Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction ❯ What a Lovely Turn of Events ❯ We will fight ( Chapter 25 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The Akatsuki fell through Konan's a Yahiko's door. Immediately, Konan helped anyone who was severely injured into the living room, and Audrey followed so she could heal them. At the commotion, Adrian ran to the door, and launched himself at Evelynn.

"Mother!" He cried. His loud sobs wrecked through his body, and Evelynn held the child close.

"Shush. It's okay, Adrian. We're here." She cooed softly at the boy as she made her way into the living room. Sasori was close behind her, his hand resting on the small of her back. In Adrian's hand, clutched tightly, was one of the puppet figures Sasori had made for him.

"Is everyone alright?" Yahiko asked as Nagato tumbled in.

"Alive, yes." The rinnegan user answered. "Though quite a few of us got injured pretty badly, nothing serious."

"Itachi." Sasuke greeted his brother as he entered the living room. Itachi offered Sasuke and Shoto a small smile before taking Gina into his arms. After their embrace he picked Nina up, and kissed her head softly.

"I'm glad you're both alright." Itachi muttered softly to his wife.

"I could say the same." Gina responded.

Now, the entire Akatsuki were gathered in the living room. Kakuzu had collapsed in an armchair. Kisame and Hidan had slid down a wall behind said armchair. Deidara and Audrey were sitting on a two-seated couch, Audrey still trying to heal Deidara's broken arm. Itachi and Gina sat on the other couch in the room, Nina in Itachi's lap. Sasori sat beside Gina, and pulled Evelynn and Adrian into his lap. Shoto and Sasuke sat at Gina and Itachi's feet. Zetsu had arrived, and was sitting and leaning against the armchair Kakuzu was on. Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan stood in the middle of the room, Konan sitting on the coffee table.

"So now what?" Kisame asked.

"This was the official first battle." Nagato explained. "Technically, we're now at war. Though, I don't know how long it will take for them to figure out we're in Amegakure."

"I don't think we should stay here." Gina said. "They saw Sasuke, Shoto, and myself coming in this direction. I think we should find a new hideout."

"She's right." Shoto spoke softly. "We still need to train a bit more on not exhausting our chakra."

"So then where the fuck are we supposed to go?" Hidan asked. "They practically blew our fucking base into the ground."

"Orochimaru had many hideouts." Sasuke stated. "I know where most of them are, and there's not one far from here. We could use that until the girls are at their best, and then return here for war."

"I agree. You will have to return here, at some point. Since they saw Gina and the others head this way, no doubt they'll attack Amegakure." Yahiko said.

"What about the children?" Audrey asked.

"We have an underground hide-away tunnel underground. We can get some of the village women to look after them while the war is going on." Konan explained.

"I wanna fight with mother and father!" Adrian exclaimed. Some of the Akatsuki smiled at the boys enthusiasm.

"You're a bit young for that, son." Sasori whispered to the boy as he affectionately placed his forehead against the child's. Adrian pouted, but said nothing more.

"We'll rest here for a couple days, and let Audrey heal everyone the best she can." Nagato decided. "Then Sasuke can lead us to Orochimaru's old hideout. Once the girls have been trained to the point they don't exhaust their chakra so quickly, we'll return. Zetsu will stay here, and if they attack before the training is complete he'll come and get us. We only have eight of the tailed beast, but that should be plenty of power to take out Suna and Konoha. While we're training the girls Konan and Yahiko will prepare Amegakure's troops."

"Hai!" Was the reply Nagato received.

Everyone got silent, and each person slipped into their own thoughts. It was inevitable, the war was. They had seen it coming. Now that it was here they would all be lying if they said they weren't concerned for each other. They would fight their hardest, and take out anyone who got in their way. Peace. That is what they longed for so greatly. If this war is what would take them down that road, then so be it. One by one the Akatsuki were lead by Konan or Yahiko to a room. They would sleep now, and when the time came they would fight. To the end of the world, they would fight. For peace. For friends. For their families.

'We will fight.' Was the final thought of the Akatsuki members as they all drifted off into sleep.

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