Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction ❯ How cliche Kittens ❯ The Music store ( Chapter 17 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The first thing Sasori heard that morning was Evelynn's alarm clock. The next thing he heard was said alarm gets thrown against a wall. Ah, what a lovely woman. He glanced towards her bedroom door from the couch. She had mentioned something about having to work today. What is it she did for a living anyways? Well, Sasori was going to find out today. The red-head, brat. They had gotten into an argument last night over art. She insisted that art is a performance. How ridiculous.

Again, he looked towards her bedroom door, only to see her storm out and into the bathroom. Yes, mornings are like a curse to Evelynn. This thought amused Sasori to no end. It would definitely be easy to torment her. He leaned back against the couch as he heard the water in the shower turn on. What time was it anyways? He glanced at the clock. Ah, six in the morning. No wonder she was in such a bad mood.

Evelynn stood in the shower, relaxing as the hot water beat down on her. Damn these early mornings. Today, she was working at the music store. Like most music stores, they sold the regular instruments and sheet music. Occasionally, when she wasn't working, other workers would bring people in for lessons. Usually piano. Evelynn herself had been taught by one of the families she lived with. An older woman and man. The woman had been an amazing pianist, and when Evelynn took interest, she happily agreed to teach her.

Evelynn had to admit, when it came to music, she was a natural. Preferably anything on a keyboard, though she was also musically inclined to the guitar. With a fairly decent singing voice, Gina often teased her. Calling her a musical prodigy. The thought made Evelynn smile. She was a realist, though. So, instead of focusing majority of her time on her music, she focused on her every day life. Mondays, she just worked the music store. The rest of the week she worked mornings at the photography studio, and nights at the music shop. Why the hell they waned a 24/7 music store was beyond her, but she wasn't complaining.

Getting out of the shower, Evelynn quickly dried and got dressed. She dried her hair until it was damp, then brushed it out quickly. She always did this. Just barely arriving on time. Ah, well, at least she'd get time away from Sasori. The red-head wrinkled her nose. Just who did he think he was, anyway? Ninja or not, he had no right to act like a complete asshole. Evelynn sighed. Not that she was much better, but in her defense she took him in. He should show a bit of respect.
Leaving her bathroom she walked into the kitchen and turned to him.

"Well, I'm out. Don't fuck my house up." Sasori raised an eyebrow at her. Again, with that beautiful vocabulary.

"I'm going with you." He stated bluntly.

"Like hell. I'm going to work. You can't go with me."

"Shame, because I'm going with you."

-Glaring contest-

Then, before Sasori could blink, she turned and ran out the door, making sure to slam it behind her. She hoped it jammed, and gave her enough time to rush out of there. Unfortunately, luck was not on Evelynn's side. As soon as she slammed the drivers door shut, Sasori was slipping into the passenger seat.

"Get out!" She snapped, glaring.

"No," he responded icily. Another glaring contest.

"You're a pain in the ass."

"I could say the same about you."

"Get out of the car, Sasori!"

"No, Evelynn."

More glaring.

"Fine!" Evelynn cried, and started the car. If she spent any more time arguing, she'd be really late. Not worth it.

She drove in silence, and stopped in front of the bakery Audrey worked at. It was just turning seven-thirty. Well, at least she'd make it to work by eight. Evelynn flew into the coffee shop.

"I need two cups of coffee!" She wailed. Audrey looked surprised.

"Evelynn.." Audrey paused. "What's wrong?"

Evelynn pointed to her car. In the passenger seat sat a very annoyed looking Sasori. Not that Evelynn cared he was annoyed. It was his fault they got into an argument in the first place. Audrey looked incredibly amused, and poured another cup of coffee. She even put the two cups into a cup carrier. Ah, sweet Audrey.

"Thanks!" Evelynn cried, leaving money on the counter, and grabbing two doughnuts on the way out. As soon as she slid back into the drivers seat, Sasori spoke.

"For someone in a rush, you sure are making pointless stops." He sounded aggravated. Good.

"Shut the hell up. I even got you a coffee and a fucking doughnut, asshole."

"What is a doughnut?"

The reply he got was having said pastry thrown at him.

"That's very nice, very classy" Sasori remarked dryly.

"Didn't exactly ask for your opinion," Evelynn snapped.
On that note, she whirled out of the parking spot and rushed to work. Oh fucking joy.

-Time Skip!-

Evelynn parked in front of the store, and quickly grabbed the keys to open the place. It was a few minutes after eight. Damn that puppet master. Not that it mattered. No one ever showed up to the shop this early in the morning. Regardless, Evelynn hated to be late.

She entered the store, Sasori following close behind. Flicking on the lights, she stole a glance at Sasori, who was looking around. She hated to admit it, but he was cute. Very cute.

"How old are you?" She asked, suddenly.

"I beg your pardon?" Sasori narrowed his eyes at her. He had been lost in thought, looking around the place. It was rather impressive. Piano's were set up on either side of the walk way. Guitars were hung on the left wall, wind instruments set up on the right wall. Amps were placed near the back of the store, around the counter where the register was. There was a door behind the counter that Sasori assumed led to the employee's break room.

