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Sausages, It was a Tuesday
By Lord Raa
Chapter 12
Disclaim-me-do: Freud would have a field-day at NERV.
Gendo Ikari was not known for his happy-go-lucky nature. He didn't suffer fools and certainly made people pay for their mistakes.
This is why he was interrogating security as to why the tank that held the spare Ayanami clones was now filled with chunks of Rei-flesh.
“I am waiting for an answer. And it had better be good,” Gendo threatened.
“Pilot Ayanami walked in unaccompanied,” the first man, Kazuki Ogawa, stammered.
“Rei did this?” Gendo asked. He well aware of the truth, but wanted to know what the trembling man in front of him knew about the incident.
“I didn't s-see that, I just saw her walk into the room and walk out again a few minutes later. I've seen her in there at odd times before, so I didn't think that much of it,” Ogawa explained.
“I see. And what did you see, Mr. Shoji Tamura?” Gendo asked as he read the second man's ID badge.
“I-I was in the t-toilet,” Tamura stumbled over his words.
Gendo's response to that admission was a simple, “take them to the holding cells.”
He turned on his heel to face Fuyutsuki. “I want to know why Rei returned this morning to destroy the spares.”
“As do I, Ikari. As do I”
At Mt Asama, a hung-over Misato was looking for Rei.
“Hey Asuka, have you seen Rei anywhere?” the asked the bored looking pilot. “The staff haven't seen her either.”
“There was a NERV VTOL that came earlier, perhaps she went back in that. I'm not surprised you didn't hear it after drinking yourself into a coma,” Asuka smirked.
Misato just stuck her tongue out at the redhead as her phone rang. “Hello?”
“¬Captain Katsuragi, there has been an incident at NERV headquarters. Return with the Second Child at once.¬”
“Yes sir,” Misato said before the sub-Commander ended the call.
“What's up, Misato?”
“Grab your things, we're going back to Tokyo-3,” Misato said, her voice losing all trace of her earlier humour.
Rei sat in a holding cell. Something that she would not have expected to experience a scant few weeks earlier.
The door to the secured room opened and Gendo strode in.
“I believe that you have some explaining to do, Rei,” the bearded man said sternly. You have always followed orders and rarely acted out of turn, yet you felt compelled to do this. Why?”
“Because of recent events.”
Gendo pushed his glasses up his nose. “And these events are?”
“Recent discoveries,” Rei said not looking the Commander in the eye.
“Explain. Leave nothing out,” Gendo ordered.
“Yes, Father.”
“What? I am not your father, Rei,” Gendo frowned.
“But you were married to my mother, Yui Ikari, were you not?”
“Who told you these lies?” Gendo asked, seething.
“They are not lies. Shinji-kun is my brother,” Rei insisted.
“And you know this how?” Gendo demanded.
The man's tone was not one Rei had experienced being directed at her. “Dr. Akagi performed a DNA test.”
“Assuming that the test is accurate, why did you destroy the spares?”
“I am not the first Rei Ayanami,” Rei started her answer, “my memories are incomplete from before seven years ago as a result of the transfer procedure. If I were to be replaced, I would lose my memories of Shinji-kun. I cannot allow that to happen.”
“You assume that I will keep you alive long enough for you to enjoy these experiences,” Gendo countered. “No-one is irreplaceable.”
“But it is now more difficult for me to be replaced,” Rei's mouth twitched in an upward motion.
Gendo saw this and very nearly struck out at the girl. “I see. And who do I have to thank for your change in priorities?”
“Dr. Akagi, Shinji-kun and Captain Katsuragi.”
“Thank you, Rei. I will be sure to show my appreciation to them,” Gendo said before turning on his heel and leaving to interrogate his new suspects.
At Ritsuko's apartment, Shinji was answering the door.
“Pilot Ikari? We're with Section Two, we need to speak with you and Dr. Akagi at NERV headquarters,” the first of two men dressed in black suits informed the young man.
“Why?” Shinji asked suspiciously.
“There has been an incident and we need to keep you secure.”
“I'll tell Ritsuko-san,” Shinji said, turning to see the blonde woman grab her keys and NERV pass.
“It's ok, Shinji-kun, let's go.”
A restrained Ritsuko sat down in Interrogation Room 3 with a bright lamp in her face.
“Really, isn't this a little dramatic?” she asked the silhouette, not enjoying the fact that she couldn't smoke.
“Perhaps, but this is an effective tool for getting answers, Ritsuko-chan,” Kaji replied as he came into view.
