Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction ❯ How cliche Kittens ❯ Let's get Intoxicated ( Chapter 25 )

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March and April had come and gone, and it was now May. Deidara's birthday was in a couple days. Evelynn insisted on alcohol, since they didn't do anything for Audrey's birthday back in February. Gina downright refused, Audrey hesitantly agreed, Shoto thought for awhile, but agreed nonetheless. Itachi said he would take Gina and Adrian out for the night, and Deidara and Sasori were more than willing to get completely plastered. Sasuke seemed unsure, but when he learned Shoto had agreed, he decided he might as well.

So, on May fifth, Itachi and Gina decided to take Adrian to a carnival that was in town. Afterwards, they would rent a hotel room for the night. Evelynn thanked them both repeatedly, and promised Adrian that if he was good that she and Sasori would take him to the zoo the next day they both had off. This made Adrian a very happy little boy, and he agreed to be on his best behavior. Sasori and Deidara went out to buy everything they would need for their little party, and Evelynn pulled Shoto, Audrey, and Sasuke to the side.

"Get dressed up in something nice, ladies and gentleman! We're going out tonight!" Evelynn declared.

"Uhm, but Evelynn, I thought we were having the party here?" Audrey asked quietly.

"Well, we'll have a few drinks here, then go out to a few clubs." Evelynn stated simply.

"We can't drink and drive!" Audrey exclaimed. Evelynn just waved her hand dismissively. "Go get dressed in something nice. Shoto can borrow something of mine."

Shoto, meanwhile, didn't look very convinced.

"Oh, come on! We don't get to go out much as it is!" Evelynn wailed. Shoto winced, but finally agreed. Evelynn all but dragged the poor girl to her room. "We have to dress you up in something hot for the Uchiha."

"Beg your pardon?" Shoto inquired.

"He's totally got the hots for you!"

"What are you talking about?" Shoto asked coolly.

"Sasuke fucking likes you is what I'm taking about." Evelynn muttered, looking through her closet.

"Don't be absurd."

"I'm not. This whole fucking thing has been one romance after another. Kind of cliche, if you ask me." Evelynn stated, pulling out something blue. "Here, it'll go with your eyes."

Shoto just shook her head and took the article of clothing. She turned her back, and started to undress, just as Evelynn was yanking her own clothes off.

-Time skip!-

As it turned out, Evelynn was right. The royal blue, strapless dress looked stunning on Shoto. It hugged her curves, and the only thing Shoto didn't like was that is just barely went to the middle of her thigh. Evelynn was not known for being too modest. Luckily, she had given Shoto a black, short-sleeved cardigan to wear over it. Along with a pair of simple, open toed black heels. Shoto had to admit, she looked good.

Evelynn herself had decided on a black dress. Spaghetti strap, the bodice hugged her form, while the skirt was more flowing, and stopped at her knees. She had decided on red heals, and made sure to wear the locket with the scorpion on it that Sasori bought her.

Audrey tried to get away with a long-sleeved white sweater, and white skinny jeans. Evelynn wouldn't hear of it. While the sweater was nice, it almost fell to her knees, and the sleeves fell off her shoulders, Evelynn had insisted the skinny jeans weren't 'sexy' enough. Audrey had cried that she didn't want to be 'sexy,' but Evelynn had forced her into a pair of black leggings, and white sandal wedges.

Ah, Evelynn, what a charming woman, no?

Sasuke had simply borrowed a black, button up, collared shirt and a pair of black dress-up pants from Deidara. Like Itachi, he seemed keen on black and white Nike's. They were all ready by the time everyone got back.

"Woah, what's with the outfits, hm?" Deidara asked, eying Audrey. She looked rather flustered.

"We wanted to go out after have a few drinks here." Evelynn explained.

"No," Shoto cut in. "You wanted to go out after we had a few drinks here."

Evelynn glared.

"We're not drinking and driving." Sasori stated bluntly, pulling out a few bottles of different flavored vodka.

"It's not like we'll be wasted!" Evelynn cried.

"Not at first, but we'll end up wasted, Evelynn." Sasori sighed, eying his girlfriend. He had to admit, she looked good. Ah, was that the locket he got her? She placed her hands on her hips and pouted.

"That means we got dressed up for no reason?" She whined.

"How about this? Deidara and I will go get dressed up, and we can just have our own little party here?" Sasori asked, pressing his forehead against hers. The red-headed woman sighed, but nodded.

Shoto and Audrey looked rather relieved.

-Time skip!-

Everyone was currently in the living room and kitchen. The t.v. was turned up all the way, and their was music blaring from it. They had been drinking for about an hour now, and to be totally honest most of them were wasted. Actually, Deidara and Sasori seemed to be the only two who weren't completely plastered.

Currently, Sasuke was sitting on the couch, whispering in Shoto's ear. They were both holding red plastic cups that had a mix of fruit punch, and some sort of alcohol. Whatever he was saying, Shoto was blushing. Audrey was currently standing on the coffee table, singing along, rather terribly, with whatever was playing on the t.v. Deidara was cheering her on from the kitchen.

