Naruto Fan Fiction ❯ Truth or dare gone wrong ❯ Tenten's Embarssment ( Chapter 3 )

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Tenten's embarrassment.
-_-_-_-_-Chapter 3-_-_-_-_-
Tenten coughs. What does she do?
Everyone but Tenten: LAUGHS!!!!!!
(Imagine Tenten with a huge angry head)
Tenten: I AM SOO GONNA DO IT!!!!!!!
(Duh, by now Tenten's head smaller.)
Tenten with a nerve mark: Just watch, idiots!!!!!
Tenten gets up and sighs thinking, crap…
Tenten mumbles: Aaaaw man, I'm SO gonna blow my cover.
Tenten goes over to the flagpole. She takes a deep breath, climbs up the pole and sighs.
Tenten thinks, GOD this is gonna be humiliating…
Here she goes. It's gonna be tragic…
Everyone falls down. Everyone was just expecting a tragic moment. They thought they were gonna laugh at that moment but noooooooooo… Tenten HAD to ruin it. I throw Tenten the equipment but pushes off the pole. Luckily there was like, NO FRIGGIN DAMAGE!!!! (Amazing, eh x3?)
Tenten: ow…
Me: HURRY THE *beeeeeeep* UP!!!!
(Ohemgee XD)
Tenten climbs up the pole taking a deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep (Too many e's x3) breath. She FINALLY gets to the top, puts on the equipment and starts bungee jumping.
Tenten keeps yelling: I LIKE NEJI! NEJI! NEJI! NEJI!
Tenten stops and gets done. (Duh x3) Gets down while everyone besides her are LAUGHING TO DEATH!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Oh, sorry.
Tenten: Fine, happy?
Me: Oh, duh I am!
Me: Ow…
Naruto: You like HIIM?!!?
Tenten: Well, this was dare so that doesn't mean it's the TRUTH.
Everyone falls down.
Me: Maaaannn… Anyways… who's next?
Shino raises his hand.
Me: Are you sure?
Shino nods.
Me: Ok… truth or dare?
Shino: Um, dare?
Me: Alright! If you saaaay sooo.
Shino: *sweat drop*
Me: Attempt to kill hmm… *looks around* *points to Sakura* But don't ACTUALLY kill her. >>;
Everyone whispering to each other: Man, is he REALLY going to kill her?
Naruto: You BETTER not ACTUALLY kill Sakura-chan!!
Everyone besides Shino and Naruto blink at… Naruto?
Me: Naruto, you just made people think you like `Sakura-chan'.
Naruto: crap…
Will Shino actually kill her? Is Shino gonna do it? And will I EVER be able to open my ice-cream can? To the last question: YES!!!