Ritsuko raised an eyebrow at his presence. “Why are you here, Kaji?”
“I'm here because the Commander wants answers.”
“Answers to what, exactly?” asked Ritsuko.
“I'm told that Rei sabotaged something and implicated you as a puppet master. Care to explain?”
“What? I never told Rei to sabotage anything!” Ritsuko angrily shot back.
“Really? Then perhaps you can clarify what she meant when she said that you performed a DNA test on her,” a new voice spoke up from behind her.
“Yes. Now answer my question.”
“Yes, I performed a DNA test on Rei,” Ritsuko admitted.
“Why did you do that?” Gendo asked, sitting on the desk.
“Rei asked me to.”
“I wonder what would cause Rei to ask such a favour. Do you have any ideas?”
“You'd have to ask Rei for that,” Ritsuko shrugged.
Gendo leaned in to whisper to Ritsuko. “She told me that she knows that she's Shinji's brother. How did she find that out? Are you an agent of SEELE?”
“No,” Ritsuko said, looking her mother's lover in the eye.
“I'm going to have to ask you to stay in here while I conduct further interviews. Kaji will get you something to drink.”
Shinji sat in the darkened room, hoping that nothing was going to happen to his friends or his sister.
“Pilot Ikari,” his father started.
“Yes, sir?” Shinji said, sitting up at attention on reflex before slumping in disgust.
“What is your relationship with Pilot Ayanami?”
“S-she is my sister,” Shinji said, looking at his father with more than a hint of distrust.
“Really? I think that I would have remembered fathering a second child. There were no photos of Rei at my family home. By this lack of evidence, I say that you're a liar. Or a deluded fool. Which is it?”
“Ritsuko-san said that I am her older brother.”
“Did she now? Well, assuming that you're not ill informed and not lying, just how is this possible? I see a problem with your timeline.”
“What do you mean?” Shinji asked, confused at his father's words.
“When are your birthdays?”
“Mine is June 6th and Rei's is September 12th,” Shinji recalled.
“But the normal gestation period for a human child is nine months, not three. It is impossible for a three month old baby to survive and grow up healthy enough to be a pilot,” Gendo explained. “It is also impossible for twins to be born that far apart. Therefore you are wrong.”
“B-but…” Shinji started to protest but was cut off by Gendo.
“But nothing! You are mistaken. Do not take this further or you will regret it.”
Misato didn't like the way that facts had been kept from her on the return journey to NERV. Yes, there was a need for security, but a response of “there has been an incident” was not good enough.
She was sure that she would have been told if there had been a bombing or an intruder.
It was all far too suspicious in light of Ritsuko's recent comments of “there are things going on that you haven't got even the faintest clue about.”
When she was unable to get anything resembling an answer from NERV, Misato turned to Asuka.
“We've been ordered back, but no-one's telling us anything.”
“Something's wrong,” Asuka frowned. “I've got a bad feeling about this.”
Misato nodded. She leant forward to speak with the pilot. “Hey, can you drop me off at my apartment? I need to check up on my penguin.”
“Sorry, Captain, but we have orders to bring you back now.”
Misato moved back into the cabin and made a shushing gesture at Asuka as she pulled out her pistol.
“Are you sure that we can't make a quick detour?” she asked sweetly, pressing the barrel of the weapon in the man's neck.
“Now that you mention it,” the pilot gulped, “I think that a pitstop is a good idea.”
“I knew that you'd agree. Now, I'm afraid that I'm going to have to tie you up,” Misato apologised. “You too, Asuka.”
“What? I'm coming with you,” Asuka insisted.
“Even though you'll be bringing a shit-storm down on yourself?” Misato asked, looking the pilot in the eye.
“I can't let you get all the glory for stopping this conspiracy, you know!” Asuka smirked with her usual bravado.
Rei pondered her situation. She was sure that she would be punished by the Commander for insubordination, at the very least. Possibly destruction of NERV property as well.
That thought made her frown.
“Am I nothing more than the property of NERV?” Rei asked herself. “I was replaceable like much of the equipment at NERV, but not now. Now I am my own person. Just like Shinji-kun.”
“Shinji-kun,” Rei sighed as she wondered how her brother was dealing with the situation.
The young man in question was also thinking about his situation. Though he was more concerned with the safety of his friends and family.
“I will make the Commander pay for treating Rei and Ritsuko like this, even if it kills me,” Shinji vowed to the empty cell.
Ritsuko was now getting surly.
