Original Stories Fan Fiction / Fables/Fairytales Fan Fiction ❯ The Elementalists ❯ Three - The Six ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Candis handed Kai a cup of coffee as soon as she entered the kitchen, knowing she would need it. She grinned at her friend and said, “I figured you would want your morning coffee.”
Kai rolled her eyes, sitting down on the sofa and taking a sip of the hot coffee. `This is refreshing,' she thought to herself. Shaking her head to wake herself up, she turned to Candis with a bewildered look. “Hey, why does Florian think we should stay in for a day?” Candis shrugged, taking a bite out of her cinnamon roll. Kai turned back to her coffee, as if examining the swirling of the liquid. She took another sip before continuing. “Even if people are looking for us, we should still get to Chi's as soon as possible.”
Candis shrugged again, and offered her two cents on the subject. “Well, Florian said he hasn't detected a single thing out of order in the teleportation waves,” she said. “We should contact Chi and Feng through the communicators and have them teleport over here. It's much safer to discuss it in a place where we're less likely to be found.”
Kai opened her mouth to object, but Florian strolled into the room with a cunning look on his face. The two girls raised their eyebrows in question, obviously confused. “Eryk is going to come over to help us with this…dilemma,” he said. Kai glanced at Candis and stifled a giggle. Candis heard it, though, and sent a glare her way.
Florian laughed. “Well, he'll be here soon. You two contact Chi and Feng, and then head out into the backyard. Eryk and I will spar with you to get you into the habit of hand-to-hand combat, in the case that you should need to fight with your fists instead of your elements. Chi and Feng should probably come later in the afternoon. That is when the airwaves are least used.”
The two girls nodded in understanding and headed up the stairs to contact the other two Elementals. When Kai was about to go up the second set of stairs, she stopped, realizing that she didn't know where her room or even where her pack was. She turned to Candis before she went into her room and asked which room was hers.
Candis wiggled her eyebrows and squinted her eyes at Kai before saying, “Oh, you're room is the same as Florian's. Your pack is in there, too.” She winked and disappeared into her room within the blink of an eye. Kai reddened in the cheeks—mostly because of anger rather than embarrassment—and marched up the stairs to Florian's bedroom.
About half an hour later, Eryk showed up at the front door. He was a cocky, arrogant fool most of the time, but a very powerful sorcerer. He was born into a very rich and very greedy family. His parents cared only for money, which in turn, made him very conceited and self-righteous.
He, like Florian, had the looks along with the money—but without the personality. He had short, wavy black hair and chestnut-brown eyes. He was rather tall, and almost always dressed in the most fashionable clothing. He was never seen in casual dress, as Florian was most of the time.
“Nice to see you two ladies again,” he said, smirking as he pranced into the living room. “I see you haven't changed much, except for age.”
Kai's face twitched and she went to punch Eryk in the face, but Candis had held her back. Florian laughed tensely; he knew that Eryk hadn't lost any of his bad habits.
“Well look who's talking,” Candis said in reply, smirking right back at Eryk. He crinkled his nose at his own insult coming back at him, admitting an early defeat.
“Whatever,” he said dryly. “We need to get on with this mission. First, we need to know what it is that we're up against.”
Right then room went professional, as they got down to business, pretending that the previous insults had never occurred. The four sat at the dining table simultaneously, getting straight to the point. “All we know is `it is time,'” Kai said, tracing a circle on the table with her forefinger. She didn't like having to think critically about any subject; frankly, she just wish they knew the exact answers.
“Obviously,” Eryk said, under his breath, though it earned him a glare. He ignored it and continued. “Kai, you said that Chi was the first to get it, right?”
Kai nodded, looking him straight in the eye. “I received it from her, so she must have been the first to get it. Although there is a small chance that Feng got it first,” she replied.
The other three silently agreed, staring at nothing in particular, trying to figure something, anything out. They would give anything to have something more than a charred note to work with, but they couldn't find much until Chi and Feng were present with them.
“Well, we should probably start sparring,” Florian said, breaking the slightly uncomfortable silence. “After all, it's past noon. We need all the practice we can get. Or rather, you two need as much as you can get.”
“R-right now? But… I'm not fully recovered yet,” Kai lied, attempting to get out of sparring with Florian. Unfortunately, her pout and fatigue did not faze him. He simply shook his head, pulling Kai out of her seat and onto her feet.
“Would you rather spar and have a chance of beating this possible new enemy, or be lazy and eventually get killed for not knowing what to do when you cannot fight with your element?” he asked sarcastically, pushing her forward into the backyard. She sighed, defeated, and readied herself.
Candis and Eryk followed close behind, walking out into the vast amounts of grass that occupied most of Florian's backyard. It had much more space than two football fields, stretching far and wide in each direction. As the group stepped outside, to the right they saw that Florian's garden had become more inhabited since the last time they were there. He grew trees, flowers, and all sorts of plants. Little animals such as rabbits, squirrels, and beavers were often seen in the garden, but not as many as the group witnessed at that moment.
On the opposite side of the garden, an enormous swimming pool occupied a large space. The pool had waterfalls, rocks situated around its edges, and plants growing inside as well as out of it. During the summertime, Florian would cast a wave spell on the water, making it rock back and forth as if it was being pulled by the moon above them.
Beyond the pool and garden, there was simply open space, often used for combat practice or even competitions his uncle occasionally held. Florian had previously taken on apprentices, and taught them sorcery in the training portion of his backyard. Of course, he also used it for meditating by himself when he needed it, and for desperate and unsure times that needed it most; such as the current problem they were focusing on.
“Now, Kai, remember: use your fists, not your element,” Florian said, getting into a fighting stance. Kai rolled her eyes at him, quite annoyed at his nagging.
“I'm not a stupid little girl, Florian,” she said, also readying herself in a fighting stance.
Without warning, Florian charged at her, almost to the point where she could not see him with her simple human eye. When he was within ten feet of her, she smirked and vanished. Startled, he quickly stopped and turned around just in time to receive a right hook from Kai. He flew backwards, just barely able to keep on his feet. Kai smirked again, chuckling to herself.
“I think I almost like hand-to-hand combat better than using my element,” she said. Florian returned her smug grin and once again charged at her, but this time, it was him that vanished and reappeared behind her.
`But you can't fall for the same trick twice,' Kai thought to herself as she turned around and blocked Florian's punches. `He sure is a lot faster than I am, though,' she thought in her head as she continued to block his attacks.
“Ready?” Eryk questioned with an arrogant tone that was certain of his easy victory. Candis snorted at his haughtiness.
“More than ever.” Sprinting, she met him head-on with a punch straight to his abdomen, but he blocked it. The two continued to attack and block, the attacks unsuccessful, until Candis landed a punch into Eryk's side, causing him to fall onto his knees.
“That's a shame, you're having all the fun without us,” said a calm, smooth voice. Candis turned around to see Feng standing with her arms folded, her deep purple eyes closed and her long light-blue hair flowing with the wind that she controlled, a hint of amusement on her face. Candis grinned and ran over to greet her.
“Hey! Where's Chi?” she asked. Feng smirked, sensing the Earth Elementalist appear behind her.
“Don't worry, don't worry, I'm right here!” said the earthy girl, looking cheerful as her dark brown eyes sparkled. She smiled widely and ran a hand through her equally dark brown hair, laughing a little nervously. “Hope we're not too early.”
“Not at all!” Kai said, trotting up with Florian to join the group.
“Now,” Feng said without hesitation, “We need to figure out what the hell is going on.”