Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ Play it Again Shinji ❯ Part 7 ( Chapter 7 )

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Play it Again Shinji
By Ret Nuh
Part 7
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A week after the truth was revealed to the world's governing bodies it was decided that everything was to be kept quiet. This was to protect the identities of all those that were involved and to prevent mass protesting and calls for the dissolution of the UN. The fact that most of the world's governments had supported SEELE, even though they didn't really know what the organization was up to, kept everything very quiet for fear of career suicide.
Inside Nerv, Ritsuko was yelling out a string of obscenities as the recovery effort failed yet again. She had been working nonstop for a week and they were getting nowhere. While screaming she looked down and saw Asuka. Her sad eyes forced her to take a couple deep breaths and declare “Get everything back up and running, let's try it again.” She then looked over at Misato “Bring me more of that turpentine of yours.”
After that attempt ended in failure too, Asuka screamed out in frustration and kicked the railing on the catwalk. Shinji wrapped his arms around her. “Don't worry. Ritsuko says she won't stop trying and has a couple more ideas. But the crew needs some rest and it will take a half day before they can get set up to try again. Let's go home, you need some rest too.”
“I don't care” Asuka sniffled. “I'm not leaving.” She then sat down on a futon she had drug out on to the catwalk earlier. She looked up at Unit-02 and with tears trickling down her cheeks she cried out “I want my mommy back.” She was finally going to be able to be a family with her mother, failure we simply not an option she would accept.
Shinji sat down beside her and let her sob on his shoulder while he held her. From his other side he heard “Can I have your other shoulder?” He looked up and saw a very sad looking Rei. He motioned for her to sit down on the other side of him and wrapped his other arm around her as well. Right now they were all sharing the same kind of pain.
Up on a walkway above everything Lilith was looking down. This solemn scene caused her to start crying too. She looked up towards the heavens and said with all her heart and emotions “Please.” She was answered by a small ball of intense light that continued to grow in size and form until there was a handsome man with six sets of wings hovering above them all. In a booming voice the being began to speak.
“BEHOLD. I AM THE…..” is as far as he got before he was bowled out of the sky by another angel.
After bouncing around a bit they landed on the catwalk in front of Major Katsuragi and she raised an eyebrow at the two. “Archangel or not, that is a highly inappropriate thing to do in front of children.” Misato's eyes shifted to his hand and then to Asuka, Shinji, and Rei.
The angel pulled his hand out of Lilith's robe and pried his lips from hers. “Eh heh, sorry about that. It's been a while.”
“Understandable” Misato answered. “But if you two are going to do that, you need to find a room.” Both angels blushed a little as they got up off the ground and dusted themselves off.
The archangel then looked around and saw many confused and bewildered faces, so he introduced himself again. With a little less gusto this time as he didn't want to be ostentatious. “Behold I am the archangel Michael. The strongest and most powerful of all the true angels. Slayer of the great dragon. Smiter of the wicked. General of the heavenly armies…” he then received an elbow to his side as he was being a show off and he had forgotten something very important. “Oh yeah and most importantly, eternally devoted lover to the most beautiful angel in existence, Lilith.” Lilith smiled at him and the two started to kiss again.
They were interrupted by a tapping foot and a loud “Ahem.”
The two angels turned their heads towards Misato “Sorry.” Michael then turned towards the children and found that one of them was already standing in front of him. “Ummm… you have a question Asuka?”
“You're an archangel right?” she asked.
“You have all sorts of powers right?” she continued.
“You could say that” Michael answered.
“I want my mommy back” she demanded.
“Yes, I know….”
“And I want her back now!” Asuka said with even more force.
“You see Asuka, it is not that simple…” Michael began to tell her but was interrupted by Asuka as she delivered a sharp kick to his shin and screamed “NOW!” Michael felt that one and started hopping around as his shin throbbed in pain.
Lilith let out a little laugh “You might want to watch out for that one. She is not the most patient girl in the world.”
Michael knelt down and began to rub his shin. “So I've noticed.”
“Well” he heard Asuka say and then saw her foot start to rear back for another kick.
Lilith stopped her though. “That isn't going to do anything dear.”
“But I want my mommy back” Asuka said, this time with tears. Michael saw Shinji come over to hold her and she started to sob on his chest again.
“Please don't cry” Michael said but then heard another child sobbing.
Rei looked up at him with tears streaming down her face “I…I.. want to be held. For real. If only for once.”
“No crying please” he begged. “I can't stand to see little girls cry. It brakes my heart.”
“They aren't going to stop” Misato told him. “Their hearts want it too much.”
“But I don't know if I can do what they are asking of me” Michael explained. “I came down here to bring Lilith back. The decision on the children's mothers and the Eva's was not revealed to me.”
“You could at least try” Misato said to him.
“But what if I fail?” he answered. “I don't want to crush the children's hearts like that. It would be too cruel.”
Lilith put her hand on his shoulder. “Please try.” Michael looked into her eyes and saw pure compassion. He couldn't say no to that and he bowed his head and floated up to Units-01 and 02. He raised his arms and a bright light began to radiate out from him. Soon the whole base was engulfed in a blinding brightness.
On the control deck Maya, Makoto, and Shigeru all had their heads down on their terminals trying to get some much needed rest while Ritsuko feverishly typed away at her computer. Maya was interrupted by a beeping noise from her monitor.
