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It was now the end of July. Gina was nearing her fifth month of pregnancy, and she was getting rather anxious. Everyone was getting anxious. They would have to find a bigger place, if they wanted to continue living together. Especially with a baby on the way. Gina had offered for her and Itachi to get their own place, but no one was really keen on the idea. Truth be told, they liked living together.

On a brighter note, Shoto's and Sasuke's relationship was blooming nicely. They would be dating three months come August. Now, that might not seem like an accomplishment, but the truth was neither of them had ever had a significant other before. So, the fact that they had been dating three months with no fights, and no awkward moments, it was a very good thing for them. One day, Shoto finally asked the question they had all be wondering.

"How did you end up here, Sasuke? Itachi told us.. Well, he told us you were killed by someone named.. Kabuto?" Shoto looked to Itachi for assurance on the name. He nodded.

Sasuke shrugged. "All I remember was I was dying. It wasn't painful. Actually, I felt rather peaceful.(Itachi looked rather guilty at this point.) Suddenly, there was a flash of red light. I thought it was, you know, the after life. Turns out I was wrong, because I woke up as a kitten. A couple weeks later you found me while on your way to see them," he gestured towards Evelynn and Audrey, who were in the kitchen. "Then they turned me back to my normal self."

"I see. Did you see anyone before the red flash?" Shoto inquired. Sasuke just shook his head.

"Well it's irrelevant now, isn't it?" Evelynn suddenly spoke up. The truth was, she was always terrified that they would suddenly disappear. If that happened, they would eventually become nothing but memories. Evelynn couldn't live with that. In fact, none of the girls could live with that.

"I suppose," Shoto replied slowly. She had grown very attached to Sasuke since she met him. She wanted to be sure there wasn't something that would trigger the jutsu, and cause them to leave them all. Especially not with Gina being pregnant, and Adrian being so attached to Sasori.

As a matter of fact, Adrian had taken to called Evelynn 'Mother.' Not that she particularly minded. She was twenty-four, and more than capable of being considered his mother. Sasori, on the other hand, kept the title of big brother. If the puppet master hadn't been so good at concealing his emotions, it would be very obvious that he was disappointed that Adrian was not calling him 'Father.' After all, he treated Adrian exactly the way Evelynn treated him. Maybe he could have a talk with the boy? Yeah, that might do.

Audrey was currently planning her wedding. She and Deidara had decided to get married in mid-June. So there was plenty of time to plan. When she wasn't busy, she often helped Gina with last minute details on her wedding as well. She would be getting married at the end of August. It took them three months to find a place that had dresses for pregnant women. Gina only prayed it still fit when the time came. Ah, the joys of pregnancy.

Sasuke had adjusted easily to his new life. In fact, since Itachi revealed to him why he did what he did Sasuke felt a huge burden had been lifted off his shoulders. Though he still held a bit of a grudge for the leaf village. Itachi agreed. Nothing was more important than his little brother, and he felt rather betrayed that the village didn't do more to help Sasuke. What's more, they let him fall into Orochimaru's hands, the damned snake. Both brothers could easily agree that the leaf village held nothing for them. Not that it mattered, they were in a completely different world now, after all.

Shoto had taken awhile to adjust to her and Sasuke's relationship. Though, she noticed, her's and Sasuke's relationship was moving at a faster pace than Evelynn's and Sasori's. The blue-eyed girl wondered why at time, but usually brushed it aside. Evelynn was a tricky woman, and more than likely was the one leading the relationship. If that were the case, the two probably wouldn't be anywhere near married for at least another five years. Shoto was happy with Sasuke. It was that plain. He was interested in what she had to teach him about her world, and she was like-wise as interested at hearing about his. Perhaps this is what allowed them to get along so well. For now, Shoto would just go along with it. After all, she hadn't been genuinely happy like this since she became friends with Audrey, Evelynn, and Gina.

Deidara was on cloud nine. He never imagined in his years as a terrorist bomber and as an Akatsuki member that he would be in love. Yet, here he was. Getting married next year. To a girl who had him completely wrapped around her finger. Not that she took advantage of that. Oh no. Audrey was a sweet as honey. Which is another thing that drew Deidara to her. Her innocence and her kindness. Which wasn't too surprising when you thought about it. Deidara had been practically drowning in a world of darkness and unhappiness. So, to find this sweet, bright, naive girl.. It had been a dream come true. Something to pull him out of the darkness. Deidara would never forget that, and he would protect Audrey with his life, if he had to.

The day had been rather lazy. Gina, Evelynn, Sasori, and Itachi had played outside with Adrian all day. Deidara had sat with Audrey and half-listened as she rambled on about things they could have at their wedding. (Hey, he was in love with her, but he didn't have to be into everything like she was. Wedding planning wasn't exactly his thing after all.) Shoto decided to show Sasuke how to work her laptop, and how to browse the internet. As it turns out he was a fairly fast learner.

That evening everyone decided to go to bed early. Adrian was, of course, in his bed at exactly 8pm. Gina and Itachi retired at eight-thirty. Gina joking about her unborn baby taking all her energy. Itachi didn't look tired, he was probably just going to keep Gina company. A little after nine Audrey yawned, and declared she was going to bed. Deidara had shrugged, and decided to go with her. 'Nothing better to do,' he had said. At ten Sasori took Evelynn to bed(she had fallen asleep at the kitchen table), and muttered goodnight to Shoto and Sasuke. At eleven Shoto suggested they go to their room and watch movies on the laptop. Sasuke agreed. By midnight, they were all asleep.

Ah, well. Most of them had to work tomorrow, anyways.

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