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Darkness Memories

Cain's Past

Chapter 1: Cain's hunch.

[Dream Sequence]

A hand comes out of the shadows and rests on Cain's shoulder.

"Who are.." starts to say Cain, but he's interrupted when the man holds Cain strongly.

"Orewa eien aguerimasu" the man says and starts sucking Cain's blood by his... errrm... mouth?

[Orewa eien aguerimasu= I'll give you eternity] Cain tries to escape but it's in vane. Finally he dismays. When he wakes up... he can't see light anymore.

[End Dream Sequence]

Cain woke up very exalted, a cold sweat covering his face, he was paler than usual (it that is possible ^-^)

"Why did I remember that now?" He asked himself.

"I have a strange presentiment about this". It was still midday, so he woke up, drank some fresh blood and tried to sleep again, what he couldn't. That memory assaulted his mind constantly.

"What a bad memory" he thought.

He couldn't sleep through all day, so at night, he was hungrier than normally.

"Let's chase my food" he said smiling maliciously. He went to the park, at night there weren't many people, in fact, there was only one boy reading a horror novel. He was quite cute.

"What's that book about, dear boy?" Asked Cain as a pretext to go closer to the boy.

" It's a vampire's story, Interview the vampire" Answer the boy "Have you heard this story? Do you like vampires?" he asked

"It's my favorite novel, I Love vampires" he said grinning.

"Really? What's your favorite part?" asked the boy enraptured..

"When the man is bitten by the vampire" he said.

"I LOVE THAT PART" said the boy, more enraptured than ever.

"Would you like to follow me? I have a book that you'll provably like, you're my favorite type, enraptured boys' blood is the tastiest" said Cain, simulating sarcasm.

"You're funny, how are you called?" Asked the boy.

"Cain" Now they were reaching an alley without exit.

"I'm sorry, dear boy, but Cain would be the last word you'll hear" he thought. Suddenly, he got closer to the boy and then he crouched.

"What are you…" the boy started to say, but he was raised by Cain, who started liking the boy's neck.

"…doing?" the boy finished the phrase

"Ahhhhhhhh…." He yelled and died irremediably, Cain sucked all the boy's blood.

"Tasty" Cain said, and dropped the body in the alley.

When he was walking God now where he had the feeling that someone was following him.

"I didn't sleep well, I may be a little paranoid" he said himself and continued walking. When he turned in the corner, he heard some foot steps, he wasn't paranoid exactly…

Riho and Shido were sitting in the sofa when Yayoi opened the door alarmed.

"What happened Yayoi- san?" asked intrigued Riho.

"A murder… a… vampire…. Murder!" Yayoi exclaimed.

"Can I see the file?" asked Shido calmly " A teenager was murdered in Seijo, there was no blood and no injury but two marks in his neck, apparently, the teenager try to escape but the murderer held him, one if his ribs was broken" Shido red "Haven't you got any picture of this teenager, Yayoi?" Asked Shido. Yayoi showed Riho and Shido a picture.

"He was really cute!!!!" Said Riho surprised. Guni suddenly appeared from behind Shido's ear.

"CAIN! She shouted.

"Provably" said Shido "But it's strange, Cain doesn't use to make such a scandal like this one only for a meal".

"That isn't all, Shido-san, here it says that the murderer wrote something with the victim's blood" said Riho.

"Where there is light, there is darkness, you, people of the light believe darkness doesn't exist, but how wrong you are…" Red Riho.

"It MUST be Cain" said Guni "who else would write such a long speech like that one?"

"Let's go outside, perhaps Cain appears" Said Riho.

"Kimiwa BAAAAKA" Guni said "Cain won't be as BAAKA as you!"

[Kimiwa: You are- Vaka= fool, stupid].

"Yayoi, it would be better if you sleep a little, it seems that you didn't sleep last nights, am I Ok?" Shido said.

"Yes, we will solve it by ourselves this time" said Riho, who wanted to be alone with Shido.

"Yeah, you're right, I'll go to sleep" said Yayoi, and left the room.

Some time later…

"Would you like to go to the cinema, Riho-chan?" asked Shido " We have to go outside anywhere, so…"

"I'd love to go!" said Riho " Watashiwa eigakanwo dai suki desu!" [I love going to the Cinema!]. So they went to the cinema. The movie on billboard was Underworld a futurist vampire movie. They sat at the back of the cinema. In one scene, a vampire bites a blond yaoi.

"I didn't like that kiss" said Riho to Shido " I don't like yaoi people, they're disgusting" Shido remembered of Cain with that phrase.

By the other hand, Cain was at the cinema too and with that scene, he stood up.

"Cain" said Shido. At the end of the movie, he tried not to loose Cain of his eyes. Wait me here Riho, I'll talk with someone, I'll return in one minute" he said and left before Riho could say nothing.

"Shido-san…" she thought.

Cain was walking along the street when he heard his name, he had heard it sometimes before, but when he turned around he hadn't seen anything, so this time, he continued walking.

"Cain!" Te voice shouted. It was Shido's voice. He turned around to find Shido's face in front of his.

"What have you done, Cain!?!" Shouted Shido, angrily.

"Calm down, calm down, my loved Shido, I didn't do nothing" he answered.

"Don't lie to me, Cain!" said Shido, angrier than before.

"Why should I lie to you, my Shido?" he answered and then he sighted. There was worry in his eyes, and Shido saw it.

"What happens to you, Cain?" asked intrigued Shido. Cain just limited to cherish Shido's cheek and kiss his back head.

" Ai Shitteru…" he said, and vanished in the shadows.

[Ai Shitteru: I love you]

That wasn't new for Shido, he knew that "Ai Shitteru" wasn't the answer to his question but a way of saying goodbye…Why didn't Cain tell Shido his worries? Shido asked himself the same.