She looked at it “Sempai, I am getting some really strange readings here.” But when she looked back at Ritsuko she saw her sempai staring out into the cage area and pointing. Maya's eyes grew wide as a bright light began to take a humanoid shape.
The others were awaken by this as well. They heard a “So he came after all” and watched as Gendo walked off. A great booming voice was then heard from the being but quickly stopped as they saw Lilith streak towards the Angel and meet it with her lips.
“S… Sempai what's going on?” Maya asked.
Ritsuko walked up behind her and wrapped her arms around Maya's shoulders. “Nothing we have to worry about sweetie.”
Makoto then asked “Ma'am should we be trying to record these readings?”
“Don't bother” she answered. “We would never be able to understand them.”
“What should we do then?' Shigeru asked.
“Same thing we always do” Ritsuko told him. “Sit back and watch.” Maya then giggled as she saw Misato admonishing the angels. “Like she should talk” Ritsuko snickered as she looked at the scene as well.
They watched as the Angel made his introduction again and things starting to make more sense to them.
Asuka kicking Michael in the shin surprised them and Maya commented “Asuka's got guts.”
Makoto added “That looked like it hurt him.”
“I think it actually did” Ritsuko said. But then as she watched what happened next she started to feel really sad. The children just wanted their mothers, that's all. Even she could understand that. The rest of the crew wasn't handling the water works any better and when Rei made her request it broke their hearts. Eventually though they were blinded by the same brightness as the others.
As a bright light still filled the base, Michael woke up in the lap of a beautiful angel looking back down at him. “Wh…What happened?”
Lilith smiled at him and had him look to his sides. On one side was a beautiful woman in her late twenties tightly holding a red headed girl. On the other was another beautiful woman of the same age holding two children. One with dark brown hair, and the other with blue. All of them looked happier than words could ever express.
Michael looked up at Lilith “I am not capable of this kind of miracle.”
Lilith ran her fingers through his hair. “But it happened.”
“Not by me though.”
“Does it matter?” Lilith asked.
Michael looked at the mother's tight embraces of their children and the tears in their eyes. He answered “No. They are happy, that's all that matters.” Lilith helped him up and they watched the glorious reunions. As the light dissipated away and the others could start to see what was happening, the two angels disappeared.
Yui was still holding Rei and Shinji when she could feel someone else was standing there looking at all of them. She looked up and saw a man with questioning eyes staring at her. She looked back down at her children. She gave Shinji a kiss on his head “Why don't you go and formally introduce yourself to Ms. Sohryu.” Yui then kissed Rei on the top of her head. “Go make sure he doesn't get too scared of her.” Rei smiled back at her and followed Shinji. Yui then stood up and faced Gendo. “I promised you an answer if I got back out. Do you want it now?”
Gendo just stood there staring at her. He wanted to answer her but was frozen. Yui reached up and took his glasses off of him. She looked deep into his eyes and could see they were full of fear. “Are you that afraid of rejection Gendo?” she asked him.
Gendo's eyes started to tear up as he answered “I- I can't lose you again.”
“And as long as you stay the man you have become and the one I fell in love with, you won't.” Yui then raised her hand to show him that she came back with her wedding band still on her finger. Gendo raised his hand to her hand and pressed his ring to hers. They just looked at each other for a couple seconds. But after ten seconds she found herself lifted off the ground and in his arms. “Well aren't you the impetuous one.”
“Sorry, I should have asked if I could do this first.” Gendo said but still refused to put her down.
“I will forgive you this time” Yui said with a smile. “You never could resist holding me.” Gendo just continued to hold her in his arms. After a couple minutes or so she whispered into his ear. “You do realize you still have to sleep on the couch for a good six months?”
“I know” Gendo replied, a little sad. “But after that six months...” it was then obvious where Shinji got his easy to fluster genes from as Gendo blushed while asking his question “…can I take you on a 2nd honeymoon?”
“I'm listening” Yui said as she was interested in where he was going with this, plus she always found it cute when he blushed.
“How about a two week stay on a private Hawaiian island resort where you will be waited on hand and foot?”
She looked at him and smirked “Are you picturing me in a grass skirt and coconut bra right now?”
He responded with a deeper blush and a gulp. “Can.. Can you still see my thoughts?”
“No and I don't need to see them to know what you are thinking” she teased. “But hold onto that thought. Six months from now it might just come true.” Gendo's eyes flashed and he was very happy.
He then heard “I want my mom back.”
He put Yui down and smiled at Rei “Sorry, but your dad is a weak love struck fool.”
“It must run in the family” Rei said and pointed over to Shinji who was in the middle of being relentlessly teased by Kyoko while an embarrassed Asuka begged her mom to stop.
On the control bridge Maya saw Yui re-embrace Rei and hold her closely. She reached up and gently placed her hands on Ritsuko's, who still had them wrapped around her shoulders.
“That is what I want.”
From the way Maya said it Ritsuko could tell those words came straight from her heart. She answered with sadness though. “I know you do, and you deserve to have it. But I…” Ritsuko trailed off unable to explain herself any further.
“But why?” Maya asked on the verge of tears.
“I… I'm afraid.”
“Of what? Please tell me” Maya begged.
“I became like my mother once” Ritsuko said. “What if I do it again?”
Maya looked up at her “That won't happen.”
“How can you be so sure?” Ritsuko asked with scared eyes.
“Because I won't let you” Maya said.
Ritsuko let out a sad sigh and was about to say something but Maya stood up and put a finger over her lips. “It's not naivety, it's love so just trust me.”
