Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ Evangelion: Third Genesis ❯ Chapter 8

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Evangelion Third Genesis: Part Seven

Ritsuko blinked at Misato in honest surprise. "But why do I have to go along?" she finally had to ask her.

"Because I hate going shopping," Misato sighed, "and if I have to do it, then I'm sharing the misery." She ran a hand through her short dark hair tiredly and asked her, "What's going on between you and Maya?"

Ritsuko looked surprised at the change of topic, "Nothing."

Misato sighed, "That's what I mean." She gave Ritsuko a fierce look, "I think you're smart enough to know how she feels about you, right?"

"Yes, I know," Ritsuko met her eyes equally fiercely, "and I also know that it would be completely inappropriate." She got up out of her chair to leave the room, but Misato quickly grabbed a hold of her arm.

"What's going on?" Misato asked her firmly. When Ritsuko hesitated Misato smiled slightly, "I'm asking as your friend, not as the commander of NERV."

Ritsuko stood there for a moment her face turned away from Misato's, "You knew about my relationship with Gendo?"

Misato looked confused, "Yes. What's that got to do with...?"

"I knew he was taking advantage of me," Ritsuko's voice was very quiet almost coming out as a whisper, "knew that he was manipulating me. I just didn't care." She finally turned back to look at Misato, "I won't take advantage of Maya the very same way."

"There is no way," Misato burst out, "that you are at all like Gendo Ikari!"

Ritsuko smiled slightly, "Thank you." The blonde looked into her friend's eyes, "And I don't ever want to become like him, either. So as long as Maya is my subordinate, I will not enter into a relationship with her."

Misato looked at her steadily for a few moments, then she startled her best friend by bursting into loud laughter.

"What?" Ritsuko looked at her like she had lost her mind,

"I'm glad I put that promotion request through for Maya," Misato chuckled softly, "pretty soon you won't have that excuse to use anymore."

"What?" Ritsuko repeated, as if it hadn't quite penetrated yet.

Misato let go of Ritsuko's arm and grabbed her red jacket, pulling it on smoothly, then she headed for the office door. "C'mon, lets go get the others," she grinned.

"Wait just a minute," Ritsuko ran to catch up with her.

Maya looked over the oversized jeep with a frown, wishing that she had a better vehicle available for their little trip. Still, it was the best she could do on short notice. She saw Asuka and Rei walk out of the nearby building and gave them a wave.

"Hey, Maya," Asuka smiled, "are you coming along, too?"

Maya looked at Asuka, marveling again at how much she had changed. The bitter, angry girl that she had been was seemly gone, with only the occasional flare of temper remaining. She wasn't sure if it was her injuries, or the odd things that they had all been through during the Third Impact, but Asuka was a changed woman.

A bit of a blush showed on Maya's cheeks, "I thought Sempai and Misato could use a driver. Besides, it might be fun."

"Maya," Rei smiled tentatively.

"Hello, Rei," Maya nodded.

Asuka opened up the back door of the jeep, then gently helped Rei up and in. There was an odd twinkle in Asuka's right eye, almost as if she was enjoying herself. Then she noticed Maya's gaze and flushed slightly.

Mustering up some of her old attitude Asuka growled, "So when are we leaving, anyway?"

Maya smiled back cheerfully, "As soon as Sempai and Misato get here."

The two women came out of the building a few moments later, obviously in the middle of what looked like a heated conversation.

"... I can't believe you did that without consulting me," Ritsuko said, "I am still her superior officer, you know."

"She was up for it anyway," Misato shrugged, "so what's the problem?" A smirk, "Besides your personal one."

"Misato," Ritsuko scolded.

Misato stuck her tongue out at her and blew a raspberry.

"Well, that was mature," Asuka blinked. Rei gently tugged at her arm and Asuka turned to look into those red eyes, "What?"

"What does that mean, anyway?" Rei asked curiously.

Asuka sweatdropped. "It's a bit hard to explain," she started.

Ritsuko resisted the urge to stick her tongue out in return, but it looked like it was taking a real effort. She got close to the jeep and blinked in surprise at who was sitting in the front driver's seat. "Maya," she said quietly.

"Hello, Sempai," Maya looked a bit nervous as she conntinued, "I thought that you two could use a driver."

"Great idea, Maya," Misato beamed, "Ritsuko, you get in front with her, I'll ride in the back with Rei and Asuka."

Ritsuko shot Misato a glare, but there was nothing reasonable she could say in protest, so she just climbed inside.

Maya looked betwee the two women, woderinng what, exactly, was going on. Tentatively she looked back to ask Misato, "Where do we want to go shopping?"

"A very good question," Misato admitted. She looked over at Rei, "What sort of clothes would you like?"

Rei smiled back shyly, "I really don't know."

"Then let's hit the clothing district," Asuka suggested, "and let Rei try some different things on. That way she can decide for herself."

"Sounds like a plan," Misato agreed.

Maya started up the engine, looking over at Ritsuko with a little smile as if she was asking her for her opinion. Ritsuko smiled back, "Lets go."

"Oh my," Asuka said weakly as Rei stepped out of the change room dressed in a school uniform. They had used her old size to start with, but obviously that wasn't going to work.

Rei tugged at the too short skirt self conciously, while being careful not to take too deep of a breath in case she popped open her blouse. Misato was killing herself laughing, while Ritsuko and Maya were fighting off a similar urge.

"I think we'll have to try a size larger," Asuka finally managed to get out.

"Thank you," Rei puffed out a sigh before going back into the change room.

"Sorry," Misato finally was able to get her laughter under control.

Asuka shook her head, "I can't believe you two are suposed to be the adults." She looked at Maya, "Not that you managed much better."

Maya nodded meekly, but there was a amused twikle in her eye, "I'm just glad we didn't get a swimsuit for her to try on in that size."

Asuka suddenly had a mental image of Rei nearly spilling out of a swimsuit appear in her head and had to blush furiously.

'Interesting, very interesting,' Ritsuko noted. Aloud she said, "Let's go grab her another uniform, then. Some slacks and shirts, too."

"Right," Misato smiled slightly. Turig to the change booth she called out, "Rei, what color clothes do you want?"

Without really thinking about it Rei opened up the door, "White and blue."

"Oh, god," Asuka squeaked, turning quickly away from the nude Rei.

Ritsuko stepped forward and shut the door firmly, "Thank you." Quietly to Misato, "We might want to try to explain to her the concept of modesty."

"Sounds like a good idea," Misato agreed, noting the blushes on both Asuka and Maya. "You take care of Maya, I've got Asuka."

"Right," Ritsuko nodded. She grabbed Maya's hand, "Come o, let's go find Rei a few more items to try on."

"Right, Sempai," Maya stammered.

"You all right?" Misato stepped uip to Asuka.

"Sorry, she just surprised me," Asuka said quietly.

"She'll probably keep doing that too," Misato sighed. Asuka looked at her curiously so she explained, "It looks like Gendo educated her about the EVAs and NERV, but he left out all the usual social skills."

"Sort of like the first Rei," Asuka murmured.

Misato shook her head, "No, even the first Rei had some body modesty." She looked thoughtful, "Though I do remember Rei traumatizing Shinji once dressed only in a towel."

"Now there's a interesting mental image," Asuka mumbled.

To be continued...