Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ Evangelion: Third Genesis ❯ Chapter 41

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Evangelion: Third Genesis

Misato Katsuragi felt bad as she left the principal's office, the black haired woman dressed in a woman's business suit rather than her normal skirts. 'I wish we didn't have to lie,' she admitted as she walked down the hall by classrooms and students.

“Miss Misato,” Aida grinned, the young man looking her over as covertly as possible. Of course being a teen he didn't manage it that well, but at least he tried.

“Aida,” Misato smiled wryly as she walked with him back towards his classroom, “how are Toji and Hikari?”

“As mushy as ever,” Aida rolled his eyes and Misato laughed, excusing herself to go duck into a nearby bathroom.

Washing her hands afterwards Misato found her thoughts returning to her conversation with the school principal. 'It's not like I can tell the poor woman the truth,' she admitted wryly, 'that Shinji Ikari is possessed by his mother's ghost and can't attend school because of it.'

Pausing by one of the doorways Misato covertly peered inside. Asuka Soryu Langley sat in one seat, the black eye patch she still wore over her left eye giving the red head a oddly pirate like look. Nearby Rei Ayanami listened attentively to their teacher, yet part of the blue haired woman's attention was focused on Asuka.

'Damn they're cute,' Misato had to admit before turning away from the classroom and heading for the parking lot.

“Man she's fine,” Toji sighed in admiration as he peered out the window with several of the class's young men.

Whap! Hikari calmly whacked him on the back of the head, the rest of the class watching the show with some amusement. “Dummy,” Hikari sniffed.

“Hey, I can still look,” Toji said as he rubbed the back of his head. He added, “Besides, the only person I want is you.”

Hikari smiled slightly, “Thanks.”

“If they get any cuter, I may be sick,” Aida sighed.

Asuka chuckled softly, “Mean, Aida. Very mean.”

“Sorry,” Aida admitted sheepishly. He looked off into the distance, “It'd be so nice if something interesting would happen to me....”

Both Rei and Asuka paused as they imagined the kind of trouble Aida could get into if he became a pilot. “Trust me,” Asuka said seriously, “it's better to have a quiet life.” She shook her head mentally, mildly shocked she could think that.

“Hmm,” Rei agreed, nodding slightly.

Aida took out his digital camera and began running through the images. Stopping at one he showed it to Asuka, “Is this a new design NERV is testing?” he asked eagerly.

Asuka blinked, faintly surprised to see the top secret Archangel striding across the screen. “How did you get that photo?” she growled.

“I'm a fan,” Aida gave her a look.

Asuka sighed, “Right, right. Just don't let Misato catch you sneaking on base, okay? I don't know how forgiving she'd be.”

“She wouldn't...,” Toji hesitated.

“She might not,” Rei pointed out mildly, “but the United Nations might be less amused by Aida's antics.”

Aida paled a bit, “I hadn't thought of that.”

“And no,” Asuka smiled as kindly as she could to take the sting out, “I can't tell you about the new design yet.”

“Top secret?” Toji guessed.

“Above even that,” Rei nodded seriously. “If I told you it's security rating I'd have to kill you.”

Hikari watched both Toji and Aida pale, but she also noted a slight twitch of Rei's lips. 'She's teasing them,' Hikari thought as she hid her own smile, once again marveling at the change in their formerly nearly silent classmate.

“Please, no killing in the classroom,” Asuka grinned.

Finally realizing their legs were being pulled both Toji and Aida relaxed a bit. “Should I erase the photos?” Aida wondered.

Asuka hesitated, “No, but don't flash them around too much, okay?”

“Fair enough,” Aida agreed. He did not want to get NERV upset, considering what the agency was rumored to have done in the past. Not that he thought Misato would do those things but....

“All right, everyone,” the teacher hurried in, “lunch break's over, let's get to work....”


“This is really, really embarrassing,” Maya Ibuki noted, the young woman dressed in a skin tight bodysuit colored in a unflattering green and black.

“I think it looks good on you,” Ritsuko noted as she studied readings on a monitor. “Can you stretch in it?” she asked, smiling slightly.

“I'll try,” Maya said as she shifted, the material clinging to her body in a unnatural way.

'Hmm,' Ritsuko licked her lips as she saw Maya's pert breasts move under the uniform, then shook herself. “Looks like all the connections read green for the new plug suit,” Ritsuko noted, “how does it feel?”

“A bit tight,” Maya admitted as she bent over to touch her toes, “but it does give good freedom of movement.”

“Bullet proof, too,” Ritsuko noted, “though I hope our pilots never have to test that feature out.”

“Me too,” Maya twisted around, giving Ritsuko a view of her ass too.

'We should get one of those for home use,' Ritsuko mused, feeling her heart race a bit. Maya was sexy enough with her slim, athletic body and having it coated with the tight plug suit gave it a odd, erotic edge.

“What are you thinking?” Maya asked, seeing the look on her lover's face.

Ritsuko blushed furiously, “Nothing, nothing.”

Maya walked over, her smile now somewhat teasing as she sighed, “You are such a pervert, sensei. You were having naughty thoughts of me in this suit?”

“Well, yes,” Ritsuko admitted weakly.

Maya leaned forward to her and murmured, “Don't worry, I already sent one home for later.”

Ritsuko laughed, “And you call me a pervert?”

“That must be why we get along so well,” Maya agreed. She walked back to the scanning area, “Now, let's get this done, okay? We can play later.”

“Sure,” Ritsuko agreed as she went back to the testing station. 'This new plug suit may help Asuka deal with her feedback issues,' she silently mused, “and I wonder if we can apply the technology to other areas too?'

“And now you have that mad scientist look on your face,” Maya sighed.

“Imagine a neural interface system for cars and planes,” Ritsuko grinned, “if we can adapt the technology, it could help the world.”

“Don't you have to be in LCL to make it work?” Maya pointed out gently.

“Point,” Ritsuko admitted, “driving around in a tub of Tang wouldn't be fun.”

To be continued....