Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction ❯ What a Lovely Turn of Events ❯ The First of Many Battles ( Chapter 23 )

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They weren't sure how or why it happened. Nor were they sure exactly what time. It had been a week since they learned of Konoha's plans to join forces with Suna. Training had increased tenfold. Sasori was even teaching Adrian how to attach kunai, in a row, on a chakra thread, and launch it at an enemy. When it happened the girls were just getting ready for training. Audrey was sitting on the kitchen counter talking excitedly to Kisame and Deidara. Sasori was holding Adrian near the living room door, and Evelynn was kissing him on his forehead. Gina and Itachi were cooing over Nina before handing her to Nagato. Hidan was up in his room, and Kakuzu and Sasuke had just entered the kitchen. Everyone who was training and teaching were about to walk out the door. As they stepped out two kunai flew from the trees and embedded themselves on either side of the doorway.

"What the fuck?" Evelynn looked at one of them confusedly, until she shoved everyone back inside the door and out of the way. Suddenly, there was a huge explosion, and the doorway caved in.

"What the hell was that?!" Gina asked as they gathered themselves up.

"Explosive tags attached to kunai." Shoto stated calmly, her eyes narrowed at the door.

"You don't think they found us, hm?" Deidara asked.

"It seems that way." Itachi said quietly. Suddenly the sound of breaking glass could be heard from the floors about.

"Who the fuck are you people?!" They heard Hidan shout.

"Oh shit, oh shit!" Evelynn snapped. "We gotta get out of here!"

"Evelynn, take Adrian." Sasori told her calmly. He knew that if he stayed calm, Evelynn would as well. The red headed woman scooped the boy into her arms and held him tightly.

"What are we going to do? The blew the fucking door in?!" Evelynn snapped.

"We need to get Hidan." Kisame reminded them as the base shook violently. The Akatsuki struggled to stay on their feet. Was that another set of explosive tags?

"Well, Leader?" Itachi turned to Nagato. Gina was currently tying a sash across her chest, and cradling Nina in it. Whatever they did, they had to do it fast.

"Itachi, you, Sasori, Deidara, and myself with head up the stairs first. Kisame, Kakuzu, and Evelynn will follow behind us. Sasuke, Shoto, and Audrey behind them. Gina will follow last with Adrian and Nina. Zetsu should be here shortly, and we'll send him to get Konan and Yahiko. Kill whoever gets in your way, and try to jump out one of the windows!" Nagato ordered. Everyone nodded and took position.

Itachi, Sasori, Deidara, and Nagato started up the stairs. Sasori had five puppets at the ready, Deidara's hand mouths were preparing his clay, and Itachi's Sharingan was activated. Who had attacked their hideout? As a matter of fact, how did anyone find it to begin with. The men were met with the sight of three dead sand-nin, and a very pissed of Hidan.

"Our hideout was fucking attacked." Hidan stated bluntly.

"We can see that, idiot." Kakuzu said dryly. Evelynn, Kisame, and Kakuzu had just come up behind the first four.

"Sand shinobi?" Kisame asked as he tapped one of them with his foot.

"There's more outside, waiting to ambush us if we leave, no doubt." Nagato said. "Are the windows clear?"

"Yeah, the fucking windows are fine. Just the fucking glass is smashed out of all of them." Hidan explained.

"Very well. Evelynn, go tell the others we'll be exiting from the windows up here. Hidan, you'll join Kakuzu's group." Nagato ordered. The two nodded and Evelynn went down the stairs to gather the others to the second floor.

"Listen, the teams will be the same as before." Nagato started. "Itachi, Deidara, Sasori, and myself will go out first. Once the first move is made, and you can see where we're attacked from, Evelynn, Kisame, Kakuzu, and Hidan will join us. Shoto and Sasuke, I want you two to take Gina and the children to Amegakure. Konan and Yahiko will take you in until the rest of us catch up. Audrey, you'll act as a medic and nothing else unless we really need the back up. Understood?"

"Hai!" His team mates cried.

-Time Skip! Sorta-

Almost as soon as they landed Nagato and his team were shot at with a horde of kunai and shuriken.

"Almighty push!" Nagato yelled, sending the weapons back in the direction they came from.

