Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ Evangelion: Third Genesis ❯ Chapter 29

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Evangelion Third Genesis: Part Twenty-Eight
Yui Ikari's fingers flew across the keyboard of Misato's home computer, studying the various websites even as she clicked on a new window to enlarge it. A strong breath puffed some of the shaggy hair up and out of her eyes, her expression intent as she studied, sorted and wrote out conclusions all at the same time.
"She's almost as fast as Ritsuko," Asuka Langley admitted, her orange hair flowing down over her shoulders as she watched Yui type away in the body of her son, Shinji.
"I think that Ritsuko types a bit faster," Rei noted that calmly, her dark blue hair falling into her own eyes.
"We'll have to arrange a typing contest sometime," Yui said, hitting print then pushing away from the keyboard with a tired sigh. As her document printed out she smiled at the two women wryly, "It doesn't look like any of the Evangelion tech has leaked to the internet."
"You almost sound disappointed," Rei noted as they picked their way through the trash that covered the floor of the mini-office that they used.
"I don't think I expected NERV to keep such a good lid on all of this," Yui admitted, the three entering the living room and stepping over the dozing Pen Pen.
"They were given some pretty extraordinary powers by the UN and Japan's government," Asuka reminded them.
"A point," Yui conceded as they sat down on the couch.
The front door rattled as the key was used, then a few moments later Misato walked into the room, a red jacket slung over the black haired woman's shoulder. There was a spring to her step and a gentle smile on her face, both signs indicating that her date must have gone pretty well. "Good evening," she called to them cheerfully.
Pen Pen gave her a glare for awakening him then he closed his eyes again, soon snoring away in the center of the carpet.
"Hey Misato," Asuka called from where she and Rei had flopped down on the couch, Yui sitting in a chair nearby.
"Did you guys get something for dinner?" Misato asked as she walked by, dropping her coat off then swinging by the fridge for a can of beer.
"Yui-san ordered the takeout tonight," Rei smiled slightly, "there's leftovers in the fridge if you're still hungry."
"I'm fine," Misato laughed as she took her own seat, carefully popping her can and taking a drink, "I ate a pretty good dinner, too."
"So what did you and your date do?" Asuka leaned forward eagerly.
"Aoba Kinushima took me out to a nice dinner, we went for a drive...." Misato then trailed off suggestively.
"And?" Yui found herself asking.
"And then we played a few rounds of paintball," Misato finished.
"Paintball?!" all three young people blurted.
Misato chuckled softly, "It's better than what it sounds." She looked thoughtful, "Actually, I had a pretty good time tonight."
"Does that mean you two are going out again?" Asuka asked eagerly.
Misato actually blushed faintly, "Looks like it."
"I'm glad," Rei flashed a happy smile as she added a bit hesitantly, "You've been working very hard, you deserve a break."
Misato casually waved that off, "You two have been working nearly as hard at training in the simulators and with the EVA's." She seemed to remember something and looked at Yui, "Any luck with that net search I asked you to do?"
"Yes, I left a report on your desk," Yui said calmly, "but in summary the Evangelion tech doesn't seem to have leaked out."
"Not yet, anyway," Misato puffed out a breath.
"You think there's a leak?" Asuka raised her eyebrows in surprise.
Misato shook her head grimly, "Not that I know of, it's just that so many people now have that information." She tossed an apologetic look to Yui before adding, "Whatever else can be said about Gendo Ikari, he kept the primary Evangelion data limited to a small group."
"While now the data is held by the United Nations and Security Council, many of the new staff that were hired to help rebuild the EVAs and the crews that are currently involved with the Archangels," Rei noted thoughtfully.
"The odds increase to almost a certainty that in such a large group there is someone who will release the data," Yui agreed. She looked over at Misato thoughtfully, "I'm sorry to say there's not much you can do at this point."
Changing the subject Asuka grinned, "Did you know that Maya finally brought Ritsuko over to meet her parents?"
"Who do you think suggested they should do it?" Misato laughed softly, taking a drink of her beer. A bit more seriously she continued on, "Especially now that they're thinking of doing a old-fashioned wedding."
Rei laughed softly, "I'm looking forward to that."
Yui blinked, her smile a little tentative, "The blonde scientist and that boyish young woman...." She shook her head wryly, "I'm glad that they're happy together, though I have to say I'm still getting used to the idea."
"I guess it is a bit of an adjustment to make," Misato conceded the point, thinking of how many years the woman had been trapped within the EVA Unit-01 before her spirit was accidentally dumped into Shinji's body.
Yui nodded, "I have a lot to catch up on." She looked at Misato, "Has Dr. Mizuno given her report on me, yet?"
Misato smiled, "You're cleared to work, if that's what you mean."
"Thank you," Yui puffed out a relieved breath as she said, "I thought I was going to go stir crazy waiting to hear."
"I meant to tell you sooner," Misato confessed, "but things were hectic today."
"Getting ready for her first date in months," Asuka said impishly.
"Hey, I've dated a few times!" Misato protested.
"This is the first date I've seen you go out on since I arrived here," Rei noted, exchanging a impish look with Asuka.
"Oh sure, double team me now," Misato sighed.
"We could always be triple teaming you," Asuka tossed a look to Yui.
"Oh no," Yui quickly held up her hands as she protested, "don't get me involved in this."
"Spoilsport," Rei murmured.
Misato sighed in relief, "At least I have one ally here."
"Besides," Yui added brightly, "I haven't been here long enough to see your dateless state."
"Et tu, Yui?" Misato muttered. She got up with a sigh, picking up her empty beer can, "I think I'm going to stage a tactical retreat." She gave Asuka and Rei a look, "You'd better get to bed soon, too, you've got school tomorrow."
"Yes Misato," Asuka and Rei said in a singsong voice.
Yui fought back a chuckle, getting up to follow the others out of the room. "I won't have to go to school too?" she asked.
"Thankfully I can use medical causes to keep you out," Misato said, "I don't think you could fake being Shinji for very long."
"Thank god," Yui sighed.
To be continued....