Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction ❯ How cliche Kittens ❯ Amusement parks and Romance ( Chapter 19 )

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No one had ever seen Evelynn awake so early in the morning, and actually be happy about it. It was currently seven-thirty. Evelynn had gotten herself a cup of coffee, and was happily chatting with Sasori about one thing or another. This made Deidara and Itachi look rather sheepish. Okay, maybe she didn't hate him. Still, he had insisted they were going to get married. Which was still quite a thing to proclaim. Stretching slightly as she stood up, Evelynn walked back into the bedroom to go get dressed with her friends. The boys were already dressed.

They each had their swimming trunks on under their pants. Itachi was in a pair of his dark wash, fitted jeans, his Nikes, a red body-fitting t-shirt, and a black collared shirt, that was currently unbuttoned. Deidara was wearing a pair of black skinny jeans, his vaans, a white fitted t-shirt, and the blue jacket Audrey had bought him when they were first turned back to humans. Sasori was wearing a pair of the ripped up skinny jeans he had got from hot topic, his high-top converse, a white tank-top and the red and black flannel, unbuttoned. Right now, they were just lounging around the kitchen, waiting for the girls to come out.

It took about twenty minutes, but finally the girls were ready. Like the guys, they were wearing their swim suits under their clothes. Evelynn had on a deep red v-neck tank-top, lace around the bottom and across the chest, a pair of black shorts that stopped just barely to her mid-thigh, and she wore her own high-top converse, black. Gina was in a black mid-drift tube-top, dark blue jean shorts, and black flip flops. Audrey wore a pair of light-wash jean Capri's that hugged her legs, a light blue and white stripped haler top, and a pair of crisp white tennis shoes. Evelynn flung her messenger bag over her shoulder. It help the girls undergarments, the season passes they had bought for everyone, all their money, and three water bottles. Everyone would just have to share. The girls walked into the kitchen, and whack!

Evelynn had thrown her coffee mug at Deidara. Luckily, he managed to dodge. He glowered over at the girls, Sasori snickers and Itachi looked amused. Where they stood, Evelynn was front and center, Gina to her left, and Audrey on her right.

"Well, let's go!" Evelynn exclaimed. Audrey rubbed the back of her head, giving Deidara an apologetic look, and Gina placed one hand on her hip, using the other to rub her temple. Evelynn had both hands on her hips, and looked extremely happy with herself.

This was going to be one hell of a day.

-Time Skip!-

The amusement park was about an hour away. Since they stopped to grab an actual breakfast(Evelynn did not want to waste time cooking) they arrived just as the place was opening.

"Awh man, now we have to wait for them to test everything before we can get one!" Evelynn cried, clutching her head.

"There, there." Gina patted her friends shoulder from the middle of the back seat. Evelynn had insisted on driving, Sasori had claimed the passenger seat before anyone could utter a word other wise, and so the rest had piled in the back. Itachi behind Sasori, Deidara behind Evelynn, Audrey in Deidara's lap, and Gina in the middle.

"They always test the really lame rides first!" Evelynn whined.

"What's the difference between rides?" Sasori asked. Itachi nodded. he had been wondering the same. The girls looked at each other.

"Well, you can't really explain it," Audrey said.

"Yeah, you'll have to see for yourself!" Evelynn shouted enthusiastically. With that, the red-head jumped out of the car, slammed her door, and started running to the entrance. Audrey and Gina grinned, and then forced everyone else out of the car. As quickly as they could, they caught up to Evelynn.

They quickly went though the line, showed them their season passes, went to get pictures for their season passes, and then continues on into the park. Once again, the missing-nin wear impressed. The place was huge. There were huge things they learned were called 'roller coasters,' concession stands, games, and photo booths. There was even a small theater where they hosted magic shows. Audrey insisted they had to go to at least one. Deidara agreed. Everyone else was rather reluctant.

"So!" Evelynn turned, hands on her hips, and stared at her group. "Should we all stay together, or split up and meet up for lunch?!"