"I asked what your age was."

"Ah, I'm twenty-seven. I'll be twenty-eight in November." He raised an eyebrow, why did she want to know?

"I'll be twenty-four in November!" Evelynn exclaimed. "November fifth."

"November eight."

"I suppose I can appreciate a fellow Scorpio." Evelynn said thoughtfully. Then she turned and headed to the small door behind the counter.

Entering the room Sasori noticed how small it was. Just a table, a clock to punch in, and a soda and snack machine. Evelynn explained to him how they worked. How nice of her. Evelynn dropped her purse on the table, and picked up a clip board that was laying there. She tsk'd.

"We have a shipment of tuners and sheet music coming in. Why? We just got sheet music. We need new beginners books! What is this shit?" She asked herself.

"What are you going on about?" Sasori questioned.

"Huh?" Evelynn looked up at him, almost forgetting he was there. "Oh. Mondays we usually get a shipment of supplies we need. Well, last Monday we got a huge shipment of sheet music in. Ya know, the papers where you can write down the notes to songs? Well, anyways, for some reason we're getting another shipment of that in. We don't need it. I specifically told them we need more beginners guides for piano, flute, and acoustic guitars."

Again, Evelynn tsk'd again and shook her head, as if it were the most absurd thing to ever happen. Sasori just stared. He didn't have the slightest clue what she was talking about. Though, with how well she seemed to do her job, that impressed him.

"I'll have to call boss-man and let him know someone screwed the order up."

On that note, Evelynn went out to the counter, and picked up the phone. When Sasori and the others first saw a phone, it had been Gina's cell phone. Curious by the object, the girls explained to them what a phone was, and what it was used for. A very useful communication device. Sasori turned back to Evelynn. She was explaining the situation to, Sasori assumed, her boss. After a few minutes she set the phone down.

"Ah well, looks like we'll be waiting until next Monday for the books. Hope we don't run out before then." She shrugged, and got busy with something else.

Sasori was, to say the least, amazed. Evelynn, while customers were around, was very business. Very professional. In fact, it was like she was a completely different person. She explained every in detail, and often managed to sweet talk the customer into buying something. It was impressive that she could take her hostility, and turn it sweet as honey. It also made Evelynn seem a little more dangerous. In Sasori's opinion, anyway.

-Time skip!-

It was around one-thirty. Evelynn had gotten a call from her boss that the shipments would be there around five. Which meant, as long as Evelynn other tasks were done, and there were no customers, Evelynn could do what she wanted.

Earlier, when they first opened, Evelynn had counted the cash drawer. After confirming that the same amount was in there from last night she went and checked the inventory. She set out the beginners guides for every instrument in the store in the display case that was under the counter the register was on. The dusted off the pianos, and marked down what else they would need for next Monday. Once everything was finished it was two-thirty. The store was empty, so Evelynn went over to the piano.

"What are you doing?" Sasori asked, walking over to the piano she was sitting at.

"Practicing." She replied bluntly. She hit a few keys, and played 'Mary had a little lamb' to warm up. Sasori was, again, impressed. She didn't have to look at the notes to play?

"Can I.. Observe?" Sasori asked uncertainly. Evelynn looked up at him, and then seemed to.. Blush?! Dear god, the foul mouthed, short tempered, stubborn woman they all knew and loved blushed.

"I, uh, get nervous playing around people. So.. As long as you're quiet.." Evelynn trailed off.

Sasori just nodded, and sat down at a different piano bench. Evelynn set up some sheet music she had snatched off the internet. Slowly, she started to play.

Marie Digby- Miss invisible

"There's a girl
Who sits under the bleachers, Just another day eating alone
And though she smiles, There is something just hiding
And she cant find a way to relate
She just goes unnoticed, As the crowd passes by
And she'll pretend to be busy When inside she just wants to cry
She'll say...
'Take a little look at the life of Miss Always Invisible Look a little harder, I really really want you to put yourself in her shoes
Take another look at the face of Miss Always Invisible Look a little closer and maybe then you will see why she waits for the day
When you'll ask her her name'
In the beginning, in the first weeks of class She did everything to try and fit in
But the others they couldn't seem to get past all the things that mismatched on the surface
And she would close her eyes when they left and she fell down the stairs
And the more that they joked And the more that they screamed She retreated to where she is now
And she'll sing...
'Take a little look at the life of Miss Always Invisible Look a little harder I really really want you to put yourself in her shoes... shoes yeah
Take a little look at the face of Miss Always Invisible Look a little closer and maybe then you will see why she waits for the day when you'll ask her name'
And one day just the same as the last Just the days been in counting the time
Came a boy that sat under the bleachers just a little bit further behind...

Sasori watched and listened as Evelynn played and sang her heart out. This.. This was her art? Well, it was certainly better than the brats explosions. As Evelynn finished her song, she looked up at him shyly. Sasori just stared, and Evelynn slowly looked back down at the keyboard.

"That was.. Amazing." He said softly.

Evelynn looked back up, a bit shocked. Then, ever so slowly, a smile crept onto her face.

'Damn,' was Sasori's only thought.