Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ The Song of a lost Angel ❯ HELP! I'm in the world of Evangelion! ( Chapter 1 )

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Disclaimer: I own nothing except the concept of the Guardians of Dimensions, `Outerworld', Sakura, Iridia and Baran.
Notes: And here we go. I must confess that I am writing this without any true guide. I have a basic concept, but I have too many ideas, some borrowed from others writers, to really know where I am going.
I really hope you appreciate my efforts to supply your dreams.
Chap 1: HELP! I'm in the world of Evangelion!
My first memory in this adventure was a good one. Of course, it was always a good one in a dramatic series. The hero was in a sugary setting and then… BAM! He was thrown into a world of hurt and utter nightmares. `He'…
How I wished I could have continue with that pronoun.
As the music began, we saw the image of the Archangel Lucifer appearing on a red starry background.
Then a representation of the Tree of Sephiroth followed.
The title burst into existence: “EVANGELION, the Song of a Lost Angel”.
On a cloudy blue sky, the visage of Shinji Ikari appeared with his standard sad figure. In the background, we saw a black featureless silhouette of a schoolgirl with waist long hair.
The silhouette is then replaced by the scrolling of the dual black featureless nude silhouettes of Asuka Soryu Langley and Rei Ayanami.
Shinji then smiled and is replaced by another kabbalic representation with the visage of Misato Katsuragi. Her nude black featureless silhouette was also displayed.
Another close-in of Shinji passed as Misato is replaced with Rei behind a window.
Her blood-red eye blinked and is replaced by an intense green eye blinking.
We saw now the Entry Plug of EVA-01 with a tandem seat.
At the command, we saw Shinji in his standard blue Plug-suit and behind him, Sakura Ikari, a fourteen years old girl with waist long black hair and intense green eyes.
She is clad in a black emerald-trimmed Rei-style Plug-suit with a silvered A-10 nerve clip.
As EVA-01 powered up, close-in of main characters appeared in rapid succession: Gendo Ikari, Misato, Ritsuko Akagi and Rei.
EVA-01 made her six pairs of energy wings to appear.
Various close-in of the EVA followed in rapid succession. Some were rather gore, with blood or horrifying images.
We saw now a rapid succession of the enemy: The Angels with Rei on a full moon background.
It was now the turn of Tokyo-3 with the NERV personnel: Kouzou Fuyutsuki, Makoto Hyuga, Shigeru Aoba, Maya Ibuki, Ryoji Kaji and Ritsuko.
Then SEELE came: Gendo, Keel Lorenz and the embryo of Adam.
The EVA-00 and EVA-02 fought against the Angels on the screen as the determined visages of Asuka and Rei flashed.
Toji Suzuhara, Kensuke Aida and Hikari Horaki appeared in rapid succession.
Various scenes taken from characters and fights in the series succeeded.
Finally, we saw Shinji and Sakura with their EVAs in the background: EVA-01 and a black white-trimmed EVA-03. The two Children, with closed eyes, were back to back with three pairs of energy wings bursting into existence from their backs.
Some close-in showed Shinji and his twin sister in separate images with their own version of a sad expression, intense rage and a big smile.
End of the opening song.
I opened my eyes to a pastoral landscape. The music of my MP3 was sounding in my ears as I listened to “Engel” of “Rammstein”. I felt good as I was lulled back into sleep by the regular motions of the van where I was sitting.
I reopened my eyes and blinked. Wait a minute…? A van…? Why was I in a van? I blinked again as the fog of my sleep was lifted up by a small jolt of adrenalin.
I looked around. Yes, I was in a van. I was also the only passenger with the driver, of course. I was sitting at the rear of the vehicle. I was also sure that my last memory was me in my bed and…
“What the hell…?” I stopped. My voice sounded very strange, as if I had inhaled a dose of helium. I raised my hand to my throat and the movement focused my attention on something on my chest.
I am sure that my eyes had grown to saucer size, like in an anime, as I stared down on a `little' addition on my body: A nice small pair of…breasts.
I began to hyperventilate as I detailed my…new body. It was the body of …A GIRL! I stood up with a muffled shriek and became paralyzed as I stared at my reflection in the side-window.
I was a teenager… And a girl. I was perhaps 5 feet and 3 inches… And a girl. My hair was waist long and intense black with almost dark blue hints… And a girl. My widened almond-eyes were an intense shade of green, almost like the Mako eyes of Final Fantasy VII… And a girl. I have an Asian golden-tinged skin… And a girl. My previously disastrous teeth condition had been replaced by a perfect and complete white set… And a girl. My soft features reminded me of my imaginary avatar of Iridia that I used in some of my RPG… Did I mention that I was a girl?
I was clad in a schoolgirl outfit. I had a grey pleated skirt, a white shirt with a red ribbon tie. I had white calf socks and black leather exterior shoes.
I felt dizzy and sat down quickly, trying to calm my breathing. I closed my eyes and focused on the music blasting through my ear-buds to block everything. My eyes re-opened very quickly: The song was in German and I perfectly understood it…
You must understand that apart from my native French and a solid background in English, my language skills were limited to a very few notions of Spanish from school and some Japanese words and phrases due to my passion of anime.
“Ooookaaaayyy… I must be dreaming.” I clamped my mouth. I had just whispered in perfect Japanese. I tried again. “What the hell!?” Yep, perfect idiomatic Japanese. I tried once again. “Je suis Français.” Phew…! I could still speak my native tongue. I tried a few others and found that my skills had been…heavily expanded.
I was now thinking and speaking perfectly in English, Japanese, Spanish and German. I pinched myself and slumped back. I had felt the pain: I was not dreaming.
“All right! Don't panic…! Yet…” I took a cleansing breath and managed to calm myself…after an intense ten minutes of near-nervous breakdown and almost hysteria. I glanced on the seat next to me and raised an eyebrow.
There was a sport-sack, covered by a grey school vest, that seemed heavily filled and…a sword. I blinked. Yep, I wasn't hallucinating. In a standard protective cloth, there was a standard Katana on the seat.
I left the sword for now and searched the sack for any clues about me and where the hell I was. I gulped as the movements I did highlighted the differences between my original body and the current one. I had read many stories about people founding themselves in another body, but none could have prepared me to that experience. I wondered briefly how a transsexual lived the experience to acquire, surgically, the body of the opposite sex.
My sack was filled with clothes. Hum…, it seemed that apart my school uniforms, I was a tomboy or a practical girl: Mainly trousers, shorts and a few skirts, not one single dress but a kendo outfit. Hygienic supplies that were standard to any people wanting to maintain a good hygiene.