"Well, I kind of wanted to go play games." Audrey stated.

"Those seem interesting.." Itachi spoke up, pointing to one of the photo booths.

"I could take him to check those out." Gina sated thoughtfully.

"I'll stay with Audrey. Maybe she and I will win something, hm?" Deidara grinned.

Evelynn frowned and turned to Sasori, "Go on rides with me."


"Okay then. Meet near the concession stands in a few hours? Say about one?" Evelynn asked, looking around. She was greeted with nodding, and with one final nod she grabbed Sasori's hand and dragged him off to the closest coaster. The others stared at them amused. Not that the puppet master seemed to mind.

'Maybe they would end up married,' Itachi mused.

"Well, let's go." Gina motioned to the photo-booth. Itachi nodded and let her lead the way.

Deidara turned to Audrey and grinned, "So, which one first, hm?"

Audrey squealed, and ran over to a game that had little blue stuffed bunnies as prizes.

-Sasori's P.O.V-

The woman dragged me over to the nearest open ride. The line was relatively short, only about a fifteen minute wait. I still wasn't sure what the whole point of this was. Evelynn said, 'the adrenaline rush.' Whatever that meant. She looked nice today, though her shorts were probably a bit too short. I figured as much, from the few men who would, not so discreetly, check her out.

I'll kill someone if they touch her.

"Ugh, it's so hot." She muttered.

"Well, it is summer." I remarked. She glared.

"I know that, Captain Obvious."

"Then why mention how hot it is?" I inquired.

"Because I fucking feel like complaining." She growled. Tsk. Where are her manners?

"Well stop. It's quite annoying" I smirked down at her. Did she blush? I think so. Briefly anyways.

Within a few minutes it was our turn to sit down in the 'roller coaster.' In all honesty, the thing looked dangerous. We were strapped into the seat, and when I looked over at her I couldn't help but smirk. Her hazel eyes were shinning in excitement, and she was grinning. She looked a bit like a kid on it's birthday. Suddenly, the coaster lurched. Someone to the side was explaining something about safety rules. Then, I felt Evelynn squeeze my hand gently. I looked over and she was smiling at me. I raised an eyebrow.

"Don't freak out, okay?"

Before I could ask what she meant, the roller coaster took off. I swear to Kami, this woman is going to be the death of me.

-Itachi's P.O.V-

Gina had led me to this.. Booth. It was like a little room, and she explained to me it takes about five pictures of the people in it, then the pictures are printed on the outside of the booth. It was very.. odd. She pulled open the door and climbed inside, gesturing for me to follow. I did, and if anything this was rather.. Intimate.

"You put the money in here," she pointed to a slot under a screen. "It gives you a few seconds, then it snaps a picture. You get about five seconds before each picture gets snapped."

"So.. You just sit here?" I inquired.

"For the most part." She nodded. "Most people pose. You know; Friends hug. Some people make silly faces, others smile nicely, er.. Somecoupleskiss." She quickly muttered the last part.

Was that a blush? I shook my head, and idea forming. It took quite a bit of restraint not to smirk. I watched as she inserted the money, and the screen read "Color or black and White" She selected color, and the screen started to do a count down.

"It's about to take the first picture," she explained, looking at me. Just as I looked at her, there was a flash. I activated my sharingan, force of habit. She touched my arm gently.

"No, it was just the flash from the picture." She said. I looked at her again, and deactivated my eye technique. Another flash. We were fairly close now. She looked down. There was that blush again. I moved a little closer. Third flash. She blinked and looked up at me, shocked. I just smirked. Fourth flash. Before she could blink I leaned in, and I kissed her. I felt her tense up, then relax. Fifth flash.

We both exited the photo booth, rather flushed. She picked up the photos and looked at them. She let out a half cry/ half giggle, and showed me the strip of photos.

The first one we were looking at each other. Not very close.

The second one she was touching my arm, and giving me the gentlest look. One I hadn't seen since my mother's.

The third one, she still had her hand on my arm, I had moved closer, and she was looking down, blushing.

