was soon drawn to the tiny bar of hotel soap as Sakura started to pre-soften it up in the running water. When Sakura was satisfied, she started rubbing the soap into her skin... and it was just like her massages: Slow, sensual, long strokes moving all along her body. Eventually, she started concentrating on her breasts, rubbing small circles to work up a lather over her hardening nipples, then moving outward from there.
That was only the beginning, however. The trail of soapsuds started to move downwards, circling around the seal before skipping down to her feet -- or rather, up to her left foot, as Sakura once more demonstrated her flexibility... and just how smoothly shaved she was able to keep her legs despite all of the many missions she had to take as a ninja. As it reached the juncture of her thighs, she nearly jumped as she discovered the tiny bar was almost small enough to disappear into her folds. The unexpected penetration made her lose her balance, staggering back against the wall and forcing her leg to drop. She managed to recover, however, before she fell. Deciding to continue her 'show' in a slightly safer manner, she decided not to bother with the other leg this time and instead. She turned around and bent over once more, spreading her legs and moving the hand carrying her soap between them in order to start cleaning the backs of her thighs and her rear end. It was an utterly impractical way of cleaning oneself, but the point wasn't to clean herself -- it was to entice. She slipped the soap inside herself two or three more times, expecting it by then, and then glanced over her shoulder.
"Care to scrub my back, Naruto-kun?" she asked seductively.
"Yuh," Naruto muttered back insensibly.
Sakura giggled. "Sorry, I forgot you were tied up. How's that suffering coming?" She glanced down to see him at full attention. "You think you're as horny as I've been these past few months yet?"
"Guh," was all he could say in reply.
"Hm... probably not," she laughed with teasing cruelty. She stood up, facing him with her legs slightly apart and her arms folded behind her to emphasize her breasts. "I can't be entirely sure just by looking, however. I'm going to need you to answer some questions before we decide just how to handle this, you realize."
"Anything!" Naruto huffed, finally able to form understandible words.
Sakura sat on the lip of the bathtub, spreading her legs out wide in front of her and leaning forward to keep her balance. "I want a full confession from you, Naruto-kun. Just how worked up have you been over me lately, huh?" She still had the soap, and worked a lather into her hands as she talked. "How many dreams about me have you been having? How many times have you been so overwhelmed with feelings that you just had to touch yourself -- much as I imagine you're wishing you could do right now, and would if you weren't all tied up -- and how many times have you had to take a cold shower to keep yourself from walking funny?"
"I always dream of you, Sakura-chan," Naruto replied... hoping against hope he could get away with glossing over the rest of it. He would confess everything, however, if she demanded it of him.
She didn't appear concerned at his lack of a proper answer. "I've been getting very 'worked up,' Naruto-kun. When I get this worked up, I like to touch myself in certain places... places I'm sure you'd like to touch, too. Oh, but I'm sorry -- your hands are tied and so you can't, can you?" She laughed. "I would start with my breasts. I know they are small, but they're noticible now, aren't they?"
Naruto nodded wildly. "I... um, yeah, noticible."
Sakura's fingers started lightly tracing the underside of her breasts, matching her words. "I would circle around them -- spiral around them, actually, always moving closer and closer... until finally I made it here." She tweaked her own nipples lightly. There was a red flare in Naruto's eyes, which surprised Sakura. Hmm, that was interesting, she thought. Searching her own link to the demon, she found that kyuubi was very excited... and that was apparently filtering into Naruto, as well. She knew Naruto was very tempted on his own -- they had played a few 'games' before which made it all too obvious that the kyuubi was rarely involved in his sex drive -- but it would be interesting if she could involve both of them in the mix. It wasn't cheating, per se -- kyuubi, she had long ago decided, was much like Inner Sakura. It wasn't quite the same being as Naruto, but it was also a part of him... or, in other words, Naruto was not the kyuubi, as many in Konoha thought and feared, but the kyuubi was now an inseperable a part of Naruto. And so involving herself with a Naruto 'enhanced' by the kyuubi would be just as if Naruto was involving himself with Sakura under the influence of Inner Sakura -- a persona which was not her, but rather an inseperable part of her. So, perhaps she could 'encourage' the big, bad, demon to come out and play a little... provided it had the restraint she knew her Naruto would give it. Or so her line of reasoning went -- she might have questioned herself, had she been able to see the red fox-like eyes which were now flickering in her own.