She was able to deal with Kaji's looks that alternated between disapproving and scrutinising and the lukewarm coffee that they provided her with. She shrugged those minor details off with a mocking smile.
No. What was really bothering her was the fact that Kaji knew that she'd gone without nicotine for several hours and he wasn't doing a damn thing about it. Not even lighting up and blowing the smoke in her eyes as part of her interrogation.
“What now, Kaji? My work isn't going to get done by itself, you know.”
“Getting irritable, are we?” Kaji teased.
Ritsuko smirked at the unshaven man. “Kaji, if I was upset, you'd know about it.”
“What make you say that?”
“You're not in pain. After college, I changed my methods slightly. Now I don't get mad, I get stabby.”
To be continued…
This was pre-read by Chi Vayne.
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Perhaps if I promised not to write it?
Now on with the omake
Omake 1 - a new twist on OOC Rei.
“I believe that you have some explaining to do, Rei,” the bearded man said sternly. You have always followed orders and rarely acted out of turn, yet you felt compelled to do this. Why?”
“Because it arouses me to know that you are in discomfort.”
“Your suffering, I find it delicious,” Rei grinned evilly.
“I'm not afraid of you, Rei,” Gendo growled.
“You will be,” Rei said in an increasingly guttural voice. “You will be.”
Gendo's attention was drawn to the now empty restraints that were now on the floor.
“Oh shit.”
Omake 2
Rei pondered her situation. She was sure that she would be punished by the Commander for insubordination, at the very least. Possibly destruction of NERV property as well.
That thought made her frown.
“Am I nothing more than the property of NERV?” Rei asked herself.
“No,” a voice from the opening door answered. “You are my property.”
“Lord Shinji?”
“What have you done now, Lady Rei?”
Rei was cut off by Shinji. “Have been very naughty. If I didn't love you so much, I'd leave you here to rot.”
“I am sorry, Lord Shinji,” Rei apologised with her forehead touching the floor.
“Get up. I have decided that there are two options for your punishment,” Shinji's face was still like stone.
“May I ask what they are, Lord Shinji?” Rei's voice was a lot more submissive than normal.
“One is to loan you to Touji Suzuhara and Kensuke Aida for a week,” Shinji said, savouring the look of disgust on his lover's face.
“And the other, Lord Shinji?”
Shinji just smirked cryptically.
“Lord Shinji?” Rei asked hesitantly.
“Bring me Hikari Horaki and her older sister, Kodama. I haven't had a threesome with sisters for a while,” Shinji said wistfully.
“Is that all?”
“You may only use words to get them into my bed. You have one week, if you fail, then you will lose your title.”
“To whom?” Rei asked, her pride heavily wounded.
“I have yet to decide. Misato-chan makes for a good all-rounder, but Ritsuko-chan's pouty lips are very nice. Asuka-chan wouldn't object, neither would Maya-chan, as she'd be able to dominate Ritsuko-chan,” Shinji smiled at his blue haired lover.
(To be continued…?)
Omake 3
Gendo Ikari was not happy.
His son had been kidnapped. He wasn't originally too bothered about that, but when Rei demanded that “if Section Two didn't turn Tokyo-3 upside down, then he'd personally be held responsible.”
The bearded man had scoffed at first, but when the blue haired girl mentioned the numbers involved in the loss of earning's lawsuit, he quickly dispatched them.
“If I had known that Shinji was in such demand, I'd have auctioned him off as soon as Eva hit the news,” he lamented.
“But I got there first,” Rei smirked at the bearded man.
“You wouldn't consider cutting me in, would you?” asked Gendo.
“Not a chance.”
“But if it weren't for me, Shinji wouldn't be worth as much. I know that the ladies that use him pick him up because they feel sorry for him.”
“And? What do you want? A medal?” Rei mocked.
Omake 4
“I believe that you have some explaining to do, Rei,” the bearded man said sternly. You have always followed orders and rarely acted out of turn, yet you felt compelled to do this. Why?”
“Captain Katsuragi's pet penguin told me to do it.”
“Yes. He also said that your mother was the dirtiest woman he knew,” Rei explained.
“My mother was a saint!”
“Not according to Pen-Pen. He said that she liked it when he showed her his `French Flipper trick'.”
“That flightless bastard! I'll barbeque him!” Gendo shouted before running out of the cell.
“What an idiot,” Rei commented when she made her way to freedom. “The penguin that seduced his mother was called Feathers McGraw.”
Until laterer comes.