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Sausages, It was a Tuesday
By Lord Raa
Chapter 3
Disclaim-me-do: Ha ha. Very funny, Artoo. Now tell me where you hid my trousers.
Misato scoured Shinji's room, looking for something, anything, to bring to the Commander.
“Misato-san,” the pilot politely interrupted the search.
“You're making a mess.”
“I am?” Misato asked, standing up.
“Yes, you are,” Ritsuko admonished. “Are you going to clean up this mess, or are you going to leave it to Shinji, like you did with your apartment?”
“Meh,” Misato shrugged the barb off. Something under the bed caught he eye. “Ah ha, what's this?”
Shinji and Ritsuko looked on as Misato grabbed the colourful item.
“Let's see what kind of porn Shinji likes,” Misato said with a glint in her eye.
Ritsuko looked on in amusement at the sight of her old friend grasping at straws for evidence that her new roommate was some kind of pervert. “Misato, that's not pornography. It's sheet music.”
Shinji blushed and nodded in agreement with the blonde's observation.
“Oh,” Misato's disappointment was loud and clear.
“I'm sorry,” Shinji said on reflex.
“Sorry for what, Shinji-kun?” Ritsuko asked. “Sorry for not being a pervert?”
“No. I meant for disappointing Misato-san,” Shinji clarified, but failed to look either of the women in the eye.
Ritsuko glared at the purple haired woman. “See what you've done with your accusations, Misato?”
“I'm sorry, Shinji, it's just that I care about you.” Misato handed Shinji the book after giving it a quick glance. “`Air on a G String'? I knew there was filth in here! G-strings flick your switch, eh Shinji?”
Ritsuko rubbed the bridge of her nose. “Misato, that's a piece by Johan Sebastian Bach.”
“He was a composer from 18th century Germany,” Ritsuko answered, taking out a cigarette and light from her pocket.
“I know classical stuff,” Misato insisted, hoping to score some friendship points with Shinji.
“Misato, while I too appreciate L'arc~En~Ciel, I'd hardly call that classical music,” Ritsuko said sarcastically. “Air is a contemplative piece of classical music, not that I'd expect you to understand.”
Shinji nodded in appreciation of the blonde's knowledge. “That's twice you've impressed me today, Ritsuko-san.”
“Well, I'm full of information, Shinji-kun,” Ritsuko smiled at the pilot before lighting up her cigarette.
Misato looked at the exchange and huffed. “Well, I'm sorry I don't care too much for dusty old foreign composers that died 250 years ago.”
“It's not my fault you're a philistine, Misato.”
“I prefer to look at it as me having a life when I was at college,” Misato retorted.
Ritsuko decided not to sink to the uncultured woman's level and changed the subject away from college life. “Shinji, why don't you give us a quick demonstration of your playing ability and what show Misato what she's missing?”
“Ok,” Shinji agreed with surprisingly little coaxing. “Let's do this out in the lounge, I don't want to elbow you.”
Ritsuko led the pair out to her lounge waiting for the musician to begin, she and Misato sat down on the small sofa that bore the hallmarks of cat ownership.
“I'm not very good when put on the spot,” Shinji warned.
“That's ok, Shinji. Just imagine your audience in their underwear,” Misato advised her former ward. “I always do. And not just for the audience.”
Ritsuko held her face in her hands at that comment. “What are you like, Misato? Shinji, I'm sorry, but you'll just have to ignore the filth that comes out of Misato's mouth. I think she's somehow lost the ability to think before she speaks.”
Shinji nodded, before warming up with a few strokes to test how in tune the instrument was.
Thankfully, the cello was still in tune and Shinji started playing Bach's Air. When he finished, he looked up from the booklet and saw Misato looking on in deep thought.
“I know this piece,” said the captain.
“It's quite famous, Misato,” Ritsuko said as she rolled her eyes. “Shinji you were very good. I can imagine you in a world-class orchestra.”
“I know!” Misato shouted, jumping up. “It's the cigar music!”
“Cigar music?” Shinji mouthed to Ritsuko.
Ritsuko shook her head and waved her hands to say forget it. “So then, Misato, what did you think of Shinji's playing?”
“I think he's going to get lots of girls chasing after him. They always go for musicians,” Misato added in voice that sounded like one of experience. “Musicians who play stringed instruments are usually good lovers once they learn the erogenous zones. Hmm, nimble fingers,” she added in a dreamy voice.
