Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction ❯ Beginning of the End ❯ New Akatsuki Base ( Chapter 1 )

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The Akatsuki had taken three days to rest before letting Sasuke lead them to one of Orochimaru's old hideouts. Nagato was concerned for his friends, of course. Specifically Konan, Yahiko, and Zetsu, whom were staying behind in Amegakure, along with Nina and Adrian. The Village hidden in the Rain would be Suna's and Konoha's first target, no doubt about that. When they did attack, they would be ready. Sasuke led them to a site of massive boulders.

"We're here." The Uchiha drawled.

"So how the fuck do we get in?" Hidan asked. Sasuke glared at him, and performed a few hand signs. When he was finished he touched his palm to the largest boulder, and it rolled a side.

"Everyone get inside quickly." Nagato ordered. They didn't want their new lair to be found so easily. They went in one at a time, since the way to the hideout was down a flight of stone steps. When they had all entered the boulder rolled back in front of the opening.

At the end of the steps there was a long tunnel. At the end of the tunnel there was a large circular room that looked like a mix of a living room and a kitchen. A side from the tunnel they were in, there were three others. Kakuzu, Itachi, Sasuke, and Shoto lit the torches that hung on the walls of the tunnels and the living room/kitchen room.

"Down the hall directly in front of us are training rooms. They're designed so that no matter the training the building and the rooms won't collapse. Down the right tunnel are bedrooms, and down the left tunnel are bathrooms." Sasuke explained.

"You mean we each get our own fucking bathroom?" Hidan asked in excitement.

"Really, Hidan? We are preparing for war, and you're concerned with getting your own bathroom?" Evelynn asked.

"Well, yeah. Who the fuck doesn't like their own damn bathroom."

Everyone looked at the Jashinist with a mix of agitation, exasperation, and amusement.

"Well, everyone go find a room, and then we'll meet back here to discuss our next move." Nagato ordered.

Everyone nodded and started down the right tunnel. As it turned out there were escape routes at the end up each tunnel as well. Nagato took the first room on the right. Kakuzu took the next room, then Kisame, and then Hidan. On the right Sasori and Evelynn took the first room, then Sasuke and Shoto, the third room went to Gina and Itachi, and Audrey and Deidara got the last room. They didn't have much to unpack, if anything. So within tend minutes the Akatsuki was back in the large circle room (that was the name they decided on), and set about discussing their next move.

"You could always send a few of us to attack Suna and Konoha, hm." Deidara stated. "At least take one of them out before they attack together, hm."

"That'd be far too risky with what just happened. Besides, we don't know if any of the other nations are allying with them as well." Gina argued.

"So we just sit back and do nothing?" Evelynn snapped.

"At this point it might be best." Shoto stated softly. "We should take this time to train ourselves to not exhaust our chakra."

"She's right." Gina was in deep concentration. There was a reason she was the strategist of the group. "Once we complete this training, if no one has attacked Amegakure, we can attack Suna or Konoha. Preferably Konoha. Since they're stronger right now. Getting them out of the way would be ideal. Once they're out of the way we can attack Suna. Also, while we're training, we need someone to locate the nine-tails jinchuriki. Once we get him and extract the nine-tails it's all over. Other nations attacking would be no more than simple rebellions we can easily shoot down."

"The girls a genius." Kakuzu muttered. A few others nodded in agreement.

"It's settled then. Sasuke, Kakuzu, and Kisame; Get to work training the girls. Now. Itachi, Sasori, and Deidara you go out and see if you can't find out anything on the nine-tails, and where he might be hiding. The rest of you, keep alert for any enemies." Nagato ordered.

With that everyone in the room set out what they were ordered to do. Some of them were deep in thought. Others seemed oblivious to the dark cloud hanging over the shinobi nations. Regardless, war was upon them, and they would be prepared.

Chapter 2

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