NCIS Fan Fiction ❯ Never Again ❯ Chapter 1 ( Chapter 1 )

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A/N: This story has some Hollis Mann bashing. I'm not really a big fan of hers. So if you like Hollis this isn't the story for you. It's Gabby pairing, yet again don't like, don't read and no complaints about the pairing you have been warned. I love getting reviews so feel free to click the button at the bottom and leave me a message. Thank you for reading my fic!
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Hollis walked into the lab in search of Jethro. Tony had said he would be down there getting results for the investigation. She knew how close Jethro was to the lab rat and was not very happy about it but never said anything to his face knowing how protective of the girl he was. God forbid anyone ever said anything against that girl. Hollis really didn't think their relationship was work appropriate, nor was Abby's style of dress but she tried to let it go knowing that Jethro was hers. The young lab tech wasn't his type and he knew that. He went for older, more mature women. Hollis was almost completely confident in that fact until she walked into the lab.
Gibbs was standing very close to Abby with his hands on either side of her while looking over her shoulder at the computer screen. No one thought this was odd because he always stood that close to her. Everyone was use to their hugs and kisses on the head or cheek and no one questioned it. Hollis stood in the door for a few moments watching them interact before she decided it needed to end. Clearing her throat she walked forward, “Abby do you have the lab results?” She asked.
“Sure do! Was just telling bossman here that the powder on the guy's shirt was in fact cocaine and the finger print matched Petty Officer Riley's.” Abby spun around and faced Gibbs. Smiling she ducked under his arm and moved over to her major mass spectrometer. Printing the results out, she handed them to Hollis. Hollis tried to smile back but there was something that was bothering her about Abby's smile. Gibbs walked over to both of them and placed a kiss on Abby's head, “Good Job Abs.” He said before making his way out of the lab. Hollis followed him but not before seeing Abby's smile widen from the kiss. Hollis followed Gibbs into the elevator and hit the button for the squad room. That smile really was bothering her, it was almost as if Abby knew something she didn't about Jethro and that bothered her.
Tony looked up when the elevator dinged and saw Hollis and Gibbs walk out. He knew they had just come from the lab. He had sent Hollis down there because she was looking for Gibbs. The look on Hollis's face made Tony think that she had walked in on one of Gibbs and Abby's moments as the team had dubbed them. No one ever bothered to point them out anymore, they just existed and everyone was okay with that, even the Director. Tony knew Abby couldn't stand Mann but shrugged it off and played nice with her. Ever since the first time they met and Mann had made a comment in front of the team about how Abby was dressed. It didn't earn her any points with them. Abby was like the adorable little sister that everyone loved and no one but her other siblings were allowed to harass her. Tony thought of himself as her big brother and her protector after Gibbs. Ziva was the older sister that kept Tony in his place and McGee was the younger dorkier brother.
Abby watched Gibbs and Mann leave before she went and turned back on the noise she called music and resumed her work. Her thoughts weren't only on her work though they were also on her `silver -haired fox' and Mann. She wasn't too pleased with the woman and there was no love lost between them but she played nice for Gibbs sake. She knew they were dating and Gibbs seemed to like to woman so Abby pretended to tolerate her. Humming along with her music she bounced around her lab pressing various buttons and typing in codes and search parameters for the case. Soon she heard the elevator ding and knew it was too soon for Gibbs to be back so she figured it was someone else on the team. Turning around she was right Ziva came storming through the door to the lab looking less then pleased about something.
“What's wrong Ziva?” Abby asked turning her music down.
“That woman is what's wrong. Thinking she can tell us what to do and getting all up in our business, that is the term correct.”
“You got it right. So what did Mann do this time?” Abby loved to have bitch sessions with Ziva about the woman and it was nice to know she wasn't the only one who hated her.
“She tried to tell me that my report was not well written and then made a remark about how maybe I should brush up on my hand to hand skills. It was very annoying. My hand to hand skills are just fine. Just because I didn't react right away when the Petty Officer first hit me doesn't mean I am any less capable of taking him on. I was assessing the, what is the word, oh yes situation, so I would not act rashly.” Ziva vented.
“Of course there's nothing wrong with your hand to hand Ziva. I'm sure you could take Mann down in a heartbeat; she has no right to comment about that. What did Gibbs say when she said that?”
“Oh Gibbs was not in the room at the time. She said it when he was talking to the Director.”
“Coward, she knew he would say something to her about it. I think you should ask her to help you brush up and then lay her out flat” Abby said.
“Why would I lay her out flat? Shouldn't I just beat her at the training exercise?”
“Laying her out flat is the same thing. It just means to knock her flat on the ground.” Abby explained.
“Oh I understand now. Yes, maybe I will do that. Thank you Abby for the talk but I should get back to work.”
“Anytime Ziva, my doors always open.” Abby called as Ziva left the lab and headed back upstairs. Abby went back to working on her stuff.
Two weeks passed and the Riley case had been solved, Abby hoped this meant she wouldn't have to see Mann in her lab again. Between her comments about how she dressed and her relationship with Gibbs, Abby was starting to really hate having the woman in her lab. Of course she never said anything in front of Gibbs, Mann was too much of a coward to do that. A few more weeks passed and everything was getting back to normal when Tony came flying into her lab.
“Hey Tony! You okay there?” Abby asked looking at an out of breath Tony.
“Yea Abs I'm fine but I thought I should let you know she's back again.”
“Who's back?” Abby asked confused.
“Mann is back for the newest case. I thought I would warn you before she came down here with the evidence.” Tony explained to her.
