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It was now October. Gina was seven months pregnant, and she was getting huge. According to Evelynn. In fact, when Evelynn said this Gina had thrown a butcher knife in her direction. Evelynn managed to dodge. So our little red-head is alright.

The Akatsuki members had been teaching the girls basic Tai Jutsu. Shoto excelled at this. They were also taught how to use various weapons. This is where Evelynn shined. Konan and Yahiko were certain they had found a way for the girls and Adrian to posses chakara. It would take a week for the technique to be completed. It was also going to be very, very painful.

"So, what the fuck do we have to do?" Evelynn asked.

Right now everyone was in the living room at the Akatsuki base. Audrey, Deidara, and Sasori were sitting on one couch, and Evelynn was laying across them. Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan were on the couch across from them. Gina was in the arm chair, and Itachi was sitting on one of the arms. Kisame was on the floor playing some sort of game with Adrian. Hidan was leaning back against the bottom on the couch Evelynn was on. Shoto, Sasuke, and Kakuzu were leaning against the wall between the two couches. Zetsu was off on a mission.

"Basically, we'll have to place chakara rods through out your body. You'll be separated from everyone for a week. Within that week the chakra rods will slowly inject chakra throughout your body. The reason why it takes so long, is because you don't have chakra systems. So while the chakra seeps into your body it will start creating a chakra system in you. It's going to be painful, because your body is going to be adjusting itself to the chakra, and your new chakara network." Konan explained.

"I don't think Adrian or Gina should do this.." Evelynn stated quietly.

"We can give them enough sedatives to where they'll be in a temporary coma. They won't feel a thing." Yahiko assured.

"Yeah, but that can't be healthy for the baby." Audrey stated.

"More than likely the baby already has a chakra network. He is an Uchiha, after all." Konan smiled.

Ah, that was right. Itachi was a ninja. More than likely the baby would be born with the sharingan. Back in August, after Audrey's and Evelynn's first mission, Gina and Itachi had gotten married. It was a beautiful little ceremony. Though they were sure how they felt about Hidan as the priest. He did his part well enough, though.

"Well, I'm all for it." Evelynn said.

"I agree. The sooner we get chakra, the sooner we can start real training." Shoto added.

Audrey just nodded slowly. Gina looked rather pale. Poor Adrian didn't know what was going on.

The girls were led into the basement, and into a cell room. Though this time they would not be shackled to the wall. Evelynn had requested Adrian be put in the same cell as her. Unfortunately the procedure didn't allow that, so he was placed in the one across from her. She sat with him while they sedated him, and her and Sasori made sure to kiss his forehead and soothe him as the chakra rods were implanted all over his body. He couldn't really feel it, but Sasori and Evelynn still thought it looked painful. When Nagato was done implanting the rods they were ushered out of the cell, and a barrier seal was placed so the chakra rods couldn't connect to each other.

Evelynn went into her cell next. She was strapped down onto the cot.

"So you don't try to pull the rods out while the chakra is going into your system." Nagato explained.

The red-headed woman only nodded. In all honesty, Sasori had never seen her like this. It was like a shutter had been closed over a camera lens. She was completely emotionless. It was odd, not to see Evelynn as her usual cheery, 'in your face' woman. Sasori held one of her hands as Nagato got ready to implant the chakra rods in her. She gave him a grateful look, and then cried out as the first rod impaled her. To be sure no one else heard her cries, she bit down on her lip as the rest were implanted. When Nagato was finally finished she was quivering in pain. Sasori looked almost heart-broken, but he knew that soon she would be a real ninja. Chakra and all. He and Nagato left, and Nagato put up the barrier seal.

Audrey was a wreck, to say the least. Pain was not something she was used to. As she was strapped on the bed, she looked fearfully at Deidara.

"Th-this won't kill me, right?" She choked out.

"No, no. It won't kill you, un. The rods aren't anywhere near your vitals or anything. You'll be fine, I promise, yeah." Deidara cooed at her. He smoothed her hair, and kissed her forehead.

