Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ Neon Genesis Evangelion: The New Beginning ❯ EPISODE 30: THIRD INTRUSION, A SAD LITTLE GIRL ( Chapter 4 )

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For the third time, the world swirled, ethereal essence massing and imploding upon itself, only to explode as it passed through itself and expanded. Of the three, the swirl of this world was the most pronounced, and it was much more active in other ways, as well, as illustrated. Slowly, however, it began to calm, fading out as an actual landscape materialized: a hospital bed, clean and relaxingly white.
In the center of this room, a girl with red hair awoke on her bed, slowly sitting up and blinking. Despite her presence in the hospital, she was unable to find any injuries upon her person. Even weirder, she was dressed in her plug suit, the red material gripping her body tightly, as it was designed to do - there were times that she wondered if Ritsuko or the Commander had done that for less a performance-oriented reasons…not that she minded too much. But, that aside, what the hell was she doing here? Blinking, she stood and walked towards the door. There had been an Angel in the sky, she remembered…
But before any further recollection could come, the door opened, jarring her out of her thoughts. Looking up, her expression was immediately transmuted into one of shock,
Putting a benign smile into place, the intrusive entity nodded, “Hello, Asuka. How are you doing -“ It thought it had been doing fairly well with the voice and mannerisms when it felt the girl's mass slam into it as her arms wrapped around it. What was this, an attack? No, that couldn't be it. She wasn't trying to further harm it, and she seemed to be smiling - ahh! A hug, it recalled, a Lilim way of expressing affection. As such, it belatedly returned the embrace.
For a moment, neither spoke, but since Eve seemed to show no inclination to detach herself from it, it finally spoke, “I see you've missed me, liebchen?” For a moment, the smiling face clouded, as if some unpleasant memory was bubbling up. Then she stepped back, uncertain, “…of course I've missed you! I thought you were…you were…” The statement was an odd exercise in Lilim inflection; it started out uncertain, then became almost angry, before shifting to anguish. This girl was not at all like the other two.
“I'm so sorry, liebchen, I'm sorry…” It was getting better at this inflection and emotion stuff, it decided. Even needless physical gestures were becoming easier, it noted, moving forward to embrace the red-haired girl who surprisingly, was holding back tears. “I promise that I'll never leave you again…”
Still momentarily unable to speak, torn somewhere between pride and gratitude, it imagined, the girl simply nodded and the embrace lasted several more seconds in silence.
That is, until the reality came rushing back. Stepping several steps in reverse again, she eyed it, the azure optics showing a slow change in feeling, “…why?” came the demand suddenly, in a far darker tone, “WHY!?”
Now the face was changing too, anger building in plain sight, “Why did you choose the damned doll!? Why? Wasn't I good enough for you!? WHY!?” Pain showed too, if one looked closely enough, although it seemed to be what was fueling the anger. Pain that seemed to be caused by the woman who the entity's avatar was based off of. This was not good. Maybe it should have examined her a bit more closely before choosing…
“What are you talking about, Asuka? You know I'd never choose anyone else over you.”
It was still baffled as to the cause of this, but it seemed like the best thing to say. After all, if this woman was the closest person to her mind, it should be true. Why would a mother choose an artificial construct over its own daughter? The thought itself was silly.
“Liar!” Came the accusation in return; apparently, it was indeed true as far as Eve was concerned. “Why did you stop being my mother!? Tell me!” And then, the scene shifted; they were in a house, and the door was open. A younger Asuka, looking happy, ran in and looked up…to see her mother and a doll hanging from the ceiling, apparently in a suicide. The older Asuka's pain now intensified, not realizing that she had summoned the memory itself. She glared at the entity, and then the scene changed again; it was a city, in the rain.
From high above, a rainbow-hued beam was penetrating through the clouds and engulfing a red giant, the latter of which was holding its head (which possessed four eyes and two mouths, strangely). What the hell was going on here? And the look on Eve's face, it was changing. Not only was there fury and pain now; her eyes now held a terrible recognition…
“You…you bastard! Aussteigen! Weggehen! You aren't my mother!” She was staring at it with abject hatred now. But how could she know? It made no sense! “Get out of my mind, you damned Angel!”
Wait. What Angel? It was no Angel…this didn't make any sense at all; maybe Lilith had been right and she really was insane. It certainly was starting to look that way, as the landscape became an ever-shifting kaleidoscope of colors, places and people. Moreover, it hadn't even tried to breach her mind, yet Eve was reeling, then holding her head. What was going on? Maybe it could stabilize her, it thought as it neared the now almost thrashing girl.
But, as soon as it reached out to touch her, she, with antagonizing slowness, stopped, looked up, “That won't work on me twice, damn you!” and then she was on her feet as it watched, bewildered by the seemingly manic actions. It didn't even think to attempt to complete its mission until after her hands had encircled its neck. And then there was a decided snap, a scream, and all went black as it was forced out once more.
As for Eve, she awoke in reality with a truly awful scream, something between anguish, hatred, horror and terror.