Ah! School books! My other eyebrow rejoined the first: Rather a little out of my league here with advanced physics and math, a few treaties on Philosophy, computer programming languages and… SCORE! An almost brand new portable computer in a foam protector!
I continued my search before opening a session. Various school supplies, spare CD-ROMs… Ooooh! A case with a classical flute and… Ah! A binder with many documents. I searched again, but there weren't any wallet or purse. Purse? I looked again at my new body and groaned. A banana-style pouch was waiting my attention at my waist.
I opened the pouch and smiled: A wallet. At last, I could learn who I was. I felt myself blushing as I found in the pouch some pads and tampons and… I was now blushing like a tomato as I held, incredulous, a…condom… There were also a small flask of perfume, a pocket mirror, a comb, a pen and some small others items.
I opened my wallet and almost screamed in utter horror and it wasn't because of my horrible ID photo. My name, or at least the name of my current body, didn't push me to explode in joy, rather the contrary.
I was…Sakura Ikari, born in 2001, the six June, and…daughter of Gendo Rokubungi and Yui Ikari. My hands trembled and I broke into a cold sweat. And then, it happened.
My eyes widened and I clamped my hands to my temples as an intense migraine seized me. One concept I used in my `Outerworld', the setting background for my games about the Guardians of Dimensions, is the Phantom Memories.
Basically, it was a mixture of implanted memories, skills and others psychic impressions that a Guardian received when he entered a new world. It enabled him to properly function immediately and provided a basic background for his mission.
Unfortunately, there was also an emotional impact included in those Phantom Memories, in order for the Guardian to be completely inserted in the new world. What assailed me was best described as Phantom Memories.
I was born a few minutes before my fraternal twin Shinji, I could see the love of my mother and the prideful smile of my father.
I was four and I witnessed with my brother, the ill-fated experiment with EVA-01. I screamed and cried with him as we saw our mother being absorbed by the giant.
I was eleven. I screamed and kicked as I struggled to escape the grasp of an adult. I was separated from my brother who was also trying to reach for me. I cried for our father to help us.
I refused to eat any food in my adoptive family as I asked for my brother. The old bastard had sent me to England. The unknown couple didn't even try to help me recover emotionally. They quickly expedited me into a boarding school and forget about me since they had been already paid by my so-called father.
I lived the live of a social recluse and a rebel in a highly disciplined and strict school. They tried to break me with privations, punishments and humiliations and I simply sunk deeper and deeper in myself. The school staff finally abandoned, isolated and ignored me.
I began to escape the school regularly and lived outside as a social misfit. I tried many sub-cultures and was almost killed or raped on some occasions. Each time, the police found me and sent me back to school. The old bastard never tried even once to contact me.
Perhaps a glimpse of hope as some persons contacted me and showed me recent pictures of my brother. I cried non-stop for a whole night on the photos and accept their proposition.
The hope was revealed as a false one. Those persons were not interested in helping me, but in subverting me because of my mother. One little known fact was that Gendo Rokubungi married into the clan of his wife Yui Ikari and took her name. I had been contacted by the executors of the will of my mother. Apparently, I was the oldest of the Ikari bloodline and heir to everything the Ikari clan possessed.
I discovered that my clan was old Samurai blood with a strong legacy. Yui didn't have time to show the heritage of her family to her children. I am showed that Gendo was simply using the resources of the clan without the right to it. My hatred of him finally exploded into existence and crystallized in my heart.
I am secretly prepared and trained for the future. Lessons in martial arts and military skills sharpened and curved my rebel streak. I took upon myself to properly use the ancestral Daisho of the Ikari clan.
I finally found for whom those people worked. Under the disguise of the Marduk Institute, they worked for an organisation named SEELE. I vowed to myself to use them as they used me and recovered my brother at all cost.
We were in 2015 A.D. I was fourteen and I had just received the first letter from the old bastard in three years: “Come! Your brother is coming as well.-Gendo Ikari.”
I found myself sobbing like crazy on my seat. There were many others memories, but those few I remembered perfectly… It seemed that the emotional impact of those Phantom Memories was amplified by my relative young age. I managed to calm myself. God! I was the world of NEON GENESIS EVANGELION! HELP!
It took me perhaps half an hour to reboot my brain from the miasmas of terror. The situation was now clear: I was doomed. Passing the fact that I was in a setting used only during imaginary games or written in fictions, and also the fact that I was A GIRL, I was utterly doomed.
In my RPG games, my players had the means and the powers to make a difference. Even with my knowledge of the anime and the various fictions written about it, what could I do against SEELE, the Angels and the Supreme Bastard. I began to sob again. I had already tested if I was a Guardian of Dimensions and zero. Niet. Nada. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
The only small glimpse of hope was a similar expansion of all my current skills like the one I had already remarked about my languages. All my skills, even those of a true novice, had been boosted to a competent or very competent level. I stopped at this thought and blinked.
I had been sent into this world. It was a fact: I didn't die and found myself suddenly being reincarnated or something liked that…I hope. Something or someone had altered me in order to play a role in the tragic story of Evangelion. For the Guardians, it was an entity I had named `Libra' that gave them their powers and asked that they rectified the various imbalances in countless dimensions. But here and now, who or what had sent me and why?
I frowned as I remembered that I was also already in the clutches of SEELE. No matter what, they certainly didn't have my best interest at heart in training me. I was probably a mean to control and certainly eliminate Gendo in the future if he proved to be a traitor. My eyes narrowed. SEELE would certainly send me partial information and carefully constructed lies in the future in order to steer me where they wanted.
I sighed. One thing was sure. I would not lie quietly and let myself transformed into LCL at the whim of those assholes. I will fight with all the weapons at my disposition…and tried to survive. I focused again on my material possessions and continued to examine them. The binder was full of documents…Really interesting documents.
I chuckled. Apparently, my father was no longer on the clan registry. The so-called executors of the will of my mother had declared him unfit to be the head of the clan after abandoning his children. And the irony: He was ignorant of this little fact… Yet. Of course, it was fishy. Japan was a patriarchal society and I was a woman. There was no way that a woman could be selected as the head of the Clan, even if Shinji was listed as the Patriarch-in-waiting until he was of age.
