Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ Young Man: A Neon Genesis Songfic Collection ❯ Beat Up Ford ( Chapter 1 )

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This is the first time that I've ever done a songfic series out of a whole entire CD but if truth be known I wanted to do this because the record I'm using on these fics are really beautiful and innocent. What's also funny is that I heard that Jack Ingram was coming over to my stadium with Brad Paisley so I plan to give a hard copy of this songfic collection to him as a gift. A little note if the fics seem rushed than do me a favor and consider them drabbles because in my opinion some fics aren't meant to be detailed. Hope you enjoy these chapters along with many more to come from this 15 song CD songfic. If you don't have this CD you should go get it it's pretty good but you'll most likely find it on These pairings are primarily Rei/Shinji unless otherwise.

Disclaimer: Whoever has this record knows dern well that Jack Ingram has sole ownership of these songs and they're not owned by me. Thanks for understanding.

Young Man: A Neon Genesis Evanglion Songfic Collection; All songs performed by Jack Ingram

Song 1:Beat-Up Ford

//A young man drivin' down a dusty road
Like he's got somewhere to go
Driving like he's got a destination
Like he's got somewhere to go in that beat up ford
See there was a time when he was a young lost soul
He was chasin' butterflies and rainbows
Until one day when he found his pot of gold
In the words on the young man he turned old
And the old man said//

A beautiful summer afternoon, Shinji Ikari was driving his truck around a dirt road by his lonesome, enjoying the ride if not for his troubled past and troubled self. He drove as if he had somewhere to go and something deep inside him was guiding him to it, but he didn't know where to go, nor if it even existed, but for the past few months he kept on driving, just him and his ford. But on day he drove to an old country gas station and he found an old car filling up at another pump, a familiar face was looking directly at him, Shinji waved his hand and greeted cheerfully "Hi, Kaji."

It only took about a few seconds but that was because Kaji was almost finished filling up, but once that was done, Kaji ran up to him and gave him a big bear hug which Shinji returned with happiness and resemblance of a son hugging his father with love. "How've you been, big boy?" Kaji asked not long after releasing the boy from the hug.

"Been fine, I was just around doing some soul searching, but I've gotta tell you it's been getting kind of boring," Shinji replied

"I was about to eat lunch, you can join me if you're hungry," Kaji replied not realising that Shinji already parked his car and joined Kaji at the diner for lunch.

//You gotta have a good imagination
If your gonna live the life of old
He said you've got to drive that Ford like its a stallion
And you've got to wear your heart just like a gun
The old man said, the old man said//

In midst of their lunch, they were having a conversation which started with "How long have you had that truck, Shinji?"

"I got it around Christmas time, runs real good, if anything it almost feels like a home to me, like I have a close connection with it," the young man replied.

"Then you know how to treat it right just like the Ford will treat you."

"What do you mean,sir?" Shinji asked in a suprised expression.

"Well if anything, think of that Ford like it as a symbol of your youth, like a symbolism of renegades, like a stallion that just can't wait to ride, when you ride it, treat your heart like it's the most dangerous gun on the planet. If you ask why, I drove a Ford myself and I'm a changed man because of it, I'm even nicer to the ladies because of my truck."

"Man, I have never heard more fatherly words than the ones I've heard from you," Shinji replied while giving Kaji a hug.

//The boy walked out with a new found hero
Yeah the boy well he walked away a man
And he said to himself that dusty day way down in Texas
Well I'm never gonna walk this path again
And the old man said//

It was on that day, the two became best friends, and Shinji walked out and stepped into true manhood, "As I drive this truck tonight, I shall make a vow that I will never be that same cowardly boy ever again."

The man revved up his truck and headed back to the city and to the only girl that was meant for him, Rei Ayanami.

He was driving at 65 miles per hour back to Tokyo III and to Rei's apartment. Not long after knocking on the door, Rei opened up the door and Shinji planted a big wet kiss on her not allowing Rei to even get a chance to look and see who was giving her the passionate kiss but could tell who it was due to the fact that he was such a perfect kisser. It was only a few seconds but already they were on Rei's bed and they broke away for air.

"My you're in a mood today, baby," Rei spoke breathlessly.

"Yes I just wanna give you a good time." Shinji replied getting her unclothed

//You gotta have a good imagination
If your gonna live a life of hope
He said you've got to drive that Ford like its a stallion
And you've got to wear your heart just like a gun
The old man said, the old man said
The boy walked out he was dreaming of wild times
With old cowboys and broke down cattle lines
Now those fields are all but gone
But his hearts still free and he rides on
The old man said, the old man said, the old man said, the old man said//

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