"That's our cue." Evelynn grinned at her comrades. With that, they leaped from the windows. Evelynn twirled her pole axe off her back, gathered her chakra into her weapon, and smashed it just along the outskirts of the trees. As soon as she made impact she jumped back to join the rest of the Akatsuki that were outside. When the smoke and dust cleared there stood two more squads of sand-nin and four leaf-nin squads.

"Hey, it's that fucker again, Kakuzu." Hidan yelled at his partner pointing at Shikamaru.

"Shut up, Hidan. Now is not the time." Kakuzu growled.

"Oi, it's that pink haired bitch!" Evelynn suddenly cried out.

"I don't see the nine-tails, hm."

"Will all of you cut it out. This isn't a reunion." Nagato snapped.

"Well, it kind of is. Considering we keep fighting the same fuckers over and over." Hidan said.

"That ends today." Sasori drawled. Itachi nodded, and the two prepared their weapons. Itachi had a tanto he favored, and of course Sasori's puppets. The former turned to Evelynn. "Keep an eye on my back, okay?"

"I got you covered." Evelynn nodded and moved closer to him.

"How sweet." Kakashi said dryly.

"Enough talking. Almighty pull!" Nagato shouted. A sand-nin was pulled towards him, and Nagato dropped a chakra rod from his sleeve and pierced the opposing shinobi's heart. He was dead instantly. Everything was quiet for a moment, then (as Evelynn, Hidan, and Deidara would say) all hell broke loose.

The sand-nin's comrades came at Nagato, who instantly swept them into battle. Kunai clashed against chakra rod. Kiba, Leia, and Hinata went after Sasori and Evelynn. Sasori sent his puppets after Leia and Kiba, who were having a hard time dodging them. Evelynn swung her pole axe at Hinata, who barely managed to dodge, and was slightly shocked by the power the red-head could put into her weapon. The two danced around. Evelynn trying to basically crush Hinata, and Hinata trying to attack Evelynn's chakra points.

"You're actually pretty good!" Evelynn complimented as she narrowly avoided being hit by Hinata's gentle fist. The red-head spun around, and aimed her pole axe at the girls legs. Hinata jumped over it, and looked at Evelynn with a surprised look.

"U-uhm.. Th-thanks?" Hinata stuttered out as they continued their battle.

Itachi and Deidara were currently fighting Temari, Gaara, and Baki. Itachi was trying to keep Temari in hand to hand combat, to prevent her from using her fan, and Deidara was having a time dodging Gaara's sand.

"You better be careful, hm." Deidara taunted the Kazekage. "Remember what happened last time we met, yeah? Nothing is stopping me from turning you into a masterpiece, this time. I wouldn't try to remove my arm again, if I were you, un. Audrey will have your head on a silver platter and served with wine, hm!"

Ino, Shikamaru, Shizune, and Yumi were currently facing Kakuzu and Hidan.

"Not still after that stupid fucking revenge, are you?' Hidan asked as he pulled his scythe off his back.

"Where's Sasuke and that other girl?" Ino asked. "We have every intention of taking them out as well."

"Good luck with that. The girls have turned in to fine kunoichi. Better than you, from observation." Kakuzu chuckled. He and Hidan leaped back as Shikamaru sent his shadows after them.

"I've heard enough." Shikamaru snarled. "First our sensei, then our teammate. We're not letting you escape this time."

With that, Kakuzu released his thread monsters, and Shikamaru tried to pin them down with his shadows. Ino and Shizune went after Hidan, who was laughing like a psycho and trying to slice one of them with his scythe. Yumi faced Kakuzu head on with a kunai. They two jumped around narrowly avoiding each others hits, and when Yumi did manage to strike him Kakuzu simply hardened his skin.

Kisame was facing Gai's team, Kakashi, Sakura, and Sai.

"So, we meet again." Kisame drawled at Gai.

"I've fought you before?" Gai asked Kisame. Everyone around him except Lee sweat-dropped.

"You can't be serious.." Kisame said.

"Unfortunately, he's serious." Neji said from beside of Gai.

"You really don't remember me?" Kisame asked guy with a look of bewilderment.

"I'm sorry, your face isn't familiar." Gai said studying Kisame.

"Whatever. Let's get this over with." Kisame face-palmed and pulled Samehada off his back. The seven leaf-nin came at Kisame, and the eight went to battle.