This was not so good. I risked to be bitten in the back at the worst moment in the future. The rest of the documents were photos of my dearest brother Shinji with his sad smile. Tears welled again in my green eyes as I lightly touched them. I blinked as I understood suddenly that this body, MY BODY, was truly the body of Sakura Ikari, twin sister of Shinji Ikari. I had Phantom Memories of her, but was I really this person… I sighed in frustration and continued to read the documents. There was the very succinct convocation of her father to Tokyo-3, a NERV ID card at my name and…
I blinked. Now, that was surprising. I held a postal card of Ritsuko Akagi. It was a good picture of the blonde woman, dressed in her standard lab coat and smiling to me. The card was welcoming me to Tokyo-3 and comported a list of precise instructions in order to reach the NERV Geo-Front. I was apparently in the last step to my destination.
Well, I supposed that the fact that I was a girl… I sighed again at that thought…instead of a young teenager male had influenced the choice of picture for the good doctor. And beside, she was no Misato. I smirked as I remembered the reaction of my brother in the anime to the sexy bombshell picture that he received.
I frowned. It will not be fun. I knew that this world had embarked on a course for total annihilation and with my luck I didn't fancy myself in an incest relation with Shinji to replenish the Earth. I groaned. I really didn't need to think about that, especially with my still masculine psyche. I narrowed my eyes as I considered what I knew about the facts and the conjectures of Evangelion. There were too many variables and Shinji or I were about to be sent into battle with the third Angel.
I needed an extremely solid plan. There was no way that I could solve the problems of this world without any allies and powers. I bit my lower lip, just to assure me with the pain and the blood on my tongue that I was really present in this nightmarish world.
No plan can survive the encounter of the enemy. I must remember that this world SEEMED like the anime of Evangelion. The best proof was my very presence and the probable hidden plot of SEELE for me. I couldn't count on only my knowledge of the anime to plan: It will be suicidal.
I sighed again and closed my eyes, letting my music soothed me. I shrugged. I would have to play by ear and count on my good star to protect me. I would had to have only general lines of conduct to prepare between two angels attacks and trust in my instinct in the thick of the battle. And I had to recruit allies or turned over enemies. I smirked. There were many hidden treasures in the mud of the anime… I was doomed. I nodded to myself.
I felt suddenly knots appearing in my stomach. Oh, great! What now? The hairs at the nape of my neck began to rise as if they were submitted to an electrical current. My eyes narrowed as something in my mind was screaming DANGER!
My head whirled around at the shout of the driver. But I wasn't looking at him. I was staring at a giant creature on my right that was dominating the nearby forested hills. Oh, shit! Sachiel, the Angel of Water!
My eyes widened more as I witnessed the helicopters around him withdrawing at maximum speed. The N2 mine! I grabbed my possessions and dive on the floor between two seats in a tight ball. The outside world went white and the blast of the bomb caught the van like a toy. My world went dark.
I moaned in pain as my name was softly whispered to my ear. I managed to open my eyes and remark that I was glued on the ceiling of the van. I blinked the dust in my eyes and the perception changed.
Correction, I wasn't glued on the ceiling, the dislocated van was laying on its ceiling and I was merely sprawled on it. In the fog of my painful body, I remembered the soft voice and searched for it. I managed to focus through the broken window and gazed on the small girl with pale skin, short blue hair and red eyes.
WHAT!? My eyes widened as I stared at…nothing… Did I dream? I was almost sure that I saw Rei Ayanami outside the smashed vehicle. I thought that only Shinji had seen her before the attack of Sachiel… Oh, god! Sachiel! The attack! The N2 mine!
I winced as I took into consideration my wounds. I was lucky as it was only battered clothes, bruises and small cuts. Nothing was broken and I didn't even have a concussion. I found my sack, my vest and my sword near me. Very lucky indeed, even my MP3 was still playing.
Staggering on my feet, I extracted myself from the van with the help of my sword. I stopped briefly near the driver to only acknowledge his death. His chest had been crushed by the front panel, the wheel and the concrete pylon on the side of the road. Even the airbag hadn't been able to save him. I whispered a prayer for the rest of his soul.
Due to the shortage of the oil resources, most of the modern vehicles used a room-temperature superconductive battery: There wasn't any danger of explosion. I leaned against the van to regain my breath and my strength. I wasn't in a very good situation. I could follow the road but I didn't know at what distance I was from NERV. I could also forget about waiting for a car since everybody in the region had been evacuated.
I blinked at that thought. Yes? Everybody should have been evacuated due to the Angel. I narrowed my eyes as I looked to the vehicle. Why a van without any marks, with only me inside, had been permitted to circulate. I went back to the cadaver of the driver and hardened myself to what I must do.
Trying to not wince to his residual warmth, I began to search the body. Well, well, well! An automatic 9 mm with two clips and a false driver license since he had a hidden ID card with a different name for a Section 2 agent. I growled: The Supreme Bastard was already trying to ensure my unwilling cooperation.
I left all this, since I couldn't take them with me without alerting Gendo that something was wrong with me. Especially so early in his little scenario. Later, I could, perhaps, do something, but not now. One good thing was that my rage had muted my pain to dull sensation.
Rage? I blinked as I realized that it wasn't a mere rage. I was positively boiling over! I wanted nothing more than find that bastard and cut off his head and his dick. Not necessarily in that order. An approaching sound interrupted my dark fantasies about my so-called father and a few edged objects.
My eyes widened and a smile bloomed on my lips as I saw a very familiar but battered blue Renault Alpine. I waved like crazy to stop it.
Misato and Shinji blinked in stereo to what they were seeing: A van was completely smashed on its roof on the side of the road and a young girl was waving to them.
Misato winced. “Damn! They must have been caught by the shockwave of the N2 mine.” She smirked to Shinji. “Guess we're going to have a cute hitchhiker for a time.”
The blushing young boy nodded but frowned as he discerned more and more of the black-haired girl. There was something strangely very familiar about her. He blinked as he suddenly remarked that she was holding…a sheathed katana.
Misato stopped her car and opened her door. “Hi! Are you all right?”
Sakura smiled with relief. “Yes, thank you. I am merely bruised. Nothing is broken.” She turned to the van and her smile slipped. “I'm afraid that the driver didn't make it although.” She closed her eyes and sighed. “I am currently en route to NERV headquarters. Can you escort me there? I have a map.”
Misato blinked. “Huh? NERV?” She looked closely to the slightly blooded visage and did a double-take. “I'll be… Are you Sakura Ikari?” She remembered the others photos in the file on Shinji.
The black-haired girl smiled. “You know about me? That's a relief! Yes, I am…” She trailed off as her green eyes widened as she stared at the young boy exiting the car.
Shinji looked to the young girl with confusion. Sakura Ikari? It couldn't be her. She was dead. He blinked as he saw her letting go of the sword and the sport-sack. The intense green eyes were staring at him and she visibly paled. Wait a minute… Green eyes!? Long black hair!? And those features!?
