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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Chu Chu's Revenge

By Tama-chan

Disclaimer- Don't own any of the anime. Only own lots of figures!


One day, Chu Chu is walking around and then Saionji Kyouichi comes up to him and then cruelly steps on him. Then Chu Chu responds, "Chu Chu Chu Chu." (translation: What the f**k baka!) Saionji keeps on going and then Chu Chu sits on the ground and starts to cry. And then that frog comes along and humps him. "Damnit," Chu Chu says. "Why does everybody f**king ignore me or hurt me? Dumb twats."

So he decides to get his revenge on everyone who has been shitty to him. He has an audition to find an evil sidekick. He interviews several people: Touga, Queen Beryl, Kaworu Nagisa, Tuxedo Melvin, Charlie's Angels, the Puu Chuu nation, etc. But finally a person walks in with the actual morals and stamina to be his evil sidekick. The one man who could be more evil than Saionji…..Muraki Kazutaka who's evil alias is Mr. Machacha.

So Mr. Machacha tries to develop a fool proof plan to beat Saionji. He decides one more evil person should be brought into the fold. They decide it must be someone deceivingly cute, yet truly evil to the core! They bring it down to two candidates and they just can't choose between the two. So they just use both and they are none other than Menchi and Tama-chan.

They all sit down and try to think of a plan to thwart Saionji. Chu chu thinks they should boil him in oil, tar and feather him, then they should snap his neck and rip his heart out, etc. Mr. Machacha thought he should teach him a lot of lessons. Tama-chan thought they should put a curse on him so he'd be stuck with bitchy Naru Narusegawa the rest of his life. Menchi thought they should let Hyatt throw up bits of blood and drown him in it so then the great will of the macrocosm would bring him back again. Then they could torture him some more.

Then out of nowhere Chu Chu actually speaks so others can understand him. "Listen here my mizzels, we should pop a cap in dat ass."

"Hey, I thought you could only say, `Chu Chu`," said Menchi. Tama-chan shook her head and agreed.

"What? I pity the fool that thinks that! We can all really talk. It's just deez jackass writers that make us say cute shit. Hell I'm from the Bronx niggy!"

"Well I'll be goddamned we can talk," says Tama-chan.

"What do you think ChaCha?" asked Menchi.

"Oh baby! Oh right there! Oh yes yes yes! Oh not right now Menchi, I'm teaching a lesson. Oh Puppy Pants ( the offspring of Tsuzuki and Hisoka)! Oh Melvin!" said Mr. Machacha.

So they all left him so he could finish his lesson, and so they wouldn't become one of his students. They finally decide to go with a fool proof plan. Anthy is going to call Saionji and tell him that she wants to meet him at the Student Council garden. Then they would jump him and tie him up. Then they were going to make him listen to Naru's awful singing. Then Mr. Machacha would take him and give him some lessons. Then Illpallazo would throw him down the secret trap and let Excel down there too and make him listen to her nonsensical ramblings. And then of course more lessons would be taught by Mr. Machacha. They would basically torture him till he was completely broken, then they would let him go and then they'd kill him after he got away a few feet.

So they put the plan into action and Anthy called Saionji. He was thrilled to hear she still loved him and agreed to meet her. So they all gathered at the rose garden and waited to attack him. But Saionji snuck up behind them!

"Are you trying to kill me Chu Chu?" he asked.

"What da f**k! how;d you figure out my plan niggy!" said Chu Chu.

"Anthy told me everything." (What did you expect? She's a backstabbing witchy whore!)

"Damn, I can't believe you would turn your back on me. Die bitch!" And he pulls out a glock and caps her ass promptly!

"NOOO!" yelled Saionji. "I know you hated me Chu Chu, but I didn't think you hated me that much!" And he cries like a little bitch and when he finally gains his composure he speaks. "I knew you had accomplices so I hired some myself!"

And out comes Pen Pen, Ryoohki, and Pero Pero! So Machacha kinda feels weird being one of the only ones who are not an animal. So he evens the field and uses his ChaCha stones to turn him and Saionji into magical puppy boys.

"What the f**k!" said Saionji.

Machacha gets angry and says, "You impertinent bitch! I'll teach you a lesson little boy!" And he jumps on him and starts teaching away. So then all the others start fighting and it turns into a battle of the cute anime animals!

So they proceed to beat the shit out of one another and then some one comes in screaming, "I mustn't run away! I mustn't run away!" And everyone stops because Shinji starts freaking out like the bitch he is. He is then followed by Puppy Pants. Puppy Pants and Melvin then take Shinji and drag him out by his hair and beat the shit out of him.

Naru sees all this and kicks them all to the moon! So they end up getting stuck on the moon but Sailor Moon comes along and sees they're destroying the moon with their nega vibes. So she punishes them in the name of the moon. Well, they all get sealed away with Queen Beryl and


And Chu Chu still till this day tries to get his revenge on Saionji. He hasn't succeeded yet, but he won't give up! He will beat Saionji if it's the last thing he does!