“The what?” Shinji asked.
“Never mind that,” Ritsuko told Shinji. “Misato, we have got to get you boyfriend.”
“What? It's only been…” Misato counted on her fingers. “Damn,” she cursed, “I guess you're right, Ritsuko. I suppose it's better than spending so much on batteries.”
“Batteries for what?” Shinji asked in a quiet, innocent voice.
“Don't worry about that, Shinji-kun,” Ritsuko told Shinji. Again. “Misato, you're shameless.”
Misato had the decency to blush, though it was only a light colouring.
Misato drove back to NERV headquarters, formulating her report for Gendo in the car. When she arrived, she made her way to the Commander's office at a quick pace, which was noted by Maya as being out of the ordinary during normal operations.
Knocking on the door, Misato straightened her jacket as she waited to be called in.
“Enter, Captain.”
Misato opened the door and stood at attention. “I'm here to report on the situation in Ritsuko's apartment.”
“Go on then,” Gendo ordered.
“I'm happy to report that there is nothing sordid going on between Ritsuko and Shinji.”
“And?” Gendo looked from behind his steepled hands.
“Shinji is a talented cellist,” Misato said, hoping that she hadn't misinterpreted her mission.
“You saw no reason why Dr. Akagi would take in the Third Child?”
“No, sir.”
“Very well. Dismissed.”
After Misato left the room, the bearded man wondered what the blonde woman was up to for a moment. He then turned his attention to the next part of his master plan.
On her way to the vending machines, Misato was accosted by Maya Ibuki.
“Captain Katsuragi?”
“Yes, Maya?”
“I was wondering if you knew where Dr. Akagi is today, I haven't seen her and she's not booked the day off or phoned in sick,” Maya said with a light pink tinge to her face.
“She's helping Shinji move in,” Misato answered as she hit the buttons for her coffee.
“Shinji is moving in with Sempai? Why?”
“Didn't you hear about yesterday?” Misato asked as she sipped the hot drink.
Maya shook her head.
“Yesterday Asuka hit Shinji and Ritsuko decided to split them up. I've just come back from there.”
“Oh, how are they doing?” Maya asked casually.
“They're doing ok,” Misato answered after another sip of coffee.
“I'll pay them a visit after my shift,” Maya announced.
That evening, Maya drove to Ritsuko's apartment, hoping to see her mentor. She wasn't too bothered about Shinji being there, not because she didn't like the boy, but because she was more interested in what the blonde doctor was like off duty.
She rang the bell, rather than knocking on the door as Misato had done earlier, and was rewarded with the sight of Ritsuko in a white angora sweater and blue jeans.
“Hello, Maya-kun. What can I do for you?”
“I was a little worried when I didn't see you at NERV today, Sempai. You didn't phone in,” Maya explained, trying not to stare at the scientist's full chest.
“Sorry about that, but something came up,” Ritsuko replied with a slight grimace. “Would you like to come in? Shinji's just about to make some tea.”
“I'd like that,” Maya nodded.
Ritsuko waved the younger woman in and left for the kitchen to tell Shinji to bring in another cup for their guest.
When Shinji returned, he saw that Maya was sitting next to Ritsuko. “Hello there, Maya-san,” he greeted with a bow.
Maya bowed back. “Hello, Shinji-kun. How are you?”
“I'm a little tired, Misato-san was here earlier,” he admitted with a small amount of embarrassment.
“She was causing trouble and making a mess,” Ritsuko added. “So then, Maya, what did I miss today?”
“Nothing much.”
“Ah, so you save the interesting and challenging things for when I'm at work? I'm honoured,” Ritsuko smiled as she sipped the tea.
Maya blushed lightly in response.
Shinji yawned and excused himself for the evening, allowing the women to continue their conversation.
“You've got a nice pair there, Sempai,” Maya said.
“I said you've got a nice place here, Sempai,” Maya covered her slip, and averted her gaze to the walls.
“Thanks, Maya,” Ritsuko nodded, not seeing the blush on her assistant's face. She reached forward for her packet of smokes, inadvertently giving the younger woman a chance to ogle her.
Maya smiled at her mentor's movement.