“You promise you will always be there to help me?” Ritsuko asked.
Maya answered by nodding her head yes. A smile came over Ritsuko's face as she said “But just one.” Maya responded by wrapping her arms around Ritsuko and giving her a very deep kiss.
During that kiss they felt a pair of eyes upon them. They separated quickly while Shigeru said with a huge grin “Please, you don't have to stop on my account.” Both women stared vehemently at him and Ritsuko raised her hand for a smack but Shigeru added “C'mon I'm a man. What did you expect? I would look away.”
Ritsuko dropped her hand. “Moronic but true.” She then sighed and told him “Well I hope you enjoyed the show because you are not going to see it again.”
“It was awesome” Shigeru laughed. “Wasn't it Makoto?” He then noticed Makoto wasn't even paying attention to anything that was happening. It looked like he was staring at something on the catwalk. The others looked down and couldn't figure out what he was staring at.
“Ummm Makoto, is something wrong?” Maya asked. He didn't respond.
“Are you alright?” Ritsuko said and then poked him in the arm. She jump back as she saw Makoto slam his hands down on his console and yell while jumping up.
“Holy Crap. Kyoko is a Goddess.”
Those words echoed around the base as many times as the number of eyes it attracted. Which included an intrigued pair from the recipient of the statement.
Shigeru gave him a nudge and in a low and quiet voice informed him “Dude your hand is on the intercom button.”
Makoto looked down, gulped, started to flop sweat, and began to shake in embarrassment while his face quickly became the same hue as Unit-02. He slowly took his hand off the button, sat down, and buried his head in his arms while crying out “I am such a baka.”
He then started pounding his head against his keyboard while muttering the word baka over and over and over. No man had ever wanted to be in the middle of a point blank cross flare more than he did at that moment.
“Very interesting” Kyoko said looking up at the embarrassed man.
Asuka let out an exasperated “MOM!”
Kyoko turned to look at her and said “I never intended for you to be an only child Asuka. And since it seems I have returned at the age I left, I still have time to make good on that dream.”
Asuka looked up at her mom with wonder “I have always wanted a baby brother or sister.”
Kyoko looked back up at Makoto “He is kinda cute. Plus he definitely has good tastes.”
Kaji and Misato were just standing on the catwalk happily watching everything that was happening when they heard a question asked of them. “Who yelled Kyoko was a goddess? You could hear it all over the base.”
“Glad you two could return.” Misato said as she noticed two angels now by her side.
They both smiled at her with Lilith adding “Tell Gendo we are sorry about his desk.”
“Wouldn't be the first time” Misato replied back with a wink. “Or the second” Kaji added with a sly grin. Both Michael and Lilith started laughing.
After a while Michael asked his question again “We heard someone say Kyoko was a goddess over the intercom system.” Misato pointed up towards the bridge where two women were trying to console a rather distraught and horribly embarrassed man. It didn't look like they were doing any good though. “I take it he didn't mean for that to be broadcasted.”
“Nope” Kaji answered. “But I don't think Kyoko minded too much.”
“She looked at him with rather interesting eyes” Misato added.
Lilith raised an eyebrow “I know she is looking for a man, and one that wants a family. Plus she is still the right age to have more kids so he could be a possibility.”
The word “age” caught Michael's ear. He looked at one of the couples and said “You know Gendo is way too old for Yui now. I don't think he could keep up with her without having a heart attack.”
Lilith looked over at him “You're not thinking what I think you're thinking?”
“Maybe” he answered. “Yui deserves an extra reward anyways. Lets just hope I still remember how to do it. Its been a while since I hung around with Methuselah.” He then casually made his way toward Gendo.
Gendo's attention was focused on his family until he noticed they were all looking behind him. When he turned around he saw Michael standing right in front of him. He gulped at the look the Archangel was giving him.
Michael declared “Gendo, you are an old man past his prime. Yui is a young woman still in the flower of her youth. Just what would people think?”
“Ummm…..” Gendo said and tried to take a step back.
A devious smile came over Michael's face and he put his hand on Gendo's head. “I think I'm going to fix that right now.”
A bright light completely consumed Gendo and shot out of his body while he let out an agonizing scream of pure pain. Michael took his hand away and Gendo collapsed. He then scratched his head for a second “That's funny, Methuselah never screamed in pain. I wonder if I forgot to do something. Oh well, what doesn't kill you can only make you stronger.”
Yui looked up at Michael concerned. “Is my husband alright?”
“As right as any 32 year old man can be” Michael responded as Gendo tried to get back onto his feet. “Although that migraine might last a couple days.”
“Thanks for the warning” Gendo said dryly as he rubbed his throbbing forehead.
“Anytime” Michael laughed back.
After a while of everyone chatting Michael looked around and realized he had some additional tasks to complete before Lilith and he left. It had to be done and there was no time like the present so he spread his wings and a deadly serious appearance came over him. He flew up to where the Eva's where and hovered in front of them. He started glowing as he radiated awesome power and a sword formed at his side.
In a much darker tone he spoke. “You have all been given much joy and happiness, but it has come with a price. In two weeks Lilith's egg will be sealed in stone. Everything that remains will be lost forever.”
“There is no way we can relocate this base in two weeks” Ritsuko cried out. “The Magi system alone will take a week and a half to move, not to mention all the equipment we need for the Eva's.”