"Sasooooorriii!" Evelynn called from the living room.

"Hm?" He looked over at her form the kitchen.

"Sasori, come here, right now!" Ah, even intoxicated she was still bossy.

As it turned out, Evelynn was a very happy drunk. She sang, danced, and socialized with everyone. Audrey was the 'musical' drunk. She sang along to whatever was playing, tried to play the air guitar, and often climbed on top of tables like they were stages. Sasuke, as they could all see, was the flirtatious drunk. Shoto was the shy drunk, who blushed and giggled and everything.

"What is it?" Sasori asked, looking down at Evelynn with amusement. Her response was to throw her arms around him.

"Love me!" She cried with a giggle. Sasori raised an eyebrow.

"Why would I do that?" He drawled teasingly. Evelynn gasped.

"How could you not love me?!" She cried over the music.

"I could think of a few reasons not to." He smirked.

Evelynn grabbed the front if his shirt, and pulled him down so their lips were centimeters apart.

"Well, then let me give you a few more reasons to love me." Evelynn purred.

With that, she slammed their lips together. At first Sasori was surprised, but quickly regained his composure and kissed back, wrapping his arms around her waist. Evelynn threw her arms around his neck, whimpering softly against his lips. One more sound like that, and he'd take her right there.

"Get a room, yeah!" Deidara's voice shouted over the music. Sasori looked over at him, then down at Evelynn. Evelynn was looking up at him with a heated gaze. Yeah, enough was enough. Sasori scooped her up, Evelynn let out a small cry, and he strode to their room. Deidara could be heard cheering somewhere behind them. They two red-heads weren't seen for the rest of the night.

-Sasuke and Shoto!-

Sasuke and Shoto had both watched with amusement as Sasori carried Evelynn up the stairs. Now, Sasuke turned back to Shoto, and smirked down at her.

"So, how old are you?" Sasuke asked.

"Ah, twenty-one." Shoto replied shyly. Hm, she was a year older than him. Not that it mattered to Sasuke.

"Your hair is so soft." The Uchiha muttered, toying softly with a strand of Shoto's hair.

"Ah, th-thank you." Shoto stuttered. She looked up at him, and he looked softly down at her. There was that blush again.

"You know, Shoto, I think you would have made a wonderful Uchiha." Sasuke slurred.

"Oh, is that right?"

"Mhm. I mean, you're beautiful, you're smart, and you can stand on your own two feet. Respectable traits." Sasuke blabbered. Shoto blushed again, and drank deeply from her cup.

"You know." Sasuke murmured in her ear, causing the blue-eyed girl to jump slightly. "I could make you an Uchiha."

With that, Sasuke pressed his lips lightly against hers. Everything in Shoto's logical mind told her to pull away, but everything in her alcohol induced stated told her to kiss him back. So, she listened to the latter, and slowly closed her eyes, leaning into the kiss.

-Deidara and Audrey!-

Audrey let out a cry of surprise as she tumbled from the coffee table. Luckily, Deidara was right there, and caught her.

"Oh, Deidara, you saved me!" Audrey cried over the music.

"Of course," the blonde purred in her ear. This caused Audrey to let out a soft yelp, and jump out of his arms.

"What time is it?!" Audrey wailed at her boyfriend. Deidara took a look around, only to see Sasuke and Shoto passed out on the couch. Heh, lightweights.

"I dunno, hm." Deidara muttered.

"Deidara." Audrey cooed, throwing her arms around his waist. The bomber raised an eyebrow looking down at her.


"I love you." Audrey cooed.

"I love you too, yeah." He replied, kissing her on her forehead.

"We could make-love?" Audrey asked innocently. Far too innocently for a question like that.


"We could, couldn't we?" Such a sweet, innocent voice.

"Audrey, I don't think.."

"Why, you don't want me?!" Audrey cried.

"No, no. I want you, yeah! Just, not while you're like this!"

"Deidara! I thought you loved me!"

"I do, yeah!" The look on Deidara's face was, well, priceless. It was a look between hopelessness, exasperation, and confusion.

"Then why won't you have sex with me?!" Audrey wailed. This caused Sasuke to stir slightly.

Suddenly, the bomber scooped the young brunette into his arms, and made his way to their room.

"Audrey," he started, laying her on the bed. "Just get some sleep, yeah. You don't want to do something you'll regret in the morning, right?"

"What are you saying?! You'd regret having sex with me?!" Audrey looked completely heart-broken.
"No, no! Look Audrey. You're very drunk, and I'm fairly tipsy myself, yeah. Let's just go to sleep, and if you still want to make-love in the morning, we will. Okay?" Deidara wrapped his arms around the brunette, who was nearly in tears. She sniffled.

"O-okay, Deidara. Are you sure you don't hate me?"

The bomber sighed, "Of course not Audrey."

Within a few minutes, she was asleep. Deidara sighed again. From now on, Audrey was never, ever allowed to drink. Ever.

 I know Itachi is originally about 5 years older than Sasuke, but I only made him two years older in this story. I hope no one had a problem with that.