To add to the excitement of the room, she cupped her breasts with splayed hands, squeezing just hard enough for the skin to bulge slightly between her fingers. She pushed them together, and bounced them, and played with them a bit... and each time she tried something new, that red light would jump into Naruto's eyes, staying a bit longer each time. He was losing control of himself, she knew, but that was the point -- she wanted him out of control, she wanted him untamed, she wanted him wild. This was going to be a 'first time' to be remembered, and Sakura was going to be sure of it.
"Of course, this isn't enough. It never really helped, it just made things... worse," Sakura explained, the finger of one hand now trailing down the valley between her breasts. "To really 'relieve the tension,' I would have to touch myself... somewhere else." By this point, Naruto was straining against the wires, and as her hand started tracing the seal around her belly button his eyes went solidly red... as her own were, if she just could have spent the time to check the mirror. "You wouldn't believe the intensity of the feeling as I touched myself," she continued, trailing down even further. Her fingers started slipping through the small tuft of hair between her legs that she had kept so carefully trimmed. "The pressure growing, building inside, and finally the release... but the release was never entirely satisfying. The tension would be gone, but I want more... need more... and that more--"
She couldn't finish, however, because at that point the 'unbreakable' wire shattered. Fangs and claws were out -- for both of them -- and Naruto burst out of his bindings to pounce on her. Shower tiles cracked as she was slammed back into the wall, as Naruto's fanged lips engulfed her own mouth. There was more then a hint of desperation for both of them as their tongues intertwined, ignoring the water that was now streaming over both of them from the shower head. Sakura spun, this time throwing Naruto back against the shower wall as she pinned him into a corner, crushing herself against him without regard for anything else. They continued like that a few moments before he tore himself away from her, pushing hard to knock her back. She went tumbling over the lip of the bathtub, rolling onto her back. If it caused any sort of injury, she didn't notice -- instead, she just spread her legs as she knew he wanted, and let him literally jump into position between them.
"Well, Sakura-mate," Naruto growled, addressing her with a name that showed both the human and the demon inside were in control, their desires matching so perfectly at that moment that their personalities had become syncronized. "I think I'm tired of this 'suffering' game. How about you?"
Sakura licked her lips unconsciously, feeling a decidedly male part gently brushing her inner thigh. "Yes, Naruto-mate," she replied, also unknowingly syncronized with the kyuubi, letting her arms come up to pull him in closer to her. "Let's end this game."
Naruto, alone, might have fumbled a bit at this point, but the kyuubi was able to help guide him along. Instead of fumbling to find her entrance, Naruto was able to slip inside her while bringing his mouth down around her own. Her inner folds were quite moist by that point, and it was an easy passage... though it was tight. Very tight. Virginally tight, as it should have been. And still possessing the virginal barrier he was expecting, although it tore much easier then he had been lead to believe.
Sakura, herself, was anticipating more pain then she recieved. She had often heard horror stories about how some girls first times were utterly ruined by the pain they felt when they lost their maidenhead. Others... never had to deal with it, having lost theirs through some physical activity long before engaging in any sort of sexual exploration. Tsunade had given her books on the subject, but near as Sakura could make out from them every girl was different... and, apparently, she was one of those who didn't feel much of anything when the evidence of her virginity was finally removed from her.