"We need to get Gina and the kids out now." Shoto stated from inside the hideout. The remaining Akatsuki were looking down at the fighting going on. So far the only one's who weren't fighting were Yamato, Shino, and Sakura had left the fight with Kisame.

"Right." Sasuke started and turned to Gina. "More than likely the last three will come after us when we jump down. Shoto and I will hold them off. You just run straight to the hidden rain village and let Konan and Yahiko what's going on. Don't let them come here. We'll come to you guys as soon as we can."

"Of course." Gina nodded. She currently had one hand tightly holding Adrian's, and Nina was clutched to her chest.

"Are you going to be okay?" Audrey asked her friend in concern.

"I'll be fine. We're shinobi now, remember?" Gina smiled at her friend.

"Damn good kunoichi at that." Shoto said fiercely. The blonde and brunette looked at their friend in shock. Normally she didn't speak with such an edge in her voice. The black haired woman just smiled softly at them. Gina and Audrey returned her smile, and each gave her a firm nod. That was right. No longer were they defenseless girls from their world. They were kunoichi. Damn good ones, at that.

"Well, let's go." Sasuke told the girls gently. On his command Shoto scooped up Adrian, and Sasuke, Gina, and her jumped from the window. As soon as their feet hit the ground Shoto handed Adrian to Gina, and the blonde started running in the direction of the hidden rain village. Shoto and Sasuke ran a little ways behind her as back up.

No sooner had they started running Sakura, Yamato, and Shino cut them off. Gina let go of Adrian's hand, and unsheathed her katana. She had decided long ago that as a mother she would learn to fight with only one hand, in case something like this happened. Shoto loosened her axe and chain from her hip, and Sasuke drew his sword as well.

"Get out of my way." Gina growled.

"Not likely!" Sakura snapped. She was eying Shoto and Sasuke. So this was the girl Ino told her about.

Sasuke leaped forward and was about to impale Yamato with his sword. Shino blocked him with a kunai. Then the two continued to clash, kunai blocking sword. Shoto aimed her axe head at Yamato next. He made a few hand signs and wood started to shoot up from the ground aiming at Shoto. The woman leaped into the air, and aimed shot six senbon at the wood user. The deflected them with a kunai, and the two got caught up in combat. That left Sakura against Gina.

'They have kids? That was unexpected.' Sakura thought as she eyed the bundle tied in a sash around Gina's chest, and the little boy that was clutching the woman's pant leg. Suddenly, Sakura jumped at Gina, fist raised. Kids or no kids, she couldn't let any of the Akatsuki escape. Gina jumped to the left out of the way, but didn't have time to pull Adrian with her.

"Adrian, dammit!" Gina cried as she landed on her feet and turned to the pink haired shinobi. Sakura had picked the wailing boy up, and was getting ready to retreat with him. It was possible the boy had some information, and kids usually talked easily. Before Sakura could make another move two swords were seen sticking out of her chest. Adrian dropped from her arms and looked around.

"Keep your filthy hands off my son." Sasori hissed. Two of his puppets had stabbed Sakura straight through her heart.

"Daddy!" Adrian wailed. The boy was sobbing uncontrollably.

"Adrian, go with Gina. Mommy and Daddy will see you soon." Sasori cooed at the boy. He was now back to facing Kiba. Leia had been forced to retreat when one of Sasori's puppets poisoned her with a senbon. Evelynn was still in an even fight with Hinata, though the former seemed to be getting tired.

"O-okay." Adrian stuttered. Before he could do anything, Gina picked him up, and placed him on her back.

"Hold on, little Adrian." Gina told him gently. Then she took off in the direction of Amegakure.

"Sakura!" Yamato yelled as he jumped out of the way of Shoto's axe head again. This time Shoto yanked it back just as it was going past him, and with a flick of her wrist the axe head embedded itself into Yamato's back.

"Yamato!" Shino looked over at his superior. He couldn't take his eyes off Sasuke for long, or else he would meet the same fate as his two comrades.