“You needn't worry about them” the angel said as he pulled out a sword of pure flame. “They no longer exist.” And with one strike all three Eva's were engulfed by a white flame and reduced to ashes. He then issued a warning to them “This is but a small sample of what I can do and I am infinitesimal compared to a simple snap of the creator's fingers. Do not think you have created anything that can challenge Heaven's true power.”
Michael started to shine brightly again and all had to shield their eyes from the light. And then just like that he was gone, and so was Lilith.
“My… My.. My Eva” Asuka cried out.
“Is gone” her mother said.
“As it should be” Yui added. “They are no longer of use in this world.”
“But…but…” Asuka said sniveling.
“I know Asuka, it was a big part of your life” her mother said while comforting her. “But it is time for you to have a normal life. With a mommy, hopefully a daddy and a sibling or two, some good friends, and even a boyfriend who you are way more serious with than you should be. That doesn't sound too bad now does it?”
Asuka got a big smile on her face “No it doesn't, and about that last part…”
Kyoko interrupted her daughter sternly “And nothing. I saw you pinch his butt. That is a definite No-No.”
Asuka let out a pouty “Hmpfff.”
“And more importantly, he can't pinch yours.”
Asuka whined out “That's not fair” while Shinji blushed under the gaze of two people who weren't aware of that. Rei though started giggling.
////////////////////--------------------------------^_^---------- ----------------------\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
Ritsuko was still rather disappointed about losing the Eva's as well, but she knew the only thing they were good for was fighting. And there were still people who would do anything to get their hands on them so it was better off that they were gone. But there was still a big problem. All the data on them and how they were created was still floating around in the Magi systems. Even though they wouldn't be able to create another Eva, just with the data alone some rather not nice things could be created, so it had to go too.
She looked at her computer screen that was waiting for a final number to be entered and sighed “All this data. All this knowledge. I don't know if I can destroy it?”
“I can” Yui said as she walked up to the computer, pressed the number 7, and hit enter.
A rather nasty virus, especially designed by Ritsuko herself, was then sent out to every Magi system around the world. Ritsuko groaned as every bit of information about the Eva's was soon corrupted and destroyed. It took only an hour for everything to be gone. When it was she turned off their system as well and called down to the floor where Maya was waiting for a command. “Raise the system up and load them on to the trucks.” Maya nodded to her and as Ritsuko watched Maya do her job she sighed again “Such a waste.”
“You guys will still use the Magi computers to run the city” Yui told her.
“I know” Ritsuko responded. “But I devoted so much of my life to the Eva project. It's hard to let go.”
“How do you think I feel?” Yui pointed out. “But it's better this way”
“I suppose. But what am I going to do with all my spare time now?” Ritsuko asked.
“Enjoy it while you can” Yui told her. “Once you and Maya decide on a clinic and a donor, your life will become busier than you expect.”
The look of experience Yui gave her at the end was more than enough to convince Ritsuko that she was right. Their conversation though was interrupted by a snicker. Ritsuko looked over at Shigeru “If you even think about suggesting it again, I'll kick you so hard your balls will replace your tonsils.”
“I was only trying to be a friend” Shigeru said with a smirk.
“He offered to help, didn't he?” Yui laughed.
“Of course he did” Ritsuko said. “Just like the perverted man that he is.”
“Aren't they all” Yui replied.
“A little trouble with Gendo?” Ritsuko kidded.
“I totally forgot how handsy he was at that age” Yui answered, although with a little grin. “I swear Michael gave him some extra arms as well.”
Ritsuko started laughing and Yui blushed a bit until Makoto casually pointed out “You know, Maya says the same thing about you.” Then Yui started laughing while Ritsuko blushed.
Shigeru though looked over at him in amazement. “She.. she talks to you about those sorts of things?”
“On occasion” Makoto answered plainly. “I'm not interested in getting into her panties, so she feels comfortable around me.”
“And I sincerely appreciate that about you” Ritsuko said while opening his candy drawer. “By the way, this goes with us to our new work place as well.”
“Yes ma'am” Makoto chuckled.
A little bit later Gendo, Misato, and Kaji walked onto the deck. “They said they were sorry” Misato told him trying desperately not to laugh, but losing out on the attempt.
“Yes but when you and Kaji are sorry, it just means I have to call up the cleaning crew” Gendo complained. “They demolished the place.” He then went and sat down by Yui.
Yui looked up at him from her terminal. “It can't be fixed?”
“Nope. The repairman said it was beyond hope.” Gendo answered.
“Oh well, that desk would have been a pain in the ass to try and get into our study anyway” Yui commented. “What did he say about the ceiling?”
“That some of the missing chunks almost look like wing marks. And that it's a goner too.” The others let out little snickers at what Gendo said as they had all come to the same conclusion. What those two angels did in that room was beyond imagination, but the evidence they left behind could definitely give you some clues.
“That's a pity” Yui said. “Rei liked that picture.”
A while later Kyoko walked onto the bridge with the kids in tow. “Ok the kids cleaned out their lockers, you guys need anything else before I take them home?”
The only person who needed something unfortunately was Asuka who complained “Why couldn't we keep the plugsuits?”
“Because!” both Yui and Kyoko said together.
“Because why?” she whined.
“Because we said so” Kyoko told her matter of factly.
Asuka let out an ill tempered “Hmpff.”
Ritsuko then pointed out to her “You three were growing out of those things anyway. Another month from now I would've had to make new ones.”
“So they would be a little tighter than usual. What's the big deal?” Asuka said and then added “That's the fashion nowadays.”
