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Fan Fiction Marriage Prospects for 'Death Is Never the End', by Sidewinder.


Alias: Tanaka Shiro. (His father was James Bond and Kissy Suzuki's son. Tiger Tanaka, head of the Japanese Secret Service and Kissy's boss, adopted Shiro's father after Kissy's death.)

Looks: He looks like his grandfather, James Bond (Sean Connery in 'You Only Live Twice'). Athletic, handsome, dark-haired, with blue-gray eyes that become as cold and hard as gun barrels when he feels threatened. He's unusually tall for a 14-year-old, making him look like a 24-year-old instead; few bartenders will ask for his ID if he asks them for a vodka martini.

Smarts: A mixed bag. Shiro is intellectually very smart, with excellent grades in school. But his focus on military training prevents him from matching Soryu Asuka Langley's achievement of earning a Bachelor's in Arts degree by age 14. Emotions can cloud his judgment. In chapter 7, he almost starts a nuclear war when he attacks JSSDF bases in search of the men who assassinated his parents, and in chapter 8, his attempt to negotiate a ceasefire with Shockwave-- using LH Swords-- makes the Cybertronian decide to fire a superlaser at a US Air Force base.

Personality: Like his grandfather, Shiro's devil-may-care, party hardy facade conceals a fatalistic view of life. If you see past his "I'm tough, I don't need anyone" attitude, you'll realize he desperately needs someone to love him, to stand beside him in challenging situations. He's secretive and paranoid, but justifiably so; he survived an assassination attempt, but his parents, his Japanese grandfather, and his aunts didn't.

Combat Skills: Very good. When Bond learned his grandson was chosen to pilot an Evangelion, he ordered Shiro to receive training, so Shiro can do everything he can, including hand-to-hand combat, marksmanship, explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), flight and air combat... Shiro also pilots Evangelion Unit 04, a.k.a. the B-4 Star Saber, which can fly at hypersonic speeds and engage targets with two 280 mm automatic "pistols" and 16 AIM-120 air-to-air missiles mounted on the collarbones. (In Chinese, the number "four" and the word for "death" have similar pronunciations-- Unit 04's pilot becomes Death, Destroyer of Worlds.)

Special Abilities: He can generate a psychic aura to influence the behavior of a person in front of him, e.g., make an enemy fear him or make a girl lust for him. He can regenerate, e.g., to heal cardiopulmonary injuries caused by the stress of activating an Evangelion's S² engine. He can project an AT field (LH Wing) to defend himself, but he has no conscious control over these powers until chapter 8, when Washu ('Tenchi Muyo!') begins training him. In chapter 7, he gains the ability to form LH Swords and transform into a dark angel-- a terrifying warrior form with bony plates to protect his chest, abdomen, and groin, and bony spikes to protect his throat and spine.

Competition: Asuka ('Neon Genesis Evangelion'), his ex-girlfriend, dumped him because she couldn't pass the emotional barriers he erects to defend himself; they still have feelings for each other, but they won't admit it, so she shouldn't be a problem. Ryoko ('Tenchi Muyo!'), his current girlfriend, is obsessed with Shiro, the first person to show her true kindness; she'll be jealous of you if you get close to him, but won't hurt you because she knows Shiro won't tolerate such behavior. (Don't try to eliminate the competition. Shiro is telepathically linked with both girls; if anyone hurts them, he'll know, and he'll deliver a painful, horrible death to the person who did so.) His loyalty to his grandfather-- and Scotland, the Bond ancestral home-- comes before the one he loves, so if he must leave you standing at the altar while he goes on a mission to save the UK, he will. His determination to avenge his parents-- to drink the blood of the assassins who killed them-- also comes before the one he loves.

In-Laws: Both parents are dead-- don't make any "Yo' Mama" jokes, or he'll put you in a chokehold until you apologize. Bond may flirt with you, but he'll leave you two alone if he realizes you're devoted to Shiro-- his connections in MI6 and the American CIA are very useful if you contact him before chapter 8, when he goes on vacation with Washu. James Galore, his uncle, is a Republican and a US senator who can use his wealth and political influence to help you in many ways, as long as you're on Earth. (He may have other aunts, uncles, and cousins; James Bond is an infamous playboy.) The relatives on Jurai are unlikely to influence Shiro's love life.

Finances: Very good. Bond inherited millions from his own grandfather (Baronet of Peckham in Ian Fleming's novels, promoted to Baron of Lionheart in my story), has millions of Euros in various certain bank accounts he set up in case of emergencies, made investments to make the money grow, owns property in Europe and the US... Shiro will inherit all of this. He can also find work as a military officer, an intelligence officer, a mercenary, or an assassin-for-hire... If he learns to trust the Jurai, he can also ask them for enough money to pay off the National Debt-- Masaki Yosho Jurai, their Emperor, is his ancestor.

