One Piece Fan Fiction / Zatch Bell Fan Fiction ❯ Konjiki no One Piece ❯ Chapter 3

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Konjiki no One Piece
It was a lazy morning for our hero. Luffy slept soundly as today was the start of his favorite time of the week, the weekend. He and Jugon were both sound asleep and nothing could wake them up. Of course, Jugon had a stronger metabolism, so he awoke 2 hours ahead of the kid's usual time.
He yawned, went in front of a mirror and did a bunch of stretches.
I know that you're probably wondering why he's so confident seeing as Luffy's mother could see him doing all this. Well, this starts up a flashback sequence.
(Flashback, WOOT!)
Luffy had arrived home from school when his mother noticed a small seal-like creature next to him. She made a huge panic and threw a broom at him shouting, “GET OUT, YOU UGLY CREATURE!”
It was then that Luffy embraced his new friend and protested, “MOM, DON'T KILL MY NEW PET!”
(End of flashback)
Jugon continued to stretch in front of the mirror and thought, `Luffy sure is smart during critical moments, yet he's never smart during class or when he's with his friends. I guess it doesn't matter. As long as he knows how to keep my identity a secret. His mom sure was surprised when I spoke and told her that I was a mamodo.'
The creature stopped his daily exercise and had a nice bowl of oatmeal and a glass of orange juice. He cleaned up after himself and went back into Luffy's room.
As he entered, he noticed that Luffy was up sooner than his mother had said. He smiled and exclaimed, “LUFFY, YOU'RE AWAKE!”
Then he noticed that something was off. This guy looked a lot different from the usual Luffy he was used to seeing everyday. This boy in front of him was about Jugon's height, was covered in brown fur, and had a pair of antlers and a blue nose.
Alas, Jugon was convinced that it was Luffy when he saw the straw hat and the red sleeveless top.
“Hi, Jugon!” the kid said in a slightly higher pitch than usual, “Of course I'm up! I don't want to miss this wonderful day!”
Jugon clapped happily and stated, “That's great! I wanna get to know your friends better and go to this amusement park you said we were going to!”
Luffy nodded and said, “Um… I don't think I wanna go to the amusement park anymore. It might be unsafe.”
Upon hearing this, Jugon blinked and said, “Something looks different. Did you get a haircut?”
The kid nodded and replied, “Yeah, that's it!”
Jugon squinted and spat, “THAT'S IT! I FIGURED IT OUT! Not only are you shorter and not wearing your usual jeans, but you also have a blue nose and hair all over your body!”
Then, he notice the straw hat transform into a red top hat with a white X painted on it and stated, “YOU'RE NOT LUFFY! YOU'RE TONY-TONY CHOPPER!”
With that, the kid sighed and revealed that he was really a reindeer. His name was Chopper and he excelled as a doctor of the mamodo kingdom. Along with that was the ability to transform his clothes. This was not a spell but rather an ability he had been born with. He was always picked on because of it mainly because it only lasted 5 minutes, and this was confirmed when his sleeveless top disappeared to reveal nothing.
Jugon then heard a banging from within the closet and opened it to see that Luffy had been locked in there. He was still asleep. The banging sound was just his head hitting against the door.
The seal turned to the reindeer and asked, “Why did you do this?”
“Dammit!” Chopper spat, “Sanji told me that in order to become stronger, I was to beat a weak mamodo first, so he led me to your house! When he comes her to kick your ass, you'll be sorry, because he is a master of kicking asses!”
“Where is he?” Jugon asked as Chopper let down a sweat drop and groaned, “He should have been here 2 minutes ago.”
It had been two hours and Luffy had woken up. He, Chopper and Jugon were playing `Go Fish'.
“Do you have any aces?” Luffy asked as Jugon shook his head and said, “Go fish.”
Luffy drew as Jugon turned to Chopper and asked, “Do you have any 9's?”
Chopper screamed in terror and spat, “THAT WAS MY LAST CARD! YOU MUST HAVE CHEATED!”
After another hour of sitting around, Chopper sighed. The reindeer had to face facts.
“He's not coming,” he said as the other two nodded.
Luffy grimaced and asked, “Why do you need that jerk? He told you he'd be here 3 hours ago and he abandoned you! You need a new bookkeeper!”
“I can't,” Chopper replied, “Once you choose a bookkeeper, you have to stay with that bookkeeper.”
Jugon nodded and said, “This is true.”
Suddenly, a leg came flying into the window as a dashing young man stood in front of the three. He had rich blond hair that covered his left eye. He also wore a blue and black suit along with a pair of shoes. He had a curly eyebrow and smoked a cigarette.
“Worry not, Chopper,” he said, “for I have returned to finish my business of winning our first mamodo battle!”
Chopper's eyes sparkled as he embraced his owner and exclaimed, “You came! I knew you wouldn't forget me! What took you so long, Sanji-kun?”
“SANJI-KUN?” Luffy retorted as Jugon gave him a confused look, “I know you! You're that famous super chef, Sanji! My mom buys your meat all the time! You are the greatest chef in the world!”
Sanji nodded and said, “That is true, and I am also a hit with the ladies. That is why I am late. I had to fight off my fan girls.”
It is true that Sanji was surrounded by women, but he wasn't the one fighting them off. They were the ones pummeling him, stomping on him and sending him flying into street signs and random poles.
(End of flashback)
“Not only am I a great chef,” the cook said, “but I am also a master at singing! I own my own albums that chefs buy to motivate them to cook as well as I do! Here, have a copy of my latest track!”
