NCIS Fan Fiction ❯ Never Again ❯ Chapter 5 ( Chapter 5 )

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Gibbs made his way up to the director's office knowing Hollis would be there. Walking in he ignored Cynthia's calls that the Director was with someone and pushed the door open.
“Oh good you're here Jethro. I was just informing Lieutenant Colonel Mann here how things were done at NCIS. How we don't talk to each other the way she was speaking to Ms. Sciuto earlier in the bullpen,” Jenn explained in her Directors voice.
Hollis looked over at Gibbs hoping he didn't already know about everything. Gibbs gave her one look and she knew it was over, there was no hope. She had made the one grave mistake that anyone could make; she went after and hurt Abigail Sciuto. It was over and there was no way she could save herself now.
“I don't know what the hell your problem is Hollis but going after Abby is not okay. What has she ever done to you?! Telling her that she was an embarrassment to me and that she had no class was low even for you. I would expect a lot more from you. You made her cry for no reason other than your petty jealousy! You attacked one of my team and thought you could get away with it that I'd never find out about it!” Gibbs was yelling by this point, “Do you even have anything to say about it?!”
“It's always been about that girl down there. Abby this and Abby that! No one can speak ill of her in your presence. You treat her like she's a goddess and the rest of us mere mortals will never measure up to her. I'm your girlfriend and you still took her side over mine! How do you think that made me feel Jethro?! You know what you are so in love with that child that you can't see what's right in front of you! You two deserve each other, I'm done here,” Hollis turned to storm out of the room but was stopped before she even made it to the door.
“You know what Hollis if I didn't say it before I'm saying it now, we are through. I don't ever want to see you around here again. I'd advise you to get out as fast as you can because the next time I see you I won't be so nice. And just to let you know Abby is more of a woman and has more class than you ever will,” Gibbs moved out of her way allowing her to leave the office. Hollis looked at him one last time before storming out and making her way down to the car port.
Gibbs turned to the Director and smiled, “You think she got the message?”
“Oh yeah, never mess with Leroy Jethro Gibbs team. I think she got it loud and clear Jethro.”
“Good, oh and Abby invites you to join us tonight for poker at her place 2100. I expect to see you Jenn, you could do with a night off,” Gibbs smiled again before making his way out of her office and down to the bullpen to send everyone home before tonight.
Abby was finishing setting up the card table for everyone when her doorbell rang. Tony and McGee where standing there. Tony was carrying the pizzas and McGee had chips and beer in his hands.
“Hey Abby, we come baring gifts for tonight,” Tony said.
“Yes, I can see that. Well come in you can put the stuff in the kitchen.”
As soon as she closed the door the bell rang again and Jenn and Ziva where there. Both were carrying bags of candy and more beer.
“Into the kitchen with the rest of the stuff, there's some bowls sitting on the counters. Tony and McGee are already here.” Abby pointed them towards the kitchen and made her way back into the living room to finish setting up. She heard everyone saying hello and grabbing different things. Soon she heard a key in the lock and looked up to see Gibbs walking in carrying two bottles of Jack and a thing of bourbon.
“Hey stranger! Everyone's here already in the kitchen getting drinks and food. Help yourself to whatever you want.” Abby called out as Gibbs moved towards the noise. Soon everyone plied out of the kitchen and into the living room for a game of poker. Gibbs handed Abby a cold beer and a slice of cheese pizza. There was a lot of laughter and jokes flying around as everyone settled in for the game. Three hands later and Tony folded; he was soon followed by Jenn and then Ziva. Another betting round passed by and McGee folded as well. It was down the Abby and Gibbs and everyone was placing bets on who would win this round when the doorbell rang.
“Damn it!” Abby swore putting her cards down, “Who could that be? Everyone's here and Ducky couldn't come.” Getting up she made her way over to the door. Opening it she was surprise to see Lieutenant Colonel Mann standing there waiting.
“Can I help you Lieutenant Colonel?”
“I just wanted to stop by and tell you that you won. Jethro broke up with me because of you. I just want you to know when your day comes and he's through with you, and he'll be through with you, that I told you so. I warned you before that he needs a real woman and he'll get bored of you real fast. You're nothing but a new toy to fascinate him for a little while, and when he's done playing with you I'll be waiting for him.”
Abby just stared at her for a moment before a voice pulled her back, “Abs who's at the door?” Gibbs asked walking over.
“Oh Jethro, you sure don't waste any time jumping from bed to bed do you? Well it doesn't surprise me. I'm sure she was an easy lay for you huh. Ready and waiting to spread her legs?”
Everyone was getting up by this point to see what was going on by the door. It couldn't be good because Gibbs was clenching his fists over and over again. When everyone saw it was Lieutenant Colonel Mann they understood. They all glanced at Abby and saw she looked ready to cry.
“I've never hit a woman before Hollis but so help me god if you don't leave right now I will,” Gibbs growled pulling Abby behind him, “Get out and don't come back.”
“Protecting your whore now Jethro?”
“That is quiet enough Lieutenant Colonel Mann,” Jenn's sharp voice cut through the air, “You need to leave before I lodge a formal complaint with your CO.”
Hollis looked stunned to see not only the Director of NCIS standing in Abby's apartment but Gibbs's team as well. Paling slightly she looked at everyone's angry faces and decided to make a quick retreat before anymore damage could be done. Turning around she tried to make a hasty retreat but was stopped by Ziva who was now standing in front of her.
“I want to make something clear to you before you leave Lieutenant Colonel. If you ever hurt my friend like that again I know how till kill you without leaving a trace. I also know the best places to hide a body, yes. Do yourself a favor and never show your face around here again. If you do I will not hesitate to take you down,” Ziva explained in a very calm and rather scary voice.
“Are you threatening me Agent David?”
“No, I am making a promise, one I intend to keep.”
“And she's not the only one who will take you down,” Tony chimed in, “I will gladly help if I ever see you again.”
“I'll make sure there is no record of a Lieutenant Colonel Hollis Mann ever existing if that'll help you guys.” McGee offered from behind Tony.
Gibbs smiled at Hollis, “You mess with one part of my team and the whole team comes after you. Now remove yourself from this door step.”
Everyone walked back inside Abby's apartment and Gibbs closed the door in Hollis's face. Turning around he looked for Abby. Not seeing her in the living room he made his way towards her room. Jenn and the others sat back down at the table to wait.
Knocking on her door, Gibbs pushed it open to find Abby sitting on the edge of her bed. He slowly walked over and sat next to her. Pulling her into his lap, he began to stroke her hair.
“Hey everything's going to be alright. I'd never leave you Abs and you know that. I love you. I know it's taken me awhile to realize that but I do love you.”
Abby looked up at Gibbs and shifted her weight so she was now facing her. Placing her arms around his neck she lightly touched her lips to his. Feeling the contact Gibbs pulled her in further for a soul searing, curl your toes; take your breath away kiss. Finally pulling apart she smiled at him.
“Do you mean it? You really love me?”
“God yes Abs I really love you.”
“I love you too, Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Every last bit of you,” She pulled him in for another kiss.
“Good and I'm not going anywhere, anytime soon, well except back to that poker game because I'm gonna whip you behind at it.”
“I think not!”
“Oh I think I will,” Gibbs declared kissing her again, “I love you Abby.”
“Love you too Gibbs, let's get back out there before Tony comes in here to find out what happen to us.”
“Agreed,” Gibbs said grabbing her hand and leading her back into the living room for a night of poker, drink, and friends.
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Never Again chapter 5
March 23, 2009