Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction ❯ What a Lovely Turn of Events ❯ Training with Uchiha's ( Chapter 20 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

In the months Gina was training with Kakuzu, and Evelynn and Audrey were learning water techniques Shoto was vigorously training with the Uchiha brothers. The first jutsu they taught her was the technique almost all Uchiha's first learned when they were starting out. The fireball jutsu. Luckily, Shoto was a fast learner. In no time she had learned the hand signs, and now Itachi was instructing her on how to create the fireball jutsu.

"This is a short range jutsu." Itachi said after he demonstrated. "After you master this we'll teach you two long range, as well."

Shoto just nodded, performed the hand signs, and tried her luck with the technique. She barely managed a small flame, and was shocked to find that flame had burned her lips.

"No one gets it on the first try." Itachi chuckled. "Audrey has some ointments that will help with the burns. Now, again!"

Shoto trained for hours. By the time she made a decent sized fireball her lips were chapped and bleeding.

"That's enough of that for today." Itachi said with concern edged in his voice. "You're a fast learner. Go to Audrey and get healed, and we'll continue this lesson tomorrow."

-Time skip!-

The next day Itachi took Shoto to the clearing in the forest where they had originally learned of their chakra natures.

"Now, show me what you learned." Itachi said. Shoto nodded and got in a fighting stance.

"Fire style: Fire ball jutsu!" She yelled as she performed the hand signs. A giant ball of fire shot from her mouth and towards Itachi. The Uchiha jumped out of the way, and four trees behind him were consumed in the flame.

"Good. Now, come at me again. This time have your weapon at the ready."

Shoto nodded again, and performed the hand signs. As Itachi jumped out of the way of the fireball, Shoto launched her axe and chain at him with deadly aim. Itachi leaped to the right, narrowly avoiding it. Then the Uchiha shot his own fireball jutsu at the girl. Shoto looked shocked for a minute, and jumped to the left out of the way, quickly regaining her composure. The two danced around firing the jutsu at each other. At one point Shoto's shirt sleeve caught fire, and some time in their spar Itachi got sliced in the leg with her axe head.

"You're getting better." Itachi panted. It was getting dark now, and they would have to head back to the base soon.

"Thanks." Shoto gasped out. The girls had never done training like this before. It was one thing to just use their weapons. Now that had to constantly switch between jutsu's and weapons, and it diminished their chakra a lot faster than normal.

"Eventually you'll learn how much chakra to exert into a jutsu, so you don't get exhausted as quickly."

Nagato had explained when Evelynn complained about losing so much chakra during training.

"Let's head back to the base. You did very well today, Shoto." Itachi stated. Shoto nodded and followed the Uchiha home.

-Time skip!-

It had been a month since Shoto had learned and mastered the fireball jutsu. Now, she was with Sasuke in the clearing where she could normally train with Itachi. It was decided that each Uchiha would teach her one jutsu, and then work together to teach her the third.

"This jutsu works with your long range combat skills." Sasuke drawled. Just because Shoto was his girlfriend, he wasn't going to go easy on her. They were training for war, after all. "This jutsu is best performed in the air. From there, you can launch three bullets of fire that will rain down on your targets like meteors. This jutsu is 'great flame thrower'."

"Got it." Shoto stated. As far as she was concerned Sasuke was nothing more than a teacher right now. She watched intently as her performed the jutsu, and when he was finished demonstrating, turned to her.

"Now you try it. I'll watch carefully, and let you know if you do anything wrong."


With that Shoto jumped into the air, performed the hand signs, and set a rain of fire bullets down on Sasuke. The younger Uchiha jumped out of the way, and landed on a tree branch as Shoto landed on the ground.

"The point is three fairly large bullets, not a horde of small ones." Sasuke yelled down to her. "You need to focus making your chakra into tighter components."

Shoto nodded and tried again. By nightfall she wasn't anywhere closer to the three fireballs Sasuke created than when she first started. Though Sasuke had to admit that the fire bullets she did create caused quite a bit of damage when they hit her target.

"You were a gun slinger back in your world, correct?" Sasuke asked when they were getting ready to leave.

"That's right." Shoto said smoothly.

"Well, with how good your aim is I don't see a problem with you doing the jutsu this way. If anything, for you, it's more effective in a rain of bullets than three fireballs."

"I was going to ask you about that. They don't cause the same amount of damage, but they're still effective. I was going to ask if I could leave the jutsu the way it was." Shoto replied.

"I don't see why not." Sasuke smirked. Quickly, he scooped Shoto up bridal style in his arms. Her blues eyes widened for a second, but then she smiled up at him softly. Gently, Sasuke kissed her, and the black haired woman kissed back. Sasuke carried her back to the base. Stealing a kiss here and there when she was least expecting it.

-Time skip!-

"This final jutsu is called 'fire breath'." Itachi stated. "It only requires the 'tiger' hand sign. With this technique you'll be able to shoot a stream of powerful fire from your mouth."

"My teeth are going to melt out of my mouth by the time this is over." Shoto muttered sarcastically.

"We're not quite at war, yet." Sasuke smirked.

"Sasuke, would you like to do the demonstration?" Itachi asked. His younger brother nodded, and aimed at a boulder. With the tiger hand sign in place Sasuke shot a stream of fire at the boulder, and almost instantly the boulder exploded.

"This is a long range technique. So you'll be able to keep your distance from your targets. Which seems to be your strong point." Itachi told Shoto. The girl only nodded. "Very well then. Then you get this jutsu down Sasuke and I will both attack. So keep alert."

Shoto practiced the jutsu until nightfall, once again. Itachi decided there would be no spar today, and Sasuke reassured Shoto that this new jutsu took a lot of chakra and concentration. So there was no need for her to feel bad. Once Shoto applied the burn ointment to her chapped and cracked lips (she still was learning how to keep the fire from scorching her mouth as she used the jutsu's) the three headed back to the base. With Itachi promising that from now on all their training sessions would be nothing but fighting matches.

-Time skip!-

It was two months after Shoto had learned her three fire techniques. Itachi and Sasuke had taken her to their 'training ground', and the three were currently in an intense spar. Itachi and Sasuke against Shoto. The woman had come a long way, and the Uchiha's weren't surprised that she could now easily keep up with them.

Currently, Shoto had just blocked Sasuke's lightening blade, and was aiming a horde of her fire bullets at him. From her left Itachi appeared, and aimed a fireball at her. Shoto leaped back again, and aimed her axe and chain at him. Itachi had to stop his jutsu in order to avoid her. Suddenly, Sasuke came from below her. She yanked her axe head back, and swung it downwards towards him. Sasuke had to leap to the right to avoid it.

"You're improving quickly, Shoto." Itachi told her. He was panting slightly, and all three of them were coated in sweat. Which was understandable. They had been training for five hours straight.

"Thank you, Itachi-nii-san." Shoto had recently taken to calling Itachi 'big brother'. Not that the Uchiha minded. In fact he had missed the title.

"You might be as good as me, one day." Sasuke smirked.

"I'm already twice as good as you." Shoto drawled looking at him with a bored expression.

"Is that so?" Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "If I remember, last night you were telling me I was the best while we..."

He was cut off as Shoto shot her axe head at him. He leaped to the left out of the way, and the axe head stuck itself into the tree behind him.

"Shut up." Shoto stated calmly, glaring at her boyfriend.

"Alright you two." Itachi chuckled. "We've done plenty of training for today. Nagato wants to hold a meeting. Apparently, Zetsu had some information on Konoha and Suna."

The two lovers nodded, and the three of them made their way back to the base.

Shoto was quietly planning her revenge on her oh-so-loving boyfriend.