“So then, Maya-kun, is there anything else you wanted to talk to me about?” Ritsuko asked after taking a drag on her cigarette.
“Why is Shinji-kun here?” Maya asked. “I've not heard much about it.”
“I've decided to separate the Second and Third Children after an incident,” Ritsuko replied. “And since it's the done thing to remove the injured party in situations like this one, I took Shinji in.”
“Ah, you didn't want him to be alone?” Maya asked rhetorically. `Sempai's so kind and smart, it makes her sooo sexy,' the bridge bunny thought dreamily.
“Yes,” Ritsuko drawled, noting the expression on her junior's face. `What is it with the people who work at NERV?'
Ritsuko knocked some of the ash off her cigarette and glanced at a clock. “I'm sorry to kick you out like this, but it's getting late, Maya and we do have a Sync Test to do.”
“Yes,” Maya sighed. `But I want to stay here at Sempai's,' a voice whined in her head.
It was silenced by another saying: “If you annoy Sempai now, you won't be invited back. And that would really throw a spanner in the works.”
“Oh well, I'll see you tomorrow, Sempai,” Maya said getting up.
“Ok, see you tomorrow, bright and early,” Ritsuko returned as she saw Maya out the front door.
When the morning came, Shinji woke up normally with out the shrill voice of an angry pilot telling him to get breakfast and lunch ready.
But still, he did make them all the same.
“It's the least I could do for Ritsuko-san,” the Third Child reasoned.
And with that, he left to prepare the first proper breakfast that Ritsuko had eaten for quite a while.
Ritsuko Akagi was roused from her slumber by a combination of the smell of cooking food and, after a few minutes, her alarm buzzing.
“Right. Awake. Wait, I smell food,” the bottle blonde said aloud. “That's right, I've got Shinji as a roommate now.”
Ritsuko climbed out of bed and quickly dressed. After lighting a cigarette and making she was decent, she exited her room to investigate.
She was greeted by the sight of her new lodger cooking more than enough food for two people's breakfast.
“Are we having visitors?” she asked after making enough noise not to startle the young chef.
“Oh, good morning, Ritsuko-san,” Shinji greeted the smoking woman. “I'm making us lunch as well breakfast.”
Ritsuko blinked. She thought that she might be able to get the boy to cook for himself, but this was not expected. `Now I know why Misato wanted to keep him and get rid of Asuka,' she noted.
“That's very kind of you, Shinji-kun.”
After breakfast, Ritsuko drove Shinji to school. After getting out of her car, Shinji made his way straight to his classroom.
The sight of the pilot of Unit-01 being dropped off but yet another attractive older lady made him the envy of Kensuke and Touji.
“Hey, Touji,” the shorter boy nudged his friend.
“You do realise that this means Shinji probably doesn't live with Misato-san any more?”
“Well, if Ikari is still living with Misato-san, then who is that in the car and why is she driving him to school?” Kensuke asked in a Sherlock Holmes manner.
“But why would he want to move out from Misato's place?” Touji asked in disbelief.
Then the only possibly answer came walking in though the gates.
“The Devil,” the pair of perverts said in unison.
Asuka strode into the schoolyard as normal, her eyes scanning for her friend or her former roommate. She was hoping to avoid Shinji until she had had a chance to speak with Hikari as her mind was still in a bit of turmoil.
She caught sight of the two people that she wanted to see less than any others.
She bit back a scathing insult until they said something stupid, though she knew that she wouldn't have to wait long.
“Hey Devil!” the taller one shouted out to her. “What's up with Shinji?”
Asuka stomped up to the jock and poked him in the chest with a finger. “Quiet Monkey Boy, I'm not in the mood. Where's Hikari?”
“Answer our question first,” Touji insisted.
“Ok, what's up with Shinji? He's a perverted, spineless idiot with a glass jaw. Now where's Hikari?” Asuka demanded with a sharp finger jab to the solar plexus.
“Oh hello, Asuka,” the class rep greeted, hoping to stop trouble between her friend and potential boyfriend.
“Am I glad to see you, Hikari. Can we talk in private before class starts?” the redhead asked in what the Stooges thought was an unusually polite voice.
“Ok, Asuka. I know just the place,” Hikari agreed as she led the pilot away from the boys.