Sakura was trembling. She couldn't control herself as she gazed on her long-lost twin brother. Her emotions were wreaking havoc in her core-being. She could see the confusion in his blue eyes being replaced by incredulity. She heard him whispering her name like he didn't believe it. “Sakura?”
She raised a shaking hand. “Shinji.”
Blue eyes widened as incredulity changed into utter wonderment. “SAKURA?!”
“SHINJI!” She threw herself into the arms of the young boy and fiercely hugged him.
Misato could only stare and blink at the scene as the girl had almost tackled her charge and was now sobbing in his neck. She knew that Shinji had a sister and she knew that she was coming here by a different way because she came straight from a boarding school in England. There was something fishy here. There was too much tears for a simple encounter between the two siblings, even after a long separation. She raised an eyebrow as she remarked that Shinji was also crying in the mutual embrace.
Sakura relaxed her hug and gazed into wet blue eyes. Her intense green eyes were also shedding happy tears. “Oh, God! I have almost lost hope! Shinji! At last, I found you. I found you!” Before the masculine soul inside the feminine body could control herself…or himself, Sakura kissed Shinji…on the forehead.
Shinji's heart was hammering in his chest. He was experiencing something extremely rare for him: A moment of pure, untainted, joy. “Sakura. It's you. It's really you! But…how? I thought you were dead.”
Sakura stiffened at that and looked incredulously at Shinji with widened eyes. “What?” The eyes narrowed and Shinji could have sworn that they shone for a brief instant. “That…That bastard told you that I WAS DEAD!?” She let go of her brother and whirled around. Her fists tightened and her voice hissed with such venom that Misato shuddered. “He dare to… I will kill him… I WILL KILL HIM!” She slumped on her knees and began to sob in her hands.
Dismayed and still unsure that she was really alive and in front of him, Shinji reached for the shoulder of his sister. “I don't understand, Sakura?”
Between her sobs, the green-eyed teenager tried to explain. “I…I was cut off any contacts with you… I tried everything to, at least, send you a word… My letters, phone calls and even the Emails were all stopped, intercepted or simply returned with the mention “No Name at this address”… when I could find an address… And…And now…I learned that this ASSHOLE had told you…that…that I was…dead…” She whirled around again to sob into the chest of her twin.
Shinji slumped at her side. He felt like he had received a physical blow to the head. He remembered the day he learnt of her so-called death. It didn't even have been his father who spoke or wrote to him. No, it was his guardian who had told him that his father had told him that his sister was dead in a tragic plane accident.
Misato Katsuragi looked, very worried and horrified, at the two teenagers crying on another crushed hope by the hand of their very father.
Later, on the road to NERV, Misato was demonstrating how to drive a broken car at top speed and making a phone call at the same time.
On the rear seat of the car, Shinji was using tissues and water to clean her sister of her blood. A small first-aid kit, extracted from the sport-sack of the black-haired girl, was open and Sakura was guiding her brother in treating her bruises and cuts.
Misato smiled as she looked at the siblings through her rear-mirror and continued her call. “Sure. Don't worry. They are under my protection at top priority… Prepare a car train for us. A linear one, please… Yes. I'll bear the full responsibility for them… I remind you that it was my idea to meet him in the first place... Yes, she was lucky. Bye.”
However, if Misato was smiling on the outside, she was less mirthful on the inside. `But it's terrible! I've just restored my car... It is a jalopy now...33 loan repayments to go ... and the repair costs...What was even worse, my only good clothes have been ruined...'
Shinji tried to speak to the NERV Captain. “Misato...”
But the young woman was too deep in her sorrowful thoughts. `I was such in high spirits. My goodness...'
Sakura blinked and tried herself. “Hello? Miss Katsuragi…”
Misato finally turned to the teenagers. “Eh, what did you two say?”
“Is it really OK that you did such a thing...?” Sakura was pointing the batteries for the electric car which Misato seemed to have...`borrowed' according to her brother.
Misato waved away the problem. “Ah, It's OK. No problem. It is during an emergency... We can't do anything if the car doesn't run. In the addition, I am an international officer even if I don't seem like it. And please, call me Misato.” She smirked. “After all, your cute brother is doing it.”
Sakura smiled. They had been forced to put their sacks on the front passenger seat because of the bulk of the batteries. “As you wish, Misato. I was simply worried that you could be held responsible for the…`borrowing'.”
Shinji shrugged. “Well, she said she is an international officer and we are during an emergency.”
Sakura nodded. “Oh, I'm no longer worried. After all, she just had to put her card with her name and rank with the owners to be covered by the law.”
Shinji began to nod with his twin and then blinked twice. He turned to Misato. “But…then why didn't you do it, Misato?”
Misato opened her mouth to respond and drew a blank. Her smile slowly disappeared and her eyes widened as she remembered that she had forgotten this `little detail' and then she thought about the possible repercussions.
The blue Renault Alpine slalomed roughly on the road as adult feminine screams of frustration escaped from it, mixed with prayers and repeated demands to keep the eyes on the road from two frightened teenagers.
Misato, Shinji and Sakura were waiting for a car train to depart from the station on the outside of NERV headquarters. The speaker sounded. “The gate is closing. Attention, please. The train is about to depart. This train ...”
Shinji leaned to Misato from the rear seat. “So, we're going to the heart of the special agency NERV?”
Misato nodded. “Yes, the secret organization directly attached to the United Nations.”
“It's the one which my father belongs to.” Sporting many band-aids on her, Sakura's voice was bitter. She didn't have to force herself to play the role of the daughter of Rokubungi: Gendo had always been the Supreme Bastard to her when `he' watched the anime. Being able to stop herself to cut off his head should be more difficult.
Misato turned to the fraternal twins. “Yeah, well. Do you know what he does?”
Shinji snorted and turned away. He was still very angry about the lies of his father. “I heard from my guardian that it's an important job for protecting the human race.”
Sakura snorted as well. “Humph! Knowing him, he is probably just looming around, looking very important and preventing all the others to do the right job because he needs printed instructions to put on his pants.”
The phrase had begun on a flat tone and finished in a snarl. Misato looked bewildered on her two charges. The brother and the sister had similar expressions of contained rage. Oh boy! They really had some issues with the Commander.
Sakura and Shinji were still silent after the little explosion of their hatred. The young boy tried again. Something about all this, especially with the succinct message of his father was not right. He had been utterly dismayed when his sister showed him her message with him as bait. “So, are we going to where our father is?”
