Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction ❯ What a Lovely Turn of Events ❯ The Akatsuki Base and more Discussions ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Sasuke brought Shoto into the 'hospital room' or the Akatsuki base. Kakuzu had briefed everyone on what happened. Evelynn cheered for Shoto 'being a total badass.' She then congratulated Shoto on her first kill.

"You don't congratulate someone for killing another person!" Audrey had half-heartedly scolded. Of course, everyone knew she wasn't serious. As far as Audrey was concerned, as long as her friends were all right, she didn't care who they killed.

Yes, Audrey had been the first one to accept all the Akatsuki as friends. She had started cooking breakfast early in the mornings, had dinner prepared every day they got home, and took care of any and all injuries. Even Hidan seemed to appreciate the brunettes efforts.

Like the others, Audrey had to give up the clothes from her world, and dress in something that would be easier for her to wear as a ninja. Being Audrey, she had decided on a modest yukata looking top, except it was a lot shorter than the average yukata. It was red, and fell to her knees. She wore a pair of red 'ninja' shorts under it, and opted to wear plain black, ankle high, flat ninja sandals.

"Those are for boys!" Evelynn had declared. Audrey brushed her off.

"They're easier to run in." The brunette explained. Hardly did she ever wear her Akatsuki cloak. Only when she was going outside the base.

So, the Akatsuki base. What exactly was it? You ask. Well, it was basically three floors dug into the side of a cliff. The basement, as we all know, was underground from the regular floors, and held cells and a torture room. For when the Akatsuki had to get information out of someone who just did not want to talk. Audrey had nearly fainted when she found out she could have been staying in a cell where a person had died.

The walls of the base looked just like cave walls, if not a bit smoother. There were windows, but only in the rooms that were closest to the outside of the cliff. How did no one notice these windows? Rocks were jutted out around them, and the mountain was considered too danger to climb. (Mountain, cliff. Who's being specific?) It was said who ever climbed the mountain side fell to their death. Right. 'Fell.' Sure.

Anyways, on the first floor was the basic kitchen, bathroom, large living room, and a medical room. The second and third floors both held one bathroom and three bedrooms. On the first floor of bedrooms; Gina and Itachi shared the largest bedroom all the way at the end of the hall. Nagato had offered it, since they were expecting a little one. Audrey and Deidara shared the first bedroom on the right, next to the stairs, and the bathroom was right next to them. Nagato got the bedroom on the left side. Apparently, he didn't want to hear and noises that might come from Deidara's or Itachi's rooms. Ha ha.

On the second floor of bedrooms Kisame got the largest room. Hidan and Evelynn both had a fit about this. Evelynn insisted if she and Sasori were going to share a room, they would need extra room for Adrian as well. So they got the second largest room on the left side of the hall. Since the floors and ceilings were solid stone, Nagato wouldn't have to worry about any.. Sounds. Hidan insisted he needed the largest room for his rituals. Kakuzu had agreed, since they were sharing a room he didn't want blood on his side. Nagato gave them the smallest room on the right, next to the bathroom. Mostly to spire Hidan and his religion. Kisame, happy to finally have room to himself, bought fish tanks. He then filled his room from wall to wall with fish tanks, and bought as many fish as he could that wouldn't kill each other. Evelynn had muttered to Sasori that they were on the floor with the 'crazies.' Sasori had agreed.

Konan and Yahiko did not live at the base. In fact, they kept a home in their original village, Amegakure. Which was about five minutes off from where the base was. The only reason Nagato stayed at the base was because he was the leader, and he didn't want his members killing each other. Zetsu, being the odd plant he was, usually slept in a forest somewhere. This was very odd to the other members, but they didn't ask. I mean, they really didn't have to. He was half plant, of course he was happy sleeping in a forest.

Now that you have a basic understanding (hopefully) of what the base is like, back to our injured Shoto.

Currently, she was placed on a hospital bed in the medical room. Audrey was inspecting her room, and tsking at Kakuzu for stitching her like that.

"It's not very sanitary." Audrey frowned.

"We were in the middle of battle. We had to work with what he had." Kakuzu stated gruffly. Audrey nodded.

Then she set to work cleaning the wound. Shoto hissed as Audrey doused the wound in alcohol, and wiped Shoto's stomach clean of any blood. After Kakuzu removed his stitch work, Audrey gave Shoto a sedative, and set to work stitching up the wound with actual stitch thread. (I have no idea what it's actually called.)

"Wow, your first battle wound." Evelynn grinned. Shoto gave her a half smile, and winced slightly while Audrey stitched her up.

