Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ Where was I? ❯ Chapter 1

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Where was I?
A Poem by Bannor
Copyright: I don't own NGE.
Authors Note: I don't consider myself to be a very good poet. But I was under the influence of some good independent Black Metal, so here we go.
"Satan he comes trippin round midnight"
Acid Bath
Where was I?
Where was I, you ask
Well, I was right there, watching it all.
I was there when man flew to close to the sun
I laughed as the ice melted
And a million hungry voices screamed
Too a silent god
I watched, as man became god
And made an image out of his likeness
I flashed a friendly smile
And told him I was proud
When father did forsake son
And son did forsake father in return
When the bonds of love broke away to sin
I was there
I watched as hope faded away
As Angels fought a war of ignorance
The lost children, I took special interest in them.
I held the first child on a lonely night
And whispered in her ear
“You will not be strong enough”
I bent the second child
To calculate when she would break
I mocked the third child
For he embodied all that was man
Weak, cowardly and hopeless
I spoke with Tabis at his last moment
I told him the truth
And watched as he cried
When the day came
That man dared make Heaven his
When death came for every man, woman and child
I did rejoice
I took the hand of the last innocent
I showed myself to her
And smiled as she went mad.
I watched as the first woman
Sacrificed herself for her son and lover
As her carcass fell to earth
I followed her
To make damn sure her last moment was with me
I looked into her remaining eye
And told her the truth
I told her exactly what I told Tabis
I said, “With you gone, I will guide them”
And she too wept.
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