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Chapter 12

The Smithsons Plan


Easeion, Tara and Bill headed out of the hideout and then they headed to Colourland with lots of members.

" Whites wants the bakeries targeted " said Easeion.

" Good idea from him " said Bill.

" It will eventually bring Artby out in the open " said Tara.

" Any bakers who dare defend him must be destroyed " said Bill.

" Bakers can never mess with us "

" We cannot have that happen " said Easeion.

" No Bear member will let him be defended ever "

" The Bear is too great "

" Yeah, we are a great organization " said Bill.

" There is no stopping us " said Tara.

" Nothing gets in our way "

" Let"s go " said Easeion.


Easeion entered a bakery and then fired the Lightning Blast at a baker knocking him out.

A baker then tried to stop Easeion but Bill punched him.

" Why are you doing this ? " asked a baker.

" We will bring out Artby this way " said Tara.

" I suggest you get him here or this will continue " said Easeion.

" We are not messing around here "

Bill then attacked a customer with the Super Sea Punch.

Tara took his wallet. Tara then used the Iron Kick on a baker.

" Stop this " said the baker. Easeion then used the Super Shadow Bomb while Bill used the Oceanic Kick on the baker defeating him.

" Yeah like we are going to do that " said Tara.

" This will bring out Artby " said Bill.

" It will for sure " said Easeion.

" We know how he is about bread "

" I will take advantage of that "

" Every Smithson will " said Bill.


The three of them then robbed the baker and left.


They then went to another bakery and aimed their Shadow Blasts directly at hit the bakers scaring them.

Easeion then tripped a baker and stole his wallet. Bill then used the Sea Punch on a baker which knocked him out. They then took his stuff also.


After taking stuff from bakers and citizens they then headed back to Whites.

" Artby will be terrified " said Whites.

" Artby will come for a fight " said Easeion.

" The Bear will enjoy the terror within him, thanks to our abilities "

" We are ready for him " said Bill.

" Hahahaha " said Tara.

" Great to see " said Whites.

" I can create terror within so many people " said Easeion.

" The Bear needs this terror "

" Yes, it is good " said Whites.

" Keep up the good work "

" Thanks, we will keep doing what we do " said Tara.

" I have to see Blackin and Blackina " said Whites.


Crayon then currently kissed Colourea on the lips. Artby, Colouruke and Warbler were talking and they were outside.


" I'm glad Crayon is so happy with Colourea " said Artby.

" It is good " said Colouruke.

" The bakers want them to be happy " said Artby. " Bread has helped Crayon so much "

" Bread has helped him be happy with Colourea ? " asked Warbler.


" The flour just doesn't make us heroic in the fights, it  can help outside them as well " said Artby.

" Flour can do all that ? " asked Colouruke.

" The bakers have a special way of using it, I do not know how the flour makes us heroic but it does " said Artby. " I have trusted in bakers, thanked bakers for all of what they have done for us "

" Trusted in bakers ? " asked Warbler.


" How could one not trust in bakers, they allow people to make friends, feed us, help us fight and they can help save Colourland from The Bear " said Artby.

" We have fought well against The Bear, but trusting in bakers ? " asked Colouruke. " Bread is great with a lot of different foods I will say that "

" That's why Colourland trusts in bakers and bread " said Artby.

" Well we should get back inside, Crayon and Colourea are probably up by now " said Warbler.


The five of them ate breakfast and then headed outside where they ran into Bear members.


" Crayon, we have found you " said one member.

" You won't succeed in this " said Crayon.

" We will take over Colourland, our leader will be the new ruler " said the second member.

" We are ready " said Colouruke.

" With the bread we have eaten, there's no fucking way that I'll go down " said Artby. " The bakers will never forgive us if we let them down "


" Bakers or not his girlfriend will join our leader as the new rulers " said the third member.

" His girlfriend ? " asked Colouruke.

" Our leader is with the strongest woman you will ever face " said the first member.

" Strongest woman ever ? " asked Warbler.

" Stronger than Colourea and Alice ? " asked Artby.


" Way stronger, even tougher than the Smithsons " said the second member.

" The Smithsons are better than Alice, so that means that she is even stronger than Easeion " said the third member. " Give up now, when the two of them are together there is no stopping The Bear "

" The Bear is beatable " said Colouruke.


" The members you faced are nothing before our leader and his lover " said the first member. " Even if the members you defeated, decided to join you five it would not be enough "

" The Smithsons roughed up the bakers, what is that all about ? " asked Artby.

" We know you care about the bakers and you eat bread all the time so they were sent in to cause harm " said the second member.

" We won't let them do it again " said Artby.

" Hahahaha, you'll do nothing against them " said the third member.

" Bring it on " said Crayon.

The fight started.

The three of them charged their Shadow Bombs while Crayon and Warbler used their Air Bombs, creating an explosion.


The three men then used their Shadow Strikes but Crayon used the Air Kick while Colourea used the Light Kick.


The three men got up and all punched Colouruke. Colouruke got up and then kicked one of the men while Artby punched another. Those two men were defeated but the man grabbed Colourea. The man then tripped Colourea into Crayon, knocking them down. Colouruke then punched the man while Warbler used the Sky Kick on him which defeated him.


After the fight, Crayon contacted Challenger about the information that he had received.


" Challenger, their leader appears to have this girlfriend that is the strongest woman in the world according to The Bear " said Crayon.

" Strongest in the world ? " Stronger than Tara, curious who she is " said Challenger.

" I'm not sure but their leader seems to want to be ruling Colourland with her " said Crayon.

" We will need to keep fighting and finding out more information " said Challenger.

" This is true " said Crayon.

" See you later " said Challenger.


Blackin and Blackina were talking.


" So Bill and Tara fight tomorrow " said Blackina.

" They will do what we want " said Blackin.

" Colourea will be history " said Blackina.

" Their relationship will be no more " said Blackin.

" Hahahaha " said Blackina.

" I love you so much " said Blackin.

" We are perfect together " said Blackina.

" We really are " said Blackin.

" Being with you means everything " said Blackina.

" Thanks " said Blackin.


" We are a couple not like others "