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Chapter 18

Whites's Plan

Meanwhile Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke, Warbler and Artby finished resting after a while. They got up, after a few days they were cleared to leave the hospital. After all of that they headed home.


" I'm so glad that we stopped Easeion " said Artby.

" Me too, the next one is Whites " said Warbler.

" The bakers have done wonders for us, we must always congratulate bakers " said Artby. " Bakers must know about what they have done "


" Bakers probably know about the bread they are making " said Crayon.

" Bakers know about the bread but they have done wonders for us " said Artby. " I will keep believing in bakers and I will not stop, we must keep training hard as well

" Indeed " said Colourea.


" We have gotten so strong now but we must not quit training " said Colouruke. " I'm glad that Easeion is finished and we are not dead "

" Bakers are loved by us " said Artby.

" Bakers love customers training "


After all of that, Crayon was kissing Colourea.


While that was happening, Artby was talking with Colouruke and Warbler.


" I am proud of Crayon " said Artby.

" We all are " said Colouruke and Warbler.

" He is so happy with Colourea now " said Artby.

" He is " said Colouruke.


" You can sense it as well, it's great to see " said Artby.

" Baking has made Crayon so happy "

" Uh, yeah " said Warbler.

" The bakers have helped him again it is great to see " said Artby.


" The bakers want this ? " said Warbler.

" They sure did, ask any baker inside the bakeries " said Artby. " They are happy for Crayon "

" Uh, what ? " asked Warbler.

" Yeah, I am confused here " said Colouruke.

" Bakers understand " said Artby.

" They understand why Crayon is happy "

" Bakers do ? " asked Warbler.

" Yes, bakers understand " said Artby.

" Bakers are very understanding people always "


Whites had a lot of the Bear members with him.


" Now it is time for us to take over Colourland " said Whites. " My cousin will be our new leader of the country and he will make Blackina his queen "


" We will make sure he does " said a Bear member.

" Blackin is going to marry Blackina and nobody will stop it from happening " said Whites. " If Blackin cannot do that, he will never forgive anyone "

" Blackin shows his love for Blackina always "

" If anyone were to go against that they must die "

" Yes, they must " said a Bear member.

" Good, glad you understand " said Whites.

" Blackin will make Blackina his bride " said a Bear member.

" Blackin will show himself as a brilliant groom " said Whites.

" We will all be there to witness that "

" Why would we allow Crayon and his friends to prevent him from doing so " said a Bear member.

" Great, all of you need to steal as much as possible " said Whites. " All our members will be stealing for this wedding that will commence when Blackin has taken over "


" All of those five must die " said a Bear member.

" Since the Smithsons are gone, we know that we cannot spare anyone " said Whites. "

" Blackin will be married to Blackina " said a Bear member.

" He sure will " said the second member.

" I will be a best man, a great one for Blackin " said Whites.

" Blackin deserves so much "

" He knows how to love Blackina " said a Bear member.

" It is time for us to leave " said Whites.

" We will rob so many people "

" We are too dangerous for Colourlandish people " said a Bear member.


Whites and tons of Bear members left the area. The members then went and headed near a house. Three members used their Shadow Bombs and they cracked the window. The members went in the house and they surrounded a man. The man then rushed to punch but he was kicked to the ground.


The members took his wallet. The members then used their Shadow Strikes and knocked the man out. They stole a phone and they started to steal some USB cords as well.


Meanwhile, other Bear members had broken into a different house and stole multiple wallets, phones and a watch. After that they then surrounded a man and then used their Shadow Bombs on the man which knocked him out. They stole his wallet.


A man tried to get help but Whites who was around the area blasted him with his Super Darkness Blast. Whites then took his wallet.


Whites then used his Super Ice Blast and froze a man partly. He was able to remove his wallet which he stole, Whites then rushed a man and then used the Shadow Implosion and knocked him out.


Bear members then used their Shadow Bombs to prevent people around the area from getting help and they took all their wallets and they stole a necklace as well.


After all of this, then Whites then used the Super Darkness Blast at a man he saw that was not defeated. Whites then took his wallet and stole a lock he had.


After all of this, they met up with more Bear members who then headed with Whites and they all headed back to the hideout where they met with Blackin and Blackina.


Blackin and Blackina were happy to see all of the stuff that was stolen.


" Great, there is a lot of wallets and the watch that was stolen is very valuable " said Blackina.

" We will need more to be stolen, but this is a great start " said Blackin.


" I cannot wait to be your queen when we take over Colourland " said Blackina.

" Indeed, it will be truly beautiful " said Blackin.

" Just like Blackina "

" Thanks, Blackin " said Blackina.

" No problem, I love you a lot " said Blackin.

" Our love is so strong " said Blackina.

" It is " said Blackin.

" Nothing will end our love "

" Yes, there is no ending of our love for each other " said Blackina.

Blackin kissed Blackina.


The next day started and Crayon woke up and they heard about the attacks that happened.


" This is awful " said Crayon.

" Man, we really have to stop them " said Colourea.

" Perhaps Challenger has something to say about these attacks " said Colouruke.

" Yeah, he might " said Artby.

" We should contact Challenger.

" Good idea " said Crayon.


Crayon called Challenger.


" Challenger, did you hear about what happened ? " asked Crayon.