Kyoko raised an eyebrow at her child “I could care less about what is in fashion. The only thing those suits were good for is getting you in trouble.” Asuka reiterated her “hmpff” but Kyoko gave her a disappointed look and she immediately backed down. Kyoko then told the kids to carry their things out to the car and she would drive them home in a couple of minutes.
When they were gone Kyoko walked up behind Makoto. He instantly noticed. He could feel her glorious presence behind him and he started to get all sweaty and nervous.
She whispered into his ear “A little birdie said you wanted to ask your goddess something?” and then turned his chair around so he could get a good look at her.
She was wearing a rather flattering red sun dress that made it very hard for Makoto to concentrate on breathing normally. The dress was pretty low cut too, and her bare legs seemed to be calling out to him. She was way too beautiful in his mind for her to even be talking to him, but here she was, doing that.
He took a big swallow and tried his best to answer her. It didn't go too well as his nervousness was apparent. “I… well… I was… well since you like… umm… old scary movies… I know a place… well they play old movies… and ummm… tonight they are playing The Exorcist.” Makoto was now very flustered and had to take another big gulp. Kyoko just continued to smile at him, but was secretly loving every second of his nervousness. It was very flattering to her. “Do you… I mean would you… like to… maybe well… go… with… me?
“When does the movie start?” Kyoko asked.
Makoto took a deep breath and answered “10:00 pm.”
“Pick me up at seven” Kyoko told him as she traced her finger along his cheek bone. “I wouldn't mind getting to know you a little better first.” She then turned around and sauntered off the deck making sure she added a little extra hip to her walk. Makoto just sat there dazed and entranced at the way she walked off.
Ritsuko had sat down by Yui and Gendo during this and said quietly “Damn she's good. But I don't understand where she learned Makoto wanted to ask her out? Neither Maya nor I talked to her about him yet.”
Yui replied “Tweet, Tweet.” Ritsuko let out a little laugh and smiled at her as Yui continued. “Kyoko has had an eye on him for quite a while now”
“Really?” Ritsuko questioned.
“Yup. Ever since she overheard him saying he was ready to settle down and start a family” Yui explained. “That is something very important to her and trust me, she is very interested in him.”
“You know now that the angels are gone both Maya and I have friends that have expressed and interest in him too” Ritsuko said. “She may have some competition.”
Yui looked at the still entranced Makoto, who now had a huge smile on his face and eyes that looked like they were shining with stars. “No she doesn't.”
Ritsuko looked at Makoto for a second and laughed “I'll tell them he's taken.”
Gendo was the last one to leave the base. He looked down at the geofront from above and then out at the city where he saw Yui standing there with her hair blowing in the wind while laughing at something with Shinji and Rei. He began to smile. He looked down one last time. “I don't need you anymore. I have found what I really wanted.” He then shut the door and walked away from it forever.
After the Ikari family had left the area several men in black suits pried open one of the doors. They were very surprised as they found nothing but rock. They looked at a map and moved onto the next entrance, only to find the same thing. They spent a week going from entrance to entrance trying to find a way in but only found a stone wall behind every door. Finally they got to the last door, but when it was opened they saw seven eyes emblazoned on the stone staring back at them. They were instantly filled with fear and fled. The door then slammed shut.
The End.
A year later Asuka walked into the Ikari household. “Hallo future mommy and daddy in law.”
Gendo got a shiver down his spine and ruffled his newspaper a little but Yui replied “Hello honey. Shinji is still sleeping, why don't you go wake him up.”
“Ok” Asuka said happily and skipped over to his room. When she got there she saw him sleeping with a big smile on his face so she grabbed his blankets and ripped them off of him while saying loudly “Up and at em's baka-boyfriend.” Her eyes then opened widely and she gasped “Shinjiiii!!! I'm not allowed to see that yet.”
“Then turn around” Shinji said while rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.
She smiled at him and walked over to his dresser and threw some underwear and pants at him. Then she turned around to let him get dressed while saying “You know I should yell at you for being such a pervert.”
“It's your fault” he teased back.
“And just how is it my fault?”
“You were wearing a leaf bikini and the caterpillars showed up” Shinji said.
“Hey!” Asuka yelled. “That's my Love Hina fantasy, get your own.”
“But it needed updating” Shinji told her. Asuka then felt the back of her shirt getting pulled up.
“What… What are you doing?” Asuka gasped. “We're gonna get in trouble.”
“I'm just checking” Shinji said slyly as Asuka felt him glide a finger down her bra strap to where the tag was. She then felt him snap her bra while saying “I was right.”
Asuka tucked her shirt back in and turned around. “Honestly Shinji, I just bought these new bras last week. You notice things way too quickly sometimes.”
He just smiled at her and stood up. He then wrapped his arms around her waist and gave her a very pleasant good morning kiss. He tried to drop one hand, but it got swatted away.
“Freckles are still a no-no” Asuka admonished.
Shinji let out an Asuka type “Hmpff.”
She responded with a little frustration “Trust me that's a mommy rule, not mine.” The two just looked at each other for a moment and sighed. Asuka then looked over her shoulder to make sure the pair of eyes that had been attracted to them by their conversation had left. Everything that just happened was a show. She put one finger on Shinji's lips and grabbed his hand with her other one. She guided it down to her ass and slid it up under her panties. Shinji had earned those freckles and a little shudder of pleasure ran through her body as Shinji gently cupped and felt up the underside of her ass. It felt so good to have his hand there, but it didn't last. Getting caught like that would be a serious infraction of the rules and she would probably loose her wake up Shinji privileges. With Shinji's hand wrapped back around her waist she laid her head on his chest and muttered out “It's just not fair.”
