Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction ❯ What a Lovely Turn of Events ❯ An Adrian One-Shot ( Chapter 18 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Adrian Crevan was an observant five year old boy. His bright green eyes seemed to take in anything and everything around him. He was an ornery little boy as well. Just the other day he kindly taken the sugar jar over to the adults. Some of them liked sugar in their coffee, he knew. What they didn't know was that Adrian had decided to put salt in the sugar jar instead. Then, he made sure to hide the sugar very, very well. Needless to say, coffee ended up drenching the kitchen table as most of the members spit the coffee out. Then they had to search five hours for the missing sugar. What a clever little boy.

Evelynn completely doted on Adrian. The black haired boy loved this. In fact, he loved his mother and father very much. Just the thought of them brought a grin to the shy boy's face. He had never had parents before. Well, he did, but they had dropped him off on the doorstep of the orphanage when he was two. The only thing they left was a note that said 'Adrian'. Of course, that had been well over three years ago, and Adrian did not remember those parents. He decided he liked his new mother and father a lot more.

Especially mother, who babied him like he was her own. Father, on the other hand, seemed a bit more reserved. Yes, he held Adrian any time the boy wanted picked up, and he never forgot to give Adrian a kiss on the head before he said goodbye. Yet, that seemed to be as far as it went. He didn't cuddle with Adrian like mother did, even though Adrian had tried multiple times by laying on fathers chest. The red-headed man just didn't seem to get the hint. Now, Adrian sat in the room he shared with his mother and father. He was playing with the puppet figures father had made for him. The boy frowned. He had to use his hands to control them. Not like father, who could control hundreds of puppets at once with what he had told Adrian were 'chakra strings'.

Adrian knew he had chakra. Sometimes he thought he could feel it bubbling in his belly. Apparently, when they were taken into the basement, he had been put into a deep sleep, and the chakra was inserted into while he slept. He wasn't quite sure how that process worked, but he was certainly happy he had chakra like everyone else, now. Adrian looked up as his father entered the room.

"What are you doing, Adrian?" Sasori asked. Adrian liked his voice. It was soft, calm, and not too deep.

"Playing." the boy stated simply.

"I see. Why are you in here alone?"

"I was gonna make the puppets move like you do, but I can't do it." Adrian pouted. Sasori almost, almost smiled.

"Would you like me to teach you?" Sasori asked as he knelt down next to the boy. Adrian's green eyes widened.

"Would you, father? Really?" Adrian looked up at him excitedly. It took a lot for Sasori not to beam with pride.

"Of course. Here, watch me closely."

With that, Sasori set to work teaching Adrian how to create chakra threads, and attach them to the little puppet figures. Adrian practiced for hours on end, and finally he got one of them to move.

"Did you see that, father?! Did you?!" Adrian cried out with joy.

"I did. You're a fast learner, Adrian." Sasori smirked.

"Father, you like me right?" Adrian asked quietly. Suddenly, the little boys toes looked very interesting. Sasori blinked in surprise.

"Of course. Why would you ask that."

"Well.." Adrian paused and bit his lip. "You don't treat me like mother does."

So that was it? Sasori pondered for a moment. He had no parental love himself growing up. His parents had been killed when he was very young. He didn't even remember them, if he were to be completely honest with himself. Granny Chiyo hadn't been much, even if she did care for him. She had been withdrawn, stern, and didn't dote on him the way a real parent would. Even when she had started to teach him puppetry, it had been nothing more than that. Training.

After another brief moment Sasori looked down at Adrian. They didn't know how he ended up at the orphanage, nor did they know if he remembered his real parents. It was true, Evelynn showered the boy in attention every chance she could. Did Sasori not do the same? Then it dawned on him. He didn't. If anything, Sasori treated Adrian the way Chiyo had treated him. Not cold, but not very loving either. Suddenly, Sasori's face softened. That would end, and that would end right now. He scooped the five year old into his arms, and held him tightly against his chest.

"Adrian, I love you very, very much. Understand?" Sasori muttered into the boys hair. "I'm kind of new to the whole 'father' role, but don't ever question if I care for you. I'd give my life for you. You are my son, and I am always going to love you."

Adrian pulled back a bit and looked up at Sasori's face. The red-headed man held a serious look, but there was a new softness to his features that Adrian couldn't quite place. Suddenly, the young boy was over come with emotions, and her burst into tears, burying his head into his fathers neck.

"I love you. I love you!" Adrian cried quietly. Sasori rubbed his back soothingly, hushing the child gently.

"I know. I know, Adrian."

"I'm gonna become a great puppet master like you, father." Adrian stated pulling away slightly, and rubbing his eyes with his sleeve. "One day, I'll even surpass you! Just wait, father! You and mother will be so proud of me!"

Sasori studied the boy some more, and helped the boy dry his tears. His heart seemed to swell with grief at his son's tears, but also with pride with what the boy had said. Then he took in what Adrian had said. He wanted them to be proud of him. Sasori smiled gently at the boy in his arms.

"We already are."