Misato closed her pocket-mirror. “Well. Yes, we are.”
Shinji frowned. “Father...” He felt the supporting hand of the green-eyed girl on his shoulder. Something he had believed lost forever. He remembered the traumatic scene of the forced separation between him and his twin. Could he do it? Could he give his father another chance?
The same thoughts were floating in the mind of Sakura. The masculine soul was also feeling worried. The day had been a succession of shocks. She wasn't being enjoyed on her eventual descent, when she could truly reflect on what happened so far. In fact, she was due a nervous breakdown. The emotions and memories of the original Sakura Ikari were also playing with her integrity. Even with her knowledge of the anime, he was still her father and she knew that his love for his wife was blinding him. The question about `his' reality and the reality of the body `he' currently inhabited was deeply worrying him.
The cheerful voice of Misato interrupted their musing. “By the way, were you given an ID by your father?”
Shinji blinked and searched in his bag. “Oh, yes. Here it is.”
Sakura merely opened her waist-pouch and extracted the letter of her father with the NERV ID card.
“Thanks!” Misato left up one eyebrow on the rather short message of Gendo for his children and the fact that both messages had been shredded then repaired with an adhesive band. “Then, read this.” She gave them a thick manual with the mention 'Top Secret' and 'Welcome to Nerv' on the cover. “I have only one so you'll have to read it together until I receive another one.
Sakura shrugged and began to read above the shoulder of her brother. Shinji was thoughtful. `It's about my father's work...' He turned to Misato. “Is there anything in it for me to know what he wants from me and my sister?” He sighed when the young woman didn't answer. “I can't say I'm really surprised. He lied to me… He can't write to me ... unless he wants me to do something.”
His sister softly continued. “Or us.”
Misato acquiesced. “I know. You consider him to be quite rude. Me too.”
The twins blinked to her and Sakura smiled. “Well, one point for you.”
Suddenly, the train car emerged from its shaft and an underground city with buildings hanging from the ceiling of the round giant cavern appeared
Shinji was awed by the sight. “Incredible! It's a real geofront!”
Sakura remembered the anime, but frankly it wasn't worthy of the real thing. “Holy shit!” The impression of gigantism was notably absent in the Gainax production.
Misato smiled to the enthusiasm of the teenagers. “That's right. This is our secret base, NERV Headquarters. It's also the foundation for rebuilding the world and the last line of defence for the human race.”
Shinji and Sakura are kneeling seiza within a dojo. They are both clad in a kendo outfit. They are gracefully donning the protective armour of a kendoka. First, the tare or hip and groin protector, then the doh or body protector. They both tie the piece of cloth that protects their head from the helmet. They don the men or helmet and finally don the kote or hand and forearm protectors.
Misato and Sakura are kneeling seiza within a dojo. They are both clad in a kendo outfit. Sakura is gracefully donning the protective armour of a kendoka. First, the tare or hip and groin protector, then the doh or body protector. She expertly ties the piece of cloth that protects the head from the helmet. She dons the men or helmet and finally dons the kote or hand and forearm protectors. She looks to Misato before taking the shinai or bamboo sword and sweat-drop as she realizes that the young woman is sleeping and snoring.
Misato was scratching her head. “Strange. I'm sure that we are on the right path.” The trio were on a moving pavement in the giant internal structure of NERV headquarters. Misato was desperately consulting a map. Looking around the shoulder of the lady officer, Sakura could only read the handwritten mention `HERE' and `WC' among the daedal-like drawing.
Now, the young girl was really sceptical about the NERV officer. “You said that, fifteen minutes ago.” She sighed. `All that time lost…'
The door opened and air rushed to their faces. “I'd really rather not wear a skirt this place. Anyway, where has Ritsuko gone? Sorry that I'm not familiar with this place.”
She was right about it. The first time that an automatic hatch had opened, the pleated skirt of Sakura had been blown away, revealing her panties and making her shriek `cutely' according to Misato. Of course, her brother had caught a glimpse of the underwear and was still blushing now.
Shinji was still reading the NERV manual to mask his embarrassment. “We already passed here some time ago.”
Sakura lifted her arms to the Heavens. “Marvellous!” She turned to Misato. “Shouldn't you call somebody to help us?”
Misato looked nonplussed and then faked a smile. “Ah, don't worry. All systems exist to be used.”
They were doomed, yes! To her current title of `the eternally drunk girl', Misato could take now the title of `the eternally lost girl'. The `formally-male-now-turned-young-girl' was no better, she always remembered when she managed to loose herself and her section during her military service with map and compass… And, of course, her expanded skills seemed to be…lacking in this specific area. Sighing, Sakura tried to occupy herself by reading the manual of her brother while they waited for their rescue by Ritsuko.
As Misato tried valiantly to find the way for her and her charges, the door of the elevator they have taken open revealing the irritated Ritsuko Akagi. The doctor was clad in a swimsuit with a lab blouse.
The dark purple-haired woman winced. “Uhhm. Ha...Hi, Ritsuko...” Misato was dismayed. Her friend had found them before they found her.
The green-eyed doctor sighed. “What did you do, Captain Katsuragi? We are short of hands and time!”
Misato giggled and bowed. “Sorry...”
Ritsuko sighed again and turned to the teenagers. “So, they are those twins.”
Misato nodded and pointed to Shinji then Sakura. “Yes, 'the Third Children' and `the Fourth Children' according to Marduck's report.”
The blonde woman bowed to them. “Nice to meet you two.”
The long black-haired girl smiled. “The pleasure is for us madam.” Sakura bowed, imitated with a small gap by her brother. “Ah...How shall we call you?”
“Dr Akagi or Ritsuko will be enough, Sakura-Chan, Shinji-kun.” She turned to Misato. “They are polite, them.”
Misato shrugged. “Yes, but they are very much like their father…in that they aren't lovable.”
Sakura leaned onto the shoulder of her twin with a mock-scowl. “Why, Misato, I'm disappointed.” She feigned dismay and stage-whispered to Shinji. “Fifteen minutes ago, she called us `cute' and now she is comparing us to our father. Oh, woe is us to have such an ungrateful captain.”
Ritsuko chuckled and Misato frowned. “HEY!”
Shinji, Sakura, Misato and Ritsuko were coming up on a diagonal lift with a pink background generated by the light passing through giant reservoirs of violet-pink liquid. A message sounded on the speakers. “Repeat, Red alert! All hands to battle stations! Prepare for the interception of the enemies on the ground.”