"Listen," Nagato stated. "We have to seal the two-tails. Will you five be okay by yourselves?"

Sasuke, Gina, Audrey, Shoto, and Evelynn would not participate in sealings. As there were only ten rings. Evelynn didn't mind, she didn't want to leave Adrian alone in the base. Gina was fine with this, because of her pregnancy. Shoto didn't care, seeing as how she was wounded. Sasuke and Audrey assured Nagato they would be fine, as they wanted to keep an eye on Gina and Shoto anyways. Assured that the five would be okay alone, Nagato and the others left to go seal the two-tails. Apparently, they did the sealings away from the base. Just in case an enemy sensed their chakra while they were in the middle of a sealing ritual. With the others gone, the five that stayed behind gathered in the medical room around Shoto.

"So, had anyone thought about how we ended up here?" Shoto asked. "I mean, the last thing I remember was falling asleep. How did we suddenly end up in this world?"

"Maybe the jutsu was reversed? Or maybe it wore off?" Gina threw out a couple ideas.

"Possibly, but wouldn't that mean on Itachi, Deidara, Sasori, and myself would have come back?" Sasuke inquired.

"Well, we were all in our rooms together, maybe that's why we came back with them." Audrey pointed out.

"Adrian was in his own bed, though." Evelynn informed them.

They all got silent, and started to wonder; Just how did they end up here?

"Well, since we're in this world, maybe we can find who ever did the jutsu, and ask them?" Gina looked around.

"Right, like they'd just willingly tell us." Evelynn snorted.

"She's right. If anything, the person might just use the jutsu again." Shoto stated quietly.

"We could ambush her." Audrey pointed out.

"Her?" Sasuke asked, turning to Audrey.

"Oh, yeah. They did say a woman was the last person they saw." Evelynn said thoughtfully. Adrian had currently climbed into her lap, and was watching each person as they talked.

"Maybe the woman had a grudge against one of them?" Shoto said.

"Yeah, but then why would they send Sasuke to our world?" Gina asked.

"Maybe it was Sasuke and Itachi they had the grudge against, and Deidara and Sasori just got caught in the cross-fire?" Evelynn threw in.

They continued to toss ideas around until late into the night. A around midnight, with Adrian asleep in Evelynn's lap, the girl bid Sasuke and Shoto goodnight. Sasuke had insisted he would stay in the room with Shoto, who was quietly grateful for her boyfriends concern for her.

-With the rest of Akatsuki!-

Currently, everyone was gathered around on top of the giant hands in the sealing cavern. It was a damp cave, and they had just started the "Sealing Technique: Phantom Dragons Nine Consuming Seals."

"So what are we going to do about the girls? They don't have chakra. Isn't it a bit dangerous to be sending them out on missions?" Kisame asked the group.

"Sasuke said Shoto handled herself very well." Itachi drawled.

"Yeah, the bitch was alright for someone who's not a ninja, but they'll still get in the fucking way if we ever have a serious battle." Hidan stated.

"That was a serious battle." Kakuzu reminded him.

"I meant like a fucking war, dipshit."

"Watching it!" Kakuzu growled.

"Currently Konan and Yahiko are looking for a way to give the girls chakra." Nagato informed them.
"I suppose that would make them a bit more useful." White Zetsu said. "Those girls will never be useful." The black side growled. -Insert argument Zetsu had with himself-

"If I know our girls," Itachi started. Ignoring Zetsu. "They'll make themselves useful anyway they can. If we could find a way to give them chakra, they'd be a great addition to the organization."

"Especially Evelynn." Deidara laughed.

"Oh god.. Evelynn with chakra." Sasori groaned. This caused everyone to look at them curiously. Sure, they had noticed Evelynn's temper. She couldn't be that bad though, right?

"And Shoto, I noticed." Kakuzu stated. "She's a good fighter, and she's smart. Very observant while in battle."

"If Audrey were to have chakra, she would be able to use medical nin-jutsu." Sasori pointed out. "Then she'd be able to teach Gina."

The rest nodded appreciatively. Having extra back up in the organization would be a step closer to what they were aiming for. Plus, when Adrian grew up, he could be part of the organization as well. Gina's off-spring too.

"Well, let's hope that Konan and Yahiko come up with something. In the mean time, focus on the sealing." Nagato ordered.

With that, the others concentrated on the jutsu.

In three days the two-tails would be sealed, and they could focus on hunting more jinchuriki, and helping their new comrades gain the chakra they would need in order to survive.