One Piece Fan Fiction ❯ Christmas In July ❯ Chapter 1

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"Zoro! Hey Zoro!" Luffy called running into the kitchen, where he found Sanji but no Zoro. "Sanji where's Zoro?"
Sanji looked up from the cucumber he was currently cutting and said, "That porcupine head? He's off lifting weights somewhere."
"Really?!" Luffy brightened at this, he looked like he never knew Zoro even worked out. "Thanks Sanji!!" And with that he sped out of the kitchen towards the front deck where Zoro liked to work out most of the time. Luffy was a little distressed that the green haired man wasn't there. "ZORO!!! Hey Zoro!" Luffy shouted as he ran off the ship and straight towards the swordsman. "Whatcha doin?"
"Baking cookies, what's it look like I'm doing?!" Zoro grunted as he put a weight down.
"Training!" Luffy answered immediately like Zoro didn't know.
"Yes, Luffy I'm training. Now did you need something?"
"Yep!" Luffy nodded his head vigorously.
"Well what is it?!" Zoro barked.
"Gotta give you your Christmas present!"
"Luffy, It's not Christmas yet."
"Haven't you ever heard of Christmas in July?" Luffy asked as he dragged Zoro back onto the ship.
"No! And it's not even July!" Zoro answered.
"Oh well, come on hurry up I wanna give you your present!" Luffy pulled him into their shared bedroom, it had been a captains room but the captain in question wanted his swordsman near him...and away from his cook.
Zoro looked around the room while Luffy shut the door. It didn't look any different then normal and he could see no present. Turning around to face his captain he asked, "Luffy I don't get it, where's my 'present'"
Luffy moved closer and said "It's right here!"
"Well what is it?" Zoro still didn't understand and became even more confused when Luffy pulled his head down to eye level.
Luffy whispered "Me." Then he kissed Zoro right on the lips. The green haired man was shocked to say the least but he wasn't as dumb as he looked (Hehe Zoro's not dumb). He was not about to let this go to waste. Pressing back with more force, Zoro grabbed the younger boy by the waist and pulled him closer. Luffy leaned into the touch and when Zoro licked his lip Luffy immediately opened his mouth. With their tongue going on in an intricate dance Zoro started to like Christmas just a bit more.
Finally they had to break away for air and once Luffy had caught his breath said, "Well do you like it?" Zoro set his forehead against Luffy's and closed his eyes.
"I love it." He murmured. Luffy smiled widely and pecked Zoro on the lips.
"If you think that's nice just wait till you see what I got you for the real Christmas!"
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