Audrey wailed as the first rod was injected. Deidara tried his best to keep her calm, but to no avail. Her screams could be heard all over the Akatsuki base. The ones who weren't in the basement winced every time they heard one of her cries. Thankful that they had been born with their chakra. By the time Nagato was done, Deidara looked very grim, and Audrey's face was soaked with her tears. She didn't even want to look at the blood that she knew was seeping from the wounds. Nagato gently ushered Deidara out, but not without Deidara promising Audrey the wedding of her dreams as soon as this was over with. Once they were out Nagato put of the barrier, and made his way over to Shoto's cell.

Shoto was very calm. She laid back on the bed, and allowed herself to be strapped down. Sasuke sat beside her.

"Are you alright?" He asked quietly. The black haired woman merely nodded.

Nagato checked to make sure she was ready. When she confirmed she was, he started to inject the chakra rods. Shoto winced at every rod placed in her. Sasuke now sat at the head of her bed. He held one of her hands, and whispered sweet nothings in her ear. By the time Nagato was done, Shoto was in tears. She had not uttered a single sound the whole time. As Sasuke got up to leave, Shoto squeezed his hand. He looked down at her.

"I.. Love you." She whispered. Sasuke's gaze softened slightly, and he leaned down and kissed her on the forehead. Shoto did not need to hear the words back. She knew Sasuke loved her. As Sasuke exited the cell, Nagato put the barrier seal in place.

Gina was already laying down. Konan and Itachi were with her. She was constantly questioning if it were the right thing, and if they were sure the baby would be safe. By the time Nagato got there she had worn herself out with worry.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Itachi asked. Personally, he wasn't too keen on the idea.

"I suppose I should get it out of the way now." Gina muttered.

With that Konan placed an I.V. into her arm, and slowly Gina drifted off to sleep. It was a very potent sedative that would put her in a coma-like state for at least a week. At least, they hoped it would last a week. Once Konan announced she was completely under the sedative Nagato came forward, and started implanting the chakra rods. Itachi winced at every rod he placed in his wife, and made sure to keep a firm grip on her hand. Even if she couldn't feel it, he would not let her go through this alone. Konan stayed beside Nagato, and made sure he did not place the rods too close to her womb, or her vitals. Once he was finished, Itachi sighed in relief. At least that part was over. After a brief kiss on his wife's lips, Itachi slowly followed Nagato and Konan out of the cell, and Nagato placed the seal on the enclosure.

All they could do now was wait.

-Time skip/ summary thing-

The screams of the girls who were awake could be heard throughout the base. No one went on missions, and Konan and Yahiko had decided to stay at the base until the process was completely. No one was permitted to go in the basement, no matter what. As it would mess up the technique, and they would have to start over.

To say the least; Sasuke, Deidara, Sasori, and Itachi were a wreck that whole week. None of them slept. They hardly ate. Three times Yahiko and Nagato had to restrain Sasori from running into the basement. Another time Kisame had to hold Itachi back, as he was sure he had heard Gina wake up. Deidara was currently in a zombie-like state, and could not bring himself to go anywhere near the basement. Sasuke had to be locked up for an entire day one time near the end of the week.

Five days after immense pain from the chakra systems forming in their bodies the girls that were awake had screamed their throats raw. Audrey had passed out multiple times from pain. Shoto tried to ignore it, but could not stop the screams from coming. Evelynn tried desperately to break her restraints, and even tried to call out to Adrian, who would not wake up. As it turned out the sedatives worked very well for Adrian and Gina. They didn't wake up through the whole week, and neither had felt any pain during the process.

-End time skip/ summary thing-

It was finally the end of the week. Nagato, Konan, and Yahiko would go to the basement alone. They had declared the men too emotional, and could not have them disturbing the end of the process. Otherwise they would have to start all over.

In the basement, Konan went to Audrey's cell. The young brunette looked incredibly frail. Konan sat next to her bed.

"Audrey, can you hear me?" Audrey only nodded, so Konan continued. "I'm going to remove the chakra rods now, okay?"

Again, she only nodded.

As gently as she could, Konan removed the rods. Audrey's body trembled and retched with silent sobs, and fresh tears slid down her cheeks. Konan's heart broke.

"Now I'm just going to make sure your chakra system is running correctly, okay?"

Again, Audrey only nodded.