It still had her tensing the entire time, and only after it happened did she realize she had sliced her claws into Naruto's back... but she didn't care by that point. Things were moving, again, and Sakura let the matter slip before she was clawing at him again, the sensations were so great. She felt her own back being torn to shreds as he did the same thing, but it didn't matter -- nothing mattered except the two of them moving together, becoming one together, being one together. The wounds were unimportant... and, indeed, seemed to be healing up as quickly as they were made. Besides, the blood added to the lubrication between them -- mixing with the soap, water, and sweat to produce a fine texture just made perfect for rubbing their bodies together. In fact, more blood was needed, wasn't it? She clawed at him some more, not even caring how she got the claws or what damage they were doing to each other -- after all, it would heal up again soon enough. Again... the only things that mattered were the things that were making them one. Not even the sound of breaking glass as the kyuubi's presence encircled them both phased her.
Neither of them lasted very long. Sakura had been worked up all day -- for months, really -- and Naruto was... well, despite his remarkable kyuubi-enhanced stamina and great power of will, still a very excited teenaged engaged in his very first true sexual encounter. The kyuubi was guiding them, as well, letting each of them know when they could let down the restraints and match each other in release. In truth, the conclusion was a bit of a disappointment -- not that either was unsatisfied, but after all of that build-up both were hoping for more... not more sensation (it was, indeed, a 'first time' to remember for the both of them) but more time. They had been dancing around this for months... was it too much to ask that when it finally happened, they go all night? However, as they both experienced the simultaneous orgasm, Naruto shooting his bodily fluids into Sakura by what felt like the bucket full and Sakura convulsing around the sensations that they had achieved, both knew that they would never regret anything about the experience.
The game, and what followed, didn't actually last as long as either of them expected... but it sated them momentarily. Niether felt the usual drowsiness upon its completion, however -- in fact, both were ready for another round within minutes of finishing their first time together, but they were too busy cradling each other and dedicating the experience to memory. It was Naruto who was the first to stir, deciding that they must both be uncomfortable with how they were, lying on the bathroom floor, and wanting to continue things... elsewhere. When he sat up, though, and looked around, he almost panicked.
"What... what did we do?" he asked, looking around. "How will we explain this to the hotel?"
Sakura frowned at him. "We did what two people who love each other have done since time immemorial, and it's really none of the hotel's business, is it?"
Naruto shook his head furiously. "I don't mean that -- I mean... this!"
He gestured helplessly, and it was then that Sakura saw just how much damage their little romp had caused. The walls of the shower -- still running -- were cracked. More blood (blood? Oh, yeah -- she'd been digging her claws into his back. Wait, when did she have claws? Oh... kyuubi) then should be able to come out of a human being if they expected to survive was mixed with soap, water, and sweat, now splattered all over the place -- pooling mostly on the floor but also visible on the walls, shower curtain, towels, mirrors, countertops, sink, toilet, etc. Also, while she didn't even remember how she did it, there was no question they had melted and shattered several of the light bulbs in the room. Well... yes, how will we ever explain this to the hotel? she wondered.
"We'll clean it up before we go," Sakura eventually decided. "After all, we're ninja -- it's part of our training to make a room look like we were never here when we leave it, no matter how much damage has been done. But, you know, I'm decidedly not really through with this night... are you?"
Naruto glanced at her and grinned -- a darkly lecherous grin that had never been seen on his face before. "Well... I don't think I am, either." Then he paused, his smile falling, as he looked around. "But, uh, let's keep the kyuubi out of it this time, okay? I'd rather not have to clean up this much damage somewhere else... and I'd like to try it in a nice, soft bed this time."
Sakura laughed. "No kyuubi this time, got it. The bed sounds promising, though... race you to it?"
* * * * *
Sakura felt rather lazy waking up the next morning. She felt a pleasant little ache which reminded her of what had happened the night before, and she felt very warm -- as warm as she usually felt when sleeping with Naruto in the past, only... more intense, if that made any sense. The only problem was... Naruto wasn't in bed with her, and there was some odd rustling noise shifting around across the room.
