Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ Watching Them ❯ 1 ( Chapter 1 )

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Watching Them
Author: Anime Ronin
Rating: M
Summary: Asuka watches Shinji and Misato…
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
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She arched an eyebrow as she walked into the kitchen and didn't see, smell or hear baka-Shinji cooking her the breakfast she deserved, but she came up short of shouting when a sound from the floor caught her attention.
Misato had, apparently, passed out drinking again the night before and Baka-Shinji had apparently tried to get the drunken slob to her bed, but hadn't made it far. They were on the floor together, both of them still asleep, and Asuka repressed a growl of, “Heitai!” when she saw how close they were and exactly what hentai-no-baka Shinji was using as his `pillow'.
A whimper from Misato, though, stopped her as she moved forwards to bawl them out and she watched with a look of wonder as Misato turned slightly in her slumber and fussed a little, only to have Shinji move in his sleep, squeeze her slightly and nuzzle her a little. This had an effect on Misato as she calmed down and drifted back into a deeper slumber and left Asuka with a frown on her face.
She wasn't dense, she knew that there was something else going on between Misato and Shinji besides the whole guardian thing, but nothing so hentai as them banging each other's brains out in the slob's or baka's rooms. No, there was something…deeper there, she'd seen it a few times in the touch, the glance, even in the way that Shinji asked how her day had gone.
Asuka shook her head - it was too early in the morning to think about such things… and, damn it! She had to cook her own breakfast that morning.
She felt a slight peck at her shin and looked down to see Pen-Pen there, his food dish not far away, “Wark!”
Asuka sighed and went to the fridge, finding that the baka had put the sardines out the night before. Good - when Pen-Pen didn't have his sardines, everyone felt the pain…
Shinji woke up to the feeling of Misato kissing him on the cheek, “Misato?”
“No, I'm Ritsuko,” his friend, guarding and commanding officer said with obvious teasing in her voice.
Shinji opened his eyes and, seeing nobody around, sighed in faux-drama, “Sure, get my hopes of, Misato-chan.”
She elbowed him slightly in the side, “Don't tease me with material like that, Shinji. You know I'll have to use it against her.”
He smiled a little as he stretched, his back killing him from sleeping on the floor once again next to Misato, “If she asks, I'll deny everything.”
Misato chuckled lightly as they both got up stiffly, “It's nice to see you're in such good humor this morning, Shinji.”
He smiled at her and blushed a little, “I… I slept well last night. Did you?”
She nodded and stretched in place, giving him a good view of what Toji and Kensuke called `the best assets of NERV', but he looked away as she stopped and scratched her belly, “Yeah, I did, Shinji.” She then pulled him into a hug, which had gotten better as he'd recently had a growth spurt and his face wasn't directly in her cleavage anymore… though there were times he questioned the validity of that being a `good' thing, “Thanks, Shinji.”
He hugged her back, “You're welcome, Misato.”
“If this love fest is over now,” Asuka's voice cut in from the other side of the apartment, “I am waiting for my breakfast, Baka!”
Both he and Misato sighed as their good humor faded and they slipped back into their respective roles. Damn, he wished he could have just been more… normal… if only for a little bit longer…
Misato hugged him again, but this time she whispered into his ear, “Don't worry, Shinji. Later on, we can drop the masks again.”
Shinji hugged his friend a little more and let go, “Thank you, Misato-chan. Omelet?”
Misato reached into the ice box and pulled out a beer, “You know it.”
Yes, things were back to what passed for `normal' at the Katsuragi/Ikari/Sohryu household…
AN: A little bit of fluff I came up with as my muses have apparently abandoned me. Reviews, please.