One Piece Fan Fiction ❯ Sub vs. Dub ❯ Boosts, Points, Fleur and Flowerettes! ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Sub vs. Dub
We now take you to Robin and Chopper who were also scouting around for opponents to deal with.
Unbeknownst to these two, two peculiar foes were hiding behind a bush. One of them turned to his friends and said, “They look just like us.”
“That's the point,” the woman replied as they closed up their piece of bush and left.
Chapter 3: Points, Boosts, Fleur and Flowerets
Chopper looked around at his surroundings and asked, “Why aren't they any pirates here? There should have been many contestants.”
Robin nodded and replied, “This is quite strange. I was so sure that the 100,000,000 Beli offer would attract more pirates.”
Suddenly, a voice came out from the bushes behind them and said, “Hello there freaks. Mind if we drop in?”
Chopper gasped and asked, “Who owns that dreadful Texan voice?”
“Dreadful?” a woman who resembled Robin retorted, “Why, I feel a little offended by that, hon.”
“Yeah!” a small reindeer that looked like Chopper spat, “That's no way to talk to a girl!”
“You would know,” Chopper retorted, “You sound like a girl, rather geeky one at that. Wait… these guys look just like us, `cept the one who looks like you covers up her boobs.”
Robin gasped and replied, “You're right. Oi, why do you two look like us?”
Robin's clone laughed and answered, “We were created by the owner of this island to destroy you and make the world believe that we're the real versions of you. You could run away like Chicken Little, if you want.” (Damn, that Chicken Little crack in the dub always pissed me off)
Chopper simply blinked and asked, “Say, Robin, which of us are the real ones?”
“We are,” Robin answered as Chopper blushed, feeling rather embarrassed and barked, “I knew that, you asshole!”
“Why are you swearing at her for answering your question?” Dub Chopper retorted, “Swearing is bad, and friends don't deserve to be disrespected!”
“You mean you don't try to look tough with a tough-sounding word?” Chopper asked as his dub self shook his head and replied, “I just say `I won't let this praise get to me, because I'm not a sap' or something like that.”
“Even though you're me, I'm starting to disrespect you a little bit,” Chopper replied.
Seeing as the conversation went nowhere, the two simply laughed and stated, “We should probably fight each other now.”
With that, the two became their strongest forms. Chopper shouted, “HEAVY POINT!” as Dub Chopper shouted, “STRENGTH BOOST!”
Chopper blinked and asked, “Strength Boost? That sounds so lame and clichéd.”
“No,” Dub Chopper retorted, “Heavy Point sounds stupid! I mean, what does being heavy have to do with strength?”
“Can't you at least accept creativity that thinks outside the box?” Chopper asked.
Meanwhile, Robin and Dub Robin stared each other down as the two crossed their arms and shouted, “Grand Fleur/2 Flowerets!”
They each snagged onto the others legs as Robin blinked and asked, “What kind of name is Floweret? Fleur is more dramatic sounding.”
“Shut up!” Dub Robin retorted, “You have no idea what you're talking about! In fact, you're silly!”
“Was that supposed to be insulting?” Robin retorted, starting to sound a bit out of character.
Well, while this went on, the two Choppers were trading blows. Chopper punched his dub self in the gut only to come face-to-face with Dub Chopper's fist.
Chopper blinked and said, “Despite the horrible name changes, your moves are just like mine and hurt just as much. Still, you're bruised and I'm not, so it's funny. Wait, no it's not! You look like you need a doctor!”
“You're right!” Dub Chopper replied, “I DO need a doctor!”
With that, the two ran around and shouted, “DOCTOR!” then stopped shortly and said, “Wait, that's me.”
Meanwhile, Robin and Dub Robin were starting their fight. Dub Robin unleashed an attack she called 16 Flowerets Clutch and broke Robin's back. Mind you, no blood came from his mouth, but it still hurt like hell.
Robin coughed up a bit of air (Not blood) and spat, “I'll show you what a real attack is all about!”
With that, she sent a row of hands to where Dub Robin was and tossed her into the air and shouted, “Grand Fleur!”
Then, breaking the woman's back, she shouted, “CLUTCH!” and it was over.
Dub Robin coughed up a gallon of blood and passed out. Surprisingly, she was still standing, but she bled like hell.
Dub Robin spat out more blood and complained, “I've never tasted blood before! For years, I didn't even think I lived off of it! God, it's painful to bleed! I'm here to save you from having to deal with that everyday!”
Robin sighed and retorted, “I bleed less than the other crew members, and if kids didn't know of the existence of blood they'd live carefree and would probably stab each other expecting no consequences.”
While this went on, Chopper and Dub Chopper continued their fight. The two became Speed Point, or rather Speed Boost in the dub's case, and ran at one another. They locked horns and kept a up a standoff for a couple of seconds until they stopped and leapt back.
“That's it, I need my rumble ball to beat you,” Chopper stated.
“I know what you mean,” Dub Chopper replied as the two pulled out their own special golden balls.
Chopper stared and the dub's rumble ball and asked, “Excuse me, but is that a fruit?”
Dub Chopper blinked and answered, “I believe it is.”
That was the final straw. Chopper grimaced and spat, “IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE MEDICINE, YOU MORON!”
Dub Chopper blinked again and stated, “Well, I can't be a bad influence and abuse drugs, can I?”
Chopper cringed and retorted, “Shut it!”
Then, he gulped down his rumble ball as Dub Chopper followed suit and the two ran at one-another.
Dub Chopper became, ahem, Jumping Boost as Chopper became Jumping Point and two leapt up into the sky. Dub Chopper threw a punch at Chopper as the sub reindeer turned into his Guard Point and avoided the damage that it was supposed to deal. (Of course, the dub Chopper could do the same, so it makes no difference)
With that, the two became Arm Point/Boost and ran at one-another.
Chopper gritted his teeth and shouted, “ROSEO!”
Dub Chopper did the same and shouted, “REINDEER ROUNDHOUSE!”
Each reindeer slammed the other in the chin with his hoof as they flew high into the sky and each landed on the ground with a thud. While Dub Chopper bled from his chin down, Chopper simply felt the same amount of pain but didn't bleed.
Chopper laughed and said, “I have an advantage over you. We can both knock each other out, but you're the only one who can't kill his opponent no matter what you do.”
Sadly, when the two locked blows again, Dub Chopper amazingly got the upper hand and managed to use his version of Hoof Cross (Still to be revealed) on Chopper.
Meanwhile, both Robin's had used the same attack on each other, but since Dub Robin had taken in more damage to begin with, Robin ended up victorious. She sighed and thought, `I'm sure Chopper should beat his opponent shortly.'
As Chopper struggled to get up, he pulled out two other rumble balls and stated, “Here's an ability that you're version probably doesn't know about. Tell me, do you know what happens when I eat three rumble balls within 5 hours?”
Dub Chopper shrugged and said, “I don't think so.”
Chopper grinned and explained, “I discovered this skill in Water 7. It's called Monster Point, but it's very dangerous, so I need to be touched by water to stop myself from killing my crew members.”
With that, Chopper immediately guzzled down the two medicine balls and shouted, “MONSTER POINT!”
With that, his entire body became 30 times its original size, his horns super huge and now he was pure reindeer Godzilla.
Dub Chopper gulped as Chopper took one swift fling of his horn and sent the doctor wannabe packing into the distance. Robin then showed up and used her Devil Fruit to put him in a small pond so the powers would ware off and he wouldn't start a rampage.
“The others are never going to believe this,” Robin sighed, picking up Chopper's unconscious body and walking him to a safe destination.