Misato couldn't believe what she heard. The situation was dire indeed. “Did you hear what she said?”
Ritsuko was conserving her serious attitude. “That's serious.”
Misato thought about the tactical situation and what they had in reserve. “By the way, how is Unit One?”
That was the question that worried Sakura. She was apparently still reading the manual along with her brother. In fact, she was preparing herself for the confrontation with her father and EVA-01.
Ritsuko shrugged. “It is equipped with B type. It is being frozen.”
Misato raised an eyebrow. “Does it really work? I heard that it has never worked yet.”
“The possibility of it working is 0.000000001%. O9-system seems a good name for it.”
For the young displaced girl, it was a good thing. The number nine is a lucky one for the Chinese. She and her brother were going to need this luck. She managed to not shudder as she remarked aside the giant hand in the pink liquid behind them.
Misato smirked. “You mean it won't work, don't you?”
Ritsuko took the bait. “Oh, how rude you are! It isn't zero.”
The NERV Captain shrugged. “It's only a number. Anyway, to say `It doesn't work at all'...will be no excuse.”
Sakura has always thought that going to the EVA cage with a motorized dinghy on the pink coolant liquid was a little exaggerated. They really should have take example on the old Thunderbirds series and installed a cool chute system. She smiled internally: It would have been `in genre'.
The group penetrated in a room with only a line of light coming through the entrance and then a sudden blackout.
Shinji felt a little apprehension. “Uh, hum, I can't see anything. It's pitch dark in here.”
Sakura turned to where she knew Ritsuko was. “Is there a problem with the lights?”
As suddenly as before, Ritsuko turned on the lights. The big face of Evangelion Unit 01 appeared before the fraternal twins and startled them.
Shinji blinked. “What the…Ah! This face...a gigantic robot...” He began to search in his manual for the reference about this…thing.
Sakura was still looking at EVA-01 with widened intense green eyes.
Ritsuko looked to the young boy. “You can't find this in the manual…” She frowned as she considered the young girl. “Sakura?”
The young girl was petrified. Her Phantom memories were wrecking her inside. She let go her sword on the ground. Misato had permitted her to bring the sword secured in its cloth protector since it was an ancestral sword and she carried a legit license for it. The sound of metal was reverberating strongly in the gigantic room.
Sakura was visibly paling. Correction, she was almost white as chalk. “No… no… no… nonononono…”
Ritsuko blinked. Why Sakura was so rattled by the unit. “This is the Multi-purpose Humanoid Fighting Machine EVANGELION which the humanity finally developed.”
Shinji turned to his sister. “Sakura? What is it? Why are you afraid?”
She turned a haunted gaze to her twin. She couldn't speak about it now! He wasn't ready! Why? Oh, why this body was able to remember the traumatic event ten years ago?! She closed her eyes and took a cleansing breath, managing to slow down the hammering of her heart. “I…I'm not sure…”
The blue-eyed boy blinked. She wasn't lying, but she wasn't telling him all she knew. He turned back to the gigantic machine. “Is it also Father's work?”
Gendo Ikari appeared in a glassed bay at the top of the room, above the EVA. “Yes.”
Children and father looked at each other. The distance was not an obstacle. The intense green eyes of Sakura and the incredulous blue eyes of Shinji clashed with the deep black eyes of Gendo.
“It's been a long time.” The face of Gendo was a mask.
Shinji was dismayed. “Father ...” Already his doubts, muted until now by the presence of his sister, returned in full strength.
Gendo smirked as his son turned away from him. He then frowned as Sakura was far from being beaten and continued to gaze at him. His monitors were showing the hatred that was almost shining in the green eyes. He internally shrugged. His daughter had always been a rebel and his plans took that in consideration. “Prepare for battle.”
Misato, flabbergasted, looked to her commander. “Prepare?! Unit Zero is being frozen...” She gasped and turned to EVA-01. “No kidding ... Do you mean that you'll activate Unit One?”
Ritsuko turned grimly to the captain. “We have no other choice.”
Misato shook her head. “Hey! We can't have Rei get it on. We have no pilots.”
Ritsuko didn't even look at the children. “Two have been just delivered by yourself.”
Misato narrowed her brown eyes. “Are you serious?”
The blonde doctor turned to the teenagers. “Ikari Shinji-Kun, Ikari Sakura-Chan.”
`And here we go!' Sakura gazed into the serious green eyes. Shinji was confused by the situation. “Yes?”
Akagi launched her bomb. “One of you will get into it.”
Sakura narrowed her eyes, but Shinji gasped in dismay and turned a frightened look to her. `He fears for me.' The thought was chilling and she glanced to the bay. `The bastard can manipulate him through that!'
Misato tried again. “But, even in the case of Rei, it took seven full months for her to synchronize with Eva. They can't do it!”
Ritsuko continued what she felt was necessary. “You may dispose... We'd never expect more from you.”
Misato shook her head. “But ...”
Ritsuko interrupted her. “At present, the interception against Angel's attack is top priority. We have no choice but to have someone get into it even if there is a little potential for synchronizing with Eva.”
Misato was clearly dismayed, but she was military. “You may be right...”
Shinji had enough about all this. “Father! Is this why you call us? Why you separate us?”
Gendo stayed supremely arrogant above his children. “This is exactly the reason why I call you. The reasons behind your separation are my own.”
Shinji tightened his fist. “Do you mean that you need one of us to climb aboard this and fight against the giant monster which I seen.”
Sakura darkly chuckled and entered the confrontation. “Unbelievable! You are saying that you need us now?! We have known for a long time that you don't want us! Even before your little stunt.” Sarcasm was dripping from the words.
Gendo remained unfazed. “I called you two just because I need you two now.”
Sakura could see the unshed tears in the blue eyes of his brother and caught his hand. She cocked her head to Gendo after a reassuring smile to Shinji. “Interesting… Why us specifically ...?”
“Because others can't ...” Here, Gendo was expressing a fact.
The voice of Shinji was wavering. “Even if we've neither seen it nor heard of it? Why are you saying that we can do it without training?”
“Hear the explanations.”
Sakura looked up to her father, incredulous. “That it!? Hear the explanations!? No preparation! I am not a pessimist but it seems that our chances of success are rather feeble.”
Shinji was shaking his head. “It's absurd! Sakura is right. We can't do it!”
The orange-tinted glasses of Gendo reflected only the defiant visage of his daughter and the weary face of his son. “If one of you get into it, stop wasting time. Otherwise, both of you get out!”