Konan gathered some chakra to her hands, and placed them on Audrey's abdomen. She could feel the center of her chakra system. It had worked. Konan used her chakra to pull all of Audrey's chakra to her chakra center, then slowly released her chakra so it flowed one way. When the chakra rods admitted the chakra into Audrey's body, it just pulled it in any which way it could. They had to get all the chakra to flow in one way together. After Konan finished she undid the straps that held Audrey down.

"I know Deidara is dying to see you."

Audrey gave a weak smile, and Konan led her upstairs to the medical room. There, she patched up Audrey's wounds from the chakra rods, and handed her over to Deidara. The bomber scooped Audrey up, and held her gently in his lap, rocking her slowly. Then, Konan went to check Gina's chakra system.

Yahiko entered Evelynn's cell. The red-head averted her eyes in his direction.

"You still alive over there?" The ginger joked.

"It'd take more than this to take out Evelynn Crevan." The woman spoke hoarsely. Her voice almost gone from all the screaming she had done.

"Well, I just need to get those rods out, check the chakra system, then we can get Adrian, and get you guys out of here." Yahiko grinned.

Evelynn nodded in understanding, and braced herself for the pain that would come with the removal of the rods. Yahiko tried to be as gentle as possibly. Evelynn was fairly certain her body had gone numb. Once the rods were removed, Yahiko removed the straps that held her down. Once they were off Evelynn tried to sit up, only to be held down by Yahiko.

"Woah! I told you I had to check your chakra system!" Evelynn glared at him. "Well, it's good to see you're still yourself."

As Yahiko teased her, he went about fixing her chakra system the same way Konan had done with Audrey. Once everything was set, Yahiko helped her up, and they went over to Adrian's cell together. Evelynn demanding that she not leave the basement unless she had Adrian with her.

Nagato entered Shoto's cell. Shoto didn't seem to acknowledge him. Perhaps she didn't sense or hear him?

"Are you alright?" Nagato asked.

"Y-yes." Came the hoarse reply. Nagato sighed with relief. At least she was alive.

"I'm going to remove the rods, and balance your chakra system. Then we can get you out of here."


Her voice, like Evelynn's, was gone from all the screaming she had done. In fact, she looked a lot paler than she normally did as well. The first thing they would have to do is get something to eat. After that, they would need to rest, and Nagato would inform the other members not to disturb them. The girls just went through hell and back, no doubt.

Gently, Nagato removed the rods. Aside from wincing every time one was removed, Shoto remained silent. Once they were removed, Nagato undid the straps that held her down, and started to balance out her chakra system. The girls would have to rest a couple days, so they would know exactly how much chakra each had. Once he was finished Nagato helped her sit up.

"I think I can walk on my own." Shoto whispered hoarsely. Nagato just nodded, and kept close behind her as they made their way up to the main part of the base.

-Time skip!-

It was now a week after the girls gained their chakra systems.

Audrey was rapidly learning medical nin-jutsu. As it turned out, she was a very quick and skilled medical ninja. Currently, Konan was teaching her evasion, so she would be able to dodge any enemy attacks, but also keep her eyes on her teammates. When Konan wasn't helping her train, she was studying scrolls and books about medical nin-jutsu techniques, and then teaching them to Gina. Since Gina was nearing her eight month of pregnancy, this was about all she could do for now.

Evelynn probably had the best chakra control. So much so, that she had figured out how to transmit chakra into her weapons, and make them ten times deadlier than they were before. She still favored the pole axe, though Kisame was teaching her how to gather chakra into he metal plates in her gloves. If she was able to accomplish this, then she would also be able to fight with just her bare hands. This pleased Evelynn to no end.

Shoto was highly intelligent, and therefore was very good at strategies. She was best at making clones, and in doing so using them to her full advantage. Basically, she used them to confuse her opponents. Sort of like a genjutsu, just without the genjutsu. She also had amazing stamina, and incredible speed. Currently, she was able to take her axe and chain and whip it at an opponent with bullet speed, and almost dead-on aim. Rarely did she miss a target. Itachi, having remembered Shoto mentioning being a gun slinger, was now teaching her how to use senbon needles. Which she could launch at opponents from a distance, hidden or not. This pleased Shoto, as she excelled at long range combat.

With training underway, and new found skills, our girls were ready for missions.

Hm, they did promise Shikamaru a chance for revenge, after all.