Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction ❯ How cliche Kittens ❯ To the beach ( Chapter 15 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

It was currently one in the afternoon on Sunday. The six… friends? Were all sprawled across Gina’s living-room. Or rather; Gina, Itachi, and Sasori were sitting normally on the couch, Deidara and Audrey were sitting (‘rather close to each other,’ Evelynn thought) against the wall across from the t.v., and Evelynn was laying on her back in the middle of the living-room floor.

“You shouldn’t lay there like that, someone might step on you.” Sasori noted with amusement.

“I don’t care.”

“We should go do something!” Audrey chirped.

“Like what?” Evelynn inquired, sitting up and eying her friend.

“Uh… We could go to the beach?” Ah, she had a point. It is July after all.

“Well, I’m in. Gina?”

“Eh, sure… But what are the boys going to wear?”

“Can’t they go naked?”

“Evelynn!” (This was Audrey

“Fine, fine. We might as well buy them a pair of swimming trunks.” The red-haired girl grumbled.

Soon, they were all piled into Gina’s car. Gina in the drivers seat, Itachi in the passengers seat, Deidara behind Itachi (with Audrey in his lap), Sasori in the middle (Evelynn swears she’s claustrophobic!), and Evelynn behind Gina. Gina was pretty sure she heard Evelynn mumble something about having one of them get a bigger car.

About twenty minutes later they pulled into a small shopping plaza. It had a couple fast food places, which Sasori seems keen on getting Evelynn to take him to one, and a few clothing stores. The girls marched the guys into one of the clothing stores.

“Alright,” Evelynn started, gesturing at the male swimming trunks. “Pick one, make sure it fits, and let’s go!”

Surprisingly, the guys actually took their time picking a pair of swimming trunks. Which was ridiculous, in Evelynn’s opinion. She was fairly certain Itachi and Deidara were trying to impress Gina and Audrey. She was also one hundred percent sure that Sasori was taking his sweet time just to annoy her. Eventually Itachi got a plain black pair, Deidara got a plain blue pair, and Sasori got a red and black pair. As soon as it was paid for they were piled in the car again, Evelynn complaining about being in the middle this time, and drove off to the beach.

Once they arrived Evelynn almost threw Sasori out of the car, and jumped out herself. She then proceeded to drag him to the changing rooms. Sasori, if not slightly annoyed, seemed also very amused by the smaller red-head’s antics. The others followed behind a bit more slowly, and each gender went into their respective changing room.

“Gah!” Evelynn cried. Pulling off her tank-top and bra. “I just thought! Who knows how long they’re going to be around! When we go shopping Friday, should we just buy them stuff for every season?”

“Hm.” Gina looked thoughtful as she slip out of her short and, uh, undergarments. She slipped on the purple bikini bottoms and nodded before removing her shirt. “Yeah, that’d probably be best. I mean, if they don’t wear them, we can always return them.”

“If they do wear them, and they end up leaving, we can always donate them to the Salvation army.” Audrey chimed in. She already had her bikini on under her clothes, so she just slipped her tank-top and shorts off.

“Well, that’s settled then.” Evelynn stated, pulling on her black and turquoise bikini bottoms. She then proceeded to throw all their things into one locker.

“Where did you even find that swimsuit?” Gina asked, impressed. Evelynn was wearing a turquoise bikini, and it had black splatters all over it. The red head just shrugged.

“You look good, too!” Audrey giggled. She was in a blue bikini that had little white flowers over it. Ah, even in an adult swim suit, Audrey seemed so child-like. Evelynn nodded her head in agreement to Audrey’s statement. Gina’s bikini was a deep purple, on either sides of the bikini bottoms was a gold hoop that held them together, and on the bikini top a gold hoop held the front together. After giving each other another once over (you know how girls are), they nodded, and made their way out to the sand. Towels slung carelessly over their shoulders.

-Akatsuki P.O.V.-

The boys had only taken five minutes to change. Currently, they were lounging on a picnic table, waiting for the three females who had taken them in.

“What’s taking so long, hm?” Deidara groaned.

“Tch, they’re women. What do you expect?” Sasori drawled.

“Hn.” (Take a guess.)

“This is ridiculous, yeah! They’ve been in there for twenty minutes now!”

“There’s a saying that good things come to those who wait.” Itachi remarked calmly.

As if on cue the sound of Evelynn laughing could be heard. The three men turned to the sound… And they froze. These… These girls were dress so provocatively, yet so innocently!

‘How do you even manage that,’ Sasori thought.
Audrey, not surprisingly, was the most covered. Her bikini barley showed much of anything except her stomach. Actually, now that the three boys took a closer look, Gina was probably wearing the more revealing swimsuit. Which came off as a surprise, see as how Evelynn, more or less, was the least worried about looking or acting modest. The boys continued to gawk at the as the girls approached.

“Keep staring like that, and your face will get stuck.” Evelynn teased. This brought Sasori out of his stupor.

“Well, it’s hard not to admire them. Your friends are rather attractive.” He remarked coolly.

-Insert glaring contest-

Evelynn turned and walked away, towards the water. Deidara and Itachi rolled their eyes, and the three men escorted the other two girls to where Evelynn was laying out on towel. The day went fairly smoothly. They swam for about an hour, had lunch, Audrey made a sand castle, Sasori accidentally destroyed that sand castle, Audrey started to cry, Gina tried to calm down Audrey, Evelynn yelled at Sasori, and Deidara tried to blow Sasori to the moon.

WAIT WHAT?! He tried to blow him up?!

Evelynn turned to Gina, “How in the hell…?”

Gina sighed, and explained to Evelynn Deidara’s “art.” Evelynn, as a musician/art, was appalled that he called that art, and insisted art was a performance, not a fleeting moment. Sasori heard this, and argued that art was eternal. Deidara jumped in, and insisted it was fleeting. This led to a full on art war between the three of them. The argument lasted three hours, and ended with Deidara trying to blow up Evelynn, Audrey crying out and explaining to Deidara he can’t do things like that here, Sasori saving Evelynn, and Evelynn furious that someone like him had to save her.

All around, it was a pretty nice day. Ah, and the all had work tomorrow.

‘This ought to be interesting.’ The girls thought to themselves, as they all piled in the car to go home.