Shinji's eyes widened as he heard the confirmation that he and his sister were nothing but tools for their father. As Misato and Ritsuko, they said nothing but waited for their answers, Sakura remarked the presence of many maintenance men looking at the scenery anxiously.
Then the same sensation of danger than in the van washed over her. Her eyes widened. Her body reacted instinctively and she kicked her sword in her hand and turned to the left part of the ceiling in a defensive stance before she realized what she was doing. `Oh, SHIT!'
Above the geofront, the angel was attacking the ground with the energy beam from his eyes in order to reach the Nerv Headquarters. The explosion provoked vibrations to the underground structure.
Gendo was looking in the same direction as his daughter. “The angel seems to have found this place.” The fact that Sakura had sensed the attack before they felt its effects was duly noted.
Ritsuko turned to the young children. “Shinji-Kun, Sakura-Chan, we have no time.”
Shinji tightened his jaw and turned to his probable only ally in the gigantic room apart his sister.
Misato looked grimly to the young boy she had started to befriend. “Get into it.”
Shinji gasped in dismay and Sakura seized the opportunity. “STOP! BREAK-TIME!” She turned to the NERV officer. “Okay! All right! I know a crisis situation when I see one.” Shinji was worried. He hoped she wouldn't volunteer for that! He didn't come for that! “What are the consequences if none of us climb aboard this robot and fight the creature?”
Misato didn't hesitate. “Our complete destruction.”
Sakura looked incredulous to her. “And you couldn't start by that?” She sighed and looked into the still dismayed blue eyes of her twin. She could read that he was ready to volunteer just to spare her. The old bastard was probably gloating above them. “All right… But if you expect us to become hot-shot Mecha aces in an instant, you're going to be disappointed. It's ridiculous. We need help!”
Now that was a good idea in Misato's book. “Sakura-Chan... What sort of help do you want?”
Shinji whirled to her. She stared fiercely into his determined and angry eyes. “I am not abandoning you.” She turned to Ritsuko. “Tell us, this…EVA…? Can it be piloted in tandem?”
Ritsuko actually blinked as she was surprised. “In tandem?” Now, that was an idea. With one pilot, the harmonics must be almost perfectly adjusted. With two pilots in the same Entry Plug, the values had more leeway. “It's…possible”
Sakura smiled in relief and spoke softly to her fraternal twin. “Only if you accept me by your side, brother.”
Shinji sighed and closed his eyes. He knew his father. He would continue to push them to do his biding through any means in his possession. He silently and sullenly nodded his accord.
Sakura grinned. “One more thing, doctor Akagi. I heard Misato talking about another pilot, this `Rei'. Could you call her, please, I think that her advice will be extremely useful to us.”
It was not what Gendo has planned for but it will do. He turned to a wall of screens. “Fuyutsuki!”
Fuyutsuki appeared on a screen among the multitude of a sullen Shinji and a grim Sakura.
Gendo addressed his second. “Wake up Rei.”
Kouzou raised an eyebrow. “She is not out of the hospital!”
Gendo shrugged. “She is still alive, that enough.”
Fuyutsuki sighed. “All right.” He turned to another monitor and called another part of the base.
Gendo spoke to an invisible interlocutor. “Rei?”
A flat and feminine voice responded. “Yes.”
“The spares turned out to be in need of your experience.” His voice was devoid of emotion. “Will you do it again?”
Ritsuko took the initiative, she was relieved. “All right, we continue to reconfigure the system of Unit One for Shinji and Sakura! Start!
“Yes sir. The current process is already complete at 68% and increasing.”
Sakura sighed internally in relief. It was better than what she had been expecting from Gendo and what she knew from the anime. Shinji wasn't beating himself for feeling useless and Gendo had not broken in the threats against them. She frowned. It was good, because she didn't think capable to control herself if the old bastard tried to separate them again.
Shinji took again the hand of his sister. For one moment, he had believed that she would have followed the orders of their father and piloted this thing, letting him alone and useless again.
The twins turned to the door as a hospital gurney rolled in with a team of doctors and nurses. On it, a pale girl of their own age with light blue hair and red eyes was laying. Bandages covered the right side of her face and her right arm. An IV feed was on the left arm. She was clad in a white sleeveless skin-tight suit.
Shinji blinked in dismay. The pilot was also a young girl? And she was wounded?
Sakura was unprepared for the assault of strong emotions as her intense green eyes locked with the one crimson: fear, love, sorrow and anger. She whirled to her father. “YOU COULD HAVE TOLD US THAT SHE WAS WOUNDED! We would have made the displacement.”
Still holding the hand of her brother, she walked briskly to the gurney before Rei made any movement. “Don't move please, you're hurt! We just wanted advice on the piloting of EVA.” Anger rang in her voice. “They had no right to treat you like this!”
Shinji was of the same advice. He was also slightly blushing as he considered the skin-tight nature of her suit.
The crimson eye blinked but before any questions were posed and answered, the angel outside attacked again.
The shockwave would have throw Rei on the floor should both Sakura AND Shinji had not stabilized the gurney. Sakura had been bewildered by the reflexes of her twin, but chalked it to the probable genetic link between them and the artificial Nephilim. “Damn it! Watch out, Shinji! We don't want to open her wounds by jostling her around.”
The voice of Misato suddenly sounded. “LOOK OUT!”
Right on the location of the trio of children, heavy metallic light-ramps fell from the ceiling. Sakura left her instincts guided her. She grabbed Shinji, threw him above Rei and covered their bodies with hers. `What am I doing? I must be nut!' Even with her knowledge of the anime, she braced for the impact and prayed for a miracle.
The EVA-01 answered the prayer. On her own, the powerful war-machine protected Shinji, Sakura and incidentally Rei with her right hand. Gendo smiled as a ramp crashed without effect on his reinforced window.
Shinji opened his eyes and blinked to his worried sister's eyes above him. “Ah!?”
The technicians of the cage were bewildered.
“EVA moved! What was the matter with it?!”
“It tore off the binding attached to the right arm.”
Ritsuko was freaking from the reaction of EVA-01. “It's impossible! Even the Entry Plug has never been inserted yet. It can't move!”
Misato, still awed by what happened looked to the young boy and his sister. “It reacts without the interface... Or rather, did it protect them…?” She smiled. “They can do it!”
Shinji turned to Rei and blanched. The pale blue-haired girl was visibly shaking with extreme pain. “Oh, no. Sakura!”
Sakura's eyes widened in dismay and she gingerly held the hand of the suffering First Children. Already blood was seeping through her bandages and staining the hands of the twins.