"Naruto-kun?" She called softly, blinking her eyes open to focus them on the blond-haired blur which was over by her travel pack. "What are you doing, and why aren't you here with me?"
Naruto shook his head and sighed. "Being stupidly hopeful, like I usually am," he said. There was something... pained in his voice, and Sakura was suddenly very concerned.
"What? What is it? What's wrong?" she asked hurridly, coming awake instantly.
Naruto smiled bitterly. "It's nothing. Come on, let's go back to sleep."
"No, it is something," Sakura insisted. "You can't fool me on this one. Tell me, Naruto-kun... what is wrong?"
Naruto seemed to debate something with himself before nodding slightly. "Well... your father did say that maybe I should talk with you about this. It's just... I was just hoping that you might have brought the... the bracers with you, and would be wearing them after this."
"The bracers..." Sakura repeated, her voice trailing off as she realized what he was saying. "Oh. I... Naruto-kun, I'm sorry, but I'm not ready to wear them just yet."
Naruto winced. "I... I think I knew that. But... but why? Are you ashamed of me? Do you really not want to get married, and are just... just humoring me or something? I--"
"Now stop that right now!" she snapped, rolling out of bed to march over to them. They were both still completely nude, but the seriousness of the discussion prevented them from caring... although Naruto's eyes widened as she approached. "I am not ashamed of you, and I know you aren't so brittle as to fall apart if I said I didn't want to marry you. And, to tell you the truth, I'm not ashamed of letting people know you are my fiance, and have on several occasions."
"Naruto-kun... we live in Blossom. Everyone in Blossom knows we're dating -- in fact, that we're living together. Most probably assume we've been doing what we did last night for many months. And, let me assure you, there is nothing I can offer you as your fiance that I am not offering you now," Sakura proclaimed. "In fact, there is only one thing more that I would offer you as your wife -- and that is children. And I'm not ready to have children, yet, married or not, so you aren't missing out on anything."
Naruto shrugged, unable to meet her eyes. "I... I know that. I just... I want to be able to tell people that you're my fiance. I'm proud of having you as my fiance, and I want to shout it to the world. I just... I.... Well, at the very least, it would help me feel more like the commitment is more stable. I have your vow, now, and I should be happy with that -- I trust you completely, after all -- but... but somehow it's not the same. There are still times when you're gone on a mission and... and I'll go into your room, and lay on your bed, just because the sights and sounds and smells remind me so much of you. And I'll look over and see the bracers hanging there in the closet, and I'll... I'll panic, and..."
"Shh," Sakura soothed, pulling him into her embrace. He was on the verge of tears, and she didn't understand why but she knew it was somehow her fault -- his fears, his paranoia, but her fault. Perhaps it was just because she had denied him for so many years, perhaps it was the lingering fear that Sasuke could come back, perhaps it was simply the fear that one of them could die before the day they married -- a fear every ninja had -- but whatever reason, he was scared. And upset. And it was her fault, because she wasn't ready to wear the bracers for him. It was just as silly of a fear for her -- because, to her, those bracers would be a symbol of her retirement as a kunoichi. She, like her mother before her, intended to end her career as an active ninja when she settled down to have a family, and those bracers -- the symbol of her impending marriage to this man -- were also a symbol of having a family. And she wasn't ready to end her career, nor to have children, and so... so she couldn't wear the bracers for him. Perhaps, however, there was another way to reassure him that this was not an illusion, not a lie, and that she really did intend to marry him one day -- a symbol he could hold, to ensure himself that she was committed to having his children in the future and no others. Releasing him, she said, "Hand me my pack."
Confused but obedient, he handed her the travel pack that he had just been rifling through. Sakura tapped it once, dispelling a minor genjutsu she had placed on it, to reveal a hidden pocket. She reached inside and pulled out a scroll.
"That... looks like a summoning scroll," Naruto said, confused. "But smaller."