In the girls' restrooms, Hikari checked for other occupants. Satisfied that there were none, she gestured for Asuka to start.
“Well, I kinda need your help,” Asuka started after a moment.
“With what?”
When Asuka remained silent, the class rep had an inkling about the problem. “It's about Shinji, isn't it?”
“What makes you say that?” the redhead countered.
“He was absent yesterday and you were evasive when I asked you. It's not rocket science, Asuka,” Hikari's smile was friendly.
“You're right. I did something stupid.”
“What?” the middle Horaki sister gentle pushed for more details.
“I hit him. Actually knocked him to the floor,” Asuka said in a quiet voice.
Hikari was aghast. “W-why?”
“I didn't mean to, Hikari. I'm not a psychopath!”
“I know that, Asuka,” Hikari said in a comforting voice. “Have you apologised to him yet?”
“Not in person,” Asuka admitted, before adding, “I haven't had the chance yet.”
Hikari steeled herself in preparation for the important advice she was about to give her friend. “Asuka, you need to apologise in person before it's too late. If you leave it any later than today, he'll think that you're insincere.”
Asuka thought the idea was of dubious value.
“I know you're a proud person, Asuka, but please, if you don't say you're sorry, people will start thinking like Aida and Suzuhara.”
The Second Child bristled at those names for a moment. She sighed. “I know. I'll apologise before the end of the day.”
In the homeroom, Asuka walked up to Shinji's desk.
“H-hello, Asuka,” Shinji greeted with a stammer.
Asuka glanced around for witnesses. Deciding that there would be more people coming in, she bit the bullet and said her piece.
“Shinji, I'm sorry for the other day. I didn't mean to hit you.”
The Third Child handed his former roommate a bento. “I'm sorry too, Asuka. I didn't mean to upset you,” Shinji said, but failed to meet her eyes. “I made you lunch to make up for it.”
Asuka sat there stunned, ignoring the whispers until the class rep announced the arrival of the teacher.
At NERV headquarters, Ritsuko sat at her desk with her coffee and a number of things on her mind. She knew that she would have to work out an insurance policy, in case Gendo caught wind of her plan.
Stretching back, a small gun metal coloured container in the corner of the room caught her eye. Setting the mug down, she went over to it, wondering why she had never spotted it before.
Climbing up on a chair, she saw an unhealthy coating of dust on the shelf, indicating that it had remained undisturbed for a number of years until recently. Lifting the container to get a better look, she noticed that it had a small key hole in it.
Making her way down to avoid attention, she thought about the set of keys her mother left her. Ritsuko rummaged through her pockets and found a number of small keys, none of which she'd paid much attention to over the years.
“What the heck,” she said to no-one in particular and started trying the keys. After the fourth attempt, the case opened revealing a memory card the size of a postage stamp.
“That's a blast from the past. I wonder if we've got a card reader that it'll fit in?” the blonde asked rhetorically before reaching for her coffee.
Seeing Maya walk into the room, Ritsuko slid the card into her pocket and turned to face her assistant. “Good morning, Maya.”
“Good morning, Sempai. Commander Ikari wants to see us as soon as possible,” the smiling young woman said cheerfully.
“Ok, let's see what he wants then, shall we?”
In Gendo Ikari's office, the bearded man was addressing the chief scientist and her assistant on the occurrence of unexpected events and the importance of contingency plans.
“The latest incident with the pilots of Unit-01 and 02 has highlighted this fact to us perfectly. We could not have predicted that the Second Child would lash out at the Third with force she did with so little provocation. Since we are in such a dangerous situation, I am ordering you, Dr. Akagi, to train Lieutenant Ibuki on all aspects of the maintenance and upgrading of the MAGI.”
Maya was a little surprised by this order. It seemed that the Commander had great faith in her abilities, and she would have an excuse to visit Sempai at home!
“I understand, sir.” Ritsuko's expression remained neutral, but was noting that Gendo was making preparations for the eventuality that she became surplus to requirements. `I'm going to have to act quickly,' she added silently.
Back in her office, Ritsuko examined the memory card further and realised the she did indeed have a peripheral that would read it. “Let's see what secret treasure I found,” she said to the computer.
Upon loading the file, she saw that it was password protected. “Damn. Wait, who created it?”
She saw a name she wasn't expecting to see: Naoko Akagi.
To be continued….
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