Home Economics: Shiro cooks delicious omelets as breakfast for women who spent a night with him. At other times, he'll either treat the women at gourmet restaurant, or ask one of the servants at his castle to prepare a meal. He has survival training, including food gathering, e.g., eating worms and pinecones. Overall, he's unlikely to let you starve.

Sex: Very good for women who like vanilla sex-- Shiro involuntarily forms a telepathic bond with his sex partners; he feels their pleasure and pain, and works hard to make them feel good in order to make himself feel good. Very bad for women who like S & M-- Shiro isn't a masochist, and he'll assume someone who wants to tie him up is an enemy spy; if he doesn't kill you, you'll wish he had when MI6 begins interrogating you.

Overall: If he falls in love with you by chapter 6, you'll have a rich, handsome, and moderately psychotic young man who'll protect you and provide for your every need, as long as it doesn't conflict with his loyalty to James Bond or his hunger for vengeance. After chapter 7, his link with Ryoko is too strong to let him consider anything other than marriage and monogamy with Ryoko.


Looks: She inherited Pussy Galore's (Honor Blackman's in 'Goldfinger') hourglass figure and auburn hair, and Bond's blue-gray eyes. She's unusually tall for a 14-year-old, making her look like a 21-year-old instead; this has caused legal problems.

Smarts: Good enough to be pilot an Overtechnology-equipped Evangelion at hypersonic speeds.

Personality: Independent and outspoken, but her "girls just want to have fun" attitude hides emotional vulnerabilities caused by a childhood tragedy and a failed relationship, e.g., her fatalistic view of life. Keep an eye on her; she wants and needs the attention.

Combat Skills: Good. Her father taught her to pistol marksmanship and firearms safety, while her grandmother taught her self-defense techniques, e.g., judo. Washu began training Titty to use Jurai energy, which will allow her to project LH Wings and Swords; Urd (Oh My Goddess!) and Shiro will complete the training.

Special Abilities: She's of Jurai descent, and has the same abilities-- and the same physical problems-- as Shiro, but her warrior form looks sexy, not monstrous.

Competition: Urd ('Oh My Goddess!'), Goddess of the Past and Titty's lover, won't be a problem if you don't mind sharing love with her, her angel, and Titty; she will be a problem if you want a monogamous relationship. (Titty identifies herself as a lesbian, but she may be attracted to men with James Bond's superhuman confidence and charisma.)

In-Laws: Pussy, her grandmother, began taking care of Titty after her mother died in a terrorist bombing; the woman is rich, has connections in Las Vegas' governmental and criminal circles, and won't hesitate to use her influence to help you if you help her precious granddaughter, or hurt you if you hurt Titty. James Galore, her father, doesn't approve of homosexual relationships, but he won't be a problem unless Titty tells him you're a problem. Juliet, her stepmother, is busy taking care of Viola, Titty's nine-month-old half-sister; help them take care of the baby for their blessing. Shiro, her cousin, won't be a problem unless you hurt her; then he'll deliver a painful, horrible death to you. The relatives on Jurai are unlikely to influence Titty's love life.

Finances: Better than Shiro's. Titty's father is a US senator, her grandmother owns two casinos in Las Vegas and Reno, and her ancestor is the Jurai Emperor. She can also find work as a commercial or military pilot, or as a model.

Home Economics: She can take care of herself, but she doesn't have to; Pussy's employees (maids, chefs, and bodyguards) take care of everything.

Sex: Expect lots of public and private displays of affection, e.g., kissing, petting, and cuddling. Expect Urd's participation in these displays.

Overall: Good if you want to protect, and be protected by an independent, outspoken, but emotionally vulnerable young woman. (You must be willing to share Titty's love with Urd.) Very good if you want to make love with two or three women on a mountain of money.


Alias: Nagi. (She was put in stasis at age four; her stasis pod was stowed aboard the Soja, and lost when Yosho destroyed the ship. The Chinese MSS found the pod in 2005.)

Looks: She looks beautiful and exotic, with blue hair, red eyes, and two blue daggers tattooed on her left cheek.

Smarts: Excellent. She graduated from the PLAAF Academy at age 13, and has contributed to the PLA's Overtechnology research.

Personality: Loving and caring towards friends and family, polite and formal towards strangers, brutal and ruthless towards enemies.

Combat Skills: Very good. Her military training allows her to match Shiro in almost all categories. She also pilots Evangelion Unit 08, a.k.a. the H-8 Flying Sword, which can fly at hypersonic speeds and engage targets with 16 PL-12 air-to-air missiles and eight YJ-12 cruise missiles.

Special Abilities: She has most of Ryoko's abilities; she can regenerate, project LH Wings to defend herself, shatter a wing into 27 razor-sharp fragments-- flying swords she can guide towards her enemies-- and form LH Swords. Individually, she's not as strong as Ryoko, but the H-8 can transmit energy to let her match Ryoko's strength.