"It's a summoning scroll," Sakura agreed. "And the reason it's smaller is because it isn't one of the five greater summons, like the toad contract is for you or the slug contract is for me. But this... this is very important to our future."
"It's sealed," Naruto pointed out, glancing at the wax holding it closed.
"And it will remain sealed... until, at the earliest, I reach the age of twenty two, and at the latest, thirty," Sakura agreed. "If I don't open it by then... I will be violating this contract."
Naruto nodded, frowning. "But... I've never heard of a sealed summoning contract. And won't this be a problem with the slugs?"
Sakura shook her head. "No... because, Naruto-kun... I signed this contract on behalf of our children."
His eyes widened. "Our... children?"
"I am not allowed to open this contract," Sakura explained, "Until we have our first child. This is a contract with the turtles... the only species of ninja animals who would contract with the children of both a toad master and a slug master."
"I swore," Sakura continued, not waiting for the inevitable questions. "That I would start trying to have children by the time I turned twenty-four at the latest -- although I can start earlier, and if we succeed in having a child we will be able to open it as early as my turning twenty two. If I break that oath, I lose much -- not just this contract, but any other contract I could possibly make with any other animal species. I will not start trying if I am not married. To you." She paused. "Does that help you realize how strong a commitment I'm making to you?"
Naruto's eyes widened. "Sakura-chan... this... this is a big risk. What if... what if we can't have kids? What if--"
"If we prove barren... then I will have fulfilled my end of the bargain and this contract will expire after a reasonable period of time to prove that we really have a problem, and we could always adopt -- they will accept an adopted child, if necessary -- but I still must start trying by the age of twenty four," Sakura explained. "So... some time, between now and then, I will don those bracers, and then some time later we will go to the hall of records and we will register ourselves as husband and wife. And then we will have the traditional ceremonies, where everyone will be informed that I am your wife. And we will both be able to brag about it. But... I am not ready for children yet, I am not ready to don those bracers yet, and so... so, until then, you will have to remember this, and be assured that I am as fully committed to being your wife as I possibly can be."
Naruto grabbed her, and held her tight. With any other two people, they would probably be damaging bones and crushing internal organs with the force of their embrace, but they were well equipped to handle it. And soon, that embrace was carried over to the bed....
* * * * *
Any evidence of their newfound closeness was carefully hidden on the journey back to Blossom. After all, they were travelling in the company of Sakura's father, and while he may have supported the relationship and even expected them to have been intimate long before that evening, it wouldn't exactly be a good thing to flaunt in his presence -- as most fathers, he was a bit overprotective where his daughter was concerned.
After depositing the elder Haruno back at his home, however, they were quick to latch on to one another -- getting as close together as they dared (or rather, as Sakura dared -- Naruto, while not precisely an exhibitionist, would not have cared if they had decided to have hard and dirty sex in full view of the entire village) as they made their way back home. The mission complete, they were both off until the next day, and so they were both looking forward to resuming their little honeymoon-like romp back at their apartment.
However, before they got far they were intercepted by a rather frazzled looking Konohamaru, who was sporting several strange cuts along his arms and face. None of them were especially deep, and they would easily heal without leaving behind any scars, but they were rather bizarre looking -- almost as if he had been touseling with a wild animal.
"Sakura-san! Leader-san! Hey!" he called, running up to them.
"Konohamaru-kun! What in the world happened to you?" Sakura asked, detaching herself from Naruto in order to look over the boys wounds.
"I... I don't know," he replied, sounding quite dazed.
"Those look like animal scratches," Naruto pointed out. "Four claws, so you didn't get into the Inuzuka's dogs, but... you weren't supposed to have been on a mission, yesterday."