“Tell me about it” Shinji responded with just as much frustration while a part of him was demanding more. But it wasn't going to get it.
Their sexual frustration pity party was interrupted by a well rehearsed and gruff “It's getting late” from the kitchen. That was the signal from Gendo that good morning time was over and that their butts better be out the door and on their way to school post haste.
As they left for school Shinji said “Bye mom, bye dad” followed by Asuka saying “bye future mommy and daddy in law.”
“Bye you two, have a good day at school” Yui told them.
When the door closed Gendo said “I really wish you wouldn't encourage her like that dear.” Yui just smiled at him and pushed down two more pieces of toast.
A minute later Gendo said loudly “Rei get your tuckus in gear. You're going to be late.”
Rei ran out of her room “Bye mom, bye dad” and grabbed a piece of toast as she flew by. When she ran out the door she smacked right into Kensuke, who was standing outside of it just getting ready to knock on the door. They both fell to the ground with a THUD and an “Owww.”
Rei looked up at him crossed. “You're late. You were supposed to be here ten minutes ago.”
While rubbing his forehead Kensuke answered “Sorry. Makoto stopped me in the hallway to see how long it would take to install a baby monitoring system in their apartment.”
Gendo called out from the apartment “Misato and Ritsuko want to talk to you too.”
Kensuke groaned “Why me?”
“Because now you are everyone's favorite contractor” Rei teased him.
Kensuke glared at her for that but then began to smirk as his eyes dropped. She looked down at where he was looking and quickly pulled her skirt back down while mouthing the word pervert at him. Kensuke just laughed.
Yui walked over and helped the two back up off the ground. She put a piece of toast into Kensuke's mouth and shoed them off. She then walked back over to the kitchen table with a cup of tea and sat down. “You know, you guys should really pay him something for all that work.”
“Nah” Gendo said. “I tried once and he gave the money back.” He then laughed “That's why he is my favorite contractor.”
Yui took a sip of her tea and said “Something tells me he's costing us more than we realize.”
Gendo just brushed off Yui's statement with “Kensuke's a good respectable kid. We only have to pay him for parts and that's it.”
“We'll see” Yui answered and then looked at her watch. “And now you need to hurry off too. You have that meeting with the board of stewards this morning.”
Gendo grumbled a little bit and continued to read his paper “Stuffy old geezers. Always so stingy with the budget.” Yui just laughed at him as some things never seemed to change with him.
When Kensuke and Rei got to school Kensuke went straight up to Hikari. “Excuse me miss class rep, but Rei is violating the schools dress code.”
Hikari looked over at her. “No she isn't.”
Kensuke then got a wicked little smile as he recited one of the regulations. “According to Article 19 section 5 part 24, all females must wear plain white cotton underwear beneath their school uniforms. And it has come to my attention that Rei is in fact wearing white with blue dots satin panties.”
Rei's mouth dropped open and she turned a bright shade of red. Shinji though glared at Kensuke and asked “How would you know?”
“Because Rei flashed me” Kensuke answered back and then got punched in the arm by Rei who yelled “I did not!”
“Yes you did” Kensuke replied.
“Well it was your fault” she yelled back.
“You ran into me” Kensuke shouted.
“If you would have been on time, it wouldn't have happened.”
“It's not my fault I got stopped by Asuka's dad.”
“Well you didn't have to talk to him for so long” Rei lectured him.
“Well it's your father's fault for telling them about me” Kensuke replied.
By this time Asuka, Shinji, Hikari, and Touji were laughing at what was happening. It was certainly and interesting twist on a blast from the past moment to them. But then from the other side of the room they all heard “Ahhh look, the lovebirds are at it again.”
Both Rei and Kensuke stopped arguing and turned to stare daggers at Kaworu, but started laughing when they heard Asuka chide out loudly “Oh look the hoser is jealous.”
When the two were finally able to stop, Rei gave Kensuke a shove “I can't believe you told the whole class that.”
“Consider it payback for the pantsing you gave me last week” Kensuke said as they sat down in their seats.
“Well you dared me to” She replied.
“I didn't think you would actually do it” he said.
“That's the problem with you Kensuke” Rei told him. “You don't think.”
“I do too” Kensuke answered. “But only about the important things in life.”
“And what are those?” Rei asked, immediately regretting it.
Kensuke answered as seriously as he could “Girl's panties.”
Rei rolled her eyes at him “You're such a pervert.” Kensuke just laughed at her again. Rei then thought of something else “That new cost club just opened up, wanna go check it out with me after school?”
“Sure, I got nothing better to do” Kensuke answered.
The teacher then came in and Hikari called the class to attention. After they had all sat back down he started his lesson. “Ok class, today we will start out with geography of south east Asia.” He stopped as he heard most of the class still murmuring with each other. “You have two seconds to start paying attention to me or I will start talking about 2nd impact again.” Instantly all eyes were upon him and he continued his lesson.
OMAKE: (A/N: I had two endings in mind when I wrote this but I couldn't decide between them, so I wrote them both. Here is the second one.)
It was a dark and stormy night, many years down the road. Shinji woke up in a panicked cold sweat. He sat up in his bed and took a couple deep breaths. After a minute or two he looked down and saw a pair of brilliant blue eyes gazing back up at him.