Deidara had blown Baki's face off. Literally. Itachi currently had Temari in his genjutsu, and Deidara was now trying to get some of his clay mixed in with Gaara's sand. Nagato was facing off with the last of the sand shinobi squad that attacked him. Some girl named 'Matsuri'. Kisame had Ten-ten, Lee, Neji, Sai, and Kakashi in water prisons, and Gai was having some difficulty trying to break the jutsu, as Kisame's sword was quickly draining him of chakra every time the leaf-shinobi touched it. Hidan was performing his ritual on Shikamaru, and Kakuzu was strangling Yumi and Shizune. Ino was trying to dodge the blast from Kakuzu's thread beasts. Shino nearly took a chidori to the heart, and somehow Yamato managed to drag him and Sakura to the trees where Leia was. Yamato looked around at the battles going on. None of them had ever dreamed the Akatsuki was as powerful as they were.

-Time skip!-

Most of the battles lasted days. Gai had finally broke Kisame's water prison jutsu. Shikamaru had been killed in Hidan's ritual, and Kakashi was currently helping Shizune, Ino, and Yumi fight the immortal duo.

"We need to retreat." Kakashi panted as he pushed Yumi out of the way and dodged a blast from Kakuzu's fire thread pet. "We've already lost three more of our comrades, and the only one's left of the sand-nin that came with us are Lord Kazekage and Temari. Temari's gravely injured, and most of ours are injured badly as well."

"Right." Yumi agreed grimly. It would be a blow to their prides, but they had to leave before they were all killed. The only way to take down the Akatsuki, it seemed, was with an army.

"Retreat!" Kakashi yelled as loud as he could.

Gaara had been facing off with Sasori. Sasori had lost six of his puppets to Kiba, but had managed to stab the boy in his leg. Kiba was then forced to the trees with the others. Hinata's eyes were starting to fail her, but Evelynn's chakra was starting to get low, fast. Taking Hinata's place was Neji. Sasuke had killed Shino, a chidori through the stomach. He and Shoto had gone on ahead, and caught up with Gina half way to the hidden rain village. Kisame was facing Ten-Ten and Lee, since Gai had passed out from chakra exhaustion. Just as Kisame was about to strike him dead, Lee and Ten-Ten attacked him together. The two were panting, and their movements were slower. On command, the remaining leaf and sand-nin started leaping back into the trees.

"Oh no you don't!" Evelynn snapped. Just as the Akatsuki were going after them many of the leaf shinobi let off smoke bombs. By the time the Akatsuki could see again, they were gone.

"Jashin damn them!" Hidan howled as he pulled one of his pikes out of his leg. He was in the middle of a ritual with Shizune. Kakashi had knocked him out of the pentagram, and used his chidori to blow the spot where the symbol had been to smithereens.

"It's probably for the better. We need to heal our own injuries, and regain our chakra." Nagato stated.

The Akatsuki looked around at each other. It was true, quite a few of them looked beat up. Evelynn had bruises all over her body from her fight with Hinata and Neji. Sasori had claw marks across his stomach from Kiba. Itachi's cloak was torn to shreds, and he had multiple cuts all over his body from his fight with Temari. Kisame and Kakuzu looked alright, aside from a few bruises Kisame got from his fight with Gai, and Kakuzu had lost one of his hearts to Kakashi. Nagato had a few gashes here and there from his fights with the sand-nin. Deidara had a broken arm from his fight with the Kazekage, as well as plenty of wounds from where the sand sliced him open. Hidan, of course, had his own injuries from his rituals. Audrey jumped down from her hiding place in the base, and set to work cleaning and healing some of their wounds.

"You almost lost your arm again, Deidara!" Audrey scolded her husband who was grinning sheepishly.

"Sorry, un."

"I lost ten puppets." Sasori muttered. "I'll turn that pink haired bitch into a puppet. Just wait until I find her body."

"There, there." Evelynn patted his back comfortingly. "Wait.. No! No! You are not having that girl as a puppet."

"Jealous?" Sasori smirked.

"No, but she might give Adrian nightmares!" Evelynn snapped. Sasori could see the sense in that.

"Let's get going. No doubt Zetsu is in Amegakure by now. We need to prepare for war." Nagato ordered.

"You know them bitches are going to have both of their fucking countries after us." Hidan said.

"Why do you think Yahiko and Konan stay in Amegakure?" Nagato asked. "Yahiko was elected their leader. The Hidden Rain village is small, but their army is powerful. We also have the power of eight of the tailed beast. So let them declare war. We're ready."

The Akatsuki stared at Nagato in awe. Sometimes they forgot just what kind of a badass their leader could be.

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