"I wasn't!" Konohamaru protested. "And these aren't animal scratches! These are... well, Moegi and I were on a d-date, last night, and as we were getting home... well, this odd look came into her eyes -- they actually turned red! I've never seen that happen before! -- and then... then she turned around and tried to drag me into her apartment. I tried to stop her, but she... she... well, I couldn't! You know how strong she is, and... well, okay, I wasn't resisting that much -- I like Moegi-chan, after all. But then... well, most of these scratches came when she was trying to literally tear off my clothes. The last one..." He pointed to his cheek. "She seemed to realize what she was doing, and then slapped me -- claimed I was taking advantage of her or something like that. Then... well, then she apologized for attacking me like that, said she didn't know what came over her, and threw me out of her apartment. I'm okay, but... I'm really worried about her. Is she going crazy or something?"
Naruto and Sakura glanced at each other briefly. "She's got some of my blood in her," Naruto explained, sighing. "I had to do something to heal her when we were in Cloud."
Sakura's lips twitched with silent laughter as she realized just what had happened. "Don't worry, Konohamaru-kun," she said. "Why don't you go to the hospital and have those cuts treated? I think we know what happened, and we'll talk with her about it."
"Uh, sure," Konohamaru said uncertainly. "Are you sure she'll be okay?"
"Yeah," Naruto said, shaking his head. "We'll make sure of it."
As Konohamaru walked off, Sakura glanced at Naruto with an amused twinkle in her eye. "I guess we have to hold off until we talk to Moegi-chan, huh?"
"Yeah," Naruto said, shaking his head. "Somehow, though, I get the feeling once she learns what just happened... Konohamaru isn't going to be safe, exactly."
* * * * *
Notes: Well, there ends that rather... interesting chapter. The thing is, I probably didn't need to write it -- at least, not the lemony NC-17 part of it. I'd been mentioning to people that I was going to 'write a lemon chapter' for... well, ages, and actually had plans to reveal certain things for the first time during the lemon. For example, the ability of the kyuubi to act through Sakura just as it does through Naruto (this was supposed to be the first time for that to happen, and not during Sakura's preparation battle with the Cloud in the Chuunin Exam storyline), the interesting notion that it isn't just in the heat of mortal combat that kyuubi can break free (although that, certainly, was made a bit clearer by the lemon, I hope), the extent of kyuubi healing powers, and so on, and so forth. All things which have already been covered, although perhaps not nearly as blatantly, in previous chapters. By the time I sat down to write this one, I realized I'd already covered everything I needed to cover... save for Naruto and Sakura losing thier virginity to each other. And there was no need to write a lemon about that. So, I didn't need to write it for the story... but I had been advertising it for so long, and had so many requests for it, that I truly felt I had no choice in the end but to write it, or else I would be 'disappointing' at least some of my readers. In the end, I think the scenes themselves turned out just fine, and I felt that I did make the points I had intended to make all along with them, even if those points had already been made before and all this was doing was reinforcing them, and I did include at least a few very minor hints at certain additional details regarding kyuubi's abilities, albeit minor ones, coming up in the future with this chapter... and I did emphasize what I'd brought up last chapter, about Naruto starting to feel a bit uncertain regarding the whole 'secret' part of the 'secret engagement' thing, and used the 'Sakura makes a contract with the turtles' thing I wrote about in the last story arc -- something for which the true relevance won't appear until the sequel. I also managed to interject a little bit of humor into the mix, which I was pleased about, during the dinner scene. All in all, the lemon chapter, which was supposed to include about a dozen major revelations when I first worked it out, turned out to be little more then filler. There's also the little bit of Moegi\Konohamaru at the end, but that could have happened without the explicit scenes. Ah, well -- them's the breaks. Next chapter: Years have passed (believe it or not) without anything too significant happening to our heroes -- although perhaps our genin and chuunin are a little older. But what does Ino find when she goes hunting for one of her delinquint team members? Yes, this is the opening chapter of Volume 3's finale -- a storyline which likely will take several chapters to resolve. Not surprising, when you consider just what IS being resolved, here.