Shinji closed his eyes and tried to recompose himself. `I mustn't run away… I mustn't run away… I mustn't run away…' He looked into the angry green eyes of Sakura and they nodded to each other. He turned to Ritsuko and Misato. “All right! Let's do it! Get us into it now!”
Sakura turned her head to the ceiling. “He is going to pay. I swear he is going to pay and with interests!” She felt determined and angry. There was no turning back now.
As the cooling liquid was evacuated from the EVA cage, in the command centre, the NERV staff was diligently pursuing the operation against the angel.
“Freezing Process has finished.”
“The binding of the right arm has been fixed again.”
“Position setting for docking in the cage is OK.”
Under the gaze of Ritsuko and Misato, Maya Ibuki read her monitor. “The stop signal plug has been discharged.”
“Yes Sir. Insert the Entry Plug.”
A white cylinder was inserted in the back of the EVA.
Maya smiled as her monitor flashed all green. “The plug has been fixed.” She launched the next program. “Begin the first connection.”
Shinji and Sakura, still in their school uniform, sat inside the Entry Plug. Shinji, with a white A10 nerve clip, was sitting in the main seat with his hands on the butterfly handles. Sakura was sitting on the right, in a small side-seat that had been visibly a kit-bashed bolted-on addition. She had refused to be separated from her sword and had managed to clamp it at the back of her seat. A silvered A10 nerve clip was placed neatly in her black hair arranged now into a high ponytail. They were waiting patiently.
Ritsuko supervised the operation. “Commence LCL injection into entry plug.”
With an alarm not faked, Sakura and Shinji reacted to the injection of the liquid. “What the hell?!” “Hmm? Hey! What is this?” “Glurg! Bloups!” “Ah, ah, ah, Uguh…”
Ritsuko leaned on the com-unit. “Don't worry. After your lungs fill with LCL, it'll directly supply you two with oxygen. You'll get used to it soon.”
Sakura let the blood of Lilith filled her lungs. “YOU COULD HAVE TOLD US THAT BEFORE!” `Oh, God! It's worse than I thought!'
Shinji was one hundred percent behind his sister. “Fuah, guhah... Beurk! What a taste! I feel sick.”
Misato gave a look to the young boy through the holographic communication screen. “Stand it! Your sister is here! You are a boy, aren't you?!”
The twins blinked to each other and Sakura raised an eyebrow to the NERV Captain. “I failed to see what our sexes have to do with the taste of your LCL!”
As the umbilical cord was plugged in the EVA, the command staff continued the operation.
“Connect to the main power supply.”
“Transmit power to all circuits.”
“Yes Sir.”
Maya mentally crossed her fingers. “The second contact is beginning.”
“I'll commence the second contact.”
Maya smiled as everything was all right. “The connection of the A10-nerve is operational.”
The Entry Plug initialized around the two pilots. Shinji and Sakura were impressed by the complexity of the prodigious war-machine.
Ritsuko also smiled. Up to now, everything is working. “Japanese has been fixed to the system as the fundamental rules for the operation of Eva. All initial contacts are all right.”
Maya Ibuki was a little brunette and the main helper of Dr Akagi. She was the best for surveying the success of the process. “Connect the mutual lines. The dual rate of synchronization is 61.9%.”
In the Entry Plug, it's the first contact. Sakura squeezed hard her eyes to stop her tears. It was a warmth without any equal in the world that enveloped her. It was something that the masculine soul had felt when he embraced his mother and felt her love for him.
Now, she was sure. The soul of the mother of Shinji AND Sakura was inside the EVA. Burning anger from the core of her being threatened to boil over but she set her jaws and focus. `I must be the mistress of my anger and not its slave.' She managed to calm herself and blinked under an unexpected event.
Something brushed against her mind. Could it be…? So early…? She hesitated. It was a risk but she knew that complete trust between the EVA and its pilot was paramount. She relaxed and let the curious feeling washing through her. There was the sensation of puzzlement and curiosity, then something sparked in her heart and she felt wonderful as if someone was lightly hugging her. `Thank you…Mother.'
Ritsuko was overjoyed by the incredible rate of synchronization and in the first essay, no less. “Great!”
Maya smiled alongside her `sempai'. “All values of the harmonics are normal. Everything is under control. No Berserker state.”
Ritsuko turned to Misato. “It will go!”
Misato was transformed in a professional soldier as she directed the operation. “Ready for launching.”
The EVA cage staff reacted with grace.
“Release the 1st lock bolt!”
“It has been released.”
“Move the umbilical bridge!”
“Release the 2nd lock bolt!”
“Take off the 1st binding and then the 2nd binding.”
Around the gigantic Mecha, the various elements of the cage were retracted or were moving away.
“Cancel the 1st through 15th safety locks.”
“Internal battery has charged.”
“Socket for external power supply is operational.”
Maya nodded. “OK. Eva Unit One to the launching pad.”
Now the mighty machine was ready for war. On his platform, the Evangelion is moved to the electromagnetic catapult and ready to be launched as vertical hatches opened up in succession.
Sakura turned to Shinji. “A launching pad? Brace yourself, brother. We're going to feel it.”
Maya confirmed the status of the shaft. “The course is clear. All green.”
Ritsuko turned to the tactical officer, her friend Misato. “It's ready for launching.”
“OK.” Misato turned to Gendo. “Do we have your authorization Sir?”
Gendo looked between his joints hands. “Of course! We have no future unless we beat Angels.”
His second-in-command leaned to him. “Ikari, are you really satisfied with it?” The bearded man lightly smirked behind his hands.
Misato turned to the central screen. “EVA-01, launch!”
“HUNG!!” Shinji and Sakura were thrown back into her cockpit chair by the acceleration. EVA-01 was going to battle at the surface.
The Angel Sachiel was walking in the city and stopped as he sensed a perturbation. A giant trap opened under the klaxons of warning and with an abrupt stop, the Evangelion unit appeared on the ground.
Aboard the fantastic unit, Sakura's eyes narrowed and Shinji's eyes widened as they considered their adversary.
Misato looked to the young children she had taken into this very situation. `Shinji-Kun. Sakura-Chan. Come back alive.'
Inside the Entry Plug, the intense green eyes widened under an unexpected shock. Sakura was sensing something that she should not have sensed in this world. “Holy…shit!”
EVA-01 defeats the angel. But it is only the beginning of everything as an incredible truth is revealed. Shinji and Sakura confront their father for the second time, but the young boy wants only to run away from him and the young girl wants only to destroy him. Misato's conceit makes her decide to relieve the young children, marked by their first battle. Next is 'Leviathan'. Of course, next time, service, service.
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