" That Whites guy is something else, his abilities are out of this world " said Challenger.

" So many people were hurt from this, I fear that they are about to attempt to take over Colourland " said Crayon.

" You five cannot let them do that, but more training would be great " said Challenger.


" Our techniques are great but we can always get better " said Crayon. " We will need it against a guy like Whites "

" Apparently their leader says that he will make his girlfriend his queen when they take over, I have heard " said Challenger.

" The more we find about Whites, the more it will lead to this couple " said Crayon. "


It seems like they plan to marry each other when they take over Colourland " said Challenger.


" For now we must train hard and focus on The Bear " said Crayon.

" Glad to see you again Crayon, I have to go so see you later " said Challenger.

" Bye " said Crayon.


The five of them ate their breakfast and then headed to train.


Crayon and Warbler were busy working on their Wind attacks. Warbler used the Super Sky Bomb while Crayon countered with the Super Air Blast. The attacks hit each other. Crayon then was able to use the Air Implosion while Warbler was able to counter with his Supreme Sky Blast. The attacks were so powerful.


While all of that was happening, Artby and Colourea were using their Light attacks. Artby used the Supreme Light Bomb while Colourea used the Light Implosion. The attacks hit with a lot of intense power.


Colouruke was practicing his Water attacks and was using the Supreme Sea Bomb. He was also using the Supreme Sea Blast as well. After all of that training they then decided to head off.


Blackin and Blackina were speaking in front of several members of The Bear.


" As you well know, we are going to be married after our takeover of Colourland " said Blackina.

" I will be a great bride "

" I will make Blackina my queen and I need more things stolen " said Blackin.

" I am going to be an amazing groom, nobody can go against this "

" We will rough up the citizens and make this wedding brilliant " said a Bear member.


" Those five fighters must be stopped " said another Bear member.

" My great cousin Whites will kill them " said Blackin. " We need all of you for this to truly happen " said Blackina.

" We will also target Challenger " said the third member.


" We must question him and his motives with Crayon " said a Bear member.

" Good, we must know that as well " said Blackin.

" The Bear will reign supreme " said Blackina.

" There is no stopping us " said Blackin.

" Hahahahahaha " they all said together.

" This wedding will be great " said Blackina.

" Our love will be on display for the organization "

" Yes, everyone will see the love we have for each other " said Blackin.

Blackin kissed Blackina, and the members headed out to Colourland. Whites was leading the giant group.


Later in the day, Crayon took Colourea to Colourland's Pizza and Pasta for supper.


They enjoyed their dinner there and after that they tipped, paid and then left.


While they were there Artby, Colouruke and Warbler were talking.


" We must be ready for The Bear " said Colouruke.

" We will " said Warbler.

" Bread has done wonders for us " said Artby. " I'm so happy to see Crayon be so happy with Colourea.

" It is great to see " said Colouruke.

" Bakers love these moments " said Artby.

" They say it helps them bake "

" Helps them bake ? " asked Colouruke.

" Yeah, it changes the baking that happens " said Artby.

" All of this baking means a lot to the customer "

" The customer ? " asked Colouruke.

" Yes, with such tasty bread the customer feels great " said Artby.

" Well customers do enjoy the bread there " said Warbler.

" Yeah " said Artby.

After a while of hanging out, Crayon returned with Colourea.


Crayon and Colourea were happy.


Artby, Colouruke and Warbler welcomed them inside. After all of that, Crayon was kissing Colourea.


Time passed and all of them went to bed.


Whites had arrived in Colourland with tons of Bear members. They headed towards the office of Challenger.


Whites then blasted open part of the office building with the Shadow Implosion. The members then got on the elevator and headed to the area that belonged to Challenger.


" We will record a message " said Whites.

" They will tremble with fear "

" The Bear will love that fear " said a Bear member.

" Yes, the whole organization will " said Whites.


Whites recorded a long message, while Bear members cleaned the office of all the supplies. They saw a safe and they took it. After stealing a lot of stuff, they headed to other rooms on the floor. Whites then went in the rooms and started to record the message as well, the Bear members took more supplies from each area.


Bear members posted the logo of the organization all over the floor. They then headed outside the building.


They then started attacking people with their Shadow Strikes. They found lots of wallets, some watches and necklaces. They stole some lipstick. After all of that attacking, Whites then charged energy and then was able to use the Supreme Ice Blast and he broke open into a bakery.


Whites then found where the money was kept and they took all of it. Bear members then printed the logo all over the bakery. After all of that, they then started to attack people again, and they were able to take more wallets again. They then were able to take some phones as well, headphones and a lock.


After all of the robbing and fighting they then headed back to the hideout where Blackin greeted them.


" Whites, what have you got here ? " asked Blackin.

Whites showed his cousin Blackin all that was stolen.

" Great to see all of this " said Blackin.

" It will be great to see what I did to Challenger's office " said Whites.

" Did you record the message ? asked Blackin.


" I did " said Whites.

" Challenger will be angered by it "

" Great to see " said Blackin.

" Challenger will be so fucking hurt by all of this " said Whites.

" Hahahahahaha " said Blackin.

" I am loving this " said Whites.

" Anyways Blackina is waiting for me Whites so I'll see you later " said Blackin.


" See you " said Whites.