Nightwalker Fan Fiction ❯ Silver Prophercy ❯ Who are you? ( Chapter 2 )

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(Poke) thinking
“Poke” talking
< < < < Point Of View Change
Chapter Two: Who Are You?
(What is this? Where am I? Who am I?) Slowly she wakes up to find herself on a couch. She slowly sits up when Shido walks into the room.
“I see you are awake Young One. That's good.”
“Who are you? Where am I? How long was I asleep?”
“Hang on one question at a time. First of all I'm Shido, second you are in my home/office, and third you were asleep for a week and some of tonight. Do you remember what happened Young One?”
“I remember waking up in the park. I remember the bitter cold, the pain, and the unbearable hunger eating away at me. I can't remember anything from before that, and now I'm here.”
“Is that all? Are you sure Young One?”
“Yes, that is all.”
“Do you have a name?”
“I can't remember.”
“That is all right Young One. I'm sure it will come to you soon enough don't worry too much about it. We should get you fed again before we worry about anything else.” He offers her his wrist and says, “Here you can feed from me right now.”
“What are you talking about? How can your wrist help me? I don't get it.”
“You don't know what you are Young One?”
“No, I told you I can't remember anything from before I woke up in the park. And why do you keep calling me Young One?”
“Let me tell you. You are a vampire like me. When I saw you in the park you fainted at my feet from not feeding I took you here and now you need to feed really well before you faint again from the pain of not feeding. I call you Young One because you are. I don't think you are more then a few week's old, maybe only a week old.”
“Are you sure? I mean how can I be a vampire and not even know it?”
“I'm not sure what is going on, but you need to feed now.”
“How? I don't know what I'm supposed to do.”
“Take my wrist and let your instincts guide you through it. Just relax you can do it Young One don't worry.”
She looks at him and he sits down on the couch next to her still with his wrist offered to her. In a daze she takes it and places it to her mouth, she lets her fangs pierce the flesh of his wrist and begins to drink. When she has had her fill she drops his wrist and looks at him.
“Are you better now Young One?”
Her eyes start to tear up, “You were right, I am a vampire. What am I going to do now? I can't live like this, taking the lives of others just to prolong my own.” She bursts into tears.
Shido pulls her into a comforting hug so that she is crying into his shoulder, “Don't worry about that Young One. You will not have to kill anyone to live, trust me everything will be alright.”
Her tears slow as she pulls slightly away to look into his eyes, “Are you sure? How can everything be alright when I can't remember anything from my past?”
“Just don't worry about it Young One. Stay here with me and I can teach you everything you need to know about being a vampire. I'm sure your memory will come back to you.” He helps her up from the couch and says, “Come now I would like you to meet my friends.” He leads her by the hand to the office area where Yayoi and Guni are sitting.
“Young One this is Yayoi and Guni they are my friends and will help us find your past in any way they can.”
She kind of hides behind him and says, “Hello it is very nice to meet you both.”
Guni flies up to her and lands on her shoulder. She flinches a bit, but relaxes. Guni says, “I still think this is another one of Cain's plans to get you back Shido.”
“Who is this Cain guy, and why do you think I'm working for him?”
“Cain is my sire and old lover. I left him awhile back and now he won't stop until he has me back. I left him because I couldn't stand the way me lived, but he doesn't seem to get it.”
“Oh, I don't think I would like to meet him let alone work with him to get anyone who did not want to be with him back.”
Yayoi realizes something and says, “Shido if she is going to stay with you she is going to need a name and she will need other clothes besides the ones she has on.”
“Your right Yayoi.” He turns to his Young One and asks, “What would you like your name to be until you remember your real name?”
She looks down in thought and notices her hair. She picks up a strand and says, “How about Silver? Is that a good name?”
“Yes Young One I think that name will suite you very well. What do you two think?”
“I think your right Shido. Now what about her clothes?”
Why don't you take her shopping? Make sure to get her some nice warm clothes, but first a coat.”
“Ok Shido will do. Come on Silver let's go get you some new clothes.”
Silver looks from Shido to Yayoi a few times.
“Everything is alright Young One. I told you that you can trust them. Go on I'll be here when you get back don't worry about anything.”
She steps away from Shido and lets go of his hand. She then walks to Yayoi and says, “Ok let's go.”
Guni who is still on Silver's shoulder says, “Shido do you want me to stay with you or can I go with them?”
“You can go with them. Don't worry about me I'll be fine for a few hours.”
“Ok then, bye Shido.”
“You will be here when we get back, right Shido?”
“Yes Young One I will be here. I would never do that to you.”
Yayoi opens the door and says, “Ok let's go before all of the stores close for the night.”
Silver walks out with Yayoi. She takes one last look at Shido and before she closes the door she walks back in and gives him a hug and says, “Thank you Shido. I would probably be dead by now if you hadn't came along and brought me here. Now I have a chance to remember who I was.”
“Your welcome Young One. Now go on and get some new clothes.”
“Alright Shido.” She lets go of him, walks back out the door and closes it behind her. She runs down the stairs to where Yayoi is waiting with her car.