Then, he threw a CD case into Luffy's hand as Jugon read, “Girl ni Kubittakke, Sanji-kun.”
“How about a sample?” the chef asked as Chopper pulled out a radio and said, “You're gonna love it!”
Then, a catchy rhythm sounded in the background as Sanji started to dance. He let out a deep grin as his eyes filled with hearts and he sang, “Datte ore tte SUUPAA GUREETO mei kokku. Michi o akete moraou ka, abareru dake no kinniku heddo! Hyakunen hae-- yo, ore no aite ni wa! Manpuku ni natte kara. Ototoikiyagare!”
As he started to dance, Jugon and Luffy both felt a sudden urge to start dancing. It was at that moment that Luffy's friend, Zoro entered the room and asked, “Oi, Luffy, has your mom made lunch yet? My mom's making sauerkraut and I don't really like that.”
He then noticed the chef dancing around and Luffy and Jugon dancing to the same rhythm. He then noticed the mamodo and thought, `Crap, Luffy's in trouble! This is a scam! I have to stop it!”
“Ore no hitomi ga haato no toki wa! Nani wa naku to mo! Hanashi ni nannee! Utsukushisa ni wa kachime ga nai sa! Ah, mata kono ai ni kubittake!”
As soon as Sanji finished that line, Zoro pulled out three wooden swords and lunged at the chef shouting, “ONIGIRI!” and knocking him to the floor.
Chopper screamed in horror and shouted, “How could you be so cruel? Sanji-kun, wake up!”
Zoro sighed and said, “Luffy, you are an idiot, and you are too, Jugon. If that song had continued, he would have had your book.”
“Who are you to ruin my plan?” the chef asked, regaining consciousness.
Zoro then noticed who this man was and stated, “I know you. You're that crappy chef, Sanji! I can't believe people eat your shit!”
“Watch your mouth, you shit swordsman!” the chef retorted, “You're making me angry!”
Luffy and Jugon simply cheered and shouted, “Go, Zoro! Kick his ass! Do all the work for us!”
Zoro grinned and said, “I'll be more than happy to do so,” then whacked Sanji in the forehead with one of the swords and knocked him out cold.
Chopper stared in shock and ran around shouting, “DOCTOR! WE NEED A DOCTOR!”
Then, he stopped midway and said, “Wait, I'm a doctor.”
Upon treating his master, the chef clambered to his feet and said, “All right, swordsman, I'm tired of dancing. I'm going to take you out.”
Then, in an instant, the two started a huge brawl. Alas, nobody seemed to take in damage and Luffy and Jugon both knew that this fight could very well last an eternity, so Jugon aimed his body at Sanji and Luffy shouted, “APPA-KATTO!” as Jugon unleashed a huge energy blast knocking Sanji to the ground. Unfortunately, he had also hit Zoro who was now out cold as well.
Chopper immediately healed the chef's wounds as Sanji got to his feet and boasted, “Listen, you can shock me all you like, but you'll never defeat me without defeating Chopper first. See, Chopper's a super doctor like I'm a super chef, so I'm basically invincible with him on my side. You don't stand a chance.”
Luffy ignored him and shouted, “APPA-KATTO!” knocking the man to the ground yet again.
Sanji angrily got up after being healed and shouted, “All right, I'm serious now! Chopper, it's time to get our vengeance on these rude individuals! OMOKURUSHI!”
In and instant, Chopper's body transformed. Now he was big and muscular. His antlers had disappeared and his red pants had grown bigger to match his new look. He was now like the strong men on TV.
“This is my human form!” Chopper explained, “Currently, it is the only spell we know at the moment! It makes me 5 times stronger than before so I can kick butt!”
Jugon stared in shock and exclaimed, “I didn't know you could do that! All I remember is that you and I used to be weaklings who were always beaten up in Mamodo School!”
This was true. Chopper remembered how he and Jugon had both suffered the tortures of school together. Alas, this was the reason he had to win, so he ran up the seal and threw a fist at the creature.
Jugon dodged it as Luffy shouted, “APPA-KATTO!” and sent the energy blast right into Chopper's side. The reindeer fell to the ground changing back to his regular form as Sanji's eyes widened.
“CHOPPER!” he shouted kneeling down against Chopper's half-conscious body, “Thank God you're okay! We've had enough fun for today. This guy is clearly better than us. Let's go home.”
“No,” Chopper retorted much to Sanji's surprise, “I'm taking matters into my own hands! If you won't help me, then so be it!”
Sanji blinked a couple of times and stared at his buddy. Then, he grinned, got to his feet and said, “You are right, Chopper-san. But, you can't do it alone. We can take him down together.”
Then, Sanji noticed his book glow as he opened it to notice that he could no read a new spell. He grinned and thought, `Let's see what this spell can do.'
Then, he cleared his throat and shouted, “SOKURYOKU!”
With that, Chopper's body transformed again. Now he looked like an average reindeer with four hooves and a long face.
He then ran at Jugon with incredible speed and sent the seal into a wall. Sanji grinned and thought, `I never knew that there was a spell that made him faster. This is incredible.'
Chopper was ready to deliver another blow when Luffy shouted, “APPA-KATTO!” and the energy blast hit the incoming reindeer in the face sending him through the door.
Sanji walked over to his companion, took a quick puff of his cigarette and said, “Chopper, that's enough. Let's call it a day and pick up chicks. I know a nice dog pound with a whole lot of female mammals to pick up.”
Chopper nodded and said, “That would be great.”
Then, the duo jumped out of the window just as Zoro regained consciousness. The boy looked around and asked, “Where'd that bastard chef go?”