Abby looked over at him from the computer and made a face, “Great, thanks for giving me the heads up Tony.” Tony nodded and walked back out of the lab.
Abby was prepared later that day when Mann and Gibbs walked into her lab with boxes of evidence.
“Hey Gibbs, what do ya have for me?”
“We have evidence from the latest case for you Abby.” Mann said looking at her. Abby made a small face at the fact that Mann had answered instead of Gibbs.
“Yeah I can see that but what's in it?” She asked looking at Gibbs.
“Well Abs, we have some bloody clothes, some finger nail scrapings, and some hairs and other fibers for you to run.” Gibbs said.
“Cool, cool.” Abby said bouncing along with the beat of her music. “I'll get right on all this bossman.”
“Okay Abs, you call…”
“Call you when I have the results. I know the drill Gibbs. Promise you'll be the first to know, okay well not the first because I'll be the first but definitely the second person to know.” Abby said smiling. Gibbs smiled back and kissed her cheek before walking out of the lab with Mann in tow. Abby began working on labeling and processing everything.
Gibbs and Mann took the elevator back up to the squad room to look for more leads as to why the marine had been killed. A few hours later Gibbs cell rang, “Gibbs, yeah Abby we'll be right there. Abby's got something.”
Everyone walked to the elevator and headed to Abby's lab. Walking in they saw Abby bouncing around working on something with the computers.
“What've you got for us Abs?” Gibbs asked moving right behind her. He was standing so her back was touching his chest. Mann wasn't too happy about how close they were and was getting ready to say something when Abby started talking.
“Okay so remember that case a few weeks ago, the Petty Officer Riley case?”
“Yes” everyone said.
“Okay well here's the hinky thing the finger print at the murder scene was his but that's impossible because he's in jail” Abby said spinning around and bumping into Gibbs. Gibbs grabbed her upper arm to keep her from falling off the chair. Mann saw this and made a displeased sound in the back of her throat, Gibbs let Abby go.
“Okay so how do we explain a man's finger print at a crime scene when he's in jail?” Tony asked.
“I don't know DiNozzo, how?” Gibbs asked rather sarcastically. Before Tony could open his mouth McGee chimed in, “Well he could have twin we don't know about.”
“McGee we check extensively into his background there was no mention of a sibling” Mann said.
“Well it has happen before, yes?” Ziva said, “We have had a case where the person did not list a sibling and they had one.”
“Yeah we have” Tony reasoned.
“Yeah but guys it's a 100% match. Despite popular belief twins don't have identical finger prints. It's all about the conditions of the womb and how the baby develops. While they may have similar whoops and swirls there are differences. So it wouldn't be a perfect match even if he did have a twin” Abby explained.
“Right is that all you have for us Abs?” Gibbs asked moving back from where he was standing next to her.
“Yeah, major mass spec stopped having a tantrum long enough to process those fibers you brought me. Thank god he did because I was really worried I'd have to get down on the floor and fix the wires again and you know how much I hate doing that if it can be avoided and…”
“Abby! Get to the point.” Gibbs commanded.
“Right, the fibers are from a 1967 Chevy Camaro.” Abby said.
“That is a sweet car. Did you know the Chevy Camaro is a pony car manufactured by the Chevrolet division of General Motors. It went on sale on September 29, 1966 for the 1967 model year and was designed as a competing model to the Ford Mustang. The car shared the platform and major components with the Pontiac Firebird, also introduced for 1967. Four distinct generations of the car were produced before production ended in 2002. They are making a new one though for 2009.” Tony rambled out.
“Why is this important DiNozzo?” Mann asked.
“Just facts about the car Coronal ma'ma. It's a really sweet car.”
“Good Job Abby.” Gibbs said as he placed a kiss on her cheek and moved to walk out of the lab.
“Wait! There's more!”
Gibbs turned around and looked back at her.
“I ID the blood on the clothes. Well not whose it is that'll take a few more hours but what type it is.”
“Well Abby do you plan on telling us or just standing there?” Mann asked.
Abby scowled slightly at the older woman before continuing, “I can tell you it's not our dead marines or Petty Officer Riley', it's not the right blood type for either. While our dead marine is O+ and Riley's B+ the blood type is AB- and only 1% of the American population has that blood type. I'm O- I can give to anyone but can only receive from O-. Kinda cool huh?” Abby explained to everyone. Gibbs walked over to her, “That's my girl” he said before walking back out of the lab. Hollis was the only one who followed him to the elevator. Tony, Ziva and McGee stayed in the lab to further discuss blood types and possibly Mann.
Gibbs and Mann got on the elevator and pushed to button for the squad room. As the elevator began moving Gibbs flipped the emergency stop switch. The elevator came to a halt all the lights dying with the exception of the emergency ones. Hollis looked over at him slightly confused.
“Is something wrong Jethro?”
“Yeah there is. The way you spoke to Abby in the lab. It was rather short and rude” Gibbs said.
Hollis looked surprised; Gibbs had never made a comment about how she talked to Abby before. Getting angry she looked him in the eye, “And how is that any different then how you talk to her Jethro?”
“I'm allowed to be short with her, it keeps her on topic. You on the other hand are not allowed to speak to her that way.”
“Oh so now you're going to stand here and defend her. And while we're on the topic of how to treat Abby let's talk about how close you stand to her or the kisses you give her. Frankly Jethro I don't approve of those things.”
“It's none of your business what I do with Abby!” Gibbs said raising his voice.
“It certainly is! You're dating me Jethro, not that child down there!”
Gibbs went stony silent and the look he was giving Hollis actually scared her.
Never Again
March 23, 2009