Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ Evangelion: Third Genesis ❯ Chapter 10

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Evangelion Third Genesis: Part Nine

They left the hospital quietly, all five considering what they had learned up in Shinji's room. Misato sighed softly, noting the sun beginning to fall behind the buildings, "I could use a beer."

"How did I know you were going to say that," Ritsuko smirked.

"You do know me pretty well," Misato admitted with a slight smile. She noticed a neon sign advertising a bar and blinked, wondering how come she hadn't seen it before. "Well, isn't that interesting," she murmured, pointing it out to the others.

Almost as soon as Maya saw the glowing neon sign reading 'Arisugawa's Locket' she went oddly pale, something Ritsuko quickly noticed. She gently put her hand on the girl's arm and asked, "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine," Maya blushed, looking down.

"Let's get a drink in there," a grinning Misato suggested.

"No!" Maya blurted out. Everyone looked at her curiously, and the fiercely blushing woman said, "It's a lesbian club. Some friends brought me here, right after I moved back to Tokyo."

"I don't mind," Misato shrugged. She looked over at Asuka and Rei, "Any problems?"

"I guess not," Asuka said tentatively, while Rei shrugged.

"Ritsuko?" Misato asked, a little smile on her face.

Ritsuko felt Maya's eyes on her, and turned slightly to see Maya looking up at her hopefully. "All right," she smiled.

"Let's go," Misato lead the way.

The dark haired door woman and bouncer gave them an quickly assessing glance before waving them on inside. They went down a dark hallway into a far larger room, probably converted from a warehouse. A bustling dance floor, dining tables, a busy bar, karaeoke stage and even a library were contained in the massive room.

"Hello," the brown haired woman who was oddly dressed in a school girl's uniform smiled up at them, "welcome to Arisugawa's Locket."

Misato took charge, "Hi, this is our first time here."

Hitomi noticed Maya standing in the background and smiled slightly, "I think you've visited before, haven't you?"

"Yes, once," a blushing Maya blinked, a bit surprised at the girl's memory.

"Too bad you didn't come by again," Hitomi said teasingly, "there were several young ladies asking about you the night after your visit."

Maya, if it was possible, went an even brighter shade of red.

"We'd better move on before she faints," Misato said with a laugh, leading the others deeper into the bar itself. 'Maya sure looks cute when she blushes like that,' Misato thought, wondering if Ritsuko had noticed it too.

'God, Maya's cute,' Ritsuko thought. It was strange, she had just thought that Maya's crush on her was a younger woman's idolization of her superior. But if Maya really was a lesbian, it shed a whole different light on the situation.

"Interesting," Rei noted, watching the women dancing together. She looked up at Asuka and softly asked her, "Could we try that later?"

Asuka flushed. 'She doesn't understand quite what she's saying,' she mused, watching two of the girls nearly making out there on the dance floor. Her voice just a bit strangled Asuka managed to get out, "Sure."

Misato watched the two of them together, and wondered if they were aware of the unconscious cues they were sending out. Even their clothes sent a strong message, Rei's more feminine dress and blouse along side Asuka's boyish long shirt and slacks.

Pushing their way through the crowd at the bar, one of the two bartenders quickly made her way over. Both women were nearly alike, sexy blue haired young women, the only really differences being their clothing and the scars that one girl carried on each cheek.

"Hi, I'm Ryouko. What can I get you folks?" the unscarred woman asked coolly.

"Beer in a can," Misato smiled.

"Sake," Ritsuko ordered, quickly echoed by Maya.

Asuka looked over at Rei thoughtfully, "Two ginger ales, please."

"Here or at a table?" Ryouko asked, and Ritsuko tentatively said table. With both speed and real grace Ryouko prepared a tray, two bottles of sake with cups, the can of beer, and two ginger ales in shining glasses. "Hey, May! Help these folks get to a table!"

The tall, busty brown haired woman took up the tray and swiftly broke through the crowd, leaving a trail for them to follow. She brought them to a table and set the drinks down, never spilling a drop. "If you want something to eat later," May beamed, "just ask."

"Thank you," Maya smiled as the woman rushed off to serve someone else.

Misato pulled out a seat and flopped down, popping her can of beer smoothly. She raised it to her lips and chugged before sighing, "The nectar of life!"

Maya stepped up to one of the seats and pulled it out before smiling at Ritsuko, "Would you care to sit down?"

Ritsuko hesitated a moment before smiling, "I'd be glad to." Maya pushed the seat in behind Ritsuko gently before taking her own right beside her.

Asuka watched them with a slight smile before murmuring, "When in Rome." She held a seat out for Rei, and the young woman sat down gracefully.

"Thank you," Rei gave Asuka another one of those gentle smiles.

"You're welcome," Asuka smiled back before sitting down beside her.

Misato gave them some time for the pouring of sake and sipping of drinks before saying, "I hate to bring up business, but what's the status of the EVAs?"

"EVA 00 is fully operational," Ritsuko said, "and EVA 02 will be ready in a few days."

"That fast?" Misato blinked in surprise.

"The crews have been getting their acts together," Ritsuko smiled slightly, "and my assistant has been a great help getting the technical skills we needed."

Maya blushed, "It wasn't that much, sempai."

"Oh yes it was," Ritsuko exchanged a sly smile with Misato, "that's why you're going to be getting promoted."

"What?" Maya squeaked.

"Congratulations," Asuka reached across to slap Maya on the back.

Somewhat more hesitantly Rei did the same to her before quietly asking Asuka, "Was that the right thing to do?"

"Pretty much," Asuka agreed.

Misato stood up and waved, quickly catching the attention of what initially looked like a young man dressed in a suit. It was only until she got nearer that the swell of breasts and a face too pretty to be a boy's became obvious. "A round for the table on me," Misato grinned at her, "in celebration of our friend's promotion!"

Keiko smiled, "Coming right up!" She was back in moments, carrying a tray of fresh drinks for them all and a cupcake with a candle in it. At their questioning looks she shrugged, "Sasami sent it out, for the celebration."

"Thank you," Ritsuko smiled, setting the cupcake in front of Maya.

As Ritsuko encouraged Maya to blow the candle out in the background Misato asked Rei and Asuka, "How are things going on the simulators?"

"I'm wining," was Rei's deadpan answer.

"When we've practiced together we work remarkably well," Asuka elaborated, "I think our coordination may even beat what I achieved with Shinji."

"Good to know," Misato sat back with a sigh, "I don't think we'll need to mobilize the EVAs any time soon, but we should be ready."

"We will be," Asuka vowed softly.

A slower song had come on, and Rei gently tugged on Asuka's shirt before nodding to the dance floor, "Do you think we could try?"

Asuka gulped softly, "All right."

The two young women slid out of their chairs and stepped out onto the dance floor together. They danced awkwardly to start with, but they quickly found their rhythm. Rei was cradled close in Asuka's arms, her stance both protective and romantic, somehow.

Misato watched Maya and Ritsuko watching the two of them enviously, hoping they might take a hint. "Why don't you to take a turn out there?" Misato finally had to suggest quietly, "In honor of Maya's promotion, maybe."

Maya rose from her seat, "May I have this dance?"

"Please," Ritsuko took the hand, letting herself be pulled out into the dance.

Once they were gone Misato had to shake her head at the general denseness of all concerned before muttering, "Baka.".

Author's Note: Arisugawa's Locket is my x-over bar series, and is part of the same continuity as this series. The characters from the Locket are: Hitomi from Escaflowne the Movie, Ryouko, Minagi and Sasami from Tenchi Muyo, May from Hand Maid May, and Keiko from Revolutionary Girl Utena.