Original Stories Fan Fiction / Fables/Fairytales Fan Fiction ❯ The Elementalists ❯ Five - Guren ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The group headed down a steep hill, making their way into the nearest village. This village was more a city than a village, so it would take them quite a while to get through to the other end. They had stopped to buy some extra food for the road, as well as plenty of bandages and ointments. They were stopped many a time by rich women, all trying to woo Florian and Eryk. Florian was not fooled by their greed for his money, but Eryk stopped occasionally to work his charm.
“Would you stop flirting so we can hurry and get to the end of this?” Kai complained, smacking Eryk on the head.
“It isn't like it's going to take us a day to get to the bottom of this,” he said bitterly, narrowing his eyes. He didn't enjoy the women around him trying to take away his fun.
“Of course it won't, but if you keep stalling us we'll be too late by the time we do get to the bottom of it,” Candis retorted, irritated. She sighed and marched off to catch up with the rest of the group. “Boys,” she muttered, shaking her head.
“I know, a right pain in the butt, aren't they?” Chi added in, sighing wistfully.
The group continued on through the village, mostly in silence unless they spotted something out of place. They didn't take a rest until they'd seen a mysterious figure enter a café and decided to investigate said stranger. “Maybe we should take a break and check this out,” Florian murmured quietly. Everyone agreed and the six went into the café.
“Maybe we should stay at an Inn tonight, too,” Kai offered. “It may be better to keep an eye on this guy. He's got a really strong aura.”
Feng nodded, her eyes closing in concentration. “He isn't a real threat to us, I think,” she said. “But he is definitely dangerous.” She opened her eyes, sipping at her tea as if the stranger's ominous presence was no matter.
A man dressed in a nice suit walked up to their table. “What can I get for you tonight?” the waiter asked. Everyone ordered a small dish and tea or water, sitting in absolute silence.
“…Well this is awkward,” Chi pointed out nervously, glancing around the table. Kai shrugged, not caring whether anyone was sociable or not.
“Maybe we are taking this too seriously. I mean, if it is anything big, it's still in the beginning stages, right?” she asked. The girls nodded in agreement, forcing themselves to be less tense.
“We can't be too comfortable in this sort of situation, though,” Florian argued. He chuckled lightly. “Though this must be the first time in ages since we've all sat at a table, being quiet.” The girls laughed, and Florian half-expected a sarcastic retort from Eryk, but he simply sat and stared outside the window. “Eryk?”

Eryk turned his attention back to the five others around him, shifting unnervingly in his chair. “He seems familiar to me,” he whispered. “Like we've met somewhere before.”
“Oh…? Maybe if we can catch him alone, he'll have his hood off. Then we can get a good look at his face,” proposed Candis, with a hopeful look in here eye.
“It hurts me so much inside to know that you are all speaking ill of me so openly,” said the myterious hooded figure as he walked to their table. His hood covered his eyes and part of his nose, but the smirk on his lips were evidently visible. “Come. I've been searching for you for some time, but those wards and barriers you have up around your place are quite hard to get past. You're very talented, sir.”
The group had tensed immediately, staring at the cloaked man. “How do we know we can trust you?” Kai asked, the suspicion in her voice matching that of those around her. “For all we know, you could be working for the evil force that is coming from the West.”
The man chuckled. “As apprehensive as ever, eh, Kai?” Her eyes widened. “Yes, I know all of your names. I promise I am no threat to any of you. Now, come with me. We have important business to attend to.”
Without allowing time for the group to protest, the strange man quickly turned on his heel and headed out the door. For a brief moment, everyone was frozen in their seats. Once they snapped out of it, they left money for the food on the table and hurriedly followed the man outside.
He led them to the back of a small shop deep within the village. It was a very old shop, and was on the verge of going out of business. Apparently no one was interested in old junk, called antiques, anymore.
“For now, this is the safest place to talk,” the man said, taking down his hood to reveal shoulder-length, bright red hair. His eyes were a piercing gold, his pupils shaped like a cat's. He looked the Four Elementalists in the eye, then looking peculiarly to the two men. “I know of you four, but I have yet to know anything about the two gentlemen you are staying with.”
Kai snorted and mumbled something about there being no gentlemen in the world anymore, and sighed in exasperation. It was sunset now, and they had hoped to reach the very end of the village by that time. `Looks like that's out of the question now,' the girls thought, simultaneously.
“I'm Florian, and this is Eryk,” said Florian, introducing himself and then gesturing towards Eryk. “Now, what the hell is all of this about? Who in the world are you, and how do you know about the Elementalists?”
The man grinned to himself. “I am Guren, the Night Walker, the Dark Angel. Whichever name you prefer,” he said, bowing mockingly.
“What? You're… the Guren?” inquired Kai, fascinated at this fact. He smiled smugly and nodded, glad at least one of them knew of him.
“Wow, I've heard about you,” said Candis. “Although I can't say I've heard any good things…”
Guren laughed half-heartedly, shaking his head. “Don't fret, the rumors are not true. Although I am a thief, I do not go around killing for no legitimate reason. I also work undercover for the Ministry, and they asked me to scout you out and give you some valuable information you may very well want to know.”