Competition: Arael Barak, an IDF/AF officer and Eva pilot, is dating her, but Nazhi plans to wait until she's 18 before making a commitment; you might have a chance if you act fast. (Don't try to eliminate the competition, or you'll be identified as a threat, targeted, and destroyed.)

In-Laws: Wei Lin (Michelle Yeoh in 'Tomorrow Never Dies'), her foster mother, is a MSS colonel who dotes on her; Nazhi will fight to the death for her mother, so you need Lin's approval to win the girl's heart. (Lin is a Chinese patriot, so I advise you to join the Chinese military.) Nazhi's blood relatives-- Washu, her mother, Ryoko and Ryo-Ohki, her sisters-- are unlikely to influence her love life, but they still care about her; if you hurt her, they'll deliver a painful, horrible death to you.

Finances: Good. The PLAAF pays her very well.

Home Economics: She can take care of herself, but she'll expect you to take care of yourself, i.e., cook and clean.

Sex: She's inexperienced. Be gentle with her, or you'll be identified as a threat, targeted, and destroyed.

Overall: Good for Chinese patriots and their allies, e.g., Arael. Bad-- very bad-- for Chinese enemies.


Looks: Like Evangelion Unit 00 on steroids, with a lion's head for a left hand. He can also transform into a winged lion for better agility, and a gunship for better speed-- all three forms have enough firepower to destroy an entire Galaxy Police fleet! He can use human clones as avatars-- he can make himself look like anyone you like, as long as he has stem cells from that person.

Smarts: Very good. A scientific genius, he was able to reverse-engineer Evangelion technology in 10 Earth days, compared to four Earth years for Ikari Yui and Gendo ('Neon Genesis Evangelion'). He's an excellent strategist and tactician-- he proved his leadership skills as Megatron's subcommander during the Cybertron Civil War ('Transformers'). However, his interactions with Shiro Bond suggest poor social skills or limited diplomatic experience.

Personality: Cold and calculating, he'll do anything to achieve his goals-- to destroy Unicron and ensure the Cybertronians' survival. If he must destroy a billion humans to save a hundred Cybertronians... if he must destroy Earth to save Cybertron... if he must destroy you to save himself, so be it.

Combat Skills: Excellent. His special abilities make him invincible to all but Unicron, and maybe Tsunami ('Tenchi Muyo!').

Special Abilities: Able to telepathically scan the memories of most biological and mechanical life forms; Asuka describes it as "raping a mind." Able to psychokinetically attack targets not protected by an AT field/LH Wing, causing a slow and painful, or fast and explosive death. He can project a LH Wing for defense, and form a LH Sword for offense. Able to link with the plasma energy chamber, allowing his superlaser to project over 10,000,000,000,000,000 GJ of energy-- enough to vaporize the entire continent of North America! He can draw Matrix energy from Vector Sigma, giving him the power to destroy Unicron.

Competition: His determination to ensure the Cybertronians' survival by researching new technology and developing new arms and armor, conquering new worlds to provide the resources he needs to build an army, preparing Cybertron's defenses for Unicron's return... If you can't help him forge this new empire, he won't waste time on you.

In-Laws: The Vehicons are Autobots and Decepticons enhanced with Evangelion technology, and united under his leadership. The former Autobots are heroic warriors who'll help you as long as you aren't an enemy. The former Decepticons will respect you if you're a warrior whose strength can help them destroy Unicron, and disrespect you if you're not. The Daruma Pirates Guild ('Tenchi Muyo! GXP'), his allies, are ruthless cutthroats who'll try to exploit you in any way-- as an ally, as cannon fodder, or as a slave. I advise you to ally yourself with a high-ranking Vehicon, e.g., Grimlock, to keep the pirates at bay.

Finances: Very good. He leads a Vehicon-Daruma Pirates Alliance, balancing the Vehicons' godlike technology with the pirates' human and material resources. Most of the resources are used to rebuild Cybertron-- it's recovering from 4,000,000 Earth years of hibernation, made necessary by Unicron's first attack-- but the planet will become the heart of an empire that will rival the Jurai in military and economic influence. He can order the pirates to provide the few treasures he doesn't have.

Home Economics: He's smart enough to be a gourmet chef, but why should he waste time and resources learning how to cook? He's doesn't need to eat; he uses more efficient energy sources than food, e.g., the plasma energy chamber. You should ask the Daruma Pirates to provide a chef and some servants; your Vehicon ally will make a terrifying example of anyone who refuses.

Sex: He's a telepath, so I assume he can stimulate the your brain in order to make you orgasm, but what's the point? He's a 50-meter-tall cyborg-- he can't sexually reproduce.

Overall: Are you a Cybertronian patriot who'll make any sacrifice to destroy Unicron and defend Cybertron? Do you have any skills that can help Shockwave forge an empire, and will do so in exchange for his protection? No? Then leave-- you have ten seconds before the autoguns engage and destroy you.