In a very soothing voice he heard “Don't worry Shinji, it was just a bad dream. I'm still here.” Asuka then put her hand on his chest and serenely guided him back down into their bed. As she wrapped her arms around him and snuggled close to his body, he began to feel at peace again. Then in a more curious tone of voice he heard “Do you want me to prove it?” and felt a sensuous leg drape over his body. Shinji's eyes told Asuka everything she needed to know. She reared up on him and let those eyes take in every glorious inch of her wanting figure. But just as she was about to shift her body to prove to him how there she really was, a huge flash of lightning struck followed immediately by a loud crack of thunder.
They both jumped a little and looked at each other while saying together desperately “Please don't wake up the….” They were sadly interrupted by a little baby's cry and a “Mommy, Daddy I'm scared.”
Asuka looked over at the clock “Well I would have had to get up in a half hour anyway to feed Keiko. I'll take her and you handle Langley.”
They both got up and out of bed. Shinji actually found his four year old son already standing there waiting for him outside their door. He picked him up and started to carry him to his room.
“The wightning scared me daddy.”
“There is nothing to worry about” Shinji told his son as he laid him down in is bed. “Lightning is just god's way of taking your picture.”
Langley looked up at his father confused. “Nah uh daddy. Wightning is a fwash of wight in the sky caused by the dithcharge of atmosfuric ewectricity from one cwoud to another or between a cwoud and the earth.”
Shinji looked at his son and smiled “You are definitely your mother's child.” Shinji then picked out a book and sat down on Langley's bed and began to read to him. “I do not like Green Eggs and Ham. I do not like them Sam, I am….”
When he finished Langley was fast asleep so Shinji pulled up his covers and tucked him in. He then went back to his own room and laid down in his bed.
Fifteen minutes later Asuka walked quietly back in to the room and laid down next to Shinji. She felt a pair of arms pull her on top of him. Shinji opened his eyes and stared deeply into hers. She let her beautiful long red hair fall into is face and tickle him while she said “Prove to me you are here too and take me to heaven.” Asuka then sat up on him and shifted her hips…
Misato and Kaji were sleeping soundly in their bed when they were awoken by a loud clap of thunder followed by the sound of three young teenage girls screaming. They looked at each other and let out a little laugh. Misato then got up to check on them. When she got to the living room she saw the TV was on pause and the three girls were picking up popcorn off the floor.
“That's why I don't watch those kinds of movies during thunderstorms” Misato kidded them.
“But my mommy and daddy say that scary movies are best during stormy nights” Ryoko said to her.
“Of course those two would” Misato snickered. She then looked at the TV screen and shook her head “So Makoto let you borrow his old Texas Chainsaw Massacre DVD, huh?”
“Daddy said that it's the best one” She replied.
“Uh huh” Misato said sarcastically. She then turned her attention to her own daughter, Minato. “After this one, I want you girls to go to bed.”
“Ok mom” she replied. “But go tell Akito to stop spying on us.”
Misato looked over to her son's room and saw a face peeking out from it. “Akito go back to bed and leave your sister and her friends alone.”
“But it was just getting to the good parts” Akito whined back.
Misato put her hands on her hips and spoke up “It's way past your bedtime and you are too young to be watching movies like this, you will get nightmares. Now go to bed.” Akito let out a little whine and shut his door.
“Thanks mom” Minato told her.
Misato looked over to her daughter's other friend Ai. She looked a little unsettled and pale. “Are you going to be ok?”
Ai looked up at her and answered “Now I know why my moms don't have any of these movies around the house.”
Misato let out a little laugh and said good night to the three girls. When she crawled back into bed she heard the whine of a chainsaw quickly followed by three screams and then the TV quickly turning off. Kaji and Misato both chuckled as they knew it wasn't going to be turned back on.
Up in heaven the Creator, Michael, Gabriel, and Adam were sitting around a poker table. The Creator threw out two gingersnaps causing Michael to say “The boss must have something good.”
“It will cost you two gingersnaps to stay in the game and find out” the Creator said back smugly.
Michael looked at his cards and then at his pile of cookies. “I'm game, give me two cards” and he threw two cookies into the kitty.
Adam looked at his cards and then threw them down. “That's too rich for my blood.”
After Adam folded Gabriel looked at the other two with shifty eyes. He then threw in his ante and said “I'm good.”
The Creator looked at him suspiciously “You're bluffing.”
“It's gonna cost ya to find out boss” he replied.
“Hmmmmm” the creator said suspiciously and drew one card.
Lilith then walked up to the table and wrapped her arms around Michael. He looked up and gave her a peck. “You want something?”
Lilith looked over at the creator “I want to go visit my new granddaughter.”
“So go ahead” the creator told her. “Just pop your ethereal butt on down there.”
“In angelic person, not ethereal image” she added. “I want to hold her.”
“I don't know” the creator said skeptically. “I prefer to keep those types of visits to a bare minimum. They have a funny way of getting the humans all riled up.”
Michael quickly backed away from the table just in time to watch Lilith kick it hard and send the table flying while yelling “I want to hold my new granddaughter!!!”
The Creator snapped its fingers and everything froze. “Ok, ok you made your point. You can go. Just don't let too many people see you.” The Creator then waved its hand and the table and all the cards and cookies returned to their original places. Lilith smiled greatly at the Creator, spread her wings, and took off. As she flew away the Creator let out a big laugh “I give you guys a little free will and you walk all over me.” The Creators attention was then turned back to the game and Gabriel “Now lets just see if you're bluffing or not” and threw in six chocolate chip cookies, four oatmeal raisins, and 2 more gingersnaps.
