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Prologue: Enter Youko
Inside one of the chambers of Nightmare Castle, the ruler of nightmares and its denizens, Wizeman, was in his chamber, creating yet, another Nightmaren to add to his collection. The massive entity waved one of his huge hands as dark energy began to draw themselves toward him out of nowhere, gathering around like cattle.
Reala was hovering beside his master, patiently waiting for Wizeman to create a Nightmaren to replace Nights' position in rank. The jester-like Nightmaren wanted a Nightmaren that is stronger than Nights, one that is in the same level as him. Slowly, the dark energy began to take form, morphing into a large, four-legged figure with three, large and bushy tails stretching out from its rear. A pair of sinister eyes opened on the creature's face, as it flew open its jaws of razor sharp teeth and uttered a blood-curtling roar. Reala leaned forward, as he expected a monstrous creature around the same size as Clawz to replace his brother's position. However, the figure's size suddenly shrunk to the size of a kitten, and finally, Wizeman completed his creation. Reala widened his eyes and blinked at the new Nightmaren in disbelief.
A small and red, three-tailed kitsune floated motionlessly before its giant creator and Reala, coated in a soft and pulsating, dark glow before slowly being levitated to the floor below. Three, vulpine tails hovered behind the creature, each of the tail tips were plastered in their own multicolored fur. A purple fur surrounded the kitsune's neck as purple fur streaked around its paws. Its eyes were slitted, giving away a fox-like face and white fur half of its muzzle. The seemingly dangerous, but cute Nightmaren shook its head and looked around at its new surroundings, oblivious to Wiseman, who stood before it.
A huge, eyed hand from Wiseman hovered over to the new Nightmaren, examining the specimen up close. The red kitsune looked directly at the eyed hand with its slitted eyes, showing Wiseman that his new creation can still see. Fortunately, it didn't show any fear of some sort from being created nor looking into the eyes of a giant ruler, which slightly pleased Wizeman.
"Welcome to the world of Nightmares, young Nightmaren." Wizeman said to the red kitsune, his voice surrounding it, "I am your master and creator; Wizeman."
The red kitsune spoke slowly in a seemingly, squeaky voice, obviously a female's, "Master...Wizeman."
"Yes." The massive entity responded, nodding, "And your name shall be...Youko.(A/N #1)"
"Youko..." The red kitsune repeated, tilting her head by the name, but accepted it.
Reala glided over to Youko as he examined her while hovering around the kitsune. Youko jumped at the sight of the High-leveled Nightmaren, her fur bristled slightly, but calmed down once she sensed that Reala wasn't an enemy. The jester-like Nightmaren hovered next to Youko, still looking down at the kitten-sized kitsune and casting his cold, blue eyes to her. He still couldn't believe that his master has created a creature whose appearance resemble those of a Nightopian, can be a Nightmaren. Youko can't possibly be powerful as Reala, especially in the current form she is now. However, he does feel a powerful energy flowing in Youko, so he might as well accept her.
Wizeman spoke out calmly, as if sensing Reala's disbelief of Youko, "Do not let her appearance fool you, Reala. She is a strong Nightmaren and I expect you to treat her like one of your own."
The jester-like Nightmaren then turned back to his evil creator. "Yes, Master Wiseman." Reala replied, bowing to the ruler of Nightmares.
"You are dismissed." Wizeman nodded, then he turned to the red kitsune, "Youko, do whatever what Reala tells you to do. I don't want to hear any reports of any disobedient behavior." Upon hearing the order, Youko nodded to her master.
Reala then said to his new recruit, "Let's go, Youko."
The red kitsune replied nodding to Reala, "Okay." Youko leapt off the floor and into the air, and as she did, small flames erupted from her beneath her paws and she magically floated up to Reala while waving her paws below her body. This slightly suprised Reala, who blinked at Youko's sudden ability to fly.
Youko asked Reala, her three tails wagging in the air, "Well, what are we waiting for?" The red kitsune then hovered out of Wiseman's chamber with the flames engulfing her paws trailing her as she disappeared, leaving the High-leveled Nightmaren floating in mid-air. Reala snapped back to focus and quickly glided after the small, eager Nightmaren to keep track of her.
Still...There was something odd about that kitsune that Reala couldn't put a finger on it...

A/N #1- Youko derives from the word "youko", which means bewitching fox in Japanese.