Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction ❯ How cliche Kittens ❯ Evelynn ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Evelynn Crevan was not the most patient or even tempered woman. In fact, she was incredibly stubborn. So, when Audrey and Gina had first asked her about wanting to adopt a kitten, she down right refused. Of course, the red-headed woman also had an incredibly soft-spot for Audrey, and here childish ways. So when her brunette friend gave her a pout and puppy-dog eyes, she caved.

Now, Evelynn sat on the floor in front of her t.v., staring intently at the red kitten in front of her. The cat seemed to be staring back just as intently. Evelynn sighed and laid back on the floor. She’d have to buy stuff for it. What do kittens need again? Food dish, water dish, cat food, and toys. That was it right?

Everyone in town knew Evelynn. She had been the rebellious teen that skipped school, and spray painted the side of buildings. She insisted she was an artist, and that they should appreciate what she made them. She spent a month in the detention home for that one.

Evelynn had no family, unless you counted Audrey and Gina. Her mother had gotten pregnant at fifteen, and the father was no where to be found once it was revealed she was pregnant. So she had given Evelynn up to an adoption agency. Instead of being adopted, she was tossed from one foster home to another. Not that she minded. Everyone she stayed with was rather nice.

Now at the age of twenty-three, Evelynn had been living on her own in this one bedroom apartment for five years. She worked two jobs; One at the photography studio, and another at a music store. Her first job was obvious, her second job specialized in selling instruments and sheet music. Both of her jobs, in her opinion, were ideal. Evelynn herself was a musician. She played piano, guitar, and was a fairly decent singer. With her two jobs she made just enough to pay her rent and bills, put food in the house, and pay her way for whatever Gina, Audrey, and herself wanted to do over the weekends. Sitting up, Evelynn looked at the red kitten.

“I’m gonna have to name you” It just started. “Eck, I’m going to go take a shower. I’ll think of a name while I do that.”

Content with her decision, she got up and made her way to the bathroom.

-Sasori’s P.O.V-

Sasori looked around the apartment. It was simple enough. One bedroom and one bathroom across from each other in a small hallway. As soon as you stepped into the place you were in the small ‘kitchen,’ if you could call it that, and the living-room was separated by a small counter type-thing. He wasn’t sure what you would call it.

The red-headed female who had adopted him had said something about naming him. He frowned (could he frown as a cat?), and contemplated on if he could trick her into just naming him his own name. No, that would be too suspicious. How about the other two? Deidara wasn’t the sharpest kunai in the pouch, in Sasori’s opinion. What if he screwed something up?

The red-head shook his head. He had to worry about himself right now. Not that he felt he was in any immediate danger. There was no chakara in this world, from what he tell. It also seemed that the three of them had been adopted by fairly decent girls. Though, you could tell by looking at her, the on that adopted him probably had a short fuse. What was her name again? Evelynn? Yeah, Evelynn.

She was a decent looking woman. Fiery red hair that fell to her waist, a curvy-athletic build, hazel eyes, and probably about 5’5”. He could only assume, as he took in account, while they were at the animal shelter, that she was the shortest of the three.

-Time skip! Regular P.O.V.-

Evelynn walked into the living room, one towel wrapped around her, and she used another to dry her hair. She looked at the kitten, who was lazily laying on the arm of her grey couch.

“Well, did you think of a name?” She questioned it. She could have sworn it gave her a ‘are-you-insane-I-am-a-cat’ look. “Huh, thought not. How about Levi?”

The kitten just blinked, and Evelynn nodded her head. Levi was a nice name, after all.