Yui was sitting in a rocking chair gently cradling her new granddaughter when she noticed a faint blue glow saturate the room. She smiled and slowly stood up. “Looks like your angel grandma is here.” When Lilith fully arrived Yui quietly motioned for her to sit in the rocking chair. She then handed her the baby. Lilith almost melted as she held the little one in her arms. “Her name is Lilly” Yui said.
Lilith's eyes lit up and she cooed “She is so beautiful, just like her mother.”
After a while of holding Lilly, Lilith asked “How is Rei doing?”
“She's doing better” Yui answered. “But Lilly was a very tough delivery and the doctor put her on bed rest for the rest of the week.”
“Already causing problems for your mommy are you little one?” Lilith said as the newborn opened her eyes slightly. She then sat back and started rocking in the chair while Yui sat down in another one.
“So how are the others doing?” Lilith asked.
“Pretty good” Yui answered. “Asuka is still a professor at the college and just got tenured a little while ago. Shinji's still working away at that marketing research company. He might even make supervisor in a couple years. Their littlest one, Keiko, is 6 months old now and I finally get to take care of her now that Asuka's sabbatical is over.”
Lilith smiled “So how many little ones are you going to be day caring for now?”
“Six, but when Lilly is ready it will be 7.”
“That is a lot of little ones for one person to handle” Lilith commented.
“I have help now” Yui answered. “Misato quit her job and decided to give me a hand with the day care.”
“I remember she was thinking about that last time I was here.”
“Thank god she did” Yui remarked. “I don't think I could handle that many by myself.”
“A little rambunctious?” Lilith said with a tiny laugh as not to wake up Lilly, the little one had fallen back to sleep.
“Very much so” Yui replied with a chuckle. “Langley is now 4 and really takes after his mother. You have to watch what you say around him because he is such a sponge and learns everything. For the most part he behaves well but he does sass back on occasion. Although most of the time you have no idea what he is saying because he tries to use bigger words than he can pronounce.”
“That has to be so cute” Lilith said with a smile.
“It melts my heart every time” Yui answered. “Plus since he is a year older than the three girls he feels it is his responsibility to read to them and they all absolutely adore him for this. Ruri will usually select the books and Hikari's twins double team him with questions while he reads it. It's all quite funny actually. If we let her, Ruri will actually keep bringing him books all day, she just loves to hear stories. Hana and Ren though usually wander off and go play with their little brother after two or three.”
“How old is Taro now?” Lilith asked.
“He's about 13 months” Yui answered.
“So he is probably up and running as well.”
Yui let out a little breath and told her “He has been up and running since 9 months. He skipped straight from scooting around on his belly to walking.”
Lilith commented “A handfull I take it?”
“Definitely” Yui said. “Either Misato or I have to keep an eye on him at all times. He runs around the house all day putting this and that in his mouth. If it tastes good he eats it, if it is bad he throws it. And for a one year old he has got quite an arm. Although where what he throws goes is anyone's guess. The other kids had to learn to duck and cover.”
Lilith let out another quiet laugh “So what does his parents think about that?”
“Hikari is praying that it's just a phase he quickly grows out of, while Touji is as proud as he can be. He says little Taro is going to be the next Johan Santana.”
Lilith rolled her eyes “What father doesn't.”
“True, true but Touji was a pretty good athlete through high school, maybe his son inherited it from him.”
“Is he still doing construction?” Lilith asked.
“Yup. He works mainly for Rei and Kensuke now while Hikari is still teaching second graders.”
“And how is the kids business doing now days?”
“The decorating part of it got put on hold for the time being due to the little one, but Kensuke has a bunch of remodeling projects lined up in the mean time” Yui answered. “And Gendo is negotiating a couple more contracts for them while he runs the business end of their company.”
A big crack of lightning followed by loud clap of thunder surprised all of them and Lilly started to cry.
“It's alright little one, nothing is going to hurt you” Lilith said starting to rock the little infant again.
A minute later they heard “Kensuke will you put me down. I can walk over there just fine.”
He answered her with “The doctor said you have to stay off your feet for a while.” He then walked into the baby's room carrying Rei.
Lilith got out of the rocking chair and said to Lilly “See nothing to worry about, here's your mommy.” And handed her to Rei.
Rei gently cradled her little girl and started to rock in the chair. Lilly stopped crying and started to coo all baby like. Of course this made the two grandmas coo right back at her.
While this was happening Kensuke left to check on their other child. A couple minutes later he returned with her in tow. “She heard a special someone's voice.”
Ruri ran over to Lilith and Lilith picked her up giving her a big hug. “You've grown so big Ruri.”
Ruri looked at her and asked “Gamma Lilith can you wead me a storwy?”
Lilith looked over at Rei and she nodded yes but added “Only a couple Ruri, you need to go back to bed.”
Ruri nodded her head and then grabbed Lilith's hand and pulled her to her room. Lilith did what every other grandma does and spoiled her grandchild rotten with four stories, because she loved reading them to her as much as Ruri loved hearing them.
The End.
Author Notes: The biggest and most special thanks goes out to MyBecca. Without her I would just be writing angst fics like every other goober out there and making the kids lives miserable. Also another thanks goes to ChronoX. He was the only pre-reader that ever answered me back and didn't just take the story and run. Hope you had fun reading this one.