The fourth one, she was looking up at me with a shocked expression. I was smirking down at her.

The final one, we kissed. Our eyes were closed.

I think I've taken a liking to these 'photo booth's.'

-Deidara's P.O.V-

I watched as Audrey tried to throw rings around floating cups. Apparently, it was harder than it looked. It took a lot not to laugh at the concentrated look on her face, yeah. Complete with the tip of her tongue sticking out of the corner of her mouth. She tossed the ring and.. missed. Poor Audrey. I chuckled.

"Want some help, hm?" I came up behind her. She looked up at me and pouted.

"Please?" She cried quietly. I chuckled again and nodded.

The man in the booth handed me three rings. I needed at least one to make it onto a cup, and I could win one of those soft blue bunnies. I rolled my eyes. 'Cute' things weren't really my thing, but.. I took a sideways glance at Audrey. Ha, and I'm supposed to be an S-Ranked criminal, hm.

I carelessly tossed the first two, since I knew if I tried it would be fairly simple to win. You know, being a ninja and all, yeah. I heard Audrey gasp behind me as the first two missed. I just grinned. As easily as the first two missed, I tossed the third ring, and it neatly twirled around one of the cups.

"Oh, Deidara, you did it!" Audrey squealed with happiness. I watched as the man behind the counter handed her one of the bunnies, hm. The look of pure happiness on her face was prize enough for me.

I turned to see what other kinds of games we could play, and I felt her slowly link her arm with mine. I looked down in surprise. Warm blue eyes and a soft smile is what greeted my gaze. I awkwardly tried to smile back, and she giggled. Then she took off towards another game, dragging me with her.

I could definitely get used to this, hm.

-Normal P.O.V-

-Time skip!-

The time was currently one in the afternoon. The six young adults gathered around a picnic bench, each one having grabbed a lunch of their taste. Evelynn, of course, had pizza. Audrey and Deidara were sharing a chili cheese fry. Sasori had gotten a grilled cheese, and Itachi and Gina each got a cheese burger. Itachi's plain, Gina's had everything.

As they ate Audrey spoke rapidly about all the things Deidara had won for her. Gina and Itachi listened calmly, smiling here in there. Deidara was grinning like he had just won the lottery. Evelynn and Sasori were discussing the rides that had ridden, and Evelynn was enthusiastically describing the other ones they could ride. As it turned out Sasori enjoyed roller coasters. Very much so.

"So, what did you guys do?" Evelynn turned to Gina. The blonde shrugged.

"Just walked around and talked mostly."

"Oh?" Evelynn raised an eyebrow. Gina looked slightly uncomfortable, so she looked away. Unknown to her, Evelynn had spotted the photo strip in Gina's back pocket. Before the blonde could react, Evelynn snatched it from her pocket. The red head glanced at the photos.

"Awh! Oh my fucking god, Audrey! Look at this!" Evelynn shoved the photos toward Audrey. She looked at them in shock for a moment, then smiled.

"Awh, Gina! Why didn't you two tell anyone you were together?!" Audrey gushed, throwing her arms around her friend.

"We were going to wait for a more appropriate time." Itachi responded smoothly. This made Gina look at him in surprise. They were together? Noticing the look on her face, Itachi merely nodded, and Gina blushed, one again.

"That's so fucking adorable!" Evelynn chirped, also hugging her friend. Deidara and Sasori simply looked at a Itachi, who looked back with a look that said, 'I dare you to say something stupid.'

Sasori and Deidara looked at each other, and before the Uchiha could react both men threw their arms around Itachi.

"Oh, Itachi! We're so happy for you, un!" Deidara wailed sarcastically.

"It's soooo fucking cute!" Sasori remarked. Again with the sarcasm.

As the two men teased the poor Uchiha, the girls were making Gina tell them every last detail. Which, after a bit of prodding, she did. When she was finished telling her story, Audrey stole a glance at Deidara. Evelynn just congratulated her again, laughing slightly. Once the embarrassing moments were over the six finished eating, and continued on with their day of fun.