Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction / Video Girl AI Fan Fiction ❯ Another Strange Day ❯ Chapter 2

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Chapter 2
Shinji arrived home just as it started to rain. He said, “I'm home,” to no one as, he slipped his wet shoes off. He dropped his school bag on the floor and the new video he just got fell out of the pocket he had put it in. Shinji picked it up and layed it on the dining room table as he walked to his room to get clean clothes for after his bath.
When Shinji went in to the bath to get undressed he just couldn't shake the feeling like he was being watched. “Nobody's here but me,” he said as he slipped into the warm water. “After all Misato is working tonight and Asuka is over at Hikari's tonight.”
The thought of Asuka sent a shiver down his back. “What am I going to do about Asuka?” thought Shinji. “ She was really mad today. Maybe I can fix her a specal lunch for Monday. I can only hope that will keep her from staying mad at me.”
After Shinji got out of the bath and got into his shorts and t-shirt, he went into the kitchen to get something for dinner. All he could find was some left over noodles and curry. He heated them up and proceeded into the dining room. As he sat down, he realized he had forgotten all about the video.
Shinji picked up the video box and turned it over to see what it said on the back. “Ai Amano, not only is she cute but she will also be your best friend.” Shinji saw that on the box and thought, “That's what I need; a friend I can talk to.”
After Shinji finished dinner he washed the dishes and put them away. “Well, lets see what this video is all about,” Shinji said aloud. He turned the TV on and pulled the video out of its box. The plastic of this videotape felt different then other tapes. Shinji put the tape in the VCR, pushed play, and sat down on the couch. At first, all there was static but slowly an image started to come into focus. The image was of a very beautiful girl with blond curly waiving hair.
Shinji gasped as she slowly opened her eyes. Shinji noticed her eyes were almost the same color of blue as Asuka's. She smiled at Shinji and said, “Hi, my name is Ai Amano. Oh, you're looking kinda sad, is anything wrong? Maybe I can help. I'm a good listener. You can tell me all of your problems.”
Shinji said, “I wish you were here because I do need someone to talk to.”
“Well,” Ai said, “If you want me to be with you all you have to do is make that wish with all of your feelings and I will be there with you.”
Shinji closed his eyes and started saying, “I wish you were here Ai. I need you Ai”. Suddenly,
he started to get a warm feeling passing through him. A feeling he hadn't felt sense his mother passed away. Shinji slowly opened his eyes and wiped away the tears that had started to fall. As he did he could see someone standing in front of him. At first, he thought it was Asuka and she was going to yell at him, but as he looked up, he saw that it wasn't Asuka.
The girl standing in front of him was about 5' 4” tall, had shoulder length wavy blond hair, skin that was smooth and white, but not as white as Rei's. She had a smile that would light up a dark room and her blue eyes had a sparkle to them. She was wearing a pair of black ankle high boots, white cotton tights, and a coat that was pink and white with blue trimming. Around the coat was a pink sash with fringe on the ends.
Shinji was at a loss for words. He thought he had seen this girl before but he wasn't sure. After a few tense seconds Ai said,” Are you going to introduce your self or are you going to just set there with your mouth open?” That's when Shinji realized he was sitting with his mouth open.
As the wheels in Shinji's head started to move again he said, “I'm Ikari, Shinji Ikari, and who are you?”
“Don't you remember, I already introduced my self. I'm Ai Amano.
“But how did you get in my house just now?”
“You let me come in when you wished for me just now, silly.”
Ai said this as she moved to sit down next to Shinji. “Now why don't we have some fun, you and I.”
Just as AI was about to set down next to Shinji, the telephone started to ring. Shinji quickly got up and ran to answer the telephone. “Yes, yes, hello.” Shinji said. On the other end, there was a slight pause before Misato asked, “Shinji, are you ok?”
“Oh, hi Misato, yes I'm ok.”
“Well I just wanted to check on you. Asuka called and told me that she is staying at Hikari's tonight.”
About that time Ai said loud enough for Misato to hear, “Come on darling lets do it right here on the couch. It will be fun.” Shinji started to cough and Misato said “Why Shinji you little devil, you have a girl with you, don't you?
“No, I don't” Shinji replied,”that's just the TV.”
“Ok, I believe you Shinji. Well I have to go. I'll see you in the morning Shinji.”
“Ok, bye Misato.”
Shinji hung up the telephone, turned, and looked at Ai. “Why did you say that while I was on the phone. That was my guardian and now she probably thinks I'm a pervert!”
“No she won't. She knows you are a growing boy and that growing boys have certain thoughts.” Ai said, “And I also wanted to see what you would look like when you are blushing, and boy did you ever blush.” With this, Shinji's blush came back.
“Quit picking on me! I get enough of that from Asuka!”
“And who is Asuka? Is she your girlfriend?”
“NO, she isn't my girlfriend! She just lives here with me and Misato.”
“Oh ho, I see now, you live here with two women and your not getting any service from them at all. No wonder you had to rent my video.”
With this Shinji turned and started to walk to his room.
“Hey, what's wrong. I'm only kidding.”
As Shinji closed his door, he said “Just leave me alone.”
AI was left standing there alone in the living room.
A/n: please forgive me for being a little slow about getting this chapter up. I wasn't sure how I was going to go from point a to point b.